"Sex Stories" If you like feet

Sex Stories If you like feet
Well I love feet, sexy, stinky, smelly feet. I love girls that wear flip flops because I love to check out their feet. I want almost nothing more than to put those smelly bad boys in my mouth, around my nose, to just rub my face all around their steaming stinky feet. Gosh..just thinking about it gets me hard..ugh..

Anyway..Today was a normal day. One of my classes has this girl named Courtney. She's good looking, you know, she's thin but she's got nice curves, gorgeous eyes, smells great, short-ish I guess, dirty blonde hair, nice ass, nice rack, and she's sweet as can be. 

It was a boring demo day, the two of us had never really fooled around before but I've caught her checking me out and she's seen me do the same. Well, I'd never really noticed her feet before. She was wearing jeans today and I just so happened to look down.. Oh they're gorgeous. Perfect little feet..I could already feel myself getting hard, my shorts started to lift..I knelt forward so nobody would notice..and nobody did. She looked back at me and I winked at her, and then she looked back forward.. She crossed her legs so that one leg was over the other and her foot was close to my hands..I wanted to touch it..rub it all over my hands and face..but obviously I couldn't just do that..So i knelt forward a little more..maybe i could just get a smell..just maybe..but no, I couldn't..so casually, playing with my pencil (my writing utensil, not my cock ;]..yet) I dropped it..I knelt down to grab it and while doing so took a biiiiiig whif of her smelly, little, sweaty feet. By god it was the greatest thing I'd ever smelled..I knew I had to have them, and soon. My dick was pulsing in my pants and I just wanted to fuck her feet, right in front of the whole class. I didn't care, but I knew she would.(Adult Stories)

After class, I walked with her like usual, foolingly put my arm around her and she did the same to me. I thought, now or never, and from then the head down south took over. I said to her..Courtney..so, what do you think about skipping class? She said in her sweetest voice " Well, I've never tried it..why?"..and I said back "Well neither have I..and I think I'm going to..you in?" She gave me a hesitant look..looked to her right and her left and whispered in my ear "Let's go!" So we ran down our school's gymnastics gym, making sure nobody saw us. We found a place behind the bleachers and some left over gym mats and sat down. We started talking, laughing about how bad we felt..little did we know there was so much more to "cum" ;].

Well, with my swollen cock still in control of my mind..I said to her..How far have you ever gone with a guy? and she responded, not far..only a blow job..I almost had sex once but that's a different story.. She asked me the same and I told her I'd only gone as far as well(total bs). She believed me and asked why I wanted to know..I avoided the question by asking her one. I asked if She'd ever had thoughts about kissing me..and to my delight she said yes..I asked if I could kiss her..she said yes. So I did. I loved it. Her soft lips..wet, hot tongue moving against mine..ugh my cock was throbbing so hard.. I moved on top of her, pushing more of my weight against her and she didn't fight back. We rolled over until she was on top of me. She started grinding on my cock as we continued to make out..I ripped off her shirt, pulled off her bra and immediately moved my hand up to her boobs..They were amazing..they felt so good I knew I had to taste them. I moved forward, began sucking, licking..moving all around with my tongue and she moaned..she moaned so hot..I moved one of my hands into her pants and felt her dripping wet..so i took off her pants and I moved my face in between her legs..my tongue rubbing against her clit..with every lick i could feel her body twist and turn... I licked and sucked on her pussy until she shook with an orgasm..she had to bite her shirt to hold back the screams of pleasure..

I knew I could do whatever I want with her now..I pulled back from her hot pussy and asked her, if she would let me do something? she said anything, and I told her give me her foot, and she did, quickly. Finally..what I had been waiting for all day..her foot right in front of my face. I took a deep smell of her toes, her sweaty, stinky toes. I loved it. I loved it so much i took another, and another. I put one toe in my mouth, then another, then another, until her whole foot was in my mouth. i moved my tongue all over, and i could see her shaking with pleasure. She brought her other foot to my face without me even having to ask. I licked one foot, then the other, took a deep breathe of one, then the other. They were so great...too great..they smelled so bad but so good, so fucking good. I needed more. I finally took off my shorts and my 7 inch cock came out and the look on her face was great. She wanted it. She brought her face close, licked up and down, up and down..she put her lips on it next, kissed it up until the head. she put opened her mouth and took the whole thing down. she licked..sucked..played with my balls...she was like a pro. I didn't know how long I could hold so i told her to stop and to lick her feet..she did what I told her and then I took them from her. I began to rub them up and down my cock. My throbbing, seven inch cock. It was even better than the blow job. Her slimy feet rubbing up and down, up and down..I knew i couldn't hold long..i took one of her feet up to my face and kept the other rubbing on my cock..Breathing in the smell of her sweaty feet, I could feel the huge load building up in my cock. I began to moan, I didn't care who heard me. My body shook with orgasm and I took huge breaths of her smelly sweaty feet..I shot my load all over her foot, leg, and even some got on her stomach..I honestly orgasmed for atleast fifteen seconds straight. I've never cum so much in my life. She brought her foot to her face and licked up every last drop from her foot. She wiped up the rest with her hand and sucked on her fingers.. Watching her do that made me sooo, sooooo horny for her again..My penis was back rock hard within a minute. I asked her if she was on the pill, and she said yes. I was so excited..I could barely wait to stick it in her..I couldn't wait.. Then the bell rang..we looked at each other..both swore to ourselves and wondered what to do...We both hurried, put our clothes back on and walked out from under the bleachers.. We walked into the hall..kissed quickly, passionately for a few seconds..and then I asked her skip tomorrow? and she said definitely, with a big smile and a wink.

More to "cum" Later ;]