"Sex Stories" My mystery lovers

Sex Stories My mystery lovers
I love the soft feel of my pussy the taste of my juices when they start flowing. In the shower I use baby oil and then mango butter on my body. So my skin is soft and smells of the oil and butter. Today I was laying out on the deck enjoying the hot sun and letting my fingers softly and slowly spread my juices around my pussy lips my fingers would linger on my clit and I’d pinch it gently and pull on it then rub it with feathery soft strokes. I took a strawberry and pushed it up inside me and squeezed it out then tilted my head back and sucked on it. Then bit into it tasting my own pussy and the strawberry. I just love the wet sucking sound my pussy makes when I withdraw my finger from my sopping wet vagina. I had two fingers in me as my other fingers made gentle circles around and around my clit. Low soft moans were escaping from my throat as my fingers delved deeper into my cunt. My fingers on my clit were moving faster too and my thighs quivered and shook as my orgasm neared. I arched my hips up and pressed my fingers urgently on my clit. Rubbing furiously now as I started to moan out my orgasm. 

My fingers were flying in and out of my juice soaked cunt. I could hear the wet sucking sounds as I exploded into my orgasm. I lay there in the sweet afterglow letting soft sighs out of my mouth, catching my breath. I went inside and had a few beers and made some chips and cheese. Nothing was on the dish so I tuned it to tropical breezes. Which made me think Margarita time? I took a quick shower to get the sunscreen off me; I dried off and made a margarita. I was on my side leafing through the pages of Kohl’s daydreaming about the clothes I could never afford. The margarita and the magazine soon had my head nodding. Somewhere in my head I thought I heard someone calling out but I was too tipsy and sl**py to open my eyes.

I was in that state of blurry awareness and sl**py u*********s drifting. I could hear muffled voices, but just could not focus on what was being said. I heard someone calling Miss “X “(my name). I just couldn’t concentrate though. The muffled voices sounded nearer now. The beers and the margaritas combined with the sun just had me listless. As(Sex Stories)

I kept drifting in and out of my dream world. I felt a hand on my thigh and I heard a voice saying push her shoulder, let’s roll her on her back. I rolled with the gentle pushes and lay on my back. I heard something like “dude Ritchie’s mom is wicked sick “I thought I’m not sick I’ve just had a few too many. I felt someone grab my ankle and slowly pull my leg to the side. In my dreamy state I realized someone was in my bedroom, but I had an attitude of who cares and rolled back over on my side. I drew my knees up and sl**pily found my pillow.
Once again I heard my name from some far off distant place. Someone was shaking my shoulder but I just didn’t care I was just too sl**py. The sound of voices filtered into my ears. I felt a hand on my lower butt cheek then a finger on my pussy, and I moaned a low soft moan. The finger went away and I moved trying to find it. The finger came back slowly tracing my outer lips. I started to get that tingly feeling in my pussy and felt myself getting wet. I thought I heard a voice saying man she’s fucking hot, you gotta feel this pussy. The finger went away and before I could move to find it, it came back but this time the finger dipped into my pussy and I heard a voice say she’s fucking tight as fuck for being so old. 

Man we gotta get some of this shit man I’m serious. I heard a voice say Ritchie will fucking kill us dude. A voice responded shit he’s been fucking that pussy man, I so busted them once. This bitch can fuck dude trust me she was riding Ritchie like a porno queen. I heard roll her on her back man, come on help me out. I was trying to figure out the voices and what was happening to me. When I drink tequila it puts me in a kinda stupor. A voice said wait man wait I’ll be right back. The voice returned saying yeah dude I got the shit now. I tried to open my eyes but they were just too heavy. I could hear soft voices but couldn’t make out what was being said. I felt a hand at the back of my neck and a glass at my lips the voice saying drink this. I moved my head away and the voice said come on take a sip you have to drink this. The glass was pushed again to my lips and I drank, tasting what tasted like water downed tequila. A voice was saying what was that man? The other voice answered just like a half of a valium I mixed it with water and tequila. I was silently protesting but my mouth wouldn’t open. 

