"Erotic Stories" Thunder

Erotic Stories Thunder
The clouds hung low in the distance as Karen Parker rushed out the back door to bring in the laundry off the clothesline. The wind had picked up considerably in the last five minutes, and lightning was beginning to flash through the evening sky.

As Karen began to remove her clothes from the clothesline, a bolt of lightning lit up the sky. 

Two seconds later a thunderclap caused her jump in fear.

"Damn storm," Karen snapped as she began to work faster. "I hope Benny gets here before that storm does."

Benny Mann is Karen's eighteen year old nephew. Marge, his Mother and Karen are s****rs.

Karen at thirty four is the younger of the two s****rs, and a recent widow. Karen had the ranch, but now that her husband is gone, running it alone was becoming too much for her.

Karen's older s****r Marge had suggested that Benny would be a big help to Karen now that he was grown and out of school. She asked Karen to hire Benny as a ranch hand.(Adult Stories)

Karen quickly agreed.

Benny had jumped at the opportunity to work for his sexy aunt. For as long as he could remember, Benny had been infatuated with her. He never called her Aunt Karen.

She was Karen.

And when they were alone Benny would call her pretty lady. He'd done so since turning sixteen.

Karen chastised the boy at first for being a flirt, but after a while, she decided that he was just being playful and let bit drop.

Benny looked up at the dark sky as he drove down the dirt road to Karen's house.

The flash of lightning made the young man shake his head. "Karen must be going crazy by now," he muttered as he drove.

Early that morning, Benny had left home in his pickup, and headed across Montana to move in with his aunt. With only a few more miles to go, Benny picked up his speed.

"I just hope I get there before she loses it. She hates being home alone when it's storming."

As Karen grabbed the last article of clothing off the line, she looked up at the sky.

The dark clouds had moved overhead, and lightning was flashing above her.

The pretty redhead jumped as the thunder roared through the sky. "Shit."

She quickly grabbed up her basket, and headed back inside. She no sooner got inside when the rain came pouring down.

Karen could tell that it was going to be a bad storm.

"Great," she muttered to herself. "If Benny doesn't get here very soon, the creek will rise and the bridge will be covered. He won't be able to get here until the water levels go down."

Another boom of thunder caused her to jump. "I hate thunder and lightning," she screamed in frustration.

Karen carried the laundry basket upstairs, and dropped it at the foot of her bed. She took a quick glance out the upstairs window, and spotted Benny's truck crossing the bridge over the creek. She felt a surge of joy at the sight of the pickup. Her joy quickly disappeared as another clap of thunder caused her heart to jump in her chest. Karen f***ed down the lifelong phobia and ran downstairs. She checked on the chicken that was frying, and stirred the beans. Opening the oven door, Karen checked the biscuits, and then bolted to the front door.

Benny had just parked his pickup as the beautiful widow opened the front door.

She was greeted by a flash of lightning and thunder. She physically jumped in terror.

Benny leaped out of his truck, ran across the yard, and bounded onto the porch. He flung the screen door open, and wrapped his arms around his trembling aunt. 

Karen threw her arms around Benny's neck and tightly clung to him.

"I see you're still afraid of thunder, and lightning."

"Storms scare the hell out of me," she nearly sobbed into his chest. "I'm so glad you're here."

Benny slid his arms down around his aunt's waist and gently squeezed her. "I'm glad I'm here too pretty lady."

Karen looked up at her nephew and gave him tiny smile. "You're eighteen years old and still flirting with your old aunt."

He gave his aunt a devilish grin. "First of all, you're not old. Secondly, I like flirting with pretty women; especially when they are as pretty as you."

Another lightning strike drove Karen deeper into Benny's arms. "I will be glad to see this storm pass."

"The weatherman on the radio is predicting that a series of storms will pass overhead throughout the night. He expects lots of thunder and lightning. I'm sorry."

"Great, that means I won't get any sl**p tonight. And we have cattle to vaccinate tomorrow."

"How have you slept through storms like this in the past?"

Karen sighed. Not wanting to tell her nephew the whole truth, she said, "Your Uncle Mike used to hold me in his arms. It was the only way I could fall asl**p. This is the first storm that has hit since his death."

Benny gently stroked his pretty aunt's back. "If you'd like, I'll lie with you until you fall asl**p?"

Karen shook her head. "Thank you for the offer, but I don't think that would be a good idea. Dinner is almost ready. Why don't you change into something dry while I get the food on the table?"

