"Sex Stories" Finding Out

Sex Stories Finding Out
It was just past midnight when Elizabeth slipped out of bed. Her husband, Phillip, snored deeply, and she knew from experience that he wouldn't miss her. She stood for a moment gazing down at him, wondering how he could look so innocent in his sl**p after what he had done with their daughter. It had taken all her willpower not to give herself away, to act as though everything was still normal. She left him laying there and went to Claire's room.

Claire had kicked off most of her covers and lay with her young body mostly exposed. She was beautiful even in the dim light. Her honey-blonde hair was s**tterd over her face and her pillow while her long, tan legs stuck out at angles from beneath her. As usual, all she wore to bed was a t-shirt and panties, and Elizabeth could see almost all of her f******n year old daughter's body. Of course, she'd seen much more of it already. More than she ever thought she'd see.

Elizabeth made her way downstairs and into her sewing room. Everyone called it that even though she did no sewing at all. Phillip had his "study" and so she had a "sewing room." They were basically the same thing, just a retreat for them both, a place in the house that was totally and uniquely their own, inviolate. Elizabeth locked the door behind her and sat at her desk. After she turned on her computer, she got up to make sure the curtains were tightly closed. There was a tightness in her stomach, her heart was beating faster, her breath came in pants. Her palms were sweating as she typed in her password and navigated to the hidden folder buried in her Documents. "Cookie Recipes" the folder's title read. She almost laughed.(Sex Stories)

She had first suspected Phillip of cheating on her over a month ago. Their sex life, never very thrilling to start with, had practically died. Elizabeth was just as lusty as ever, but Phillip no longer seemed interested in her. She knew now why, of course, but the knowledge did nothing to make her feel better about herself. The folder opened to reveal four files. Videos. Each taken on a different day by a camera hidden in Phillip's study. It was a violation of their privacy agreement, but Elizabeth felt justified in doing it after the fact. The first three videos were nothing of importance. The camera was triggered by motion, each time Phillip went into his office. The feed was broadcast wirelessly to Elizabeth's computer which duly recorded everything. 

The fourth video, that was the damning one. The first time she had watched it earlier that evening, she had thought she was going to die. Coming out of her study afterwards and acting as if nothing had happened was one of the hardest things she'd ever done in her life. But Claire had just been on her way to bed and Phillip was watching ESPN, and everything seemed so normal. She couldn't look at her husband and daughter the same way again. When she looked at Claire, she saw her as she was on the video. When she looked at her husband...she didn't know how she should feel about that.

Elizabeth double-clicked on the video. Her hand was shaking. The player launched on her screen and a few seconds later she was looking at a black and white image of Phillip's study. Phillip had just come into the room and was sitting down at his desk. Elizabeth ran the video forward fifteen minutes. She saw her own head appear in the frame and clicked the play button. She put on her headphones.

"I'm going to the store," she heard herself say. "Do you want anything?"

"No, I'm good," Phillip replied, giving her a warm smile.

"I love you," she said to him. He waited a beat before answering, as if hesitant to say it aloud.

"Love you," he said. On the video, Elizabeth hesitated a moment longer before vanishing into the hallway. Phillip watched the door for nearly a full minute, unmoving. Distantly, Elizabeth could hear the sound of her own car starting. Phillip heard it too and relaxed.

Two minutes later, Claire appeared in the doorway. "Hey, Daddy," she said softly.

Phillip broke into a broad smile as he gazed at his daughter. She was still in her school uniform though without the shoes. Even in black and white she was sexy as hell standing there in her pleated skirt and white blouse. Between the knee socks and the hemline of the skirt six inches of tan flesh drew Philllip's eyes. Claire saw where her father's gaze went and she laughed. Elizabeth watched as her daughter sauntered over to where Phillip sat.

The tightness in her stomach got worse. The first time she'd watched this she hadn't suspected anything. She had truly thought all she'd catch was Phillip making phonecalls to his lover. Instead, she had been shocked to watch Clair straddle her father's lap. She was petite, only five feet tall, and only her toes touched the floor as she scooted over Phillip's lap. He, in turn, embraced her tightly, his hands running down her back as she lay her cheek against his chest. His hands came to rest gripping the globes of her ass, and Claire giggled.

"Are you horny, Daddy?" she asked. Elizabeth clicked the pause button. She thought she was going to swoon. That was her baby saying that. Her sweet, innocent daughter. The first time Elizabeth heard her say it, she thought she'd misheard and had backed it up, repeated it over and over as the words sank into her brain.

"Are you horny, Daddy?"

Elizabeth clutched at her stomach. She wanted to weep and pound her fists on the arms of her chair. She did neither. Instead she sat there mute, staring at her computer screen as her body trembled. She dropped her hands to her lap and clutched at her thighs, wishing her legs would stop shaking. Wishing the feeling in her stomach would go away. Wishing she wasn't so goddamned turned on.

She whimpered as she admitted it to herself at last. The first time she'd watched the video it had shocked her. The images had burned their way into her memory and tortured her. She had said nothing to her husband or her daughter, and she had told herself it was because she didn't want to see her f****y destroyed. She had to find a way to ease them into the fact that she knew about their i****tuous affair. They'd get counseling, Claire could get therapy...

But sitting there in the darkness, illuminated by only the frozen image of Claire straddling Phillip's lap on her computer screen, Elizabeth knew the truth. She clicked the back button once and then the play button.

