"Erotic Stories" School Time

Erotic Stories School Time
"Over the desk, you naughty little girl!" Cheryl smiled and leaned over at the waist placing her hands on the cold desk in front of her, her firm rounded bum stuck out under the little schoolgirl skirt she was wearing, the thin grey material dropping just below her bum on the top of the backs of her thighs.

"I'm sorry Miss" she said with a grin as she felt a soft hand rub over her firm bum then slip under her skirt, rubbing the white cotton panties that were covering her skin, the touch sending shocks of excitement through her body and making her heart pound in her chest with anticipation of what was to come.

"I am going to teach you to not do your homework!" the 29 year old blonde said as she rubbed her hand over the smooth cotton panties, softly she smiled as she spoke in an authoritative tone, loving the feeling of the cotton on her palm as she felt the round globes of Cheryl's 18 year old cheeks, the cheeks she had felt so many times in recent months.

Cheryl felt a drip of sweat on her body as the tight white school shirt clung to her body and the striped tie hung down from around her neck, her breasts were strained against the shirt and hung impressively as she leaned forwards the older woman still stroking her bum under the thin skirt, she knew what to expect but it was the waiting that was driving her crazy.

Smack! A firm hand fell onto Sugars bum, the cotton panties not doing anything to stop the stinging shot hitting her. Cheryl did not have time to do anything but squeal in delight before she felt another firm slap on her bum.(Sex Stories)

"Naughty girl" smack! "Naughty girl" smack! "Naughty girl" Amber, the older woman, said it repeatedly as her hand was slapped down on the firm cheeks covered by white cotton, the skirt not hindering her much as she spanked the 18 years olds bum repeatedly.

Cheryl moaned and squealed with every shot to her bum, she loved the way it felt the warm feeling it made as the hand came down on the same spot each time, the tone of voice being used to call her naughty too was such a turn on, she felt damp in her cotton panties as Amber chastised her.

"You will learn to do your homework" she said to Cheryl as the seventh slap hit her bum, Cheryl moaned as it did and felt her knees wobble as an eighth slap fell and the hand stopped and rubbed down under her bum and between her legs resting on her damp panties over her pussy.

Cheryl moaned as she felt a finger press the damp cotton upwards, slightly spreading her lips and rubbing the material against the sensitive inside, Amber smiled as she felt the dampness and removed her hand placing it against her nose she sniffed the tangy scent of young pussy and wanted to moan herself.

"Turn around" Amber said and Cheryl did as she was told right away. She stood facing her teacher dressed in a short, too small for her school girl uniform, her tie hung between her firm breasts that pushed the pure white shirt out, the skirt only mid thigh length, revealing her firm legs to the older woman's adoring eyes.

Amber smiled as Cheryl put on an innocent girl face, her big brown eyes looking like those on puppy dogs adding to her youthful look. The burning sensation on her bum made Cheryl swoon, she loved the way it felt it made her look even more innocent the way she showed that pleasure on her face.

Amber wearing a dark grey business suit, like most school teachers in the area did, moved closed to Cheryl and looked her in the eye, captivated by the older woman's blue eyes Cheryl seemed helpless, she just stared a slight smile on her lips as she looked down and saw Amber's pink tongue lick her lips before moving in for a kiss. Cheryl took a deep breath as she felt a tingle in her lips when Ambers caressed them, she had felt this each time they kissed and it never got boring, and she could feel it forever.

Amber slipped her hands slowly around Cheryl's waist and pulled the school girl against her firmly, their breasts pushed together as Ambers hands rubbed the firm cheeks on Cheryl's bum, slipping down the waistband of the cotton panties and onto her warm skin, Cheryl moaning into her teachers mouth as she felt the skin touch her own.

"Now be a good girl for teacher" Amber said as she broke the kiss and pulled her hands from inside the cotton panties before taking hold of the waistband and slowly dropping to her knees, pulling them down the firm white legs of her student, over the school girl stocking and to the floor. Cheryl picked her feet up and stepped out of the panties placing her hands on the desk behind her to steady herself as she felt her teacher's tongue lick her left inner thigh and move up.

