"Sex Stories" An Evening at Home

Sex Stories An Evening at Home
"Take a hot bath and freshen up for me." You tell her. "I'll be home in an hour."

On your way home, just thinking about the plans you have for tonight gives you a raging hard-on. When you walk through the door, she meets you with your favorite cocktail, a vodka cranberry. Her hair still damp from her recent shower, her nude body glistening in the light, she wears nothing but a thin diamond studded collar, the one you had bought for her birthday last year.

You linger for a moment, enjoying your cocktail.

"Submit." you say.

Quickly she turns from you, standing up straight; she spreads her legs to just beyond her shoulders and places her hands, fingers locked, behind her back. You slowly move around her, looking her up and down. You love the way she looks in this position, her head held up, but eyes locked to the floor, her large breasts jutting out from her body, her sizeable ass just begging to be touched.(Erotic Stories)

You deliver a light smack to her ass as you say "Released."

She jumps slightly from the smack and moves towards the kitchen.

"Dinner will be ready in about 15 minutes Sir."

Before you arrive at your favorite spot on the couch she returns to you with a fresh cocktail.

'Good girl.' You think to yourself.

A short while later she returns, again, with a fresh cocktail.

"Dinner is ready Sir." She says.

You realize just how famished you are as your stomach grumbles. She follows you into the kitchen. As you sit down she quietly moves and kneels at your side. Well taught by you over the years, she knows better then to assume she will be dining with you. You begin to eat, enjoying your meal.

A few minutes pass and you ask "Are you hungry little one?"

"If it pleases You, Master" she whispers in reply. You feed her from your fork as she remains on the floor at your side.

"I'm going to freshen up. Clean up in here and then go to the den and get ready, I have plans for you tonight." You say as you move from the kitchen.

She quickly cleans the kitchen, and moves to the den. The den has always been the play room. Years ago you had modifications made, to suit the various activities you enjoy. The custom four post bed and a modified massage table are your favorite pieces.

Looking around she realizes the leather wrist and ankle cuffs are missing. 'They must be in the bedroom' she thinks to herself. Quickly she runs to the bedroom and finds them on the floor by the bed.

Moving back to the den she places them on the nightstand and drops to the floor, knees spread, arms behind her back, and eyes on the floor. A moment passes and no sooner then her mind begins to wander, your footsteps bring her mind back to the present.

You quietly move into the room. "Stand and submit." you say.

Quickly and silently she moves to the position. You move up behind her, your hands begin to explore her wonderfully curvaceous body. Your hands glide like feathers over her flesh, sending unimaginable sensations through her body.

"Bring me the cuffs." The tone of your voice confuses her, as you seem slightly upset, she ponders what she may have done wrong. Quickly she moves to the nightstand and returns to you with the cuffs in her hands.

Fastening them around her wrists and ankles, you waste no time and order her to the bed. "On the bed, belly up." Moving with her to the bed you fasten the cuffs to the short chains on each post.

You admire your slave, lying spread eagle, her arms and legs pulled taunt over the sizeable bed. You move to the chest of toys, her eyes glued to the ceiling, she wishes she knew what you were planning. You return to her and sensually slide the silky black blindfold over her eyes. You move back to the chest, all she can do is listen to you rumbling and rummaging around, gathering the necessary equipment for your plans.

"You have been such a wonderful slave to me little one, so tonight is not meant to be punishment, but simply a reminder of what can and will happen if you fail to obey me." You say, as you watch her body respond to your words. Her breath quickens slightly and you see her brow furrow in concern as to what will come.

You begin with the violet wand, one of your favorite toys. Slowly moving it over her body, she twitches and you can hear her breath continue to quicken as the tingling sensation starts to become more painful. You love seeing her body in this state, her muscles pulsing in reply to the wand, her skin just beginning to glisten as her mind attempts to keep her body calm for you.

You move away from her, picking up the electric dildo and coating it with the conductive lube. You climb on the bed between her feet, moving up to her body. Teasingly you move your hands over her mound, just one finger touching, light as a feather. Her body tenses and strains, trying to move closer to bring herself more pleasure.

You quickly smack her square on her pussy, and hard. As her yelp subsides you say "You know better then to move when my hands are on you slut! You will be punished for that later."

A quiet moan escapes her lips as she regrets her movements. Roughly you push the dildo into her ass. You had planned on playing with her more first, opening her a bit, but her disobedience has changed that. She looses her breath for a moment as the pain comes and passes.

Climbing off the bed you move up to her side. Sensually you begin to play with her breasts, rubbing and pinching her nipples, making them hard. Your mouth moving down to her, licking, biting, sucking, you love to make her squirm. She cries out suddenly as you attach the electric nipple clamps. The sudden pain is too much for her to bear.

"Why must you always bring punishment to yourself during a night of pleasure my slut?" You speak in a disappointed tone as you push a red rubber ball gag into her screaming mouth, securing it tightly behind her head.

You quietly connect the cords to the box, and turn the knobs up half way. She instantly begins to squirm and screams out at the sudden attack to her anus and nipples. Pleased with her reaction, you move away from her and quietly strip off your clothes.

