"Erotic Stories" She loves girls!

Erotic Stories She loves girls!
When I met my wife she was pretty wild. I met her at a Goth club in New York’s lower east side. The first time I saw her she was on the dance floor covered in sweat and dancing hard. She had thick and luxurious jet black hair that flowed over her back, moving with the motion of her body and the heavy beat of the music. She was wearing ripped up blue jeans and a black tank top with a pink bra showing through. Her hour glass figure moved with the beat of the music in an erotic rhythm, swaying back and forth. I remember thinking she was the hottest woman that I ever saw. As I approached her she looked at me and I couldn’t believe how intense her bright green eyes were. She just smiled and said “Hi, I’m Lexi”. We hung out the rest of that night, and then the rest of our lives. Lexi was wild in the sack, she did everything with such intensity. And yes she did everything. After a couple of years we both settled down a little and decided to get married. She was the girl of my dreams. During the last ten years our lives have calmed down a lot, we both have fulfilling careers and two k**s to add to our lovely f****y. Unfortunately, as with most married couples at some point our day became so full that at the end of our night we both just can’t wait to fall asl**p so our sex life has faltered, which brings us to our current situation.

Lexi had just started a new job and had become quick friends with another woman from work named, Chelsea. Every one called her Chel for short. Chel was a little younger than my wife and I, but she gave us an opportunity to get out of the house on a Friday night. One night in general conversation she started talking to us about a swinger’s party she was attending. My wife and I had joked around about trying one sometime but never anything serious. My wife said it sounds like fun and then Chel asked if we wanted to go with her. Lexi said we would talk about it. I was surprised when we got home and she asked me if I would like to go to the party. We talked about it and in the end decided we would try it out. As the party drew closer my wife got more and more excited, she even went out and bought some new close for the event, including some sexy lingerie. On the night of the party we got a baby sitter, I dropped the k**s off around 6:00 at the neighbors. We had told her we would be gone for the night and they could go to school from her house and I would pick them up from school the next day. When I got home my wife was in the middle of putting on her makeup. So I started getting ready myself. When she came down the stairs, my jaw hot the floor, she was beautiful. In that moment I was back in that club ten years ago watching that hot little 22 year old gyrate on the dance floor. I made a joke that we didn’t even need to go to the party at all, we could just stay home and get naked. Lexi laughed, flashing me a sinister grin and said come on Chel is waiting for us. (Adult Stories)

As we pulled into the driveway, I was rather impressed with the location. It was a really nice stone estate house. The beautiful yard that was huge and went back pretty far from the look of it. These folks definitely had a lot of privacy. I parked the car and went to open the door. Casey and I had already agreed on no rules for the night, that we would just do what felt right and that in the morning we would treat the entire night just like a dream, as if it never happened. But now she was a little nervous and grabbed my leg, she said “Hey if either of us gets uncomfortable tonight is it okay if we just leave”. I was surprised as she was the one that insisted on anything goes but I love her so much; I quickly agreed with her and asked her if she was okay. I then told her “Don’t think that we have to go in, your all I need, we can head home now if you want”. She smiled and said “No, let’s get in there”, so we headed in. When we got to the door it was wide open and there were a lot of people in the house. It looked like the party had just kicked off so we began to mill our way through the crowd and check out the house. I found Chel’s boyfriend Mike almost immediately. He was in the kitchen drinking a beer and talking to two very sexy young ladies. He turned and said, “Hey James, you two made it, Chel will be so excited”. He then introduced us to the two young ladies. Casey asked about Chel and Mike said “Chel is out by the pool”. Casey kissed me and said she was going to find her and that I should hang with Mike. 

I grabbed a beer and joined the conversation; the girls were named Mandy and Sara. They were both blond and hot. They both had on bikini tops, Mandy hat on bikini bottoms to match but Sara had on no bottoms and was completely shaved, she was very comfortable and had no qualms about showing her pussy. After some flirtatious banter we all went down to the pool. The girls jumped in the hot tub and told us to get in. Mike said “Don’t mind if I do” and peeled his pants off right there and stepped in to the hot tub completely naked. Then all three started harassing me, I was caught off guard. There were quite a few people in different stages of dress from completely naked to fully clothed, but I had never done anything even close to this. Finally I got my guts up, stripped down and got in the hot tub. Sara and Mandy both had their bottoms off now and Sara sat in my lap and ground her butt on my cock. I was really hard and turned on so after a minute or so I was in her. Mike was sitting on the edge of the hot tub getting a blow job while Sara and I just rocked back and forth kissing passionately. The scene was so erotic that it didn’t take long before we came. Mandy then sat on the edge of the hot tub and Mandy put her head between her legs and buried her mouth in her pussy and went to town on her, Mike and I watched the erotic bisexuals do their thing till Mandy had an intense orgasm and they finished in a sweaty and wet heap in the hot tub. We thanked the ladies and grabbed our clothes deciding to go find Casey and Chel. 