"Cheryl stop daydreaming!" a stern voice brought her from her thoughts and back to where she was,

"Sorry miss" Cheryl replied as she looked up and saw a slight grin on her teachers face, it was Amber the woman in her daydream and she was still in school, Math's to be exact.

"So since you were away with the fairies maybe you can give the class the answer to this problem, hmm?" Amber or Miss Turner as she was in class looked intensely as Cheryl looked at the blackboard and tried to work out the answer to the complex question that was written on it.

"Is it seven over two miss?" Cheryl said just taking a stab in the dark, the answer getting a good laugh from her classmates and making her blush.

"Cheryl that is not even close you have not listened to a word I have said for the last hour have you, you have really disappointed me and let yourself down, I will see you after school" Cheryl snapped her head up and caught a little wink from her teacher, she knew what Amber was saying, it was code and shouted out to Cheryl her real meaning.

"Now class since Cheryl has obviously not been paying attention can someone else please give the answer?" a sea of hands went up as Cheryl just looked down at her work book and let a sly grin cross her full red lips.

The day dragged, and the thought of after school made Cheryl wish she had a time machine and could just skip forwards to 7pm, looking at her watch that was still some five and three quarter hours away from now, that meant two more classes where she would not be able to concentrate.

"You ok Cheryl?" the voice brought her back from her dreaming once again, this time though it was a fellow student and she was at her locker not in class ready to be embarrassed by her teacher.

"Yeah I'm fine Gary," she said quickly closing her locker and smiling politely at her fellow student

"You just seem very distracted, I mean in Math you were not in the room it seemed" he laughed a little as he spoke and it made Cheryl blush again thinking of that morning's events "Got something on your mind?" he inquired

"No, no its nothing, just didn't get much sl**p last night was all, was feeling a little tired" she said forcing a smile, her mind not on the conversation but more on that night.

"I guess Miss Turner was right you are a naughty girl" Gary broke out in a loud laugh as he turned to walk away, Cheryl felt a sudden rush of energy as she heard those words fall from Gary's mouth, naughty girl, had he just said that, Miss Turner, Amber had called her a naughty girl to students. She blushed but also swooned as she thought about it, her mind going back to her daydream and her panties started getting a little damp.

Again the day dragged, both her lessons seemed to last forever, Cheryl's mind not on anything that was being said and on more then one occasion the rest of the class would erupt in laughter as she made a terrible attempt to answer a question from the teachers, that was all forgotten though and her mind would soon drop back to her daydream and thoughts of later in the day.

"Ok everyone homework tonight is..." Cheryl didn't hear the rest of what was said, her mind had already tuned out and was on different matters, she'd sort out her homework tomorrow, probably just copy someone else's, she wanted to get home and get ready, she had to go see Miss Turner after school and that meant changing clothes.

"Ah so you have finally arrived" Amber said as she showed Cheryl into her house, the girl from her class was no stranger here, she had been at the house before on several occasions. Amber closed the door as Cheryl went into the living room and stood waiting for her teacher.

"Sorry I'm late Miss, I had to help my mum clean out the rubbish before I could get changed and then she" Amber cut her off with a raised hand, stopping Cheryl mid sentence.

"I don't care about your excuses Cheryl, now you know why you are here, and don't wear your coat in my house you naughty girl!" Cheryl smiled as she looked down sheepishly and pulled the long coat off her body. Under it was a tight fitting thin white shirt with a striped tie hung loosely around her neck, her legs bare apart from a very short grey skirt and long white stockings, a pair of black schoolgirl shoes on her feet.

Amber smiled as she admired the school girl costume, Cheryl looked so cute in it, gone were the faded blue jeans and baggy t-shirt's she wore to classes at school, now she looked like a true school girl, just how she should.

