"Erotic Stories" Twist in the BAR

Erotic Stories Twist in the BAR
She'd been in America for just six months.

Moving her life from Japan to come to the USA, Suki was happy and hopeful to be away from the pressures of her home and f****y. Even if she would only live in a shared apartment on the west side, she felt like she had more room to live than she'd ever known.

She shared the apartment with Kumi. Kumi was six years older, and at 24 she had a tight lean build. She styled her hair chestnut and wore tight revealing clothes like one of the video girls she constantly watched on BET.

Kumi was into black guys. Really into them. At least four nights a week she was at hip hop clubs finding adventure in the big city. Unless it was her period, she always brought someone home.

Just a week after moving in, Suki heard Kumi in the next room at 3 a.m. screaming in japanese. 'Oh, it hurts! No, I can't! It hurts!!' Another voice spoke in gruff english: "Bitch, shut up! Shut the fuck up you little asian bitch!"(Adult Stories)

Suki jumped up out of bed and ran to Kumi's door. It was locked and she banged furiously, crying for her.

'Suki,' it was Kumi, 'Leave us alone!'

Suki was stunned. She realized that Kumi was enjoying it. She went back to her bed in a daze. 'Why would anyone ever like that?!?' she wondered to herself.


Suki and Kumi became almost inseperable. Kumi organized a fake id for Suki so she could come out with her. At every club, Kumi was well known. She had gotten the nick-name Twist for being the 'hottest japanese twist' in LA. After being in town for 4 years, she was recognizable in all the clubs as one of the notorious japanese imports that would step in the club dressed to kill and pull big black guys. None of the b*****rs passed her up.

She relished the prospect of sharing her dark past-time with young and tender Suki. She encouraged her to wear tight clothes that showed her young and new curves. Suki, unlike other asian girls, had an ass. /round and perky, it had given her a sizable complex in Japan where the most petite girls were prized.

'This skirt is too tight Kumi,' she pleaded.

'Relax. You look cute. The guys really like this,' Kumi responded, giving her ass a squeeze and soft slap.

Kumi was pressuring her to release her inhibitions. After all, last week when they went to the club a man approached Kumi to speak at the bar as Suki was chatting to some guy who Kumi knew had almost no chance in getting in her pants.

The man was black with a shaved head and grey suit. About ten years older than Kumi. He reached around her shoulder and spoke directly to her face.

"Hey darling, I work with a famous actor you may know and we are having a party next week that you two might want to check out."

Intrigued she raised her eyebrow and asked, 'Who?'

'You see or 'Pilot 50,' or 'Chocolate Fever?'

She knew right away who he was talking about. Phillip Long was known as having a 'thing' for Asian girls. He was one of the one of the known action stars working.

'Oh, yeah? Really? You work with Phillip Long?'

'Yes, I do.' he answered, sliding her a card that read LONG HOUSE PRODUCTIONS.

"Call me. We would love to see you and your friend at our party next wednesday. What's her name?'


'And you are...'

'I'm Kumi.'

'Well, I know Phillip would love to see you and Suki at our party next week at his mansion. Give us a call.'

Kumi looked over at Suki and tried to figure out why the young girl got so much attention from men. She looked her up and down: High heeled shoes and pink painted toe nails. Long smooth shaven legs that went forever to her miniskirt that ended just barely before her ass. Her top showed off her bellybutton, which was freshly pierced, and her 34b breasts seemed bigger against the soft restriction of her black barely there top. Her eyes were big and bright. It was obvious why men wanted her. 

'She's like a doll built for fucking,' thought Kumi.

Kumi resented Suki greatly. She knew she was already partially spent by having been passed around the club scene, buck to buck. She had even had sex with a group of men in the back of a bar on a 'date.'

The week before Suki arrived, Kumi went out with a dj she'd slept with before a few times. He picked her up and gave her a pink dress to wear. It was see through, short and tight. Enjoying the challenge, she put it on and came out to the car. 'We going to the new hot spot, baby,' he said.

But after driving her to a rundown section of hollywood, they arrived at a dive bar. 

'This is it?' she asked.

