"Erotic Stories" Woman on Girl Ramblings

Erotic Stories Woman on Girl Ramblings
Sandra couldn't believe what was happening to her. The 24 year old blonde was in the grasp of this woman. God, she looked almost 60 years old. The woman was tugging at the buttons on her blouse. It was almost all the way opened. Her hand was sliding inside, pushing her bra out of the way, groping her breasts. She wanted to stop it, but she knew she could not. It was her own fault she was in this situation and she knew it. 

She had been driving home from work and talking on her phone as usual. She hadn't noticed that another car had come along side her and when she changed lanes, the two cars bumped. Sandra knew she was in big trouble immediately. She had had 2 other fender benders in the last 8 months. Now with this, she would probably lose her license and her insurance. She knew she had to negotiate something with the other driver to avoid involving the police or any insurance. 

After the 2 cars pulled out of traffic and parked, both drivers got out to look at the damage. Sandra had just left her office and was still wearing her usual outfit of a short plaid skirt, a long-sleeve button down blouse, and high heels. It was a very simple outfit, but it looked very attractive on her. Her long honey-blonde hair d****d loosely over her shoulders accentuating the latin bronze of her skin. 

After looking at her car quickly, Sandra turned to see the other driver. She was an older woman, dressed very nicely, and she was walking towards Sandra looking very angry. Sandra was instantly on the defensive.(Sex Stories)

"Well little girl. So you see the damage on my Mercedes? That is going to cost thousands to fix. I hope you are insured, I really do," the woman said.

"Uh, well ma'am, I was kinda hoping we could work something out. See I've had a couple accidents recently and I don't want to..." 

The woman cut her off.

"Oh great, I see how it is. You probably are about to lose your license aren't you? And you're insurance too." 

"Yes ma'am, so I was hoping we might be able to work this out. You know, between ourselves."

The woman suddenly had a very dark look on her face. Her eyes went up and down Sandra's slender body very slowly. Sandra grew very uncomfortable as she realized this woman was ogling her so openly.

"Well my dear, perhaps something can be arranged. I would like you to follow me to my home. It isn't far. We can discuss how you can make amends for the damage to my car."

Sandra felt very unsure suddenly, but she knew that she had to go along so that she could keep this accident off the record.

"Okay. I'll follow you then."

Sandra got back into her little Toyota and followed the dark blue Mercedes. Sure enough, it was just a short ways before they turned into the driveway of a very large and very expensive home. 

The woman directed her to pull her car around to the side where this were 3 parking spots. Sandra did not realize that her car was now hidden from the street. She didn't bother to lock it and walked to the front door. The woman put her hand on Sandra's back as she let her inside. Sandra didn't realize the woman securely locked the door behind her.

"What is your name?" the woman asked.

"Sandra...Sandra Meira."

"How old are you Sandra?"

"I turned 24 three weeks ago."

"Well Sandra, I've had second thoughts about this and I'm afraid I will have to call the police."

Sandra was shocked and felt an instant panic.

"Oh please, please, we've got to work this out. If the police are involved, I'll end up not driving for at least 6 months and I won't be able to get to work."

The woman wasn't swayed.

"Well, that's just too bad Sandra. My car needs to be fixed and I doubt you have the money to pay for it on your own. After all, your just 24, much to young to have money like that."

"No, I don't have a lot of money in the bank. But I can give you $200 right now and maybe I can do things for you to work it off."

The woman quieted for a moment and looked at the pretty girl intently.

"Do things for me...hmmm...perhaps there are some things you can do for me. But I can tell you Sandra, you will have to do exactly as I say. There can be no disagreement from you. My word is the law or the law will be called on you."

Sandra swallowed hard as she had the slight feeling she has just made a deal with the devil.

"Uh, okay. I'll do whatever you want. Do you need me to be a like a maid or work in the yard?"

The woman smiled slightly.

"No my dear, I certainly don't need a maid or a gardener. However, I do have something in mind. I'd like for you to follow me upstairs please."

The woman led her up the huge staircase and down a hallway to a bedroom. Once inside, the woman closed and locked the door, letting Sandra see her do it.

"Uh, why are you locking the door? What are we in here for?"

"I'm going to repeat my warning to you Sandra. You must comply with my wishes, all of my wishes, whatever I might desire. Do you agree?"

Sandra paused. She really had no choice. She couldn't afford having the police called about the wreck.

"Yes ma'am, I'll do whatever you want."

With that, the woman stepped up to her. An arm went around Sandra's waist, pulling her against the woman. A hand began to undo the buttons of her blouse.

"What are you doing? Please...I didn't know this was what you were talking about."