"Sorry Miss" Cheryl said as she bowed her head but looked up with just her eyes, making her look like a scolded little girl. Amber, her teacher in school and now here out of school smiled as she stood in her dark blue suit and white shirt, staring at Cheryl who was finding it hard to not smile, she felt so outrageous but she loved the feeling she had when in her uniform.

"That's better Cheryl, before we get to the important things why were you not paying attention in my class today?" Amber smiled she knew why but wanted to see if Cheryl would say it herself.

"I... I" Cheryl didn't answer she was blushing bright red as she though about the reason

"Don't tell me I know already, you were thinking about the last time you were here in my house you naughty school girl weren't you!" Amber f***efully said, a grin crossing her face as she got a thrill from the mere thought of it.

"Yes Miss" Cheryl said quietly before nodding her head, Amber looked at her as a mother would towards her naughty c***dren

"Now Cheryl, you naughty little girl, have you done the homework I set for you, and I want proof!" Amber said sternly as she glared at her student, Cheryl's face went even redder as she realized she had forgotten to do her assignment she looked up at her teacher with her eyes wide and innocent and sheepishly shook her head no.

"I forgot Miss," she said quietly

"You forgot to do your homework again, You are such a naughty little girl, I am going to have to teach you to remember it from now on, when I'm finish you will not forget it again" Amber was using her stern teaching voice and it was doing the trick for the situation "Turn around You naughty girl and bend over, I want you to grab your ankles" she snapped.

Cheryl turned her back on Amber and bent slowly at the waist reaching down to take hold of her slim ankles, her bum pushed up in the air as the short school skirt rode up and exposed the thin cotton panties she wore over her sexy cheeks.

"At least you remember something's" Amber said as she admired the sexy bum on display and the slight dark mark she could see through the thin white cotton as it revealed her pussy a little when stretched like that. Cheryl took a deep breath as she felt exposed, the cotton panties feeling tight and a little damp as she looked back through her legs to see her teacher moving towards her, she felt her heart beat faster in her chest in anticipation and nervousness.

"Smooth" Amber said as her hand brushed over the cheeks of Cheryl's bum, the panties making her hand glide easily, she moved it from the top of the left cheek down to between Cheryl's legs resting it over her dampening pussy.

Cheryl let out a little whimper as she felt the tingle in her pussy grow, her clit was pushed tightly against the damp cotton and it was driving her mad, she knew not to move but it was hard when she could also feel her teacher's hand resting between her legs.

"Now you will learn to do your homework!" Amber said as she flicked the schoolgirls skirt up onto her back and now stared at Cheryl's bum, the white cotton pulled tight over the cheeks and showing the little valley between the cheeks.

Smack! Ambers hand slapped down on Cheryl's left cheek with f***e, Cheryl moaning as she felt a burning sensation start on the mark another slap landing on the same place and making the young woman squeal as she felt her pussy get wetter and her bum wiggle for more of the same. Amber did not disappoint she dropped another slap on the left cheek then began to work the right too.

"You are such a naughty girl, not doing your homework like I told you to" Amber scolded as she slapped Cheryl's bum harder, her knee high socked legs shook as she held her ankles each smack making her whimper more with a mixture of pleasure and stinging, burning pain.

"I'm sorry Miss" Cheryl said as she felt her bum burning from the stiff slaps, the cotton panties seemed to make each blow hurt more but that only added to her arousal

"Not good enough you naughty girl, it was a simple homework assignment and you still didn't do it!" Amber said as she continued to spank her students bum hard, each blow landing on the same spot as the ones before it.

"I will form now on Miss I promise" Cheryl said as she took deep breaths after each shot, her hands trying desperately to hold onto her ankles as her bum began to burn more, the sensation washing down to her pussy now and making her really wet and aroused.

"Not good enough!" Amber said as she stopped her spanking for a second and looked at her student who was sweating and panting form the long spanking session, but Amber was not finished just yet, she was enjoying the power too much and was so wet in her own panties it was untrue.

