"Erotic Stories" someone might say Go Ahead

Erotic Stories someone might say Go Ahead
I motioned to him with my head and Jerry came over and his lips, mouth and tongue met her left breast. Cynthia shuddered, I could feel it and her hands moved upwards as she let out a small gasp feeling him come into contact with her. In moments she was lightly moaning and licking her lips and again shuddered violently as Jerry's right hand came up unto her right breast.

So here we are at a holiday party, I and my fiance Cynthia. Many familiar faces are around us and some not so familiar. I am 54 and she is 53 years old, still quite attractive. I am not sure I'd call her a cougar per se. She's overweight at about 212 pounds and 5 foot 8 inches tall with slightly naturally blond wavy hair extending down just under her 38DD breasts. Parted in the middle with no particular styling it just works around her somewhat rounded face. Cynthia's buttocks is oversized, a bit of a ghetto booty as often called, a mixture of fat and muscle still quite firm as are her breasts. (Adult Stories)

Her thighs are match for her buttocks, thick as small tree trucks and also a mix of fat and muscle rounded out with a bit of a belly and moderate hip huggers. Yet, her calves and lower legs are well toned. I guess you could say she has that sort of Latino body shape without the hourglass part. The large bottom and thighs but not the hourglass waist. Her nicely rounded face, fair skin, brownish eye's and small nose work together nicely. In the days of old Europe when corsets and mistresses of noble's existed she'd have been a prize. It is not unusual for Cynthia to turn men's heads or that they approach her and age seems be no barrier. Whether 20 years old or 70 years old they simply seem to gravitate to her. She likes turning heads and often wears medium cut blouses that efficiently display her ample cleavage and tight nylon pants in varieties of colors and patterns that hug her sized booty and thighs. 

That all said friend, I'd often would become angry as other men would pay extra attention to her until I began asking myself why. I began to notice things such as this sort of natural appeal that goes beyond looks, sorta like a magnet. When making love I noticed the closer I would come to her face the more beautiful she would become. I decided to try an experiment many months back. Explore a little fantasy romance pretending I was someone else who'd paid extra attention to her. A young man to be exact. She really got into it and so I explored more deeply pretending be many different men. The response was quite incredible and she opened up more of her sexual sensuality as a result. In fact, she told me that whenever a guy would cum inside her she near immediately wanted more, endlessly. Another party came with more of the same. I'd catch guys showing her photo's on their cellphones from over her shoulder. Their heads close to hers not really caring much what photo's they show her but more focused on looking down her blouse. Men offering hugs knowing that she will not shy away. How does a lady refuse a hug? 

They'd help usher her through a door instead of moving out of the way placing their hand on her waist and sliding it down across her butt as she passes. Why, some of the men at the varied parties even talk smut in front of her, how they fucked this one, strip clubs, how this one gave them oral sex and they came in the womans mouth and she lapped it all up, on and on. I'd been angry several times and told her they are trying to evoke a response, after all, they dont say such thing around their wives or girlfriends. Other times I'd get her a plate of food only to come back and she'd be bracketed by men on all sides at the table and they'd all be talking away laying their hands upon her shoulder, hand or top of her thigh whenever the opportunity seemed arise. In fact, the first July 4th annual party I went to with her when we first met had her swimming in the pool. The pool ladder was out of commission apparently. I was inside the house. Apparently Cynthia wanted help getting out of the pool. One of the guys who'd been swimming not minutes before offered help her so I was told. Did he get in the pool to perhaps lift her by a lower leg or the waist? Uh uh. He dangled his legs over the edge of the pool deck and spread his legs. 

Then he went hoist her up under her armpits. Thus essentially bringing her atop him. However, from what I was told he indeed hauled her up and her bikini top came off completely so she lay atop him in full glory albeit for a moment. How old was he? Twenty four back then. I've saw men of all ages, even young adults act really out of the norm with her yet she's not done a single thing I can ever recall to bring it on. She'd even told me before I'd met her she when she was 45 and went to some night classes two young guys not even 20 years old refused to get off her car until she kissed them yet she'd had no interactions with either except an introduction. Now you might be thinking friend reader that, “Oh sure... It's what every guy wants with a woman!” Your wrong, or at least in this case. Cynthia has this sorta natural magnetism. Its uncanny. She's not drop dead gorgeous nor is her body magazine perfection. It just works. Some women just have this sorta natural gravitation. That's what she has but its extreme. 