"Karen, my suitcases are still in the cab of the truck."

"You'll have to get your things later. But you can dry off. You know where the bathroom is."

"Are you going to be alright alone down here?"

A clap of thunder made her jump. "There's a load of clean laundry in my room. Grab a towel and hurry back, ok?"

"I'll be back in less than a minute."

Benny's clothes had dried by the time they finished eating, and he was feeling a lot more rested from the long drive.

The two got up from the dining room table, and began to clean up. 

Karen tried to get her nephew to rest, but he insisted on helping.

As they washed the dishes, Karen noticed how much her nephew had filled out since the funeral.

Benny stood a little over six foot tall. He had broad shoulders, and a wiry body. His sandy colored hair was neat, and trimmed. He still had a boyish face, but his deep blue eyes had a man's gleam in them.

Benny had been eyeing Karen as well, whenever he could. 

Karen still wore her red hair in a pony tail that hung to her upper back. The habit came from years of keeping her hair out of her face while working the ranch.

The boy couldn't help but notice her hour glass figure. Her ample breasts didn't sag at all. They nearly burst through the blouse she wore. Having never had c***dren, her waist was still narrow, and well defined. Her work shorts accentuated her round backside, and long, shapely legs.

Although the wind was still blowing, and it was raining even harder, the thunder had died down part way through dinner, allowing Karen to relax, and enjoy her meal. 

As she pulled the stopper from the sink, she turned to Benny. "I don't know about you, but I could use a drink."

"Do you have any beer?" Benny casually asked.

From the time he was sixteen, Benny's Parents had allowed him to drink beer whenever he was at home. They didn't have a problem with it as long as they were there to supervise him.

"I think there's a six pack in the fridge. I for one could use a glass of wine."

"Why don't you go sit down, and I'll bring the drinks."

"Why thank you kind sir. The beer is on the bottom shelf, and the wine is behind the milk on the top shelf."

Benny and Karen spent the evening drinking and catching up on old times. They hadn't had much time to talk since Mike's passing six months earlier.

Benny told his aunt about school; and breaking up with his girlfriend after catching her with another guy.

Karen talked about how hard it had been running the ranch alone for the past six months, and how much she missed her husband.

Suddenly a light flashed in the window, and the boom of thunder filled the house.

Karen shook with fear. "I was hoping the weather man was wrong, and the storm wouldn't return."

"I'm sorry Karen, but several fronts are expected to move through tonight. It will be thundering and lightning all night long."

Karen looked up at her nephew. She remembered the offer he'd made earlier. "Benny, would you mind if I took you up on the offer of lying with me until I fell asl**p?"

"Of course I don't mind. If you want I can sl**p with you all night."

Karen started to say no, but a particularly loud crash of thunder caused her to spill her drink. "I would appreciate it if you would?"

Looking at the empty glass, he asked, "Would you like a refill?"

Karen sheepishly handed her glass to Benny. "Thank you. I promise not to spill the next glass."

Benny went to the kitchen to get them both refills. His hands shook as he poured the wine. He had never thought in his wildest dreams that he would get to sl**p with his sexy aunt. He only hoped that the thunder would be particularly loud that night, and she would want to cuddle.

They drank until the wine and beer were gone, and then headed up to bed.

It was then that Benny remembered that his suitcases were still outside in the passenger seat of his pickup.

"You can't go out there," Karen said fearfully. "It's still raining, and besides, you could get struck by lightning. You can sl**p in your t shirt and underwear."

"Karen, I don't wear underwear. I usually sl**p in the buff. I was planning on sl**ping in my running shorts tonight, but they are in one of my suitcases."

"Oh," Karen softly replied. "That does pose a problem. I got rid of Mike's clothes a couple of months ago." She drew a breath, and thought about a solution to the problem. "I guess I'll be alright alone tonight."

The thunder quickly reminded her of why she'd accepted Benny's offer in the first place.

She closed her eyes and drew in a deep breath. "I will never get to sl**p with that storm raging outside. Benny, I'm your Aunt. This shouldn't be a problem. After all it's not like we're two strangers sharing a bed, right?"

"I agree," Benny replied, struggling to keep his excitement in check.

"Why don't you get ready for bed, while I go into the bathroom and change into my sl**ping clothes?"

"Sounds like a plan to me. I'll leave my shirt on, if that will make you feel better."