I drifted back off into my dreamy alcohol induced state. My legs were pulled apart, and again I felt a finger on my pussy lips. I felt my pussy lips being pulled open. A finger was inserted into my sl**py pussy it was curled and pushed down into the lower wall of my pussy, which elicited a soft low moan in my throat. The continued stimulation of my pussy had my juices beginning to flow. I heard a voice saying I can’t believe your finger fucking her. A voice responded I am and she is so fucking hot and tight, no wonder Ritchie bangs that shit. My mind kept trying to clear the fog and my eyes fought to open but I was just too sl**py. I felt hands on my breast a finger tracing my areola and pulling up and pinching my nipple. A soft wet tongue now replaced the finger. I tried to reach up and caress the neck and shoulders of my mystery lover, but I just couldn’t. Whoever it was stopped and withdrew their lips from my hard nipple. I heard more murmuring of voices I made out the words she’s out man this is our chance I don’t know about you but I’m gonna try and tap that ass. I heard the sound of someone walking away, within minutes I heard them return to say man Ritchie’s out on the dunes. I was wondering my Richard? Whatever they put in my drink had me so sl**py and out of it yet I was aware of voices but I couldn’t get my eyes to open.

I felt a warm tongue on my breast again, which caused a sighing mmm, to escape my lips. I wanted to wake up and caress and hold my dream lover to my breast. I felt a trickle begin to seep out of my pussy and dribble down between my butt cheeks. A finger traced the outer lips of my pussy then into me and smeared my juices over my now very wet vagina. I could feel my clit engorged with bl**d, begin to ache for a warm tongue. Two fingers were slowly sliding into my pussy and my hips began to push up and then slowly move in sensual circles. Soft sighs were escaping my lips as the fingers worked their way in and out of my increasingly wet pussy. I could feel my pussy getting warmer as my arousal became greater. I felt hands on my ankles as my legs were pushed up and open causing my knees to fall open. I now lay there with my pussy fully exposed and open to whoever was behind the fingers and the fingers took advantage of this going deeper into my pussy and curling their finger tips searching for my g-spot. My breathing began to become slightly rapid as moans were now continuously escaping my lips. I felt warm breath on my pussy and arched my hips up and moaned out loud. I felt lips tentatively brushing my pussy I wanted to cry out but only a low deep moan was all that came out. Murmuring voices were whispering back and forth one telling the other my pussy tasted like sweet fruit. Again my dream lover put his lips on my aching cunt I tried to reach for him but couldn’t. 

His wet tongue was burrowing into my creamy pussy I could feel my juices flowing freely out of me now. My neglected breast was aching with desire as the tongue in my pussy ventured up towards my inflamed clit. Once again I felt a warm wet mouth sucking my nipple and a tongue rapidly flicking over it. Gentle bites and nibbles elicited more deep moans in my throat as he would switch from breast to breast. I heard dude check this out and I felt something brushing my lips , flicking out my tongue I tasted warm salty pre-cum I rolled my tongue around his cock but I didn’t open my mouth as I was becoming more aware and alert. I decided to remain in my d***ken/d**gged stupor. I was still too much out of it to really recognize the voices though. I felt his cock pushing at my mouth again and this time let it slip into my warm waiting mouth. Once again I heard voices, what I heard was maybe we should call Joel? The other voice asked why? 

Then it got quiet as the tongue on my pussy really got busy he would suck one whole lip in his mouth and flick his tongue along it then put his mouth over my opening and suck and then stick his tongue as far up into me as he could. My pussy was now a juice smeared mess. I felt an orgasm approaching but fought it back so as not to alert the boys I was more awake than they thought. I finally reached up and wrapped my hand around the cock in my mouth and started slow pumping motions as I sucked the head into my mouth and bathed the underside of his cock head with my tongue. I heard a voice saying oh fuck man I’m about to bust should I bust in her mouth or what? When I heard that I slowed down and pumped his hard cock slowly and I washed his cock with my tongue in long swirling motions. I was losing my battle with my orgasm and I pushed my pussy up into his face and started a series of mini orgasms that shot from my clit and ripped through my body causing a long low yet sustained moan. I turned my head sideways and pulled the cock out of my mouth so I could breathe I was gasping for breath and my body was covered in sweat. I heard hurried whispers and felt someone getting off my bed. 

I was laying there trying to get my breath under control, when I heard my name being called I rolled over on my side again feigning a d***ken sl**p. I felt a hand on my hip and it shook me and I heard my name being called again. I remained motionless as if I were in a deep sl**p. I heard one of them say man fuck this I gotta get some of that, another voice said hell yeah man we gotta fuck her man, you know we’ll never get another chance like this. Once again I felt a hand on my shoulder and a hand on my hip, as I was carefully rolled onto my back. I let out a grunt and sigh and rolled again on my side. I felt the weight of someone getting in the bed. I heard a zipper coming down and pants coming off. I felt a finger sliding in and out my pussy and then I felt a cock rubbing up and down my wet slit. I felt his cock spreading my slick wet lips open as his cock found its way into my sopping wet cunt. I remained as still as possible as he gasped out omg dude this is some hot ass fucking pussy man. I heard go easy dude, don’t wake her up or I won’t be able to get some. 

