"Sex Stories" Daddy dear

Sex Stories Daddy dear
I loved to tease my dad by walking around the house almost naked. I could see him eye my tits and ass. I wore short tight t-shirts and a skimpy thong. I would walk by him and rub against him. I loved to brush my tits against him. and I did this slow. I knew it was hard to resist me.

The other day when I left the shower, I walked to my room with my towel over my arm instead of around me and dad came up the hall and looked at my naked body. I walked by him and ran my exposed nipple over his arm. I saw his cock get hard. I could only imagine how bad he wanted to fuck me.

Saturday, i layed by the pool in our back yard naked. I layed on my back with my legs spread apart. I wanted to see how strong my dad could be. Would he take me and fuck me like I dreamed? I was out there for about two hours when I heard him come out and get in the chaise by me. He eyed my tits and pussy for quite a while. My nipples got hard just knowing he was looking at them, not to mention my wet pussy.(Adult Stories)

Then he started to rub lotion on my body. He rubbed my legs and up to my stomach before he them rubbed my tits and hard nipples. I kept my eyes shut loving the feel of his hands. He did my whole tits before he then rubbed a nipple and twisted them. I have been blessed with nice big full titties. The boys I date love to feel them and sometimes I let them suck them as I love them sucked. This was a new feeling having my dad twist my nipples. Next he sucked one into his mouth. When he started sucking them, I arched my back loving the feel of his mouth on my tits. His mouth sucked one as his fingers tweaked the other one. When he started to lightly chew them, I wanted more. My dad did a better job than my dates ever had. He kept the sucking and pulling my tits for a long time as I was just going insane.

He then moved his hand to my pussy. He wasted no time stroking and pulling my clit and lips. He knew how to touch to turn me on. Then his finger moved to my hole. He circled the outside of it before he inserted his finger. He had two fingers rubbing my clit as his other fingers fucked my hole. He pushed his finger all the way into my cunt and it felt so good. Soon he picked up the fucking pace and was going to town on my cunt. He finger fucked me hard as I climaxed against his fingers more than once.

I then saw him straddle across my chest as he said"Open wide my sexy daughter." Then he stuck his ccok up to my lips. I had never sucked a cock but knew I would love it. He rubbed his wet cock over my lips. "Now lick your lips and get used to the taste as you are soon going to get a huge load in that hot mouth of yours." I licked and tasted his cum. It was not bad. He then pushed a part of his cock into my mouth. "Suck my cock as you run your tongue over it." he instructed me. As I sucked and licked he put more and more of his cock into my mouth. My dad was very endowed and I could not imagine getting the huge cock into my mouth. He inched in bit by bit till he was almost all the way in and gagging me sometimes. "Now breathe through your nose as I fuck your mouth and you keep sucking. Suck me hard as I move in and out of your mouth." The cock was long and thick and he got it all in my mouth as he fucked me harder and harder. Suddenly I felt the flood of cum go down my throat. "Swallow 
" he ordered me or I will keep fucking your mouth till I cum again till you do it right." i swallowed every drop.

He then rubbed his cock across my tits as he moved down my body. "You have been wanting me to fuck you for a long time flaunting your sexy tits and ass around the house. Today you get your wish. I am going to fuck you in every hole you have." With that his cock was getting hard again. He slid it to my pussy. "Yes, my cock will love fucking your pink pussy." He grabbed my legs and spread me far apart and aimed his cock at the entrance to my cunt. He pushed in a few inches till I started to stretch for him. He pushed in deeper and deeper till some how he got the whole cock inside me. It filled my hole. "Yes, you feel good around my hard cock. I am going to fuck your cunt so hard you will feel split in two but you will also cum many times on my cock." He then started fucking me. In and out he went stretching my hole to the max with his big cock. Soon it felt so good that i came on his cock. "Yes, I knew you love my cock in your pussy. You love to be fucked." And he kept fucking me. He pounded my cunt hard. i seemed to love it.He laughed and said,"you were built to be fucked. You love your dad fucking that tight hole of yours." And I did.

After i came about a dozen times he finally came once more in my hole. The warm cum felt good as it filled me. He pulled out and wiped his wet cock across my stomach as he fingered my tits more. He seemed to love my huge tits and enlarged nipples. He then turned me over on my stomach and raised my ass in the air so I was on my knees with my head on the chaise. He licked my ass cheeks as he massaged my ass. "You have a great ass. As you know, I am going to fuck it too. I have watched you swing it around the house and now I shall give it what it needs. My big thick cock." He then spread the ass cheeks and found my round bud. He ran his finger all around it before he started to lick it. His tongue on the hole to my ass made me want to fuck the world. i wanted his cock in my ass so bad. His tongue felt so good. He licked and sucked my hole before he pushed a finger inside it. Now that felt so good and I started to cum. "Yes, you like that don't you. You want your ass fucked and don't care if it is a tongue or finger or a huge cock." He was right. I wanted to be fucked in the ass. He removed his finger and aimed his cock at the opeing to my ass. I could not imagine that huge cock fitting inside my little hole, but I knew he would make it work. He spit on my ass to let his cock in and then he started to push in slow but steady. He had my ass spread watching his cock sink in. I could not believe it when he succeeded in getting the whole monster cock in me. He then grabbed me by the hips and started to fuck my ass. That huge cock felt great up my ass. He rammed in and out fucking me harder each time. His cock had me stretched to the limit I am sure as he fucked my hole. He started to spank my ass as he continued to fuck me. "You need that ass spanked as well as it fucked and I am the man to do it. It is daddy's job to fuck his daughter and spank her spoiled little ass.

As he spanked me harder, I soon felt my ass filled with his warm cum once more today. Now he had filled my mouth, my cunt and my ass. My body was aching with all the pounding and stretching it was getting. As much punishment I had endured, i still loved his big cock in all my holes. I felt my favorite was in my ass. He pulled his cock from my ass and cleaned the cum off on my ass cheeks. The cum felt good on the hot cheeks where he had spanked me. Even being spanked was a turn on for me.

"Now go get cleaned up. i may decide to fuck you all night so I want you naked in my bed. I used to fuck your mom day and night and now i shall fuck your holes several times as you are taking her place. You wanted to tease me with your tits and ass so now you get to be fucked by my huge cock any time I need release." The sexy daughter was moved into his bedroom and many nights he did fuck her all night long. Also during the day he would pull down her pants and bend her over and fuck her hard. When ever he sat down, she knew to pull his cock out and suck it till he filled her mouth with his cum and then he would fuck her mouth till he could cum once more. He had replaced his wife with a young hard body daughter.