"No," the frightened woman replied. "If you're used to sl**ping in the nude, then don't change your habits now. You will end up staying up all night if you do."

Benny felt a lump rise in his throat. "I'll do my best to stay on my side of the bed."

"Like hell you will. When that thunder starts shaking the house, you'll probably have me trying to climb under your skin."

Karen grabbed a t shirt, and a pair of sl**ping shorts out of her dresser drawer. She headed into the bathroom to change.

She took the elastic band out of her hair, and quickly ran a brush through her hair. Removing her clothes, Karen reached for her t shirt.

A loud clap of thunder shook the house, causing her to shriek in terror.

Benny had just finished removing his clothes and was about to crawl between the sheets when he heard his aunt cry out. He bounded across the bed and ran to the bathroom door. "Karen, are you alright?"

The still naked woman slung the door open and leaped into her nephew's arms. She wrapped her long legs around his hips and clung to him for dear life. Karen broke down and began to sob. "I'm sorry," she moaned. "I just wish it would stop."

"It's ok," the young man replied soothingly. "I'm here. You have nothing to fear."

"I know I'm being irrational, but I hate storms. They terrify me."

Holding his trembling aunt close, Benny turned and carried her to the bed. He gently laid her down, and then scooted in next to her. 

Karen immediately turned and wrapped her arms around Benny's neck.

A crash of thunder brought out a whimper from the terrified woman.

Benny slid his powerful arms around his aunt and drew her close. He held onto her trembling form as the thunder crashed outside.

As the storm began to recede, Karen gazed up at her handsome nephew. She impulsively reached up and kissed him on the forehead. "I'm so glad you are here. I know I've said that already, but I mean it."

Benny leaned close and softly kissed his Aunt's lips. "I am more than happy to take care of you." His voice was soft, and tender.

Karen felt the familiar tingling sensation run through her body. She immediately felt ashamed by the passion that had shot through her. What she hadn't told her nephew earlier was the only way her late husband had been able to calm her down during a storm, was to make love to her. At that moment Karen began to wish Mike was still alive. She desperately needed him to make love to her.

"Perhaps it would be best if you slept in your own bed," she said half heartedly.

Benny ran his right hand up and down Karen's back, causing another wave of desire to course through her. "I told you I'd spend the night here, and I meant it."

He lowered his lips to hers again and kissed her. The kiss didn't last very long, but Karen could feel the hunger in her nephew's lips. She gazed into his eyes and saw the hunger in them. 

Benny gazed at her lovely face. The need to make love to her was written all over his features.

Karen felt the stirring deep in her loins yet again. She knew that all she had to do was give the young man an invitation, and he would drive the terror of the storms away. But deep in her heart, the frightened rancher knew it would be wrong. "Benny, we can't do this. I'm your Aunt, and this would be wrong."

The distant thunder from the third wave of storms signaled its arrival.

Karen cringed in fear.

"I love you Pretty Lady," Benny crooned softly. "I always have. I always will." He drew her tighter against him, and kissed her hard. The feel of her ample breasts pressing against his chest caused his cock to begin to stir.

Karen moaned into her nephew's mouth. Her moan caused her to part her lips.

Feeling her lips open, Benny slipped his tongue into her mouth.

Karen tried to fight the stirrings deep within, but the combination of the storm outside, and the storm raging within her was beginning to make her lose control.

Benny gently slid his hand down her back, and caressed the soft flesh of her bottom.

Karen shook with desire. Her mind screamed that this was wrong, but her body screamed even louder that this was right. It was so right.

Benny rolled his body over, onto his sexy aunt trapping her on her back. He slid his legs powerful legs between hers. Benny was careful not to lay too much weight on her smaller frame.

But she could feel his skin pressing into hers. She could feel his cock beginning to harden against her butt crack. She gazed up at her nephew with a pleading expression on her face.

"Benny, please, we can't do this. It's i****t."

He gave the woman beneath him a gentle smile. He recognized the need that she was feeling. "It's a man making love to the woman he loves."

The thunder roared once again overhead.

Karen instinctively flung her arms around his neck. At the same time, she wrapped her long legs around Benny's hips. She clung to the young man as if her life depended on it.

Karen's new position opened her vaginal opening up to the young man.

His cock had grown rock hard, and was pressing into the crack of her butt.

Benny drew hips back several inches, allowing his erection to slide up to the entrance to her pussy.

