"Erotic Stories" Shop Task

Erotic Stories Shop Task
Sue stopped outside the pet shop and checked the address on the piece of paper her Mistress had given her. It was the right place ok. She pretended to look at something in the shop window while she steadied her nerves, the mixture of fear and excitement she felt made her stomach churn and she licked her dry lips anxiously. She took a quick look over her shoulder at the people passing by in the street, she hardly ever came to this part of town and she was sure she would not bump into anyone she knew. The pet shop lay in a small narrow alley hidden behind a large shopping mall; it was one of a row of small run down shops that lined either side of the dirty litter strewn street.

Further down the street at the far end a couple of market stalls sold cheap clothes. It was an out of the way nondescript, anonymous place, which was why her Mistress had chosen it. sue turned to look back in the window again but her eyes were unseeing, instead she had them shut and she was repeating word for word her Mistresses instructions. The warm deep buzz of submissive arousal filled her, making her face glow and her stomach lurch hideously, her mouth was dry and she felt light-headed, tense and nervous. 

Why? Why did she do this? But she knew the answer. It was what she wanted, what she needed, to be dominated and humiliated, to give herself selflessly to her Mistress. To please and serve. It was erotic and so deeply fulfilling. She could feel the dampness between her thighs as moving on shaky legs she pushed open the shop door. (Sex Stories)

Further down the alley, half hidden behind a pile of clothes on the market stall. Mistress Val watched her sub pause outside the pet shop window. She could imagine the struggle going on in her pets mind as she tried to summon up courage to enter the shop. Watching her pet carry out her task while unaware she was being watched gave Mistress Val an extra thrill. It fascinated her to see her pet's devotion, to watch her carry out such a difficult task that would humiliate her, just to please her Mistress. 

She marvelled that her pet would do this alone, without her Mistress to guide or encourage her. She would do this alone, such devotion Mistress Val thought. She loved this, the power and control, it thrilled and excited her. She enjoyed having her own slave girl, her own pet who was so willing to please her, so willing to do anything she was told. To have a slave who devoted herself to giving comfort and pleasure, whose only aim was to please her Mistress. She enjoyed testing sue and also enjoyed exploring the dominate side of her own personality. The games they played were fun. But she was always careful to see that sue came to no harm. She would create scenarios that would be erotically submissive and challenging for sue but she was ready to call a halt at the first sign of danger. Mistress Val watched her pet push open the pet shop door and she moved around the stall to get a better view, one that allowed her to see inside the shop through its large front window. 

The harsh ring of the bell as she pushed open the shop door made susans heart skip a beat, pushing her already stretched nerves a notch higher. The musty dry smell of small a****ls, hamsters, mice and rabbits filled the air and she heard small scurrying, scratching noises from shadowy cages stacked one on top of the other against a wall. Somewhere in the back of the shop a parrot squawked and flapped its wings noisily. A beaded curtain behind the counter was pulled aside and a teenage shop assistant emerged from the back of the shop. Her clothes and heavily made up face showed she was into the Goth fashion. Her long straight black hair framed blue eyes and a pretty face but her dark lipstick coated lips and heavy dark eye make up gave her an insolent almost contemptuous look. She had a black t-shirt on with the name of some rock group sue had never heard of and with her short black leather skirt, matching waist coat, ankle boots and black fishnet stockings which covered her long shapely legs, sue thought she looked incredibly hot and sexy and couldn't help feeling a flutter of excitement, especially when she caught a glimpse of white thigh in between the tops of her stockings and bottom of her leather skirt. 

She stared arrogantly at sue. "Yeath? What do you want?" She asked, her tone and body language conveying how tiresome and boring it was for her to have to deal with customers.

"Err, I'd like a pet collar, please." Sue replied nervously. 

"Cat or dog." Goth girl sighed loudly; rolling her eyes and giving sue a bored stare. 

Feeling her cheeks redden sue spoke the words her Mistress had told her to say. "It's for me." She said flatly, her eyes downcast in embarrassment. 

For a moment Goth girl stared at sue, a puzzled frown spreading across her face. "Ok, what type do you want?" she said slowly. 

Again sue spoke the exact words her Mistress had instructed her say. Words that would cause her the most acute humiliation. "Would you choose one for me please?" sue felt herself physically cringe with embarrassment; her face glowed like fire and her stomach flipped over. 