'Yeah girl, they rented the spot out. We going to go off!'

The two got out of the car and he went to get her a drink as she sat alone in a booth. There was almost no one there. He returned to the table with two glasses of champagne fizzing richly.

'Oooh. I love-a champagne. Is a really-a-good.' she enthused.

'Drink all you want,' as he set the bottle closer to her.

The two chatted, he put his hand on her leg and she didn't resist. Soon she didn't even feel his leg at all and her head seemed to be in s fog. She wondered if she was sick then noticed a hand on her chin, pulling it forward.

'So this is her? The twist? Damn, you even got her looking good to go!'

'I know, I told you I'd hook you up.'

The voices were around her, confusing her as she struggled to stay clear. Now her senses returned to her. Hands. Grabbing her breasts and pulling up her already tiny dress. Kumi looked up and saw the three of them, big muscular black men surrounding her at the booth.

'Who are you?' she whimpered, dazed.

The three just laughed. Her date was at the bar, drinking a shot and snorting something.

'She all yours! She likes that rough shit,' he laughed.

'Oh, ok,' and they lifted her on the pool table. She couldn't resist and she realized what would come next. Instantly their hands were all over her, grabbing and pulling her softly tanned skin. The flipped her over and took pleasure in smacking her ass loudly. She whimpered.

One shouted at her, 'Girl, you know you can take more than that!'

They slapped her ass harder, leaving her panting and dazed on the green felt table. Her drool made a dark mark on the surface. Since her first young f***ed sexual explorations, she took an upside-down pleasure from being assaulted. It was her fantasy. But now with the real thing confronting her, she felt a moist terror.

'Take this, bitch.'

She felt a throbbing cock finding the opening of her mouth. She moaned and let it in, lapping at it softly. The overwhelming fullness in her mouth felt welcome to her, though her body tingled in a numb cloud. Determined to feel as much as possible, she tried her hardest to suck on the big dark cock as she felt the far away sting of slapping on her ass.

Her panties were ripped off and she felt fingers inside of her. A tongue, she couldn't tell. She was floating above her body with only one point of focus: the cock that drove in and out of her mouth and all the way to her throat. Tears f***ed themselves from her eyes. There were hands gripping her throat and neck, pushing her mouth deeper down the shaft until her nose felt the sweaty belly of her attacker.

'Mmmm. You suckee suckee good! You like suckee suckee, asian girl?'

Her lips bubbled. The response came easy from her, almost involuntary:
'Mmmm. Me suckee...'

'Yeah, bitch. You suckee?'

'Suckee suckee. You like?'

'Shut up bitch,' and her head was pulled to the other side to a different cock. Big, like the other. At least 8 inches. She gasped and took it in her mouth. Men were cheering. Mexicans at the bar hovered close to the pool table and stared. Kumi felt something cool enter her. She felt her ass opened and her gstring pulled to the side. It was a bottle--the same one she'd been drinking champagne from was now being pushed inside her pussy.

'Work that ass!'

She dropped her sl**py weight back on the bottle and felt her soft pink insides expand for it. The mexicans laughed and chatted in spanish, excited. She looked back and saw one of them jamming the bottle in and out of her. All she felt was the vague cool of the bottle opening her.

It was like a movie. The sex exploitation of a well raised girl by the low class of the big city. She realized her role as the victim and let out a moan. This was her dream, even if she never put her finger on it before.

The more they slapped her, the deeper they saw the bottle disappear inside her. She panted and moaned, 'I am whore! I am whore now! 'Visions of her grandparents fighting world war two, now she was getting completely ravaged in some shitty Los Angeles bar. 'I am whore!' The men all laughed. She saw her schoolmates faces flash in her mind. Her's the coy face in the group always trying to appear sexy and sophisticated. Now she knew why: 'I am whore!'

One after another she felt their dicks invading her. Her body oozing. Spit covering her mouth and breasts. Her ass was wet from the mouth of a stranger. Fingers slid in and out of it.

'You give fuckee fuckee, bitch? You fuckee fuckee sushi girl?'

'Hold on man, she can't answer you right now her mouth is full.' More laughing.