Karen felt the head of Benny's cock slide between her vaginal lips. She was shocked at how big the head felt. A hunger deep within her loins begged to be fed. She was confused, frightened, and excited all at once.

Benny watched his aunt intently. He knew she was beginning to give in to her desires. 

Very soon she would surrender to the need to be made love to. 

All he had to do was be gentle and patient. He wanted to make love to Karen, not ravage her. He leaned over and gently kissed her lips again.

Karen allowed him to kiss her for a moment before reason began to set in. She pulled back from the kiss. "Benny, this is wrong." Her tone lacked the conviction of her words.

The young man leaned over and took her left nipple between his teeth. Biting very gently, he began to suck on the hardening bud.

Karen moaned with desire. "Please, don't do this to me." Her voice was filled with lust.

The feel of his teeth nibbling on her nipple was becoming more than she could bear. "Please Benny, you must stop. This can't go any further."

Lifting his head, the young man gazed lovingly at the object of his desire. "Do you really want me to stop pretty lady?"

Karen felt so confused. This wasn't supposed to happen. She tried to blame it on the alcohol, but knew in her heart that one bottle of wine wouldn't have lowered her inhibitions that much.

Thunder crashed through the room like a cannon blast.

Karen fearfully grabbed onto her nephew. She hugged him tightly, and squeezed her long legs around his hips, forcing the head of his manhood into her vaginal opening.

Benny felt her pussy lips spread as the head of his cock slid a little ways inside her.

Karen stared up at the young man lying on top of her. Her eyes were filled with lust, desire, and utter confusion. "Benny, the tip of your dick is inside me."

"Do you want me to take it out?" 

"Yes, I mean no." Her thoughts spun in a thousand directions at once. "I'm not sure. We shouldn't be doing this. This is wrong." She felt torn in a dozen directions. "Benny, we are f****y."

The storm once again decided Karen's fate that night.

The loud crack of thunder caused her to wrap her arms and legs more tightly around he nephew.

Benny's cock sank another four inches into Karen's trembling body.

The confused woman began to writhe as Benny's cock was f***ed deeper into her. "So good," she whimpered. "That feels so good."

Benny's raging cock had begun to take away the terror she felt, and replace it with a powerful hunger.

The image of her older s****r flashed through her mind. "What are we doing? My s****r will hate me for this."

Benny leaned close to his aunt's beautiful face. "She will never know. And right now you need this."

Another lightning flash lowered Karen's resistance even further. Using her long legs, she clung tighter to him, pressing a little more of his cock into her.

"Benny, you're so deep inside me."

"I can go deeper," the young man whispered into his aunt's ear. "I can fill you completely, and make all your fears go away."

Karen's confusion increased. She knew this couldn't happen, but the need was so strong. "This is so wrong. But I need this badly." Placing her mouth next to his ear, Karen softly whispered. "Make love to me."

As Karen lowered her head back to the pillow, Benny leaned over and kissed her lips. 

Karen opened her mouth, and allowed his tongue to once again enter her oral cavity.

Pressing his hips forward, the eighteen year old began to sink his shaft into his aunt's willing body.

The thirty four year old woman cried out into Benny's mouth as she felt her already wet vaginal canal opening up to him. Her husband's cock wasn't nearly as big as Benny's. She felt like she was being stretched farther than ever before.

Jerking her head to one side, she screamed, "Oh fuck," as the monster sank deeper into her. Her nephew's cock was already deeper in her than her late husband had ever gone.

Benny thought he'd have to withdraw a few times to lubricate her, but her pussy juices were flowing so freely, that they allowed him to sink almost his entire length into her body with one slow, continuous thrust.

Karen's eyes grew wide as she felt the head of Benny's dick come to rest against her cervix. "I can feel you in my belly," she cried out. "Oh fuck, you are so deep."

"I'm not all the way inside yet," he replied with a devious grin. "But I will be."

She gasped loudly. "No, you can't go deeper. The head of your cock is already pushing against my cervix. If you go deeper, you'll hurt me."

"You have nothing to worry about pretty lady," he whispered. "I have no intention of forcing your womb open. Trust me my darling, your pussy will stretch a little deeper.

Karen began to shake with anticipation. She had no idea if she could take his entire length, but the thought of it made her feel giddy.

Benny slowly withdrew his cock until only the head was still inside his aunt's body.

Karen felt her stretched out pussy being emptied inch by inch. "Please be gentle." Her voice could barely be heard.

Thunder struck, rocking the entire house.