I was wondering how long I could keep up this charade as I slowly pushed my pussy back on the cock in me and was letting out low moans and sighs. It was so hard not to moan out and say fuck me mmm, yes fuck me give me that cock oh god yes fuck me. I felt him starting to move his cock in and out of my pussy a little faster and I pushed back a little harder until I had his cock fully in me. He held my hip and was grinding his cock into my dripping wet pussy. I felt a cock on my lips and I flicked my tongue out again and grabbed it and opened my mouth and sucked it in. I was slowly pumping the shaft of his cock it felt so hot and hard in my hand. My tongue was swirling around the head of his cock and then under the head. He started rocking back and forth thrusting his cock along my hand and lips; I dropped my hand and let him go as deep as I could take him. I felt his cock at the back of my throat and relaxed my throat muscles and felt his cock slide down my throat.

My pussy had a mind of its own and my hips were pushing back on the wonderful cock that was thrusting slowly in and out my pussy. I couldn’t stop the moans that were now gurgling around the cock in my mouth. I started pushing my pussy back on his cock a little harder and faster now. I was going insane with the need to shout out yes, yes uh huh oh god yes fuck me. His thrusting began to meet mine as he drove his cock a little harder into my soft wet cunt. I wanted to reach down and rub my clit but I remained playing the d***ken stupor role. I didn’t want to scare the boys as long as I was getting a hard young cock in my greedy little pussy. I heard switch and a new cock was sliding up into my hot willing cunt. I could feel my pussy juices dripping down my thigh I was that sopping wet it seemed like with each thrust of cock into my pussy it pushed my juices out. I felt a cock brushing my cheek and then along my lips which I parted as I felt him push his cock into my mouth. He held my head in his hands and thrust into my mouth I pursed my lips and wrapped them around his hot young cock. I opened my throat and felt his cock slide deep into my throat. They were both grunting and breathing fast as they got closer to coming I could feel their cocks pulsing, one in my mouth the other in my hot dripping cunt. My hips were now moving on their own and were banging into his thighs and the slapping sound of skin on skin along with the sound of my squishy pussy with his thrusts were driving me crazy as I felt ripple after ripple of pleasure flood my pussy as I had an explosive orgasm that started deep inside my pussy and spread through out my body. My head was held tightly as I felt hot sperm gushing into my throat I swallowed each hot drop I wrapped my hand around his cock and sucked on the head and milked every last drop of sperm from his hard as steel cock. 

I felt the cock in my pussy expanding and pulsing and I knew my pussy was going to get flooded with his cum which set off another orgasm that flooded through out my twitching quivering cunt. After he came he surprised me and didn’t pull out or go totally soft his cock was nestled in my pussy yet. I heard whispering voices the one in my pussy was saying man that’s seriously some hot ass pussy. I heard the other voice say I heard she takes it up the ass man. I heard no way followed by yeah dude I’m serious. I felt my puckered anus twitching as I lay there quiet as a mouse. Then my heart leapt into my throat as I heard the voice behind me say yeah she’s in the perfect position man. I heard what if she wakes up? I wanted to scream out she won’t wake up. Then I heard the words I wanted to hear she’s out dude if she hasn’t woken up yet I doubt she will. My pussy spasmed around his cock and I felt him push it further in me. My jaw almost came open as I realized he was getting hard again in my pussy. 

I was awake enough now but I realized I needed to keep the d***ken/d**gged role alive. I felt him withdraw his cock from my pussy I was afraid they could hear my heart pounding in my chest. My anus would not stop twitching as I felt a finger in my gooey cum filled cunt. I then felt that same finger rubbing my asshole and carefully probing at it. Without a cock in my mouth my moans were louder as they were not muffled and were coming often and long. My hips again took over and were moving back onto the probing finger. I heard him spit and felt it land on my butt hole. My heart was racing as it became certain he was going to fuck me up the ass. I felt his finger push past my sphincter and enter my dark dank hole. He carefully inserted another finger in me and spit down on my asshole again and the fingers moved easily in and out of my ass. I almost forgot to breathe as I waited for his cock to pierce my dark damp hole. I gasped in and he froze, then I purposely relaxed and let my body slump into the bed. I felt his cock enter my totally wet sloppy cum filled cunt, then he was rubbing the head of his cock on my asshole I wanted to scream out oh god yes fuck my ass oh god yes fuck it. I felt a steady pressure on my asshole as it began to open up to his hot probing cock. 