I guess one might say just like a bird know the sweetest fruit on the tree even if it looks imperfect it gravitates towards that. I've saw men of all ages, even young adults act really out of the norm with her yet she's not done a single thing I can ever recall to bring it on. But I've learned... No reason for me to be angry. It hurts her, hurts me and if I were one of those guys I'd surely enjoy peeking down her shirt too. In fact, I gravitated to her in much the same way. Speed ahead time to a few months back, this particular party seemed like any other but now my mindset had changed as I noted. That again being, “I get it.” If I were one of these guys I'd like nothing better than look down her shirt, get a nice hug from those 38DD firm breasts more or less have them soaked and laying atop me. Now that all said at virtually every one of these parties this fella by the name of Jerry would talk about something to do with sex be that former conquests or strip clubs where he'd done this or that. Always quite descriptive and vocal saying things such as “She was sucking on my dick and I blew my load all over her face” or “I fucked this bitch over and over again and blah blah blah.” He's not a whole lot to look at perhaps 60 years old, drives a dump truck. Nice enough guy and he and I have had some good talks about history or the global landscape for example. The more Jerry drinks the more he seems seek Cynthia out and talk sex with or without other men around. Of course I saw the traditional show, show her some photo's gazing over her shoulder and look at her breasts. 

But now, I'd changed, I did not get angry. I decided to have a little romp. He'd been talking about when he was in his 40's and had sex with these two really young women in a bar parking lot and how he wore them out etc. Sloppy little details of how he came all over one's face and breasts... on and on. An African American fella named Matthias about 22 years old and another fella named Bart were listening away and of course my Cynthia. Cynthia and I'd discussed his rumblings many times after parties, as I said, he tries invoke a reaction from her and never says such things around the other ladies present or his wife. To Cynthia, she just let the language fly past her, that sort of talk does not get her engine running. Well, as I found out, at least not in conversation aspects. Later in the evening Jerry and I were talking and Cynthia walked by us her rather bulbous near ghetto booty snapped right and left in front of us bouncing and quickly recoiling in her white nylon pants. She was wearing a medium cut white blouse sheer enough to see the pink of her bra through. I said to Jerry, “She's so beautiful. Look at that butt. Dude, you have no idea. She'd wear you out.” He seemed uncomfortable. I continued, “Dude... I'm not blind nor stupid. She's hot. You have no idea. I've saw you look down her shirt at nearly every party for years now. I dont blame you. Her breasts are firm and fine. 

When she's on top of me its like the most sensual beautiful thing I have ever saw.” Jerry was speechless. Acting like he'd been caught hand in the cookie jar. “Jerry, I'm not mad. Men gravitate to her. I notice it all the time and for quite a while I'd get angry about it. Then I realized if I were in their shoes I'd wonder what she is like too. She has this natural sort of appeal. Its uncanny and irresistible. I know it well as I was drawn to her as well in the same way” I said. Jerry nodded his head at me. I continued, “Remember some years back when I told you that I am quite good at sex? Its true. With her, its hard not to be. What you feel just being around her pales completely in comparison to getting in on with her. She loves to have sex and dude, believe me, she's unbelievable. Whether sensuous, hard, carnal, fantasy... she can do it all and at levels way beyond the norm.” I bent over right next to his ear, “Jerry... When she is about to cum she gets so wet. I mean, you can smell in it the air. When she orgasms her body sometimes spasms like shit you see faked in porn movies... But its not fake. Seeing her cum makes you want explode and if you do its like her body just goes into automatic. Her pussy contracts like she is pulling your cum out of you. Its unreal.” I said. Jerry looked at me with a look of “Are you really saying this?” but did not whisper a word. I continued, “I'm not angry dude. In fact, I completely get it. But, talking smut in front of her? Looking for a reaction? Forget it. 

That stuff just bounces off her like rain on a waxed car. Saying to her you love her hair, the pattern on the tight pants. Asking her if it doesnt bother her that men might look at her butt will invoke a response. She might say, “Do you like it?”. Think dude. Dont just say, “Yes.” Say, “Let me see it better.” Ask her how the material feels and maybe she'll let you touch it. Dont be afraid like a kid grabbing a cookie and running. If she lets you touch it run your hands over her like a man. She likes that. If your going to look down her shirt let her catch you. Then tell her that you just cant help yourself. Understand? She reacts to being reacted to.” I told him. He smiled at me, “And you dont care?” “Jerry, she is literally every guys fantasy. I cant say exactly why but I cant fight that and I understand it.” I said. “Can I blame any man? Blame her? Get angry? Try and change her? That'd be criminal. She is special and deserves to feel special and what she gives back is special. Understand?” He shook his head in agreement. “Another thing.” I said. “Dont talk about such things with a gaggle of people around. Talk to her not at her. Look into her not atop her. What makes her different is she emanates from the inside out not the outside in. If I happen to show up while your both talking, you do not need to become freaky. Just act like I already know everything said, ok? Lastly, very important. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” Jerry agreed. Shortly after I was asked come inside into a discussion that lasted perhaps an hour. Afterwards I looked for Cynthia and she was not in the backyard or on the deck. So I looked to the place where people went to smoke, not that she smokes. There she was with Jerry talking and I walked up and said “How's it going?” 

