"Erotic Stories" Strict and Loving Aunt Hazel

Erotic Stories Strict and Loving Aunt Hazel
I had been visiting my Aunt Hazel every summer for as long as I can remember, but this year would be different because now that I am 21 I will be traveling by myself and my parents will be staying home. When I told my Aunt she said that would be perfect because she felt my parents were too square and now we could really enjoy ourselves. Aunt hazel had always made little comments like how good a girl I am and how she never has to spank me then pat my bottom a few times, I always laughed these off but since I discovered a lovely site on the internet call Xhamster I have become very interested in the more intense side of love making and began to wonder about my Aunt and if she looked at me like that.

It was so nice to see Aunt Hazel when I got off the airplane, she rushed up to me picked me up and gave me a big hug and a pat on the bottom. My Aunt is a good 6 inches taller than me and a lot stronger so I felt like such a little girl in her arms as she pulled me into her large warm breasts. Aunty lives in a large old mansion in the centre of the town, I always loved this big old house, lots of room to run around and play and I couldn’t wait to get there.

When we got to the house we went into the kitchen to have some tea. I stood up to get some sugar from the cupboard and opened the wrong door, my heart jumped as I saw hanging there a long heavy well used strap. I took the opportunity to see what she really wanted of me, so I took it down from the hook and in a little girl voice asked her what this was. She smiled and said don’t be a silly girl that is what I use to discipline young bare bottoms like yours when they need it. She then added that surely I had been punished at one time or another, but I replied no my parents never spanked me. She snorted, your parents have no back bone, all young ladies need regular discipline to keep them on the straight and narrow. I said that I was always a good girl and they never had cause to punish me, she said good or bad had nothing to do with it, regular physical discipline is paramount to a girls upbringing. I asked her to describe to me how she would punish me if it was up to her and while she went into great detail as to what would take place I sat there stroking the leather strap and wetting my panties.(XXX Stories)

After about 15 minutes of listening to the most erotic description of what my Aunt would do to my poor upturned bare bottom I finally interrupted her and asked if it was too late for me. Oh by no means my dear, would you like me to take control where your parents failed. As I looked at my Aunt and handed her the strap I said please Ma’am please give me the discipline I need. She looked into my eyes for a few moments and then standing motioned for me to follow her into the sitting room, she pulled an overstuffed ottoman out and placed it in the middle of the room. Facing me she asked me to remove my summer dress then panties and lay face down over the ottoman. I was very nervous and blushing as I reach down grasping the hem of my dress, then slowly raising it up my legs exposing my panties I noticed my Aunts eyes transfixed on my bare legs her mouth now open a little as I can see her breathing getting faster. I pulled the dress over my head and then handing it to her she said panties too, I realized then that she would notice how wet they were but it was too late now. The look on her face as she held my panties was a mixture of surprise and lust. She stepped forward and reaching in between my legs stroked 2 fingers thru my pussy lips coating them in a thick creamy fluid, as she pulled them out and I shuddered a little she exclaimed Miss Jennifer you surprise me, you are a very naughty girl after all, I will have to punish you in a way that is more suitable, follow me.

My Aunt took me by the hand and leading me completely naked we ascended the stairs up to the second floor where she took out a key to open what I thought was just a closet, but to my amazement it exposed a staircase going up to a 3rd level. The air was cool as we entered the 3rd floor, I stood there mouth open in shock as I looked at all the benches and tables placed around the large room, all designed for one purpose and that was to securely hold a young lady in a position that would present her body for chastisement or what ever else my Aunt had in mind. I could see the excitement building in my Aunt as she lead me over to a simple bench that was raised in the middle and the end was split where your legs would be strapped down so they could be spread apart. As I lay down the feel of the cool old leather on my naked flesh made me tremble, I wondered how many naked young woman had been in this same position. Aunt Hazel knelt down beside me and started to fasten the straps, she noticed me trembling and stroked my back and patted my bottom, saying how much fun we are going to have. She finished fastening me down, took hold of my legs, spread them wide apart and stepped back to admire me, then turned to pick up a long narrow two tailed strap, and while sliding it thru her fingers approached my left side.

I waited, anxious to get on with this, Aunty stroked my bottom, patting it, and then slid a finger down the cleft of my bum and into my soaking wet pussy. I gave out a moan and pushed back against her finger which made her laugh and say oh my dear sweet Jennifer you are ready. Wasting no more time she swung the strap across the middle of my bottom smack and again smack, the sounds bounced off the old walls. At first I thought this is ok, then a couple more hard smacks and then the pain started to sink in and the burning started to build, then a steady rain smack smack smack, Aunty layed that strap on with vigor, harder faster smack whip smack whip. I lifted my head up howling as the strap struck hard and fast smack smack smack, Aunty had a big smile on her face as she whipped me. She then moved up to stand at my head and arced the strap over my back and in between my legs, the strap sunk into the soft flesh of my inner thighs and I moaned in pain and arousal. Stroke after stroke whipped my thighs, the pain, the fire built and increased to the point that I was crying loudly, hot burning tears poured down my face and pooled on the old leather bench. Aunty could see that I was reaching my limit but wanted to push me as far as she could so she set to give me a few more of the hardest strokes she could muster. The air was alive with the sound of the whip and my pleading cries but she was determined to make these last strokes count, I was swimming in a sea of pain.

When she put the strap down I figured that we were finished but she had stripped off her clothes and had put on a strap on dildo. She reached under the bench and turned a wheel that lifted the middle up, bent me more and presented my open dripping pussy for easy access for the large rubber cock. I felt the tip push against my lips spreading them and then sliding all the way into me, wet sloppy sounds filled the room as Aunt Hazel pumped that huge rubber cock in and out of me, driving me wild with lust. I started asking her to fuck me, fuck me hard, as I could feel an orgasm building. Aunty smacked my bum with an open hand as she pumped me and a massive orgasm swept over me. I grunted and moaned as another orgasm made me shudder and then another, finally one more gut wrenching orgasm and then I lay there exhausted. She pulled the cock out of me and I could feel and hear all my cum slop onto the floor making Aunty laugh saying if only your parents could see you now wouldn’t they be shocked.

After a few minutes went by and we collected ourselves, we headed down stairs to the kitchen where I put on some more tea and sat at the table. She remarked how funny I looked sitting there completely naked and squirming on a very tender bottom. I said she looked funny too and suggested that we not get dressed for at least a week because my pussy and bottom are going to need a lot more attention. She laughed and said it would be her turn next to be over the bench. Suddenly there was a knock at the door, Aunty went to see who it was and upon opening the door just a crack I could hear a males voice introducing himself as the Telephone repairman, Aunty told him that she had forgotten that he was coming but then to my surprise invited him in.