I felt the head pushing past my tight anal ring and I pushed back onto his cock he paused and said she awake, I heard nope she’s out dude. He relaxed and pushed his cock further into my ass, I felt him start a slow fucking motion in and out of my tight little ass. I heard oh’s and ah’s as he pushed deeper into my ass. I was silently screaming inside as he finally sank the whole length of his cock in me. Suddenly I knew what to do, I moaned out yes Richard fuck mommies ass with your cock my sweet baby boy. Mmm it feels so good yes, yes fuck me baby fuck my asshole nice and deep uh huh just like that my darling son. I reached down to play with my clit I slid my finger in my pussy and got it nice and wet and rubbed the mingled sperm and my seeping pussy juice on my clit as his cock ploughed into my ass with long deep slow strokes. I moaned out yes Richard omg yes do it to mommy fuck mommy with your hard hot cock, mommy loves it so much when you fuck her in her ass. 

I was moaning and saying this in a slurred soft whisper and I heard them laugh and say I knew it I knew Ritchie was fucking her. The other said yeah dude I thought you knew. They went quiet again as he concentrated on fucking my ass with deep, deep strokes. He said to the other boy you gotta get in this tight fucking ass of hers dude it’s too fucking hot. I moaned aloud and pushed my ass back to meet his every stroke into my now open asshole. I was breathing in deep hard gasps as he fucked my ass with long deep and faster strokes now. I felt his cock swell even bigger in my asshole and I knew I was going to get an ass full of cum. I rubbed with clit faster now as he began to pump my ass with hot sprays of sperm jet after jet splashed deep into my asshole as I had yet another orgasm. With one final deep thrust into my ass he pumped the last drop of cum in me. I felt his withering cock withdraw and I wanted to scream out no, no. I need more! I felt him get off the bed and then I felt the weight of another person getting on the bed. My dripping cunt and ass were both twitching in the after glow of a wonderful fuck. I felt him behind me and then I felt his cock slip easily into my well lubricated pussy. His strokes were more subtle and he would grind into me as he buried his cock in me. 

I was trying so hard to continue my role as the d***k/d**gged passed out woman but his cock felt so good in my pussy as he corkscrewed his cock into my very wet sloppy pussy. I also knew that soon that same cock would be sliding into my ass and be fucking my ass the same way he was fucking my pussy. I felt him pause and then slowly withdraw from my soaking wet cunt. My heart started beating faster as I knew he would soon be sticking that same cock deep into my waiting asshole. I felt his finger probing my butt hole, when I heard a voice say dude it’s ok just fuck her man that ass is ready for some more cock. I felt him press his cock on my asshole. I let out an encouraging moan and a soft low sigh and pushed my ass back on his cock. The minute it entered my ass I took in a long deep gasp of air and let out a mix of a growl and moaning sound in my throat. His short tentative stokes soon turned into hard deep strokes that pounded into my clutching asshole with relentless powerful strokes that had me gasping for air. I momentarily opened my eyes and I was looking straight into bobby’s eyes I made a shh-ing motion with my mouth and then silently opened my mouth and ran my tongue over my lips and he came over and unzipped his pants and put his penis in my mouth and started throat fucking me. I was trying not to make gagging sounds but I couldn’t help it as he fucked my throat with rapid hard thrust.

I had no clue who was fucking my ass but I didn’t care at the moment either. He started pounding into my asshole with hard deep penetrating strokes that had my ass cheeks jiggling with each thrust I felt his cock pulsing around my tight asshole as he yelled out as he shot gobs of stringy hot sperm into my ass. Setting off yet another orgasm that I gurgled through the cock stuffing my throat. He lay there catching his breath his cock twitching in my ass as bobby slowed down I wrapped my hand around his cock and furiously pumped his shaft as I sucked the head of his cock trying to drain him of yet another load of sperm for my tummy, bobby threw his head back and screamed out fuck oh shit oh fuck yes, yes as his cum shot into my mouth momentarily filling it but I quickly swallowed every drop that hit the back of my throat. I looked at bobby with a please don’t say a word look as I licked the remaining cum from his cock. I felt the cock in my ass give one last twitch then it was withdrawn from well fucked asshole. I took in a huge sigh of air and let it out real slow and smiled at bobby and said oh what the heck, who is that back there? Because he can fuck me anytime he wants to fill my ass with his hot steamy cum. I heard a voice say um it’s me Erich Miss X. I rolled onto my tummy then on my back and said come here and kiss me you two. I had a man/boy on each side of me and I drifted off to sl**p with a well fucked pussy and asshole. When I woke I was alone I stretched and said out loud to myself Anna you’re one crazy bitch, but we love you and I started laughing as I got up and went to the fridge and popped a beer and drank it down and went to take a shower., bye bye, until next time…Mrs. X