"Sex Stories" BBC for Cissy

Sex Stories BBC for Cissy
It was getting dark when I arrived at the rest area, I was wearing a micro mini skirt over sheer nude pantyhose, my favorite cum fuck me heels and a sheer pink push up bra under a crop top. I got out of my car and with a blanket under my arm walked to the back of the picnic area, several men got out of their cars and trailed behind me. 

Finding a secluded picnic table I spread the blanket on top of it, in the fold of the blanket I had a new box of condoms and a bottle of astroglide, setting them down beside me I laid across the table on my back with my feet on the bench seat and my head hanging off the other side. As I made myself comfortable the men gathered around the table, one of them stepped to my head and pulled his cock from his pants rubbing it on my face briefly before pushing it into my open mouth, I worked the head of his cock with my tongue as he fucked my mouth. I felt the crotch of my pantyhose being torn open then fingers working astroglide into my ass. Someone poured astroglide in my hand and wrapped it around his hard cock, I started giving him a slow handjob. "Lube her up good" I heard someone say as I rubbed my clitty through my pantyhose with my other hand as the anonymous fingers readied my pussy. 

I continued to suck the cock that was fucking my mouth, before long I heard my anonymous face fucker moan and felt his cock spasm, then I tasted his cum as the unknown man drained his balls into my mouth before abruptly pulling out.(Adult Stories)

Swallowing the cum that had just been deposited in my mouth I told the owner of the cock I was stroking to put a condom and fuck me, he unrolled a condom over his cock and I guided it to my pussy, he slid into me and began to fuck me slowly.

"Oh please daddy, bang my ass slowly" I purred just before another cock found my mouth. I swirled my tongue around his cock head as he fucked it in and out of my mouth and then buried it in my throat. I swallowed several times milking his cock with my throat before he finally pumped his hot cum directly into my tummy, a few drops of his hot jizz landed on my face as he withdrew from my mouth.

The guy fucking me had abandoned his slow strokes and was now furiously pounding his hard cock in and out of my pussy. "Oh god daddy give it to Cissy" I squealed as he drove deep and filled his condom causing me to cum soaking my pantyhose. I was happily sucking another cock as he pulled out of my ass then removing his condom let his cum pour out on my nylon covered clitty. 

Another man rolled on a condom and plunged his manhood deep into my sissypussy causing me to moan around the cock I was sucking. It must have been to much for my face fucker as he flooded my mouth with a very yummy load of ball juice before pulling out and finishing in my face. The man fucking my pussy followed suit and filling his condom, then emptied it on my clitty after vacating my now gaping pussy.

Several more men fucked me as I sucked several more cocks. I was tired, covered with cum and thinking of calling it a night when I heard a deep voice ask "you boys about done with that pussy"?
"Sure thing Moses" someone answered.
Raising my head I saw a huge black man with a monster cock in his hand. Someone grabbed my head and guided a very large cock to my mouth "alright sweetlips Jousha's gonna feed ya and Moses gonna bred ya" he laughed pushing his cock into my mouth.

I felt Moses drag his fingers across my clitty covering them with cum then lube me pushing all four of his fingers into my already gaping hole. "Please use a condom" I pleaded around Jousha's cock as he fucked my mouth.

"Ain't none" Moses chuckled as f***ed the head of his cock into my ass.
"Aaaaagh ooooow" was all I could manage, as Jousha's balls were against my forehead, his big black cock buried in my throat. Moses had pushed the entire length of his huge cock into my ass, I was sure their cock heads were touching each other. Just when I thought I was going to pass out from lack of oxygen Jousha pulled back allowing me to catch my breath.

"You got some good pussy, sissy" Moses taunted as he savagely took me bareback, Jousha continued to throat fuck me. After what seemed like an hour,(it was actually only about ten minutes) Moses announced "here it cums sissy" his cock filling me with so much cum I thought he was pissing in me. Jousha, pulling out of my mouth stroked his big cock to climax covering my face with his copious load.

A couple more men fed me their cocks as I laid exhausted there letting my gaping hole close. I sat up after several minutes, looking around I saw I was alone, I wiped the cum off my face the best I could and headed for the ladies room, I could feel Moses's cum running down the back of my legs as I walked. Passing a trash I threw the empty condom box away, I realized besides Moses a dozen men had fucked me and I had swallowed and was wearing at least that many more loads, god I had a great time sucking their cocks and letting all those men use my pussy. In the ladies room I cleaned the cum off me and bought a tampon and a pad to keep Moses's cum from staining my car seat on the way home.

When I got to my car Moses was parked next to me, grinning, he rolled down his window, I could see he had his cock out stroking it. I heard the lock on the passenger door pop up, I hurried to the other side of his car and got in, sliding across the seat I started sucking his big beautiful cock. "That's right cocksucker eat that dick" he commanded pushing my head down gagging me as he f***ed his cock down my throat. Letting me up for air I began to seriously hoover his cock, "damn sissy you good" he praised

Looking up at him I cooed "feed me your cum baby" sliding back down his shaft and squeezing his big balls.

"I'm gonna make you my regular sissy, hoe" he breathed as I felt him stiffen then hold my head as he filled my mouth with cum. I squeezed his big balls making sure I drained every drop of cum from them.

After swallowing his load I licked his cock clean, "yummy" I giggled as I licked my lips.

Moses took my cell number, "you gonna be my main cumdump, I'll call you sissy ass when I want you" he told me as he put his cock back into his pants. I got out of his car and he drove away. I got in my car and drove home tired but satisfied.