We checked the whole pool and they were nowhere to be seen. So we headed inside the house. The inside of the house was as crazy as the outside; they weren’t in the kitchen or the living room so we headed upstairs. Most of the bedrooms were occupied with couples looking for some privacy, though most of the doors were open. When we got to one room and peeked in I stopped. This was the first room without any guys in it, there were two women laying on the bed. The first women was laying on her back with her back slightly arched holding one of her boobs in her hand slowly spinning her fingers around her nipple. Her legs were spread wide, bent at the knee and her toes were pointing down. Her other hand was resting on the head of the other women, whose face was buried in between her legs. The girl was a petite blonde with her face firmly buried in this woman’s pussy. The blond was naked except for a pair of black panties that were pulled down over her butt. She was hanging off the bed and had her hands wrapped around the other woman’s thighs as if she were holding on for dear life. The woman that was on her back was arching her back even more now and her breathing was becoming very erratic. She was close to cuming; it was one of the sexiest sites I had ever seen in my life. The women on the bed had a pillow blocking me from seeing her head, just as she started to cum, she pushed her feet into the bed lifting her hips off the bed. That’s when I saw it, on her right thigh was a tattoo of a female centaur with her bow pulled back. It was my wife. My wife was having passionate sex with another woman. I was stunned, my mind raced as I tried to remember any clues that she would ever even consider having sex with a woman and I came up blank. As Lexi’s orgasm came to an end she pushed the blonde’s head away from her glistening pussy as she was very sensitive now. Her thighs were still trembling. I then realized the blonde was Chel. I wondered if this had ever happened before. As my mind raced with possibilities, I wondered if Lexi and Chel planned this all along, and were Chel and her already lovers having done this before. My wife pulled Chel up on top of her and started to kiss her deeply. I knew she could taste her cum on Chel’s lips and tongue as they made out. Chel was naked now and rubbing her pussy against my wife’s thigh. Lexi shoved her over on the bed so Chel was on her back, she quickly climbed on top of her pinning her down and started kissing and licking her neck passionately, trailing down to her beautiful boobs, taking extra time to suck on her nipples. Chel gasped when the first nipple went in Lexi’s mouth, then she closed her eyes and sighed. Lexi continued across her chest and started moving down her stomach and then she shoved Chel’s legs farther apart and started licking and kissing the inside of her thighs, slowly and meticulously making her way to Chel’s very wet pussy. My wife kissed both sides of her pussy then kissed right on top of Chel’s clit, causing her to inhale sharply. Then Lexi licked her from top to bottom and then came back up to dance her tongue around the clit again. Chel’s stayed completely still holding her breath and then when Lexi clamped down and started sucking on her clit she let out the breath with a moan and started squirming, slowly bucking her hips into my wife’s mouth. Lexi was relentless; she just kept sucking on her clit while Chel’s moans and whimpers got louder and louder. Lexi started to rub her fingers up and down Chel’s slick pussy, this got her attention. Chel started to push on the head board forcing her pussy down in an attempt to capture my wife’s fingers. Finally Lexi pushed two fingers in as deep as they would go, while she kept her mouth on Chel’s clit. Chel pushed down hard and clamped her legs on my wife’s head, her entire body just quivering as she let out a deep moan and said “Don’t stop”. Finally as her orgasm ebbed and her thighs relaxed my wife emerged wiping the excess cum off of her chin and mouth. Chel stopped her and kissed and licked her face. I was so excited I couldn’t take it. Lexi just laid on top of Chel as they gently kissed and held each other. My wife running her fingers through Chel’s hair. Since there little tryst seemed to be coming to an end I excused myself from the doorway as I knew my wife tends to suffer from embarrassment after an intense sexual situation, I recalled how embarrassed she was when I caught her masturbating a few weeks back. I thought it was hot, but she was beat red for an hour afterwards during which she refused to talk to me. I knew I had just witnessed something very private between them and did not want to mess it up for her with thoughts of regret. 