Karen clamped her legs down onto his hips again, ramming her nephew's monster back inside her. 

"Oh fuck," she screamed in pain, and passion as the tip of his helmet slammed against the entrance to her womb.

Benny stopped and gazed into his aunt's eyes. "Did I hurt you?"

Her eyes burned with lust and fear. "Don't stop. Fuck me hard."

Benny withdrew his cock again and slammed back into her.

Karen bit her lower lip as the helmet of his manhood slammed against the bottom of her depths. She clamped her legs tightly around his hips. The fear she felt was quickly replaced with other feelings. She became dizzy with confusion, pain, and lust. Her body screamed for more. Karen wanted Benny to pound the bottom out of her womb. She wanted him to saw her in half lengthwise with his wonderful weapon.

Benny rammed into her again and again. His cock was like a pile driver, trying to break through her cervix and enter her womb.

Karen clung to her nephew, and begged him to fuck her harder. All thoughts of right and wrong left her mind. 

The storm no longer terrified her. 

She wanted this. She needed it. She wanted her nephew to pound her right through the mattress and box springs.

Benny felt his cock swelling with each thrust. He also felt her vaginal canal opening more and more. He was almost completely inside her. Just one more inch and their pelvises would meet. He drew back and rammed his monster home.

Karen shrieked as her body accepted the last of his huge dick. "I've got all of you," she screamed. "I can feel all of you inside me. You're so deep. Oh, fuck me baby. Fuck your dirty aunt until she can't take it any more."

Benny pounded Karen over and over. His huge cock stretched her like she'd never been stretched before. 

Karen's mind was reeling with lust. She'd never been used like this in her entire life. Yes, it was her s****r's son pounding her out, but it was also the best sex she'd ever had.

Benny rammed into his aunt over and over. His dick continued to swell inside her with each inward thrust. His balls began to beg for release. 

The couple continued to thrust against one another, grunting, and moaning with lust. Their bodies were saturated with sweat, and they smelled of sex.

Aunt and nephew weren't making love. They were fucking. They were rutting like a****ls consumed with lust. Neither of them noticed that the thunder had stopped shaking the house.

Karen felt her orgasm building. "Harder," she screamed. "Fuck me harder."

Benny rammed his swollen cock into her body like a piston rod. He growled like an angry dog.

Karen's eyes flew wide as her orgasm ripped through her writhing body. She began to tremble uncontrollably. She whined, moaned, and screamed into the night as her loins threatened to come apart.

Benny felt his balls tightening. He thrust as hard and deep into her as he could. "Oh shit," he shouted as his body began to release his sperm into her womb.

They writhed, and shook together, their lust exploding together. Aunt and nephew clung together as their bodies shook one final time.

Benny collapsed onto his aunt in exhaustion.

Karen clung to her nephew, her arms and legs still wrapped tightly around him. She kissed the side of his neck. "Baby, I needed that so badly."

"I've wanted to make love to you for as long as I can remember."

Taking hold of his face, she looked directly into his eyes. She gave him a loving smile. "You know that what we did was wrong. If people ever found out about this it would ruin our lives."

He returned her smile. "No one will ever find out. I'll carry our secret to the grave."

"Still, we shouldn't have done this. It was wrong."

Benny stroked his aunt's face. "Do you regret what we did?"

A tear welled up in the corner of Karen's left eye. She leaned up and kissed her nephew. "No, I don't regret it. What we did was wrong, but it was also wonderful. I know this shouldn't happen again, but I need you. I need you in my bed. And I need you in my life." 

"You will have me for as long as you want me."

A sudden thought ran through her mind. The reason she'd never had a c***d was because her late husband was sterile.

Benny on the other hand was most likely a very fertile young man. And at that moment millions of his sperm were swimming around inside her body, hunting for an egg to fertilize.

Karen did a quick calculation in her head. She was indeed at the peak time of fertility. Yet for some strange reason the thought that her nephew might end up making her pregnant didn't frighten Karen at all. If anything it made her want him even more.

Thunder rumbled in the distance as the lovers lay together.

Karen trembled at the distant sound. She reached up and caressed Benny's face. "Another storm is coming in. You might need to help me keep my mind off of it."

His Aunt's invitation caused the young man's cock to twitch inside her.

Karen gasped in delight as she felt his cock begin to harden, and stretch her again. "Something tells me that I'm not going to get much sl**p tonight. And I don't think the thunder will be the reason.