The woman let the girl go immediately. She turned and walked to the phone. She picked it up and apparently spoke to a secretary that must be in the house somewhere.

"Jeffrey, please dial the police. I need to report that someone has hit my car."

Sandra panicked. She reached for the woman's arm to get her attention. The woman stared at her, waiting for Sandra to decide. Sandra nodded. 

"On second thought Jeffrey, never mind. I'll take care of it myself."

The woman sat the phone down in the cradle. She turned to Sandra, her arm going back around the slender waist. Her hand returning to the buttons. It took but a moment to completely undo them. She opened the blouse and admired the girl's dark smooth skin. 

"Umm, I can tell that you are going to be delicious," she said as her hand pushed the girl's bra out of the way.

"What are you doing? Please...You have to stop...I've never done this."

But the older woman ignored the young pretty girl.

She cupped a firm breast and groped the girl as she put her mouth over Sandra's lush lips. Sandra squirmed as the woman established her domination. The woman kissed her so long and deeply that Sandra could hardly breathe. 

Finally the woman lifted her mouth away.

"Yes, you are as delicious as I thought. I want the rest of you now." the woman demanded.

Sandra knew she couldn't stop it. She was going to have to let the woman have her way. She watched as the woman stripped her of her bra and then her skirt. Then the woman pushed her to a bed and made her lay back. 

The woman ran her hands slowly up Sandra's slender legs, her fingers extending to graze the girl's panties. Sandra shuddered as she felt the woman's finger touch the thin panties that covered her sex.

"Please, you have to let me go. This isn't right. I'm not like this. I have a boyfriend."

"It doesn't matter Sandra. You owe me a debt and this is how you will repay me."

The woman never stopped what she was doing. Her hands went higher, over the girl's waist, up to her breasts, taking then into her hands. She squeezed them together as she brought her mouth to a swollen nipple. 

"No, please..." was all Sandra could say before she watched her nipple disappear into the older woman's mouth. Her head fell back and she moaned slightly as she felt the woman's teeth nibbling on her. The woman smiled to herself as she knew this girl belonged to her now. The girl had tried to resist, but she had lost.

The older woman slid up the girl's body so that she was covering her. Her mouth sucked hungrily at the girl's heaving breasts as the girl writhed beneath her. The girl was rapidly loosing herself. Her hands, which had been trying to push the woman back, fell to the bed. And as the woman would switch from one swollen nipple to the other, the girl would arch up in response to the new stimulation. 

The woman slid to the side of the girl as she continued the assault on her breasts. A hand slid down Sandra's smooth stomach and found the top edge of her panties. The older woman lifted the hem and eased her fingers down.

Sandra felt the fingers passing over her freshly shaved skin and she realized the woman was going to start taking her a whole new way. Her mind tried one last time to stop what her body had already surrendered to.

"No...don't do it...don't do it...please..."

But she moaned again as she felt a finger slide easily into her.

"Why are you telling me no Sandra? Your pussy is so wet and your body is so aroused. Let it happen to you. Let me take you as I want."

The woman now had the girl stretched out completely. Her mouth was still suckling the girl greedily while her bony fingers began to fuck her slowly. The girl was almost lost in the sensations of it all. But still her mind tried to stop it.

"No...I didn't want to do this...you tricked me...you seduced me..."

The woman's mouth came off the girl's breasts and she slid down the bed. Her fingers kept up the slow fucking of the girl's pussy, keeping the girl occupied with the sensation. 

She slid the girl down the bed slightly so her legs d****d over the end. She pushed them apart and lifted them so that they were over the woman's shoulders. Her tongue eased out from between her lips as she lowered her mouth to the girl's steaming sex.

Sandra lifted her head, realizing the woman had moved. She saw the tongue pushing towards her and she tried to fight it off one last time. A hand went to the woman's forehead, a vain attempt to stop what was going to happen. 

"Please...don't eat me...don't do it...please..."

But her voice trailed off as she felt that older woman's tongue push between the folds of her sex. The woman burrowed her tongue deep into the girl's pussy and began to fuck the girl slowly. 

Sandra was totally and completely overwhelmed with the erotic sensations her body had endured. She stopped trying to save herself. In fact, she was now pulling the woman's face tighter against her sex. She wanted that tongue to fuck her. She wanted this woman to have her body completely.

And the woman did have Sandra. She kept the girl there at her house for 2 days before she let her go. Sandra's f****y and boyfriend had been worried sick. But when Sandra reappeared, they were overjoyed. Their joy did not last long however as Sandra began a disturbing habit of disappearing for a day or two at a time every several weeks. After all, it costs a lot to fix a dented Mercedes.