"Sex Stories" My daughter

Sex Stories My daughter
The daughter was sexy and built like an adult. Long legs, round ass and nice full tits. She loved sex and wanted it every day but it was hard to find a boy to fuck often. Then she saw her dad. She needed a scheme to fuck him on a daily basis. 

The time was right. She saw her dad leave the shower and walk naked to his room. His cock was huge and it was soft. She imagined what it would be like hard and in her pussy. She followed him to his room and peeked in. He was laying on the bed watching a porn movie and jerking his now hard cock. She watched till he was ready to cum before she walked into the room. Just as he shot his wad she entered the bedroom. He was startled and very shocked for his daughter to see him jacking off to a sex movie. She wasted no time getting naked and let him know that he would fuck her when ever she wanted him or she would let her mom know about his sex movies and jacking off.(Sex Stories)

He looked at her sexy body. But was it was not right to fuck his daughter no matter how much he wanted to. She straddled his body and pushed her tits to his face. She rubbed his lips with her nipples and he opened his mouth and began to suck them. She cupped her tits and moved them back and forth letting him suck each one. She then slid down to his cock and pushed it between her tits and began to tit fuck him. His big cock fit nice between her full tits. She then rubbed his cock with her nipples and rubbed a nipple over the tip and pressed it to his pee hole. Her dad was leaking cum and made the play slippery and fun. She then replaced the nipple with her tongue and licked the pee hole which was now stretching open. Her dad was moaning as he leaked more cum to her tongue.

He was ready to fuck her and she wanted his cock deep in her cunt. she then got on top of his cock and pushed it into her hole. He started fucking her hard pushing every inch of the long cock into her. He was larger than the school boys and felt so good in her hole. He pounded her tight hole fucking her hard as they both started to cum. He emptied his sack inside her and loved the feel of her pussy. She then pulled off his cock and mounted his face. "Lick the cum from my cunt." she demanded. He sucked her hole tasting the mix of their cum.

"You fuck good with that huge cock. Every day we will fuck. I love lots of sex and need it often. I will be your cock slut for you to fuck any way you want as long as you make me cum many times."

That night as she slept, he crept into her room and quietly tied her hands and feet to the bed. Just as he tied her last ankle with her legs spread far apart she awoke. "You wanted to fuck, so I am here to fuck you all night long.You wanted my big cock and you will feel it in every hole in your body. If you yell I will whip your tits and ass till they have welts." he then showed her the whip by the bed. Next he got naked and stood by her bed. His cock was long and hard and he planned to fuck her mouth amd fill it with cum to start with. He pushed his cock to her mouth and told her to suck and lick as he gave her more and more of the huge member. She started to gag with the size of it and he slapped her face. "Open and take it. I will fuck your face every day just like you like it. Suck and swallow my cum. Now make me cum you wild slut." he then pounded her mouth as she sucked and he filled her full of his cum and made her swallow every drop which was the most he had ever shot.

"Now i will fuck your cunt till you scream. I will last a long time till I cum again and your cunt will be sore from the pounding I give it." then he pushed every inch into her cunt and began to fuck her like he was crazy. He did not care if he was too rough for the young hole, he just kept fucking her. He would pull out then ram back in again and again. He kept this up for over an hour loving the tight cunt on his cock. She endured his pounding of the cock and had even cum many times making her cunt nice and wet to slip in and out of.

He felt he was close to cumming so he pushed in deep once more and held his cock in her cunt as he released his juice in her. It felt so good to cum in her hole. As he pulled out he looked at her hole which was raw from the pounding he just gave it.

He looked at her wet hole with his cum running out of it and told her."Now if you have any plans of trying to blackmail me, think again. This is just a taste of what I can do to you. We both like sex so we might as well enjoy a daily fuck."

"Now lets see how that round ass of yours feels with my cock in it." He spit on her ass and rubbed the spit around her hole. He fingered her hole and she wiggled her ass loving the feel of the finger in her. "yes, you like that don't you? You will love my cock fucking your ass just like I did your cunt. I love a nice tight ass. Let me spread you wide for my monster cock." then he pushed his cock into her hole slow as she was not ready for the big member. Her ass was tight and felt good to his cock. Soon he got the cock in her hole and began to fuck her. He rammed her ass hard and loved the tight hole around his cock. He knew he had stretched her ass to the limit and knew it had been very uncomfortable for her tight ass. Now he fucked hard, loving pounding her in and out. He knew he would fuck her ass often if not every day as fucking an ass was his favorite hole.

After he fucked every hole and filled them with cum, he untied her. "We should never have to tie you again. You will love to be fucked by me every time my cock gets hard and it gets hard a lot. I bet your cunt is sore but soon you will get used to the pounding I will give it daily. Now I will lick your cunt and make it better." And then he did lick her sore raw cunt till she came on his tongue. "Yes, you are a great slut for your daddy.'