Goth girl stared at sue, unsure what was going on. "Anything else you want?" She asked suspiciously. 

Sue swallowed hard. "I'd like a metal tag to go with the collar with the words, property of Mistress Val engraved on, please." Sue looked down at the floor quickly, unable to meet the shop assistants stare. Humiliation flooded over her giving deep submissive sensations that wrapped around her like a warm blanket. She shuddered and sighed with its intensity. 

A slow smile spread across Goth girl's face, now she understood! This meek little thing standing in front of her was a sub or slave carrying out a task for her Mistress. She knew all about the BDSM lifestyle from the Goth clubs she went to, she'd seen and talked to lots of Dommes and subs there. Well ok, she'd play along, it might be fun and it would relieve the boredom of working in this dam shop. Besides she'd always wondered what it would be like to have a little sub to play with. Ideas already forming in her head she moved quickly past sue and locked the shop door, at the same time turning the sign in the window to closed. 

"We don't want to be disturbed now, do we?" She said grinning at sue in response to her puzzled look. 

From across the street behind the market stall Mistress Val smiled as she watched the shop assistant close up the shop. She hoped her sub would enjoy herself. 

Goth girl led sue to a room at the back of the shop, it smelled musty from the a****l feed piled in the corner. 

"Kneel!" She ordered, pointing to the floor at her feet. 

"Now wait a min..." sue began 

"Shut up!" Goth snapped, hands on her hips. "Now listen to me. What do you think your Mistress would say if I sent you away from here without the collar or tag? Would she be pleased?" 

A sudden panic gripped sue, she would be punished for not completing her task. But the fear of failure was what really mortified her, of having to stand in front of her Mistress and say she hadn't been able to complete her task. In susan's mind that was worse than anything. Obedience to her Mistress was all-important to sue; to serve and please meant everything. To have to face her Mistresses disappointment and displeasure was too awful to contemplate. Anything but that. 

"Ok, get out. Go on! Leave my shop." Goth girl waved her hand in a dismissive gesture. "Go and tell your Mistress that you failed her." 

"No..no. Please," sue whispered. "i'll do whatever you want." Sinking to her knees at Goth girl's feet. 

"Good girl." Goth girl said mockingly, "Now you just do as your told. Ok?" 

Sue flushed hotly at the patronising words but felt a flutter of excitement as she succumbed to the familiar urges that rose in response to Goth girl's dominant behaviour. she could feel her submissive feelings starting to seduce her; soon she would be lost in her own secret world, compliant, yielding and obedient. Lost in sensual erotic submission. 

Goth girl left sue kneeling on the floor while she fetched a box of collars, she was confident in her hold over the sub, she knew sue would do whatever she was told to do. 

"Good girl. Now you just keep still while I find a nice pretty collar for you." Goth girl said soothingly, as though she was talking to a small c***d or a favourite pet. 

sue blushed with humiliation as Goth girl lifted her hair and slid a red collar around her neck. she closed her eyes as she felt it tugged tight and fastened. Stepping back, Goth girl looked down at sue, she folded her arms and pursed her lips in mock seriousness. 

"Hmm... not really your colour." She sighed.

sue burned scarlet with shame and humiliation. 

"Now let me see what else I can find." Goth girl said happily as she searched through the box of collars. "Ah! Yes, lets try this one." 

sue knelt passively as Goth girl slipped the red collar from her neck and replaced with a thick black one. 

"You are a good girl keeping so still for me." Goth girl said pleasantly, tapping sue lightly on her head. 

sue felt hot humiliation wash over her, causing her stomach churn and her pussy to clench as she became more and more aroused. she could only kneel in complete submission, unable to resist as Goth girl played with her. 

"No. No, that ones no good, it makes you look to butch dear." Goth girl giggled. 

sue swallowed hard and hung her head. Goth girl took her time trying on different collars and pretending to find fault with each of them. She was enjoying sue's humiliation and the power and control she felt gave her a real buzz. sue was lost in her own private place, unable to resist any command, her humble obedience stirring powerful submissive emotions. 

Eventually Goth girl settled on a white leather collar. 

"There! Very pretty. I'm sure your Mistress will approve." She said as she tightened the collar around sue's neck. 