Someone took a turn inside of her. It felt big, even after being stretched by the bottle. This she could feel, like it might split her open. Kumi looked back over her ass at the edge of the table. It was an old man, probably in his sixties using her.

'Ooowee girl. You just don't know.' He was in and out of her, going fast while the two black cocks slapped her face. She moaned and cooed. 'You like all this black dick, don't you? You like daddy fucking your asian pussy.'

Her head spinning she opened her mouth an looked back to the old, black stranger. 'Ohhhhhhhhh, yes. Oh, I am whore. Fuck your asian whore, daddy.' Saying it gave her a tingle in her spine that connected her nipples to the center of her.

'Yes! Yes! Make me do that!'

'Shut up bitch,' and she felt a drink being poured down the front of her mouth, spilling all over her milky tits.

'Watch my table!' the older man shouted.

'Oh, my bad.'

She was lifted off the pooltable to the corner booth and spread out on top of the dark wood table. Her dress was pulled over her face and her arms were fixed with it above her head. Kumi felt hands, at least three, holding her arms secure and she struggled to see through the pink material. She was helpless to do anything but moan and pant as she felt hands tighten around her throat and the deep pounding inside her soaking wet pussy. She felt her eyes would pop, then the pressure would be released and she would get a rush of pleasure to her over-loaded brain. Who was squeezing her neck? With the dress pulled over her face, she couldn't tell. But she had no idea who any of these men were anyway. Now she was being taken by anyone who happened to want her. Completely at their mercy.

'I am whore.'

The men all laughed and twisted her nipples. She felt the bottle go towards her ass as her legs were held high and she was fucked. Beneath the mask of the dress, she winced then accepted the bottle into her tightest hole. The man fucking her sped up and the one with the bottle drove it deeper inside her starry button. Deep, til it felt like her body would split.

'Ohhhhhhhhh!' she moaned and was slapped hard across the face.

'What you say? You like fuckee fuckee?'

She shifted her tone to be more obedient. 'Yeah. More fuckee! More fuckee fuckee!'

The bottle went in and out of her. She took it deep up her ass as she felt the cock inside her pushing against it in the walls of her holes. It f***ed her to ecstasy.

Her pussy was swolen and filled with juice. The men, who knows how many, used her for what seemed like eternity. She felt herself slip in and out of consciousness, only to notice the growing wetness in and around her holes. Her pussy was shaved in anticipation of the date, but now it seemed completely covered in milky goo. The dress had been split in half, with the top half tied around her mouth like a gag and the bottom half was toed around her arms behind her. Now she was being pounded from behind with her arms pulled back. She moaned through the gag.

She was a mess. Ashamed at the soiled condition of her body. Her ass was puckered open and sticky. Someone had definitely cum inside there. She faded out.

When she woke up, her 'date' was driving her home. She looked down and saw the mini dress in tatters, split into a frayed tube around her tits and a see through belt-size piece of fabric to serve as the skirt. She was dazed.

'What happened?'

'Aw Kumi, don't worry. You had a good time. Everybody loved you at the party.'

She felt scared. The clock said 4. That meant for nearly 6 hours she had been in the bar. Cum oozed from her pussy. She looked in the mirror. Her makeup was streaked completely. Her lipstick was rubbed off and her lips were busted and swollen. She looked to her date.

She raised her voice: 'What did you do?!'

He pulled the car up to the outside of her apartment and put it in park. 

'Look here Twist, don't tell me you didn't love that. I know just what you like. You just got passed around same way you always do.' He motioned to a video camera in the back seat.

'And if you ever want to see the proof you loved it, just let me know because I just got five full tapes of you.'

She was being blackmailed. She was completely demeaned and ashamed. But out of the shame came a tingling in her. She was excited and couldn't help but show it on her face. He registered it.

'So what are you,' he asked.

'I am whore.'


Six months later, as she held Philip Long's card in her hand and looked over Suki, she knew what her next mission would be. She would make Suki understand the same punishment she'd learned to need.

Here in America, a long way from Japan, Kumi promised to herself that she would make Suki every bit the slut for black men that she was. 

What better place to start than the top?