"Erotic Stories" The Saleslady

Erotic Stories The Saleslady
After our session in my office after Thanksgiving, things areound the office were just as if nothing had happen between Mrs. M and I. Her name was actually Mariel and since our company really frowned on employees having relationships, we both were really careful. That and the fact that she was married made it necessary that we kept our little secret. There were no repeats of our little affair much to my dismay. Marier was so fucking hot. When ever I saw her my cock would twitch, remembering where it had been.

A couple of months later there was an issue with one of Mariel's corporate clients. We were going to have to fly to Los Angeles to straighten things out. We left on a Monday morning. The only direct flight that day was later in the afternoon, so we arrived in LA to late to do anything that day. We checked into the downtown Hilton and each went to our own rooms, agreeing to meet for dinner in the restraunt aboout 7. We were still all business like, to the point that I thought maybe Mariel was having second thoughts about what we had done and this was just business. (Sex Stories)

We met at the appointed hour. Mariel was wearing a white blouse that accentuated her nice full breasts. She had on a short black skirt that really showed off her tight butt and high heels, the kind that makes a womens butt cheeks stand up proud. Again my cock twitched as I slipped of the stool in the bar and came to her. She smiled her pretty smile and held her arm out for me. We had a nice dinner with a couple of bottles of a nice red wine. At first we were just discussing her client, but, as the wine began to take affect, we started to get a little more animated. Mariel, at one point said that she thought that we should order another bottle of wine and have room service bring it to my room where we could continue our business.

We took the elevator up to my floor and walked arm in arm to my room. I opened the door and held it for her as she entered kicking off her high heels.
She said she needed to use the bathroom and left. There was a knock on the door and room service brought our wine. I settled in on the couch and opened the wine, pouring two glasses. After a couple of minutes the toilet flushed and Mariel reappeared. Her cheeks looked a little flushed and I assumed it was the wine. She sat beside me and sampled the wine. Her hand had settled on my knee, so just to be fair I put my hand on hers. We made small talk for a few minutes, both of us a little apprehensive about what may or may not be coming next. I made the first move and slid my hand up her leg to the bottom of her dress. She didnt stop me just smiling at me over the rim of her wine glass. I kept sliding my hand up inside her dress until I heached her the junction of her lovely thighs. I felt hair. She smiled again and set her glass on the coffee table in front of us, leaning over to kiss me. We kissed slowly, tentativly at first and then like teenagers, tongues fighting in each others mouths. My free hand went to her breast and hers to my crotch. We stood up and began undressing each other. I freed one of her lucious breasts and took the pink nipple in my mouth as I struggled to unclasp her bra. Mariel moaned but continued to unbutton my shirt and unbuckle my pants. She finally freed my throbbing cock as I switched to her other breast. We finally got completely naked, me sucking on Mariels lovely tits and fingering her soaking wet pussy and her stroking my throbbing cock. 

Mariel dropped to her knees in front of me and licked the precum from the tip of my cock. Licking all the way down to my balls as she massaged them in her hand. She continued licking up and down my cock like you would lick a lolly pop, finally taking the head into her warm mouth. She made love to the head of my cock, sliding her lips over it and licking the sensative spot just under the head. I didnt know how much of this I could take. I could feel the cum rumbling in my balls as I took her arms and lifted her up, her lips making a popping noise as she released my cock head. I moved her back to the bed, laying her down on her back. I laid beside her and kissed her lips. I kissed her neck and worked down to her hard nipples, taking one, then the other in my mouth. I sucked as much of each of her titties into my mouth as I could. I then left a trail of saliva on her stomach as I work my way down to her lovely blonde patch. I licked up and down her slit, my tongue parting her pubic hair. I teased her clit, just giving it a little swipe of my tongue as I passed by. I worked my tongue into her leaking hole, lapping up her juices. By now she was thrashing around on the bed, moaning. I moved up to her swollen clit and started to suck on it, softly at first and then harder. As I sucked her clitty, I was working my finger into her butthole. This continued for only about a minute before she had her first banshi orgasm. She was grabbing at my hair mashing her pussy into my face as her thighs held my head captive. After what seemed like forever, she released my head and I got to take some air. I thought I was going to sufficate, but, what a way to go. 

I crawled up beside her, kissing her lips. I knew she could taist her pussy juice on my lips and that only made my cock harder. She had tears in her eyes. I asked if she was OK and she just nodded yes. We laid there fondeling each other for a couple of munutes and then she asked if I would fuck her in the ass agian. Just like that. I of course was ready willing and able. I went into the bathroom and got the tube of Anal Glide that I had hopefully brought along. Mariel grabbed two pillows and tucked them under her butt, raising it off the bed. I got between her legs and began to apply the lube, starring into her eyes as I did it. I slowly probed her tight ring, pushing my finger in and out. With my other hand I massaged her clit and finger fucked her wet pussy. I finally got two fingers into her tight butt. By then Mariel was moaning saying she wanted my fat cock up her ass, begging. I scooted up closer and nudged her pink hole. My cock head mashed flat as I pushed against the resisting ring. I kept rubbing her clit and nudged at her hole, finally the head popped in. I just left it there as I contiued to finger her clit. Mariel was moaning agian, louder. Suddenly she gripped the sheets and thrashed her head back and forth. I could feel her sphincter muscle clinching on my cock as she had her second orgasm. When it finally subsided, I began pushing my cock further into her dark cavern. I worked it ing and out slowly until I was balls deep into Mariel's ass. I picked up the pace, rocking her body on every down stroke. I fucked her ass for what seemed and eternity before I felt the familiar rumble in my balls and began shooting load after lovely load of cum into Mariel's bowels. I was about half through my cum when Mariel came again, clenching my cock with her ring.

When my cock softened and she pushed it out of her asshole, I crawled up and laid beside her, playing with her nipples. She asked if she could spend the rest of the night in my room. I of course agreed to let her. We didnt get a lot of sl**p that night and were pretty tired for our meeting. All went well, however and we did get to sl**p on the flight home. I really Mariel had more customer with issues soon.