There was an immediate sense of a bit of tension and then Jerry said, “We were talking about well... sex and stuff. You know, a lot of the stuff I've said never really happened...” “It's ok.” I replied, “One can walk into nearly any sports bar and find guy's that are not really true about a lot of that stuff.” “Well I apologized to Cynthia because at some of the parties... well... you know. I'd be talking about the stuff in front of her... and... well, it was not proper of me to do that.” I walked over and put my hand on her head and said, “Well... This one here is really special and understanding. Guy's look at her all the time and I used to really get angry with her didn't I honey?” “Yes you did, very nasty at times.” she replied. “But then I realized why. She's different. Special. Now I understand she is like every guy's fantasy.” I said. “I cant blame them or her. She is who she is and I love that.” Jerry said, “Well, I'm older now and things down there don't work like they used to if you know what I mean? My wife is as you know quite a bit younger, my mail order bride. But even with that I have problems.” “Maybe you do not have the right mindset.” I told Jerry. “Lets take a walk out front.” Cynthia looked at me funny but I tool her upper arm and encouraged her to stand up. “Where are we going?” Cynthia asked me. “Just getting away from the party so we can talk without all the background noise.” I responded. The party was out in the country and we walked down the long driveway to the road. We crossed the street to this field area and towards an edge not too distant from the road where there was some seclusion but the street light still allowed for good lighting. I walked up to Cynthia and kissed her deeply on her lips and then said, “Jerry, Cynthia here... She's special. 

Even a kiss from her is unlike any other. Seriously. Its all about give, receive and response.” He looked at my oddly and Cynthia smiled at me. “You dont believe me?”, I said. “Cynthia, give Jerry a kiss please.” She gave me an odd look. “Go ahead...” I said. She walked over and gave him a kiss. “Baby. I mean a real kiss. One from inside you.” I sounded off. She put her hands on his face and laid it on him. When she drew back I spoke. “See Jerry, I told you. Do you feel it?” I said. “Shes like electricity. Would you mind doing it once more honey? Wrap your arms around her Jerry and draw her close. Take in her scent, feel her against you. Let your inner self out, like she does. Close your eyes and then open them to see her.” Cynthia looked at me strangely but walked up to him and began to kiss him. Jerry took her tight against him and well... in no time flat they were exchanging tongues. I walked up behind Cynthia and whispered in her ear, “Its me baby. You are intense. So beautiful. Every mans desire you are just as I have told you. Relax. No inhibitions. Let whats inside out baby. I”m here, its ok.” Mind you, we'd never done anything like this before. Knowing Cynthia always kisses with her eyes closed, that is, until she goes carnal in which case her entire look changes especially her eyes I moved about and whispered in Jerry's ear, “Neck, lips and cheeks.” I moved back behind Cynthia and Jerry began kissing her neck. Cynthia was getting warmed up, I can just tell. I ran both my hands up and down her back to near where Jerry's arms were holding her and then took his hand and moved it downwards unto her buttocks and pushed hard on his hand to send the message. He grabbed at her rear sinking his fingers into her buttocks and Cynthia lifted her leg as she'd done with me many times before. The question now was what to do? I broke it up. “Ok you two... and I pulled Cynthia back a bit.” I looked at Jerry and well, could just tell. 

He was wanting to land his plane on her runway. “I bet your hard now?” I said. He shook his head confirming it. “See, its not you Jerry with a problem per se.” I relayed, “Its all what gets running through your mind and that of who you are with. Cynthia here just happens to be a lady who can draw any man young or old naturally. That's why you sneak looks down her shirt for example.” Cynthia gave me this odd smile and look. “Dont look at me like that baby.” I said, “You know it and you love it. Your like a beautiful painting but the beauty is not only on the canvas but the thoughts, hand and passion that went into its creation.” “Your the finest piece of fruit on the tree and just as the birds know and can sense the perfect piece of fruit so do all these men who gravitate towards you, including me. I love you and many desire you.” I said. She turned and gave me a simply unbelievable deep kiss then turned back towards Jerry. “I am going to give you a gift to think about Jerry, do not look upon any woman in such primal ways like how you speak about them. Look upon all aspects. Like a painting.” I said. I put my arms around Cynthia's waist and began lifting her shirt upwards. She immediately grabbed at my hands to stop me and I whispered in her ear, “Its just me baby. Close your eyes. Go ahead. Close them.” and she reluctantly did so and released my hands. I lifted her shirt higher and higher slowly and as I reached the support of her bra under her breasts slid my fingertips under it and lifted exposing her breasts to Jerry. Her nipples were at full erection jutting out a good half an inch. 

I put my head over her shoulder right next to her ear and said, “You are beauty baby, inside and out. Every mans desire you are.” Cynthia's hands were down towards her tummy not clasped together but instead with each finger touching the finger on her opposing hand. I whispered in her ear but loud enough for Jerry to hear, “Will you let him taste your beauty my love?” A moment of pause and she said, “Yes.” I motioned to him with my head and Jerry came over and his lips, mouth and tongue met her left breast. Cynthia shuddered, I could feel it and her hands moved upwards as she let out a small gasp feeling him come into contact with her. In moments she was lightly moaning and licking her lips and again shuddered violently as Jerry's right hand came up unto her right breast. I reached over and pushed his shoulder and he broke free from her. “Look at her!” I said. She was just unbelievably gorgeous in that moment. I did not even need see it, I just knew it. “Jerry!” I laughed. “Hello, over here! Hello!!!!” He looked at me. “Snap out of It!” I pulled Cynthia's shirt back down. “I know you want her, right now, all of her, you'd sacrifice near anything to have the moment right? I get it. Its not going to happen.” I said firmly. “But look, look what she did to you. Look what you did to her. 

