"Sex Stories" Caught

Sex Stories Caught
My story take,s place in the summer 1996 I was 21 it was a hot Friday night, I am a average size man about 185 then , But anyway, Like I said was hot miserble hot , Me and some friends were supposed to swimming ,but our plans got canceled.

Well I decided to walk to the near by store and get something to cold to drink, I walked in and bought a 12 pack of Busch light, and a soda for the walk home,. Any way the store was a truck stop there tucks comming and going all hours of the night or they would park in the back of the store.

Well I left the store I walked around the back of it cause there was a short cut as I made my way behind the store i was walking about 30 feet from a big blue semi. thats when i herd a voice a womans voice , Hey there planning a party, are you there. I turned to see who this strange woman was , my voice caught in my throat here was this beautiful red headed woman , wearing a tight red tank top and a pair of cut off jeans, Her breast looked about a 38 c about he, r log red hair was up in a ponytail . (XXX Stories)

I looked at her and smiled no miss its just me was just headed home to drink these and cool off, She smiled well My name is Sara not miss, and I could use a few cold ones if you dont mind sharing , and you come up here in the cab of my truck. I have Ac unit the back to keep cool and its nice and cool if you dont mind someone to drink with. I couldnt believe this was happing , I said yes sure well I climbed up in the truck and she moved in the drivers seat , as I shut the door . She wasnt k**ding when she said it was cool in the truck it was nice and cool, I looked at her and smiled oh My name is Allen its nice to meet you and ty, Its nice to meet you to lets move back in the sl**per she said , i have a littlefridge so we can keep the beer cold . We moved back in the sl**per which was roomy there was a single bed on top and a regular size bed on bottom She helped me put about 8 beers in the fridge, and I handed her one and I got my self one , as we sat there and drank she asked me how old I was I told her 21 which i was, I then asked her age, I am36 she replied. I took a glance at her legs her body, well i must say you look good , she laughed AND SAID THANk YOU . We sat a nd drank and talked for about an hour when she hbent down to hand me abeer out of the fridge which we refilled with what was left in the box , When she did,. I looked at her beautiful ass , and and noticed she was wearing a thong as I sen part of it when she bent over, I guess i was busy stareing at her ass when i herd her say hey , hun i snaped out of it , yes I replied , heres your beer, oh i took and she looked at me and smiled did you like what you saw. I blushed mmm what do mean?

I mean my ass you was stareing at. I didnt know what to say but yes. She laughed and smiled at me she sat odown closer beside me its ok I am just teasing you, And thtas when she looked at at me and kissed me full on the mouth, I felt her tounge push through my lips as her tounge meet mine, i kissed her back deeply, as we parted she smiled and asked me you want to see my ass and more , All I could say was I would love to she sat her beer down an stood up and walke in front of me and bent over and as she slowly stood back up she undid and pulled her shorst down all . the way showing her sexy perfect ass in a pair of red silky thongs, she then took her tank off and turned aroun showing me her perfect natural breast. She smiled at me and said show me what you have tere trying to escape from your pants,she was perfering to my huge erection so I pulled my sshorts down and let my 7 inch cock breath out from the resisting fabric,mmmm she licked her lips and pulled her panties off m exposing her shaved pussy. She took my beer and sat down next to her as she took my shirt off and pushed me back on the bed she got down on her knees and licked the very tip of my cock witch sent shivers down my spineand through my cock she licked an nibbled softly on the head of it. then she took half of me in her mouth playing with my balls as she did , she deep throated it twice , she continued to suck and lick my cock until I told her I was cumming she didnt pull off she took the huge load I blew in her mouth and swollowed every bit. , Shelooked at me and grinnned as she said her turn , She got on the bed I kissed her softly then i kissed her ankle then her calf , then the back of her knee which caused her to moan, i licked and kissed her inner thigh ,Then I licked and tounged her clit as fingered her wet hot pussy, she moaned and thrshed as I sent pleasure through her body, I sucked on her clit then used my tounge to fuck her pussy she moaned as she pulled me face closer and shepulled my hair oh baby omg right there ohhhmmmmmmmi am cummmm as she cam I tasted her and loved every drp of her, shethen pulled me up to her kisssing me deeply, mmm fuck baby fuck me hard, I put her legs on my shoulders as I slid my cock in her pussy, I thrust short and deep at first then as sge moaned oh god yeh harder bb faster I picked up the tempo thrusting deeper and harder,omg she screamed as my balls bounced up aginst her she ran her finger nails down myback scracthing me but not hard as i thrust faster and harder. ooooooh god I am cumming she said as she said that her pussy tightened on my cock , I coulnt last much longer. mmm mm god baby I said I squrted inside herfilling her pussy up, she kissed me deeply and whispered in my ear stay here with Me tonight of course I said. We fell aslepp in each others arms. Stayed tune to fine out what happens that mornning.