Sue who knelt so still and passive. So passive that Goth girl decided to take the game to a higher level. Leaving sue kneeling on the floor she fetched a black scarf. sue felt a moment of panic as the scarf was slipped over her eyes and her world plunged into blackness. But she was to deep into the game now, carried along on a tide of intense sensations to raise any objection. 

"Stand up." Goth girl commanded. 

sue rose slowly on stiff legs after kneeling for so long. She was suddenly aware of how quiet and still it had become. For what seemed a long time she stood like a statue in the darkness, unmoving, wondering what was going to happen next. How long had she been standing still, a minute? Five minutes? It was hard to tell in the darkness. The only sound was the beating of her heart, which seemed magnified a thousand times in the blackness. 

Then in the quiet darkness she felt fingers pluck at the top button of her blouse and slowly and deliberately undo it. She could feel Goth girls hot breath on her cheek as fingers moved on to the next button and slowly slipped it loose. The effect on sue was electric as button after button was slowly popped open. It was so sensual, she couldn't move. Her senses heightened in the darkness, her breath came out in ragged gasps. There was something so seductive how this teenager had assumed control, she was so confident in her power, she could do whatever she liked and sue felt so weak and powerless to stop her. 

Unable to offer any resistance. sue's open blouse was slowly slipped over her trembling shoulders to fall softly on the floor leaving her blindfolded in her skirt and bra hardly daring to breathe as Goth girl moved behind her. sue felt her hot breath on her neck and fingers unhooking her bra. She swallowed hard as the straps were slid over her shoulders and down her arms. As her breasts dropped Goth girls hands caught them, massaging and squeezing them. Sue moaned as fingers pulled and plucked at her nipples and Goth girl pressed herself hard against her. 

Sue could feel Goth girl's breasts pressed against her bare back and felt the sexy cold leather skirt against her bottom. Sue felt the zip at the back of her skirt being pulled slowly down then the skirt being slowly eased over her hips to fall in a puddle at her feet. Thumbs hooked into the waistband of her panties and she caught her breath as they were slowly, very slowly eased over her hips. 

She was so tense she could hardly breathe. Her stomach clenched as her panties were slowly slipped down, slowly over her mound. Slowly exposing her until she felt cool air on her hot, damp pussy. Lower and lower her panties were slid until they reached her knees where they were left hanging. Sue's eyes were screwed shut, her cheeks glowed red and her body flushed and tingled with excitement. She stood trembling, blindfolded and naked with her panties hanging humiliatingly at her knees. Her breasts rose and fell with her heavy breathing. No words could express how she felt or explain the erotic pleasure she derived from being so completely dominated. 

She gasped as Goth girl's fingers touched her slick wet lips. 

"What a dirty slut you are." She heard Goth girl snigger. 

But sue delighted in her misery and submission, she felt so slovenly and lustful, so wanton. She needed desperately to cum and Goth girl's words only stoked her fire higher. She felt fingers fiddle and stroke and then prise her open and slide blissfully inside her and she groaned with relief and thrust her body lewdly against the invading hand. Fingers probed and rubbed inside her and she thrust her hips frantically, grunting and making small a****l noises. 

She was beyond caring now, all pretence at modesty was gone. She didn't care she was making a lewd spectacle of herself; she just needed so desperately to cum. In and out the fingers thrust and sue moaned with its intensity. Fingers pinched her clit and she screamed and shuddered. 

"Ask me for permission to cum." Goth girl demanded as her fingers continued to squeeze, rub, stroke and touch. 

And sue withered and burned. 

"Please....please....oh..oh..Let me cum. " she begged breathlessly. 

"Now? Do you want to cum now?" Goth girl teased her. 

"Yes... yes...please." Sue begged shaking her head wildly. 

Goth girl rubbed harder and squeezed sue's clit making her scream out again. She watched as sue's face flushed red and she began to lose control and then before sue could climax she quickly withdrew her fingers. 

"No! No, you can't" Goth girl laughed mockingly. 

Sue cried and gasped, her hips thrusting frantically in space. Her fingers moved quickly to her pussy to rub herself. 

"Don't you dare." Goth girl warned her threateningly. "Hands on head, kneel on the floor, legs wide apart." She ordered quickly and firmly, maintaining her hold over sue. 