Thats what can happen when you touch the insides in all ways instead of concerning yourself with the outsides. Its that inner sensuality that makes for special often unforgettable experiences.” I boldly said. “Lets get back to the party.” I said. Jerry said, “I cant go right now. I... I... I cant go back like this.” The bulge in his pants was quite sizeable. “I think I... Umm... I need to... you know. Jerk off.” “I sure understand that my friend.” I replied. “Go ahead. We wont watch.” He walked as best as he could towards a tree and pulled his pants downwards and began working it. I noticed that Cynthia was just itching to watch, she kept trying to look over her shoulder towards him and then back at me. “You want it dont you?” I said. She paused and paused looking at me apparently not so sure if A. She should respond or B. If I would get angry if she did especially given my past of getting very angry at far far less. “Yes.” she said. “Go ahead. Dont make a habit out of it.” I replied. Now mind you friend reader, its not like I am immune to this stuff. Few things. 1. Was trying to get Jerry to realize he was fucking up in respect to mindset. 2. It was my fault he was standing by a tree jerking off barely able to walk. 3. I was TRYING to be “The new me” a more tolerant sorta fella. 4. Having Cynthia truly learn and understand that all these men were not pigs but instead that she has a gift given her that drives men towards her and its not her fault. Be who she is per se. 5. That I understand it as I was drawn to her via that gift as well. Now, what I expected her to do was help him jerk off. 

That's what I MEANT by “go ahead.” Instead she went over her shirt and bra came of her in one fluid motion and she knelt down in front of him and before I even knew if I should react she was all over his penis. I saw her head bobbing up and down on it. SHIT! Let me tell you something friend, she knows what she is doing. She likes move her tongue from left to right as she takes it in and out and then will drag her entire tongue over the tip again moving it slightly left then right. She'll go down slow and deep and then back up slow slaving that beautiful tongue left and right pressed hard against the penis bottom. Then at times she'll thrust her head down FAST and deep sending sensations though me the likes you cant imagine. When she's done that to me I can literally feel the heat of semen run up my penis and then she likes slowly move her head back upwards with her lips tight drawing it out from the tip. Its intense. Trying to think, “What to do... What to do...????” Well, I cant very well stop them now can I?. Poor guy probably not be able to walk the rest of the life if I did and clearly Cynthia had a different idea than I did. My fault for getting her and him so heated up to begin with. I should have specified, “Go ahead. Help him jerk off.” So, is what it is. I thought, well, maybe if I didnt watch? I was hard myself and this was making my personal situation QUITE worse. I suppose I should qualify that statement. Friend reader, I know what it's like to make love with her. Its incredible. I know what it's like to have her orally make me dance. I know the depth and passion of her kisses, all of it. But, thats quite different than seeing her head bobbing up and down on another guy. There's a certain eroticism that came forth inside me for lack of a better explanation. 

I turned around and walked towards the road. Figured, give them a few minutes and that will be that. Heck, it might only be a matter of seconds where she in concerned. I started counting out two minutes, “1 and 2 and 3 and 4...” Look up and down the road... Go for a little walk until I reached 60 and then back I decided. “...114 and 115 and 116 and 117 and 118 and 119 and 120!” Like “ready or not here I come!” I turned and walked the perhaps 15 yards back towards where we were. Instead of seeing them finished I didnt see them at all! GREAT! Then I noticed some glints of color against the lessened light to where Jerry had went to evacuate himself. I walked closer briskly. Cynthia was buck naked her legs spread wide and Jerry's buttocks was sliding back and forth atop her with them both locked together passionately kissing and licking one another. Ooops. Again, not what I meant by “go ahead.” SHIT++. Neither she or I ever done anything like this before. We fantasized as I noted above in a variety of ways but nothing further. When we did things kicked into a whole new incredible level with her and me. Clearly, she was very very hot and as I moved closer yet again I began see how much. All that aside, SEEING this happen friend reader it has been burned into my head basically. I can see it happening before me and I am going to give you the play by play. As I drew closer Cynthia was softly moaning at times muffled by his tongue assaults on her mouth. Their lips locked except when Jerry broke the kiss laying a frenzy of kissing, sucking and licking at her neck and cheeks that was causing her to wriggle her torso under him. Jerry was in a semi-kneeling stance his arms flat to the ground on both sides of Cynthia. 