"Are you horny, Daddy?" Claire asked again.

"For you?" Phillip said, giving his daughter's ass a tight squeeze. "Always."

Claire giggled. "Me, too," she said. "How long until Mom gets back?"

"Not long, I think," he said. "She said she was just going to the store."

"Do we have time to fuck, Daddy?" Claire asked.

Elizabeth moaned. Her hand spasmed and leaped of its own accord to her crotch. Her pussy was on fire. Her other hand swept out to clutch the edge of her desk as the room seemed to swim around her. 

"Depends," Phillip said, chuckling. "How horny are you?"

Claire leaned back to look at her father's face, grinning. Her hips started to churn as she rubbed her crotch over what must have been a bulge in her father's pants caused by his hard cock. “I’m so horny I can hardly stand it, Daddy,” she said. “I always get that way around you.”

“Me too, Baby,” Phillip said, leaning forward and pulling her to him at the same time. “Me too.” He kissed her, pressing his lips to hers, and Elizabeth moaned softly as she saw her daughter’s mouth open to Phillip’s oral assault. His tongue was inside his own daughter’s mouth, and Claire obviously loved it. She whimpered and wrapped her arms around her father’s neck in delight.

“Come on, Daddy,” she said, breaking the kiss. “Before Mom gets back.”

“Okay,” Phillip said. He lifted her easily, she was such a tiny thing compared to him, and placed her on his desk. She squirmed, pulling things from beneath her and setting them aside, but her eyes remained on Phillip, watching her father opening his pants. When Phillips hard cock came into view, mother and daughter gasped at the same time.

Elizabeth felt so ashamed of herself. She squeezed her pussy through the fabric of her pajamas and panties, watching mesmerized as her young daughter reached out and grasped her own father’s cock. Phillip moaned and visibly shivered. Claire giggled in delight and strained upward so they could kiss again. As their tongues battled, Phillip pushed his daughter’s skirt up to her waist. She squirmed again, this time helping him slide her panties down her slender legs. He lifted those legs into the air, making her lean back, and took her panties off completely. She moaned as he ran his tongue over the exposed skin above her socks.

“Daddy,” Claire whimpered. “Come on, Daddy. Fuck me.”

Elizabeth moaned. Without warning, orgasm wracked her body. She stabbed at the keyboard until the video paused and dug her fingers into her crotch as sweet pleasure coursed through her. She sagged when it was over, gasping for breath. On the screen, Claire was looking into Phillip’s eyes, smiling, her hand reaching between her legs to touch his rampant erection. Elizabeth backed the video up a little.

“Come on, Daddy,” Claire repeatd. “Fuck me.”

Phillip groaned. So did Elizabeth. She shoved her hand into the top of her pajama pants and into her panties, thrusting a finger deeply into her pussy all in one motion. She was soaking wet. Gone were all thoughts of anger or retribution. She was jealous. Jealous of her own daughter. She wanted to be Claire, to be the girl getting fucked by her own father. She watched as the girl carefully guided her father’s prick to its proper place. She let go, and then threw back her head with a deep moan. Phillip was sliding into her, pushing into her body. He was fucking her.

Growing up, Elizabeth’s father had been absent more than he was present, and she had the most wonderful memories of him. Guiltily, she remebered fantasies she used to have, back when she was even younger than Claire, when she first learned to masturbate. When she would imagine that it was her handsome father fucking her. If he hadn’t died, Elizabeth wondered if she would have been doing exactly what she saw her own daughter doing in the video. 

Phillip held onto Claire’s thighs as he slid his cock in and out of her, deep and slow. Claire was moaning loudly by then, and Elizabeth could see her daughter’s sock covered toes curling and uncurling as her body shivered in ecstasy. It was clear that Phillip wasn’t going to last very long. All the same, Claire beat him to the trigger, crying out, “I’m cumming, Daddy!” Her voice became a screech as she scrunched up her face and trembled violently. Phillip groaned, his eyes rolling in their sockets.

Claire knew what was happening and knew what to say. Gasping, still in the throes of her own climax, she said, “Cum in me, Daddy! Cum in my pussy!”

Elizabeth came again. Even as she was watching her husband pouring his potent seed into their daughter’s unprotected cunt, she climaxed. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d cum so hard. Claire cried out as her own orgasm redoubled, became extended by the sensation of her father’s i****tuous seed pouring into her. Phillip sagged over her when he was done, panting. He bent further and kissed Claire, tenderly this time.

“I love you so much, Claire,” he whispered. 

“I love you with all my heart, Daddy,” Claire whispered back. Elizabeth suddenly felt like weeping.

No, she decided, this wasn’t cheating at all. This was something beautiful. A pure love between father and daughter, an extension of the natural bond they shared. Elizabeth watched Phillip withdraw his shrinking cock, watched him help his daughter off the desk, saw them embrace lovingly before walking out of the room with arms around one another, and she was no longer angry. Not in the least. The video ended, and Elizabeth sat there, trembling.

What was she going to do now? She didn’t know. But she knew that she couldn’t stop what was going on between her husband and their daughter. She didn’t want to. In fact, she wanted exactly the same thing. Smilng to herself, Elizabeth took her hand from her sopping pussy, wiped it on her pajama pants, and began to make a plan.