"Erotic Stories" Who said girls don't get horny?

Erotic Stories Who said girls don't get horny?
My periods were due, so I was feeling on edge and figety, in the mood for a fight equalled by the need for love, physical love, the rough hard type that makes you yearn to be taken and subdued.

I made straight for the park when the bell rang, leaving all my friends behind. I needed to be alone, to sit and wait to see if someone, anyone will arrive and do it.

I picked a spot close to the bushes and up and away from the walkway, so people walking would be at a distance, and I could be left alone to enjoy, the the scene over by the bushes, hidden from intruders and free to act.

I removed my jacket with its badge amblazoned, advertizing my school, the elite all girls school for young ladies.

Lying back on the cool grass I ignored the possibility of the green stain that could discolour my crisp white blouse, so carefully ironed just that morning by my mother.(XXX Stories)

Unbuttoning the front below the danger level, exposing my white bra and the small titties contained within their small cups, more like puffy nipples than breasts, undeveloped but highly desirable, and prized by men willing to suck them deep into their mouths.

The thought made me more uncomfortable as I lay there, pulling my knees up and opening my lower legs, for the passing world to see my cotton knickers with the dampness spreading outward, surely a passing male could sense my need.

Alas, no one about, fucking deserted, not a swinging cock to be seen.

OK this calls for action, so I undid my grey skirt at the waist and eased the zipper down, raised my little butt and slid it off.

I sat there marvelling at my naked legs, shapely and long, now clad only in ankle socks, so why not, off they came.

I lay back with my knees raised and slowly carressed my tummy, first in circles then lower until I was slipping inside the tight knicker elastic.

Supporting myself on my elbows I continued to peer into the distance, but still c***dren a long way off playing on the swings and the round-a-bout.

I was getting frustrated and just stood up with my blouse blowing in the wind and my knickers gleaming in the setting sunset. Surely someone must see me alone and isolated, half naked and wanton, but no.

Suddenly a feeling of naughtiness came over me and in one move my knickers were off and I kicked them high into the air, and relished the sense of freedom coupled with the rush of warmth in my crotch. Suddenly I felt naked and exposed, fuck this was a delicious feeling, and giddy from the discovery I suddenly ran uphill, my cute white ass all exposed and the tail of my blouse flapping wildly above it.

At the top i sat down, legs wide open and as I leant back on my elbows, I marvelled at my nakedness and exposed lower body. I unbuttoned the remainder of my blouse and slipped it off, now only in my bra I had the strongest urge to run like the wind into the bushes, where the danger always waited young girls.

I ran my fingers across my hairless pubes and slid into my middle finger into my vagina, which felt warm, moist, and welcoming.

I looked across to my left and saw a man leave the park area where the c***dren were playing and yes, oh! my fucking god! he was walking towards me.

Grabbing my blouse I half run and stumbled down to my skirt, stocking, knickers and blazer and started to pull my knickers on.

Raising my bum to ease the elastic over I suddenly stopped and finished up with them half on and the knicker elastic half was over my bum.

My heart was pounding as he was closing the distance and now looking directly at me. I sat there rooted to the spot and looking down I could clearly see my breasts heaving and the pinkiness of my nipples exposed with each exhale of my breath.

He stopped downhill and was looking up at me, in my underwear, and I was sure he could see my knickers were not all the way up as they were bunched tightly at the top of my thighs.

He looked casually around and seeing the area was completely deserted, started walking towards me, straight uphill, and suddenly he towered over me.

'Hi' he said, 'You look good enough to eat baby' his eyes surveying every part of my nudity.
I leant back suddenly aware the my knicker elastic had slippd over my pubes, exposing the top 'V' of my vagina, ' Fucking beautiful baby' he said 'Lovely cunt sweetheart', 'All nice and shaved for daddy'.

'Shaved' I thought, 'I dont shave' I heard myself say. I know I was a tall girl and athletic, but shave, that was a few years off.

He sat down beside me, 'Do you mind?' he asked, and reached across and slid his finger down my pussy lips, curling his finger and slipping up inside me, slowing fucking me and tugging at my bra to release my breasts.

I lay naked humping his finger, holding his wrists with both hands, trying to increase the frequency of my humping as his slow deliberate teasing of my pussy was way too slow for my enjoyment.

'Fuck your a hot little cunt' he said between clenched teeth, 'Get your fucking legs open wide' which I obediently did. He rolled onto me and suddenly I could not breath as his weight made it difficult to breath.

Lying between my raised legs he supported himself on his elbows and start fucking me again, except his hands were holding my face for him to kiss full on my open mouth, and his cock slipped in and out of my vagina with comsumate ease, each thrust down from him was met with an equally upward thrust from my hips, action and reaction, just like my physics lesson that very afternoon, the difference being this was more fucking pleasurable.

When it came it completely engulfed me, exploding and all encompassing and I clung onto him fot lifes sake, only relaxing as the waves of pleasure subsidded.

I closed my eyes as he rolled of me and a smile came across my face as the setting sun showered me with its rays.

I lay on the grass as naked as the day I was born, marvelling at the power of intercourse, and I turned to him to ask but he had left. Suddenly I was alone, naked and cold, time to go home and I scrambled my clothes together, dressed and hurried off the hill.

as I walked I could clearly feel the warm sperm slip from my deflowered pussy and seep into the fabric of my cotton knickers, mixing with the secretions of my own wontoness just a short time ago.

Funny the things young girls think when the walk home as my thoughts were, 'should I keep the panties as they are', as a momento to the day I went looking for sex. 

I skipped a little and ran a little as I turned onto my street and made for my house, I wonder what mum would say if she knew her baby daughter had just experienced a big bad man, six months from my 15 birthday.