He was drawing his penis out of her quite a ways and then back into her methodically, not slow and not fast either but instead in a constant rhythm. Cynthia was moving in a similar rhythm with her pelvis moving downwards as he withdraw and then using her lower back and legs up to meet him as he slid into her pussy full depth. Looking closer at Cynthia I could see her eye's moving to and fro and her eyelids often shuddering, like quivering as she forced her pelvis up and his penis sinking all the way into her. She's unbelievable. I took my pen light out of my pocket and turned it on. I pointed it towards Jerry's penis and my baby's pussy. To my amaze, Mr. Jerry appeared well endowed. More-so than myself. A good 7 to 8 inches slid out of her and best I could tell his width was at least as big as a silver dollar of old, perhaps a bit bigger. I pointed the light at Cynthia's head while Jerry had his tongue buried deep in her mouth muffling her moans. Cynthia looked up towards me her eye's clearly in a haze of passion and feelings, “Not what I meant.” I said. She paid no attention to what I'd said at all, clearly someplace else than where I was. Now friend reader, again... My ooops. But at the sametime I was really really getting into watching her react to him. Her moans were growing in tone, her passion building like a symphony. It seemed as though Jerry fully understood the “lesson plan”. He dove again into her neck sucking and licking at her then across her cheek, nose, other cheek and neck. Cynthia was clearly now feeling every nerve fire, she winced, struggled under him and sounded off, “Ahaha! And Ahahaha! And Ahahah!” rapidly in succession numerous times as his lips and tongue ran her over. Suddenly his head shot down to her left breast. Now, I've been there too. Her half inch nipples were at full mast. Me? Well... 

I'd lick at them and lightly suckle a bit and she'd always respond pretty much the same way everytime. She'd bend her head up to see me and send me nice signals gently through her torso pressing her breast more into me. Jerry however had no such plan. He opened his mouth wide and went down on her like she was the best donut the baker ever made! A good deal of her 38DD was forced into his mouth and he contracted his jaw biting down and growling! He slowly began raise his head upwards and Cynthia's milky white firm breast skin began slip from his mouth until the soft of her red areola was clinched between his teeth growling all the time. NEVER SAW ANYTHING LIKE IT FRIEND and all the time the two's concerto of his penis sliding in and out of her and her hips lowering and raising to meet him continued. Nor had I ever, not ever saw Cynthia react as she did. Both her hands shot up holding his head as he sank into her. Her entire back arched up as well as though she were trying to stuff all of her breast into his mouth. Her head shot backwards with the back of her head pressed against the ground lifting her shoulders near off the ground. Now one might think, “Well... she probably felt pain.” Maybe. But from her mouth came out, “Fuck! Fuck yes! Take me! Fuck me!” It was though someone had plugged her into a wall outlet. Like an intense electrical shock. Jerry twisted and teased at her breast and then released it only to dive down unto her erect nipple with his tongue and then sucked at it while running his tongue over it. SHE WENT CRAZY! So friend reader... Appears as though perhaps I was the one getting a lesson. Going back to her beautiful face he again thrust his tongue into her mouth and Cynthia wrapped her arms around his head. 

She was CLEARLY getting in a hotter mode than I believe I'd ever witnessed in all my 5 years with her. Nice huh? But... I had no time think of that before his head came up and her right breast closest to me became target. As he dive into it she pressed his head HARD down unto her and her back again arched as he bit down. Unbelievable. Now, like I said prior when she was bobbing up and down on his penis orally, its one thing to know what she's like. Its another to see her with another guy and especially one that was clearly driving her into zones I'd never saw before. REALLY erotic albeit sorta disturbing at the same time. He was sucking at her right breasts fiercely and she was reeling, she screamed out several times, “Ahahhahha!!! Fuck!!!! Yes!!!!” as electricity shot through her nerves. I became very aware that I was hard as a rock and my penis was not in the best position for that. I was leaking from the tip of my penis and needed adjust myself and evacuate my balls. I was standing over them to the side off several yards and began stroking myself. Cynthia saw this and something went off inside her. No idea what. I asked her after the fact and she doesnt recall it. She suddenly became really intense. Her hands came off Jerry's head and grabbed towards his back and buttocks. Jerry released her nipple which was now both larger and more erect than I'd ever saw. It was clearly swelled up and sticking out more like three quarters of an inch. 

I mean BIG and I saw the red marks of his teeth a short distance from the red of her areola. Cynthia began thrusting herself HARD up against Jerry as he entered deep into her belly with his thick and apparently pretty long penis. Strangely, Jerry appeared completely unaware I was there and much of this happened quite rapidly in the sense of time. Jerry began hammering into her and I mean HARD. She thrust her ass upwards to meet him as he withdrew and he pounded into her hard sending her ass and hips smashing into the ground with a speed growing faster and faster. “Slap Slap Slap” I heard as their bodies met. Cynthia's breasts bounced upwards and recoiled down and she was moaning and moaning louder than I'd ever heard her. Jerry exploded inside my baby deep in her belly. I dont know how many times he sprayed his seed into her, 7, 8, 10, more? It was rather hard to tell. But he kept cumming inside her for what at least seemed quite a while. On or about the third smash of her ass into the ground and him spraying up inside her Cynthia orgasmed the likes I'd never saw in all of our time together. She screamed out, “Ahahhahhahha!!!! Ahahahahhahha!!!!” over and over frantic-like. If I were not watching all this one might thought someone got their hand slammed in a car door and could not get it back open. It was that kind of shout. Her body rocked and shook and her fingers grabbed hard into Jerry as if trying to hold on. As he drew back out of her to slam into her again it was like she was locked unto him refusing to let his penis out. Her legs, ass, thighs, head and arms were all quivering like she was being frozen. Jerry rapidly went to a push up type stance his arms holding his torso above her. 