Sue, shaking and gasping knelt obediently on the floor, hands clasped on her head and her knees wide apart. 

"Stay like that so I can see what a sorry slut you are." Goth girl sneered. 

Behind her blindfold sue heard the buzz of the engraving machine as it started up. She was so hot, a burning fire spread from her nipples down to her throbbing aching pussy. She was aware of what she must look like, blindfolded and helpless, kneeling naked on the floor with her legs wide apart. She knew she was totally exposed and open for Goth girl to see and she could feel her juices dripping down her thighs and dripping on the floor in a puddle. As she worked on the engraving Goth girl taunted sue. 

"Look at you, you really are a little slut," She laughed. "Look at the disgusting mess your in. You can't control yourself at all can you? Your Mistress needs to teach you some discipline. Your just a hopeless slut." Goth girl admonished the kneeling sub. 

Thoroughly humiliated sue was lost in a mindset of hot deep erotic submission The buzzing stopped and sue felt Goth girls fingers grip her collar. 

"There! All done." She said as she clipped the tag on to the collar ring. "Now its time for you to thank me for all my hard work. Come here and take my panties off." 

sue shuffled forwards on her knees in the direction of Goth girl's voice. Placing her hands on Goth girl's legs she moved them upwards feeling the smooth silkiness of her fishnet stockings. sues hands carefully moved up Goth girl's thighs to reach for panties, which she pulled down and held them open for her to step out of. 

"Now lets see how good you are with that slutty tongue of yours." Goth girl said, her voice thick with lust. 

sue ducked her head under the leather skirt, her cheeks brushing against Goth girls silken thighs. she could smell her arousal and her tongue reached out tentatively to lap against the soft slick folds. she felt Goth girl stiffen as her tongue explored, licking along the inside of each outer lip then pushing inwards. she lapped up Goth girl's sweet tasting juices, her tongue probing and flicking. Finding the spots that made Goth girl shudder with pleasure, concentrating her efforts there. 

Goth girl began to grind herself against sue's face, which was soon covered in her wet sticky juices. sue traced her tongue gently around Goth girls clit, licking softly, she licked the tip and felt Goth girl shudder with absolute pleasure. Goth girl groaned and stiffened and sue felt her explode, juices drenching sue's face as Goth girl ground herself against her. 

"Good girl," Goth girl said approvingly when she had recovered. "Your Mistress has trained you well." 

sue felt a stab of pleasure at the praise she received. 

"Ok," Goth girl said with a disinterested sigh. "I guess you've earned a little reward. You've got two minutes to make yourself cum." 

"Well come on then, what are you waiting for stupid." Goth girl admonished sue, holding out her hand with her fingers stiff. 

sue quickly mounted Goth girls out stretched fingers and began to thrust herself in and out on them. Panting, with hips bucking madly. she was so hot, so worked up, so desperate to cum. Goth girl grinned as she watched sue hump her fingers so madly. It didn't take long before sue felt the warm familiar tingling sensations as her muscles began to tighten and her pussy throb. she came with a rush her climax ripping through her with a built up intensity. she screamed aloud and sank to the floor. Goth girl waited until sue had calmed down. 

"You can go now." She said dismissively. 

Mistress Val watched her sub leave the shop and she waited until sue had turned the corner out of sight at the bottom of the alley before walking across the street to enter the shop. Goth girl was replacing the box of collars and she looked up when she heard the bell ring as the door opened. 

"Hi Val." Goth girl said cheerfully. 

"Hi Sally." Mistress Val replied. "How did it go?" Mistress Val asked. 

"At first I wasn't sure if she was the one you'd told me to expect, but when she asked for the tag with Your name on I knew she was Your sub." Goth girl explained. 

"And she had no idea that we knew each other? that it was all a set up?" Mistress Val asked. 

"No, I'm sure she didn't." Goth girl replied. " I just played along like You said and saw how far I could take her. I had a great time and I'm pretty sure Your sub did too." Goth girl continued laughing mischievously. "You've got a good sub there Val." Goth girl smiled approvingly. 

"Yes I'm rather proud of her." Mistress Val smiled. "And it will be fun tonight when I question her and she confesses to me just exactly what she had to do to get my task completed."

Mistress Val and Sally both laughed.