"I'm really... really sorry Miss!" Cheryl said as she panted and felt her legs begin to cramp up, her bum stinging and burning under the thin cotton. Amber grabbed the waistband of the panties and pulled hard on it, ripping them down and exposing Cheryl's red bum, there was the slightest hint of handprints of each cheek but mostly it was just a lovely red covering each young cheek, the contrast to her pale white legs was making Amber swoon more.

"Get ready naughty girl" Amber said but did not give time for Cheryl to, she spanked the young woman's bare bum with a swift slap making Cheryl take a deep breath and almost fall to her knees. The sound of each slap on the naked cheeks of Cheryl's bum echoed in her ears, the little protection the cotton panties gave her were gone now and each slap made her bum burn more but also her arousal grow.

"Now my naughty little school girl, have you learned your lesson?" Amber asked as she rubbed the red burning cheeks of her student, lovingly caressing them as Cheryl caught her breath to speak

"Yes Miss" she managed to say while nodding her head and looking through her legs, she could see her panties sat there in front of her face, still stretched between her legs, the tangy scent of her arousal drifting form them and to her nose as she took deep breaths to fill her lungs and regain her composure.

"Good now stand up" Amber said as she removed her hand from the red cheeks of Cheryl's bum. Cheryl let go of her ankles and slowly stood straight, her legs felt weak as the bl**d flowed back to them and her bum was burning and throbbing, the heat making her pussy wetter though and her clit was erect and begging for attention, sweat dripped down her face and the tight shirt was clinging to her body with the same thing.

"You will not forget to do your homework again will you?" Amber said, as she looked into Cheryl's eyes, her face close to the students their noses almost touching. Cheryl shook her head a smile trying to creep onto her lips but she made sure not to change her expression

"Good" Amber said as she moved her hand to her students face, cupping her right cheek as she leaned forwards and pushed her lips to the school girls, kissing her softly to begin with, their lips pressed together slowly opening so their tongues could meet in a more sensual kiss.

Cheryl moaned as she felt her teachers other hand slip down and rub her burning bum, patting it gently like she were a good dog, it only added to her aroused state, she could feel the wetness between her legs intensify as the kiss became more passionate, each tongue wrestling with the other as Amber pushed her body closer to her students.

Cheryl was desperate for more when her teacher moved away from her, the disappointment showed in her eyes and Amber felt so powerful as she was the effect she had and the control she wielded over this 18 year old girl, her cotton panties still held between her legs just above her ankles and the shirt clinging to sexy body, the tie and long stocking making her look like a small school girl but her sweaty face and messed hair made her look like a dirty whore gagging for more.

"Come with me to the bedroom" Amber said sternly as she turned her back and begin walking to the stairs "But leave the panties where they are you naughty little girl" she smiled as Cheryl waddled over to her and then tries to get up the stairs her cotton panties making it difficult to take steps so she had to jump up them one at a time, her bum jiggling each time she landed as Amber stood behind her and smiled before kissing the still red cheeks making Cheryl giggle.

Finally, they made it to the bedroom and Amber stood her student with her back to the queen sized bed, the panties still hung between her legs and her heart pounding with excitement.

"Take off those things you naughty little girl, you know that you don't wear clothes when in my bedroom!" Amber snapped, back in her stern schoolmistress mode. Cheryl immediately pushed the panties down her ankles to the floor and stepped out of them, kicking off her school girl shoes and rolling the stocking down her slender lower legs she removed them and pulled at her tie dropping it all in a pile on the floor she ripped the shirt hard a few buttons pinging off and dropping on the bed as she pulled the wet school shirt of and flicked her hair back, her body now totally nude.

"I am undressed Miss" she said with a smile as she watched her teacher open a drawer and pull out a black strap on, she knew it well and flushed pink at her thoughts of what was to come.

"Good girl, your teacher is pleased you can do one thing right" Amber said as she began peeling off her own clothes, removing the suit in slow fashion making Cheryl wait even longer, knowing it would make her even more desperate, but she would have to wait for her teacher to be ready before anything would begin.