He smashed his penis into her sending her solidly back down to the ground and her breasts flying upwards atop her chest spraying another load his seed deep up into her belly. Cynthia let out a shrieking yell, “Eeeeyayyayyaahahhahhahhha!” I was worried someone might hear her but fortunately was far enough away from the party and the music playing probably drowned it all out. When he drew back out of her womb again it was again as though she was trying stayed glued to his penis thrusting her buttocks into the air and he smashed her down once again spraying his seed into her. Cynthia blew up in up to that point the most profound orgasm I'd ever saw from her or for that matter any woman as she let out another shrieking scream. Her thighs, buttocks, torso, head, were all quivering intensely and her arms began flailing about as if trying to find something, anything. He drew out of her again and again her ass came up with his withdrawl. He smashed down unto her yet again. Something new again I'd never saw. It was UNBELIEVABLE friend. As her body was forced crashing to the ground and he again sprayed his sauce deep into my love's belly and explosion of liquid blew out from her. Her hands both slammed into the ground next to her grabbing hard into the grass, weeds and soil. Her back arched upwards WAY off the ground and her head went flying backwards with her eye's rolling backwards in her head. NEVER saw anything like it. It was though someone placed a highly compressed water balloon between them and Jerry's penis pierced it sending its spray gushing outwards in near every direction. Cynthia let out a bass level tone I'd also never heard before, a deep loud low, “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuhuh” followed by a gasp of air and more orgasms blowing through her body over and over followed by more deep bass “Uhhhuuhhhuhuuhuu” It all happened rather fast. He'd withdrawn from her again but this time her buttocks did not follow him upwards. He came smashing down deep into her spraying inside her and again another explosion which I guess they call female ejaculation came forth. She let out a whaling scream likes I'd never heard anywhere before. 

Jerry collapsed atop her and a few more thrusts far less intense came from him into her. Cynthia was shaking as if though she'd been a freezer for hours. Fast rapid breaths gasps for air folloed by, “eh heh eh heh eh heh” and another gasp of air. Her teeth were chattering which made for a unique sound that cannot be written. I came all over my hand the moment I saw Cynthia's body explode and the enormous amount of liquid that sprayed all over the two of them. It was all so intense and happened so fast. But, no, it was not what I meant by “Go Ahead.” I could barely stay standing from the intensity of my ejaculations so I sat myself down on the ground. Friend I can see it as clear in my head as like it'd just happened. I gazed upon them. Cynthia's thigh sticking out from under him shaking, her legs shaking like someone who'd has a seizure. Her arm stretched outwards a few feet away from her waist with her fingers digging into the soil as wave after wave of orgasms continued to overtake her. I can see her hip pressed against the ground quivering and her looking over at me with Jerry still atop her. Her teeth chattering and her head quivering along with the sound of, “uhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh” over and over broken only by a deep gasp for air, “hehhhehhehhehhheehe” as her teeth continued chatter. I was just astonished. I also assumed things were all done and once everyone was rested up we'd all get back to the party and who knows what then? Leave. 

Quickly perhaps. So... There I sat while Jerry lay atop my fiance' having witnessed something that well... Never would I have thought I'd witnessed. I didnt know what to say. In time Cynthia's orgasms subsided. Jerry just laid atop her his head down against the ground left of hers. She turned her head towards me and blinked a few times her teeth were still chattering some. She tried say something and her body twitched a few times. I said, “Are you ok honey?” She flipped her hand over which was dirty from her digging it into the ground. Now, it'd seemed like they lay there spent for quite sometime but it was I realized in hindsight it really wasnt. Perhaps 3 or 4 or 5 minutes. Maybe Jerry figured it'll never happen again or perhaps he just could not resist her. I dont know. I mean, I really dont know. Given Jerry's statements about problems down below I figured he was spent. But he raised his head and gently kissed Cynthia's chattering lips. Suddenly without warning had his head took a dive unto her left breast nipple sucking and licking at it. Cynthia's head shot backwards pressing her shoulders off the ground and her right leg shot upwards towards the sky. She let out a shriek, “Eeeyyeyayaaayayyaa!!” Her body wracked back and forth under him as he attacked her left nipple and just as suddenly then his tongue and lips came down upon her right nipple in a similar assault. I said, “Baby... Are you ok? Do you want me stop it? Baby!!!!???” She looked at me her head jerking as the feeling upon her nipple apparently jolted through her like electricity and did her best to shake her head like, “No.” I mean, it was pretty hard to tell friend reader. 

