"Erotic Stories" Working Late

Erotic Stories Working Late
Jessica is a very beautiful woman. I've worked with her on a project for quite some time and have had fantasies about her from the start. I feel an attraction to her every time that I see her. I'd noticed her looking at me at times when we've worked together but neither one of us have voiced anything. She knows that I'm married and I've been too frightened to say anything since I know that not only is she married, but I could be very wrong about the way that I've interpreted her looks.

There have been many times though that I have longed to kiss the back of her neck as she leaned forward while we worked at the computer. She has very sensuous shoulders and neck.

Jessica's husband works long hours, and she spends a great deal of time alone. Jessica hints at her loneliness at these times, and we often work late on the days when her husband is out of town.(Adult Stories)

My wife was in Dallas on a business trip and Jessica's husband was out as well. It was an early evening and I was totally lost in gazing at her pretty neck and profile when I realized that she was staring at me over her shoulder. She had just asked me a question three times without a response. She noticed me turning red with embarassment and started to turn red also as she realized what I had been day dreaming about.

I apologized and stood up to leave as she turned toward me to say something. She froze staring at my crotch where my hard on was showing. My whole body felt on fire as I looked down at her, her red lips were glistening in the light and her eyes seemed to go right through me. I moaned another apology and started to leave when she reached forward to feel my cock.

She quickly undid my belt and pulled down my zipper. One half of my mind was saying that I should get out now, and the other half said to grab the back of her head. My hands reacted before my feet and I pulled her head toward my cock. Jessica opened her mouth to lick the head of my cock sticking above the waist of my shorts. I almost burst as the tip of her tongue flicked around the underside of the crown of my dick while her hands squeezed and tickled my balls through the material.

I kicked off my shoes and stepped out my pants as Jessica slid my shorts down. I still couldn't believe that this was happening but took advantage of the opportunity to run my hands over her shoulders that I so admired. I reached below her chin to start undoing the buttons of her dress as my hips continued to rock into her. She shrugged out of her sleeves causing her breasts to bounce teasingly within her bra. Her tanned shoulders and tits were a stark contrast against the whiteness of her bra. 
Jessica pushed me back into my chair as she knelt, never taking her mouth off my cock. She took off her bra so that the upper half of her body was nude. I was enthralled by this her beauty kneeling between my legs.

Jessica stopped sucking and slid her tongue up my stomach as she crawled forward. She teased my cock with her nipples, running the nipples up the length of my cock. She licked my nipples then slid back down so that my cock was between her tits. She pushed them together and started to jack me off with her perfect tits as she tongued my torso.

I picked her up by the waist and put her back in the chair while I started to lick her. I started at her belly button, licking upwards towards her breasts. Her hands locked behind my head when I sucked and teased her nipples.
I pulled up to her mouth and we kissed for the first time. I slid back down her body while I pushed her dress past her hips. I started to kiss her mound as she raised her hips to allow the dress and her pantyhose to slide to the ground. She parted her legs and placed her heels on my back pulling me toward her pussy.

I tongued the inside of her thighs, running the tip close to the goal but stopping short and repeating the motion on her other thigh while my fingers were caressing her ass, stomach, and the backs of her legs.
She leaned forward to grab my hair, causing her breasts to push forward in an awesome fashion. I had little choice but to start kissing her pussy. I would lightly run my tongue along her lips up to her clit causing her to moan and try to pin my head. I kept this up until her legs started to shake. I then separated her lips with my fingers and dipped my tongue into her dripping pussy. She cried out as she thrust upward trying to fuck my tongue. I held on to her ass as her body slid forward on the chair. Jessica had her knees spread wide and up to her chest as her hands held my hair. I started to fuck her with my tongue, pushing it in as far as I could as my nose ran into her clit. Jessica was starting to moan loudly, her head was thrown back as she tried to shove her hips to me. I moved back up to her clit and back down towards her ass as she was crying out. Jessica grabbed the back of her knees pulling them wide to give me even better access as her face was dark with her impending orgasm. She cried out and her pussy spasmed around my tongue as she came.

Jessica sat up, her body damp with perspiration, and slid her pussy down my chest until she engulfed my cock. She started licking around my mouth and sucking on my tongue as she tasted herself. She started fucking me wildly, her tits pinned against my chest, and I was caught up in her wildness. All I could think of was the lushness of her body moving around me. Jessica wrapped her legs around my waist and I laid her onto her back as I continued to fuck her. I was driving into her with complete abandon when I felt her start to cum again.

Jessica grabbed my ass with both hands pulling me into her as she lifted her head to suck on my nipples. I started fucking her harder as I could feel my balls contract. I was moaning loudly as she whimpered against my chest. I looked down to see those beautiful shoulders below me and her tits jiggling as her mouth moved to my other nipple and I burst deep into her with a yell. Jessica's pussy just kept contracting around my cock as she came with me. 

We collapsed to the floor, and we kissed lovingly while we tried to catch our breath. I raised myself up on to one elbow as I continued caressing her. Jessica's beauty seemed to glow.We cuddled on the floor for what seemed like an eternity, relishing in our nakedness. 

We were caressing each other when her phone rang. Jessica's eyes widened and she stood to her feet as she said hello to her husband. She did a good job of keeping her voice natural until I started playing with her clit. She was wet already as I leaned her over the back of the chair, licking her pussy as she listened on the phone. She gasped as I shoved my cock into her tight welcoming pussy and had to cover up by saying that she had dropped something on her foot. Jessica was really hot and started to rock back into me as I doubled her pleasure by reaching under and playing with her clit. She was gasping on the phone saying that she loved him as she her legs started to shake. She said her good-byes and see-ya-soons and hung up the phone as she collapsed with a screaming orgasm. Sweat was pouring off of her as she told me to fuck her hard. She kept on cumming as I pounded into her. Jessica's beautiful body and excitement sent me over the edge as I shotmy load, filling her pussy with my hot creamy cum, burying myself to the hilt, twisting my hips to get maximum penetration and sensation.

We collapsed onto the floor and Jessica locked her mouth on mine, her tongue nearly reaching my throat as her body shakes slowly subsided.When she could talk again, she told me that she had never felt so wicked or excited in her life. She said hearing her husband's voice while I was deep inside of her was so exciting that she was getting hot just thinking about it.