Cheryl stood still, a slight tremble in her legs as she felt her arousal growing at the sight of the strap on, her pussy began to flood as she almost felt it inside her, her teacher Amber was taking her time getting naked but with each tiny bit of flesh she revealed made Cheryl more turned on, she was almost ready to scream out for Amber to hurry up.

The older woman finally removed the last of her clothes, and stood looking at her students naked body as she lifted her leg to put on the black fake cock, moving it to fit on her crotch perfectly, it stood hard and strong, around 7 inches with some thick veins down the shaft, Amber loved the feeling of it pushed against her sensitive clit especially when the long shaft was deep inside another's pussy.

Amber walked over to Cheryl, placed her hands on the trembling young girl's shoulders as she leaned forwards and placed her lips on the firm breasts, and found the hard nipples on the young skin, gently flicking it with her wet tongue as Cheryl let out a soft moan. Slowly Amber kissed each nipple, licking between Cheryl's breasts and then down her tummy stopping short of her crotch, the teacher could smell the tangy scent of arousal in Cheryl and smiled as she kissed down her left thigh and then back up the right one, moving her lips towards the wet centre that was resting between her supple legs.
"Does the naughty little girl want her teacher to lick here?" Amber placed her finger on Cheryl's clit, the young girls legs opening wider as she felt a surge of tingles go through her pussy and make her whimper a soft yes

"I can't hear you, you are being naughty again," Amber said sternly

"Yes Miss" Cheryl said more loudly as she leaned back and placed her hands on the bed to steady herself and push her hips forwards revealing her pussy for the older woman.

Amber smiled and moved her finger away leaning forwards she licked her tongue from the bottom of Cheryl's pussy right up to her clit, lingering there she pushed her tongue in past the opening lips of Cheryl's pussy and took a taste of the tangy juice, rubbing her nose against the young sensitive clit.

Cheryl clenched her teeth and closed her eyes as she felt the tongue press into her, her legs felt weak as Amber pushed her tongue deeper inside her lips pursed and kissing the outer lips as she licked a little faster on the inside with her tongue the taste of her young lover driving her on.

Hands reached up and gripped Cheryl's bum, squeezing the cheeks hard and pulling her hips forwards pressing Ambers face even tighter against Cheryl as she moaned and squirmed, an orgasm close as her knees began to wobble and her juice began to flow more freely into Ambers waiting mouth, the older woman now working her fingers towards the young girls tiny hole while her palms still pushed on the cheeks.

Cheryl's mouth dropped open as she felt her orgasm begin, she always came hard when her pussy was licked and this was no exception, her legs went numb and she could not hold her balance any longer, falling backwards she fell hard onto the bed leaving Amber on her knees with no one in front of her, she smiled and got to her feet, the long black strap on pointed right at the exhausted young girl.

"Legs open you naughty girl, or do I have to discipline you again?" Amber said sternly as she looked at the sweat-covered girl, Cheryl breathing hard opened her thighs as wide as she could and leaned her head back.

The bed creaked as Amber put her knee on it and pulled herself on resting between Cheryl's legs, holding herself up on her arms as she looked down at the schoolgirls firm breasts and smiling face, the tip of the black strap on was hung right over the wet lips of her pussy almost close enough for Cheryl to feel it.

Without speaking Amber lowered her hips and the black cock touched Cheryl's clit sending a shock through her pussy and releasing a loud moan from her lips, Amber smiling as she heard it and then dropped her hips further and pushed them forwards the hard rubber pushing the soft pink engorged lips open as the two women's bodies came together, Amber's breasts pushing tightly against Cheryl's as their nipples scratched the sensitive skin of each others breasts.

A moan came from deep within Amber as she pushed her hips forwards and the rubber strap on sank deep within her young lover, their thighs coming together as Cheryl took the whole thing inside her. Amber flicked her head back as she felt the young girls hands on her shoulder's the nails on her fingers raking down her skin leaving red marks all adding to the thrill of what they were doing. Cheryl felt the weight of her teacher press down onto her body and let out a sigh and groan as she felt the rubber cock move within her, pulling back before getting thrust back in, the bed creaking under them as they put strain on the springs, Amber leaning down to lick and bite Cheryl's ear as she thrust the fake cock hard into her, Cheryl thrusting her hips back at the older woman as both moaned and rubbed their bodies together, Cheryl's legs wrapping around her older woman's waist as she lifted her bum into the air and let out a loud scream of pleasure as her sensitive pussy let forth its contents over the black cock in a fast acting orgasm that was totally unexpected to her.