She might have meant yes. It was just this sudden semi-robotic sudden pausing jerk back and forth. Like someone say being tortured and refusing to relent to it saying, “No!” His buttocks drew up in the air and then forward as he began again to fuck my sweetie. Her reaction was INTENSE. The moment he pushed back into her belly she let out this deep bass moan, “GGgrrrrrrraahhhhhhhhlllll.” I've never head anything like it before short of a bear growling. That deep deep bass sound that comes from the lungs and not the larynx. I can see it in my head right now over and over as f I were right there, right now. He'd pull back and her chest heaved, lungs filling with air and when he pushed his penis back deep inside my sweeties belly her lungs pressed out this deep bass near growling sound, “Ggrrrrraaaaaahhhlllll” over and over. Again, something new I'd never saw from her followed by yet another something new. His lips then met her's and like an animal she just began licking over and over deep into his mouth. Cant hardly call that a kiss. She was literally licking into his mouth like a dog cleaning up some food left in a deep tin can and that growling as he entered into her. I could not believe what I was seeing, DEFINATELY not what “Go ahead” meant. He grabbed both her wrists and forced her hands over her head and then under her head so her head was now propped forward a bit atop the height of his hands and hers. 

He recommenced sliding back and deep into her with their open mouths latched together and Cynthia again licking inside his mouth as if she was just lost. Like there was nothing else except what was happening to her. Her body again began to quake and her growls turned more intense as did his thrusts into her. Before you could say, “It appears she is going to cum” both her legs flew up and around him and like they both knew it was going to happen he dug his toes into the soil and slammed himself against her. “Agggagghahhahhahhha!!!!” she yelled out once, then twice and on the third time. That was the charm they both exploded at the same time. Jerry exclaimed, “Ohhhhh Fuuuuccckkkkkk Ahhhahahhahha!!!!” and Cynthia's body exploded into intense orgasms like I'd never ever saw anyone have before. Now, mind you friend reader. Her orgasm's she'd just had moments prior I'd never saw the likes of before not even in things like fake porn movies. This is the real thing. Her head shot back and forth. Her mouth hung wide open with deep bass groans coming from her as he shot his seed deep into her belly over and over and over with each hard thrust. I dont know how many times. It just seemed endless. Jerry rolled off of her, his chest heaving as he looked up at the stars. Cynthia on the other hand was well past the shaking. If someone did not know better you'd literally think she was having seizures. Her body quivered and then all of a sudden would spasm violently and she'd scream out, “Ahahhahhahhahaaa!!!” and her arms or legs would flail only to come crashing back to the ground. 

Never saw anything like it in all my days and I'll bet you never have either. It subsided pretty quickly and she just lay their twitching and quivering gasping for air. I took my penlight out and shined in on Jerry. His penis was big. About 9 inches, maybe more and it was thick. I rapidly understood his continual spraying his seed into my lady. His sack and balls were enormous. I mean ENORMOUS. Cynthia lay there her legs spread open so I got on my knees and shined the light down on her between her legs. She was a mess. I mean... a mess. Her brown public hair was soaked and matted down a significant layer of his white cum atop it with small clumps of coagulated sperm clinging to her pubic hair. There was not a dry spot anywhere around her crotch, just a thick coating of his clumpy seed along with a literal river of his sperm pouring out from within her vagina down the crack of her ass. I mean, it was like something you'd expect in a porn film. Her crotch was an enormous mess. I've never saw anything like it not even in the movies. When you hear the term “filled her womb?” Jerry I believe did just that. This was not something you see from the average fella cumming. This was more like someone capable of filling a small milk carton with what he could store in his sack and penis. His sack was BIG... REALLY BIG. Clearly his erectile dysfunction was either not a dysfunction at all or merely needed some genuine female correction. Either way, we all lay there for a time looking at the stars. I gathered up Cynthia's clothes. Now the question came of what to do about her completely drenched crotch. There were no clothes to spare I suppose we could have used my underwear or something. I suggested I sneak back to the car which was parked down the road a bit off to the side. There I had some water and towels. 

So... off I went. I walked down the road reflecting on what had just happened not sure what to make of it all. Here the idea was to get Jerry to realize that smut talk about conquests most of which never happened was wrong to do in front of Cynthia. Talk to her the right way. The result seeing my baby fucked in fashion and results I'd not saw anyplace, ever! I guess I was the one to get and education. I asked myself, “Am I angry?” “No. Astonished perhaps. Seeing it was so erotic as well. I am confused. Need time to digest all this.” I reached the car, grabbed two water bottles and the paper towels. Gently closed the door and began the walk back paying close attention to the house where the party was taking place. The I thought, “Shit man. His wife is there. Damn. I hope he doesnt fuck up. If anyone asks where were we? At least there is the three of us so that can defend anyone thinking anything happened. Right?” I got to the field and fully expected everyone to clean up and figure out what the story needs be. Instead, I get there and Cynthia is atop Jerry riding him the two of their faces stuck together like glue as she was again licking into his mouth like a dog. When she saw me she extended her tripod atop him and their lips parted. Cynthia motioned me over to her and she began grabbing at my pants. I took them off and she commenced working my penis in her mouth while Jerry thrust himself up off the ground deep up into her belly. Cynthia was working my intensely as I heard the “slap slap slap” of Jerry's body hammering against her over and over. 