To her it feels as if you have been gone for hours, although in reality it was only a few moments as you undressed. You quickly turn the power off, and smile as you watch her continue to squirm, her body now covered in sweat, and trembling in fear.

Removing her gag you say "We're going to play a little game my slut, I'm going to turn on the machine, and I want you to tell me where you feel it, do you understand?"

"Yes Master." She says timidly.

Over the next 15 minutes or so you torture her body with the electrodes. Varying the intensity and the length; and of course, the location. For the first time in months she manages to answer every shock correctly.

"I am pleased with you slave." You tell her in a loving tone.

Your rock hard cock seems to be begging for attention, and you realize, it has been since the moment you stepped into the room. She screams in agony as you remove the nipple clamps and the bl**d rushes back to her abused tits. You massage them gently, in an attempt to relieve some of her discomfort. You move to pull the dildo from her ass, this time a soft moan is all you hear from her.

Unlocking her restraints, you help her sit up and massage her shoulders a bit to ease the tension. You move and relock her wrists together behind her back.

Sitting on the edge of the bed you say "On your knees little one." She quickly moves to the front of you, and drops to the floor. Her head held up, but her eyes never catching yours. Her knees spread wide; you can see her wetness dripping down her thighs.

"Pleasure me, my slave." You say. Slowly she moves forward and begins to work your throbbing cock. Touching softly with her lips and tongue, she licks all along the shaft. She takes her time, exploring all its shape, the thickness, the warm, soft skin. Very slowly she moves from the tip then under to the really soft part. She licks upwards from the base to the tip of your cock, treating it as if it were a lollipop. Finally she takes you into her mouth and sucks, tickling it at the same time with her tongue. She is slowly moving her lips up and down the shaft, sucking and pressing with her lips and tongue. She takes you completely into her mouth, the tip of your cock pressing firmly into her throat. She is moving so slowly... you resist the urge to grab her head and fuck her mouth.

She keeps sucking, slowly moving up and down your shaft, her tongue pressing against your cock. You can feel yourself getting close, and she can feel it too. Every downward movement is a bit quicker and every upward suck is a bit harder. She slides down as far as she can... slowly... sliding back up... sucking a little harder... your cock pops out of her mouth, and she repeats the process... sliding down slowly as far as she can... sliding back up... always sucking just a tiny bit harder then the time before... her tongue doing amazing things to your senses as it swirls around your cock.

Your hand moves to the top of her head, signaling that you are close. She concentrates on your breathing and moves in rhythm with your pulsating cock. Sucking hard as you cum and moving softly back down between each stream of your seed. She continues this motion until you move her off of your body, your cock still twitching from its release.

You look down to see a puddle formed between her knees from her wetness. "You are such a slut little one." You say to her. You move to unlock her wrists and send her to the kitchen to fetch you both some water as you relax after your much needed orgasm.

She returns after a moment with two bottles of water. You both drink them greedily. "Join me in the shower little one." You say. She follows you to the bathroom and turns on the water, fixing it to the perfect temperature. She slowly and sensually begins to rub you down with the soap, caressing your body as it becomes covered in the smooth, sweet smelling lather. You move and grab her wrists, guiding them to the custom hooks built into the shower wall. You move over her body with the soap, lingering on her breasts, which are now pressed up against the cold tiled wall, her nipples are rock hard. You pinch them between your fingers, enjoying her moans of pleasure.

She can feel your stiffening member pressed against her ass, finding comfort in the crease between her cheeks. Your hands continue to explore her body as your cock continues to grow. You find her wetness, and ever so lightly rub against her engorged clit. She moans in delight.

"Is my little slut enjoying herself?" you ask.

"Yes Master, if it pleases you, very much." is her natural reply.

You continue to torture her clit, now pinching and pulling at it with f***e. Hurting her, then pleasuring her, so the pain and the pleasure mix; slowly driving her wild.

Ever so slowly you sink your enormous cock into her still dripping pussy. Her moans cannot be contained, she is in pure ecstasy. You continue to fuck her from behind, one hand on her clit, the other on her breasts, tweaking and pinching her nipples. Her breath is quickening and you can tell from her movements she is getting close.

"Oh Master may I cum?" she asks.

"No." is your reply.

You quickly move from her, and step under the spray of the water, warming your body. She moans in protest, and you give a sharp slap to her ass.

"Did you have something to say my slut?" you ask.

"No Master." She replies.

You move the shower head to her body, warming her as well. Before long your hands return to her body, caressing her curves under your light touch. You grab the bottle of baby oil and begin to coat her skin with it, you also coat your still rock hard cock.

Your hands move back to her clit, as you slowly sink your stiff member into her ass. She is slightly shocked, as you have not taken her in this way before. Still, you move into her, painfully slow. Her moans of pleasure begin urging you to use her.

Before long you are thrusting into her, fucking her ass with reckless abandonment. Your hands on her body, making her mind float in the clouds. You can feel her shaking and know that she is close, but this time she does not ask to cum, she waits for you to speak to her. You feel your orgasm building, and try to hold back, knowing that it will not take long for you to reach that peak.

You whisper into her ear, "Cum with me my slave."