"Hmmm good girl cum for your teacher" Amber said with a moan directly into Cheryl's ear, she held the strap on deep in her lover and hissed her approval as she felt her thighs getting a little wet from the juice coming from Cheryl.

"Oh miss, I can't take any more," Cheryl moaned as she felt every movement from the rubber inside her double the sensitivity of her pussy walls.

"I have a surprise for you yet" Amber said in hr stern teacher voice again, that send a thrill fuelled shudder right through Cheryl's body "Stay right here and I am going to go sort it out" Amber said as she pulled away from her young student leaving her naked on the bed panting.

Cheryl's mind raced as she wondered what her teacher had planned, she could still feel the last few effects from her punishment spanking and she was sensitive form her hard orgasm just moments ago now though there was something more to come and she was at a loss as to what was coming.

"Close your eyes you naughty girl" the stern voice came from out in the corridor leading to the bedroom, somehow Amber must have known she would have her eyes wide open. Obeying her command Cheryl closed her eyes and listened for any more sounds, all she could hear though was the sound of her heart pounding with anticipation.

The first thing Cheryl felt was a soft kiss on her cheek, she knew from the feel of the lips and the scent that came with them it was her teacher, all she wanted more then anything was to open her eyes and turn her head to plant her lips on the succulent ones of the older woman but as she began to move her head she felt a strong grip of fingers on her chin holding her face forwards

"Stay still you naughtily little school girl!" Amber's stern voice said right into Cheryl's ear "Or do you need disciplining further and no surprise?" Cheryl shook her head no the best she could and felt the grip on her chin loosen, the lips kissing her cheek softly again

"Good girl"

Cheryl felt her teachers hand move down and squeeze her left breast before moving down her body and cupping her pussy, the wet remnants from her orgasm still leaving a sticky mess on her upper thighs and pussy lips. Cheryl took a deep gasping breath as she felt Amber's hand rubbing all the sticky liquid around then move away, not knowing what was coming with her eyes closed she was pleasantly surprised when she felt the sticky hand rub on her right nipple and then more onto her breast rubbing the messy juice into her skin leaving a wet trail all over her right breast.

Amber lowered her hand again and scooped more of the sticky juice into her hand rubbing it over the left nipple and breast, her student gasping as the teacher would nip her ear with her teeth while rubbing the mess onto her skin.

"Now keep your eyes closed tight!" Amber instructed as she lowered her head and began to suck the sticky nipple, her lips attaching to the hard nub sucking the tangy, gooey substance from it before beginning to gently bite down savoring the taste

Cheryl pushed her breasts up into Amber's mouth and moaned as she squeezed her eyes closed, her pussy wet again with new fresh streams of juice, Amber moved her lips and began to lick the skin of her student's breast around the nipple lapping up all the sticky goo she had rubbed on. Cheryl was in heaven as she felt her teacher's lips on her breast, the scent of her sticky juice on her breasts adding to the feeling of perversity she had.

"Oh miss!" Cheryl moaned as she arched her back and squeezed her thighs together trying to rub her pussy as she felt her tingling nipples ache along with her pussy.

Amber looked up and smiled as she sucked her on the sticky nipple once more, she knew this was it her surprise was ready. Cheryl gasped and her eye's opened wide as she felt another set of lips attach to her other nipple, she knew it wasn't her teachers as she was still sucking her left nipple this was someone new!