Her blond hair, breasts and body being thrust up and down as she worked me, In a matter of what seemed like 3 or 4 minutes her lips and hand suddenly came off me. Her torso jutted forward then back violently several times and she burst into a series of orgasms. “Ahahahhahhaaaahaa Fffffuucckkkkkkk.... Ahahhahhaaaa!!!” she screamed out. “Fffffuccckkk Ssooooo Bbbbbigggg Ahahahhahhhahha....” she cried out as her body shook and he continued pounind up into her. She came crashing down atop Jerry quaking and shaking with spittle dripping from her mouth. He tried thrust into her but did'nt work to well. Before I could say much anything he rolled some and she came off of atop him. Cynthia caught herself with her arm so she did not come crashing to the ground. It all happened so fast that I really did not have much chance to react. Jerry had got up his toes on the ground on his knees. Cynthia had planted her left foot behind her and right foot to her side about to attempt stand upwards though she was still cumming and quite rocky. Jerry grabbed at her right ankle seizing it in his hand. She tried push forward but Jerry bent forwards wrapping his other arm around her waist and forced her backwards unto his lap and then took his right hand and wrapped it around her waist. He lifted her waist and buttocks upwards and then thurst his hands into her crotch between her legs. She sounded off, “Ehhh Ehhh hehhe Ehhehhe...” breathing heavy and apparently still having orgasms. If she wanted muster a word or even a “Stop or No” it didnt happen and again, it all happened really fast. I saw Jerry arm thrust along the length of her pussy and her legs opened wide as she shuddered and shook. 

Then with a thrust she screamed out, “Ahahhhahhhahhaahah ffffff uucuuccckkk!” as he pushed his thick penis back up inside her belly. He was slamming into her fast and hard. “Slap slap slap slap slap” as his tummy smashed into Cynthia's bulbous buttocks sending her half fat half muscle buttocks flying forwards and recoiling. Her thigh fat flew back and forth with each concussion. Her breasts hung down flying forwards and backswards in circles colliding at her cleavage. Loud, “Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh” came forth from her as he hammered into her. Her blond hair flying back and forth. She looked up at me her head thrusting forwards and back spittle falling from her mouth in long strands. “Fffffuccckkkkkkk...” she cried out, “Yoouuurrr pppounndddinnng mmmmmeeee... Yooouuur ppounnndinng mmeeeee.” Jerry exploded into my sweeties womb over and over sending her into a serious of enormous orgasms and screams but he kept hammering away into her. Within moments Cynthia's exploded again an enormous splash of liquid blew out from under her splashing unto the ground but Jerry did not relent. Cynthia's torso collapsed unto the ground and he continued smashing into her and again the deep bass growls and groans all that came out of her until he again evacuated himself inside her. Her head came up looking towards me her teeth chattering and head bobbing like one of those car bobble head ornaments as he evacuated his balls into her for the final time. The two of them lay there sprawled on the ground their chests heaving up and down. Cynthia's orgasms subsided in time and she crawled her way over to me. And we held each other tight. Me? Ummm... No, I didnt get to cum again. 

We all gathered up our things and cleaned up. Cynthia put her clothes on with my help and we did not go back to the party. We went direct to the car and left. There was just no way she'd be able pass for “Nothing happened.” Even in cleaning her up by the time we arrived back home her white nylon pants had a 6 inch wet spot between her legs and even a larger one she sat in on her butt. I got her in the shower when we arrived home and cleaned her up. Her pussy was such a mess even with the onsite cleanup we tried to do. I told her I was sorry for what happened and reiterated “Go ahead” was not meant to “Go all the way... multiple times.” She told me she could not help herself, it all just overtook her and told me that I had nothing to be sorry for. I said to her that I understood and no man could resist her which is true. She made me feel better by saying, “That maybe true honey, but your the one I am in love with.” Before I could say anything she put her finger on my lip and said, “What that was honey was not love. It was sex. You and I make love and that is what is truly spectacular. There's no transfer of emotion, that is, him and me. Not like you and me.” She kissed me deeply and passionately at a level she'd never done before. Since then our love making has also went to all new heights. On the other side of the coin there is another party coming in only 8 weeks. I asked her if we should go. Perhaps he wont show up. Perhaps he will. I dont know. Cynthia said to me, “Even if he does. So what? That was what it was.” I replied, “Yea... But what if like, you know. Like a repeat were to happen?” She looked at me rather startled. “First mister matchmaker. I dont HAVE to do that. Second, if WE decided, you and I to do something like that I'll make sure that you are included!” she said. I was rather taken aback by that statement. “Ummm... Like both of us?” I said. “If that's what you want honey thats what you shall have. Dont get me wrong, that was quite an experience I had but it's nothing like being with you.” she said, and again gave me an incredibly passionate kiss. So friend reader there you have it. I hope your hand did not get too wet reading it. What was that? Is this a story or did this really happen? Friend reader, quite real.