I went downstairs and saw that Mike was still in the hot tub with Mandy and Sara, though they really looked like they didn’t need him at all. I could tell they loved the thrill of being watched and shocking others, as they really looked to be trying to “out do” any porno I had ever seen. I sat by the pool and started a conversation with a pretty redhead that had her legs in the pool. After about 15 minutes my wife came out to the pool area and bounced down on my lap, giving me a deep kiss. I could taste and smell Chel’s pussy all over her face. She asked If I was enjoying myself I said I was and asked if she was. Lexi smiled shyly and said “tonight has been really nice”. She then said “I am so tired”, so I said “no problem we can take off right now”. Lexi pressed a hand on my chest and said “no, you should stay and have fun, I can get a ride home with Chel, Mike is planning on staying the night and the owner said your welcome to also. So have a great time and I will see you in the morning” She gave me another kiss and got up to leave. As she walked in the house Chel grabbed her hand and leaned into her a little as they walked away, like two people in love. I decided that this was definitely the first time they had been together. And I guessed it would not be the last. I turned my attention back to the red head whose name was Amanda. Amanda turned out to be my partner for the rest of the night. I definitely got a work out that night; I hadn’t fucked someone like that since I was single. I forgot what it was like to just fuck all night. It was nice. 

When I got home I heard a muffled noise from upstairs so I went to investigate. When I peeked into the cracked door I got an eyeful. Chel was lying on the bed on her back and wearing a thick black strap-on, while Lexi was impaled on top of it and bucking her hips back and forth as fast as she could. That cock was buried as deep as it would go and she was just writhing on it. I could tell she was completely in the moment; she was going to fuck that strap-on till she came. And this was going to be one intense orgasm for sure. Chel kept grabbing her hips and shoved them back and forth and then would grab Lexi’s breast and tweak the nipples. I knew that when Lexi was like this she was no rules, anything goes. The more stimulation she gets the better. And Chel was giving her a lot. They were both covered in sweat and sliding all over each other. Finally Lexi was cuming and she pressed down hard on Chel and grabbed her around the neck in a death grip as the orgasm washed over her. When it finally stopped she started moving again all over that thick cock. Lexi looked at Chel and in a sweet and innocent voice said, “Do you like fucking me baby, hmmm, do you like fucking me with that fat cock baby”. Chel replied, “Mmmmm, I love fucking you sweety, does my little sweety want some more of this nice cock, you know I bought it just for you”. Lexi squealed in delight and said, “Oooooo, How do you want me baby, do you want to fuck me doggy style baby”. With that Chel pushed her over and my wife quickly got on her knees and laid her head all the way down on the bed offering her dripping wet pussy to Chel and her thick black cock. As Chel shoved the cock into my wife she gave a sharp buck which made Lexi jump and say, “Owie baby, don’t poke her so hard, she’s tender sweety”, Chel gave a nice slow stroke that went all the way in and Lexi said, “Mmmm, that’s it baby, be nice to her, she likes it deep baby, really really deep”. Chel continued to fuck my wife with that strap-on while Lexi rubbed her clit, then Lexi said “Ooooo baby get it yay get it right there baby, get her good”. Chel started stroking faster and it didn’t take long till she was cumming again. Her legs shook with the intensity of the orgasm. When I finally stopped Chel slid the cock out of her and fell down on the bed next to my wife, whose bum was still up till she rolled on her side next to Chel. The snuggled up together and fell asl**p. I went into the guest room and went to sl**p. 

I got up around 11:00 AM and Chel was gone, my wife was walking around rather tenderly since she had gotten the fucking of her life. We spent the rest of the day talking about our experience, she told me all about Chel, and I asked her how long she had thought of this. Lexi told me she had been with other women before we met, and definitely missed that part of her life. It turned out she had been sexually involved with her best friend in high school, after high school in college she had been involved with a roommate for her freshman year, and had experimented with some of the girls from the strip club. In fact she got the job there because she had babysat for one of the strippers and had sex with her a couple of times after she got off of work and was still horny. She said that at the time she was so afraid of the term lesbian that she always had a lot of guilt over her relationships, but now she felt comfortable saying she was bisexual. Lexi said that she was hoping that this could be something that we do more often now that it was out in the open. I said I wanted to make her happy and that if she wanted this then we could keep it going. This was the start of a very new and exciting chapter to our lives.