Cheryl stared at the ceiling for what seemed like an eternity before she moved her head and looked at who was sucking her other nipple, her eyes didn't seem to focus correctly then it all came clear

"Greg!" Cheryl moaned as she felt a hand push between her thighs and a finger enter her pussy, it was her teacher's and went right to her g-spot sending her wild, Greg, her fellow student at school looked at her as he sucked her nipple harder and flicked it with his tongue, Cheryl's mind filled with too many thoughts and feelings to comprehend what was going on.

"This is your surprise" Amber said as she rubbed her finger against the sensitive spot inside Cheryl's pussy harder "I know you will enjoy it" as the teacher spoke Greg moved his hands and squeezed Cheryl's breast licking off the messy juice with his tongue before moving up and kissing the shocked girls lips, she didn't respond just looked with wide eyes

Cheryl's thighs fell open as she felt her teachers finger press into her g-spot hard, a loan came form her mouth but she still didn't kiss Greg back, she was in shock at what was happening and Amber could see it too.

Smack! A loud slap echoed throughout the room as the teacher removed her fingers from Cheryl's pussy and slapped her thigh hard, Cheryl letting a whimper out as the pain shot through her mingling with the pleasure

"That is no way to treat someone you naughty school girl!" Amber said angrily "When a young man kisses you, a young man I brought here to treat you no less, you don't be so rude as to not kiss him back, I taught you better then that, now stop showing up your teacher by being a rude naughty little girl!" she said sternly and slapped the young woman's legs again

"Yes miss, sorry miss I will not be naughty again" Cheryl said with a smile as she grabbed Greg's face in both hands and pulled him in for a passionate kiss, her lips pushing against his hard as she pushed her tongue out and through his lips finding his and almost sucking it out of his mouth.

Amber smiled as she leaned forwards and placed her face against her students pussy, licking the bright pink lips as she f***ed a finger inside and began rubbing it around as she nuzzled the erect clit while listening to moans and sloppy kissing sounds the two teen's were making.

Cheryl was in heaven, her body was awash with tingling sensations as her tongue played with Greg's and Amber licked and sucked her clit and pussy lips, the wet tongue rubbing in and out finding every little area that was most sensitive, Greg's hands were rubbing her breasts too, squeezing the nipples which was driving Cheryl towards another mind blowing orgasm.

The room filled with the sound of squeaking bedsprings and lustful moans, mostly they were coming from Cheryl but Amber was also giving a good few out as she lapped up the pungent juice that was smeared on her face from the young woman's pussy.

"Greg I think my little school girl needs to feel a real cock, the rubber one just isn't the same" Amber said as she smiled and moved away form the bed to give her male student room to move between Cheryl's legs. Cheryl was eager for anything to be pushed inside her; she was so close to an orgasm she didn't care who or what went into her just as long as it was hard and went deep.

Cheryl's legs pulled back and she raised her bum off the bed as she felt the tip of Greg's cock push past her wet lips, she was so wet it didn't take much for the whole shaft to penetrate all the way inside her body, Cheryl's mouth dropping open with a loud lusty moan and gasp for air, her face shining with sweat as her hair stuck to her forehead.

Amber moved closer and savored the sounds of skin slapping onto skin, as Greg's cock was plunge back and forth like a piston, Cheryl's tight pussy gripping the firm pole and coating it with thick gooey syrup like juice, her thighs holding tightly onto his waist to make sure he couldn't take his cock fully out of her.

Greg grit his teeth as he lunged his hips hard against Cheryl's, his eyes were closed as he was lost in the immense pleasure of the hot, wet, tight hole he was plunging his cock into, Cheryl laid flat on her back, her breasts rising and falling with fast pants for breath had her eyes wide open, her mind was unable to focus on anything other then the impending orgasm, she was gripping the sheets of the bed so tight her knuckles were white. Amber loved it all, she watched and rubbed her own pussy coating her fingers with the juice before rubbing it onto her clit, and moans escaped her throat as she felt her own pleasure rise to an almost orgasmic high.

Cheryl whimpered as she felt the cock seem to thicken, it wasn't that as much as her pussy was getting tighter by the second it was so enflamed from the hard pounding she had been and was again receiving. Amber could feel herself going to the edge of orgasm, ever moan coming from Cheryl was driving her on, the mere sound of the young girls voice as she called out was enough normally to dive her to a shattering orgasm and with the sound and scent of sex in the air it was doing even more to her.

"Open your mouth Cheryl" Amber said her breath shallow as she rubbed her pussy harder, the lips hanging slightly as they became more sensitive and open, Cheryl instantly let her mouth fall open, she was on auto pilot now when it came to commands, she would do anything as she was on the cusp of a mind blowing orgasm, the thick shaft of meat thrusting into her, hitting deep and throbbing was driving her wild.

Amber climbed onto the bed spread her thighs over her students face Cheryl seeing right up into her teachers pussy as she panted and groaned with pleasure, she could see the moistness inside the lips as Amber lowered herself down, facing her male student Greg who was staring at her firm breasts lust in his eyes as his cock throbbed inside Cheryl with desire.

Amber's pussy tasted sweet, Cheryl licked it hard as the scent of arousal filled her nostrils, the juice lathering over her lips and cheeks as her teacher began to move side to side grinding the sloppy lips over her face before she would push down and Cheryl would push her tongue up and inside rubbing the sensitive walls as her teacher would moan then scream her approval before wiggling her bum back and forth rubbing her juice all over her student's face.

Greg was watching in amazement, his cock had stopped thrusting and his eyes were glazed with excitement as he looked down and saw Cheryl's mouth clasp onto his schoolteacher's pussy, her clit almost visible it was so large and engorged. Cheryl let go of the sheets and reach up holding Amber's thighs as she began to thrust her hips, muffled moans came from under Amber's wet body and form Amber herself as she ground down on her lovers face

"Oh yes, you are such a good girl, harder!" Amber shouted as she threw her head back and thrust her breasts out to Greg, he was shaken back to life by the tight squeeze Cheryl's pussy gave his cock, he leaned forwards and began kissing and sucking Amber's left nipple, his hard cock beginning to thrust again into the younger woman below

Amber was almost there, she could feel her stomach tighten as she had her nipples sucked, her hands were holding Greg's head firmly as she moved him to the other nipple and back, her hips working hard to keep Cheryl's face in the most sensitive area's of her pussy, Cheryl herself moaning as she felt the hard cock thrust deep again, the throbbing pole stretching her walls wide as they closed and became more sensitive, the scent of her teachers juice making her go mad with desire also.

"Oh I'm there... I'm there!" Amber shouted as she felt a massive orgasm wash over her, her juice squirting out onto Cheryl's face with a f***e she had never felt before, her legs going weak and stomach tightening as she gasped for air and her whole body shook.

Cheryl couldn't hold back any longer, the feeling of the juice squirting onto her face, the strong scent of it, the cock pounding her super sensitive pussy all added to drive her to the biggest orgasm of her life, she could hardly breath and her heart felt like it was about to break out of her chest as she felt her body tighten and shake her pussy gripping Greg's cock so tight she almost broke it.

Greg too just let loose, his cock was hyper sensitive now as it shot out huge globs of hot stick cum, each one splattered deep in Cheryl's pussy coating her insides with the messy liquid, every throb his cock made deposited more of the cream, Cheryl gasping with each bit, she could feel every bit going in and was loving it all.

When he was able, Greg pulled his shrinking cock out of Cheryl and the thick glutinous liquid slowly dribbled out. Amber got off her students face and laid next to her both wet and panting hard they f***ed smiles to each other and shared a soft kiss

"That is my good student" Amber said as she felt Cheryl's head rest on her shoulder, her hand gently stroking her hair, she looked at Greg and smiled "I think you better sl**p here tonight you can go home tomorrow after you clean up"

Greg nodded before going to the bathroom leaving Cheryl and the teacher laid on the bed together, Cheryl softly breathing as she began to sl**p making Amber smile to herself while continuing to stroke her student's hair.

"You have a good sl**p, you have earned it my good little girl," she said before laying back and closing her eyes too for a long well earned sl**p.