"Sex Stories" My Neighbor's Daughter

Sex Stories My Neighbor's Daughter
From where I sit in the entertainment section of my large second story bedroom I can see the beautiful Sunday morning sky—it’s a kite-flying sky, clear, even a bit crisp, painfully blue. The French doors are splayed open with a resplendent view of the neatly trimmed, well tended municipal park, with its puffy green clouds of honeysuckle, and formidable walls of hedges that box in several winding, weaving bone colored walking trails, all soldiered by large, heavy topped oaks. A dog barks, three long husky bellows, and someone calls: here Starkey. The gauzy curtains inhale, exhale in rhythmic huffs. 

When my cell phone trills alive, I am sitting naked on my bedroom couch with a Waterford tumbler half filled with Knob Creek bourbon on the rocks in one hand and my cock in the other. I hear the water in the bathroom running in a continuous hissing, then the tiny, high pitched squeak of the faucet being turned off, a yelp really, it sounds like a little dog, with its tail or paw being stepped on. I smile.

If you were to ask my friends and acquaintances what does Duke do, they might look off to the side, pausing for a moment or two, taking a gentle sip of their drink to buy time, to find the words and most would reply, well I'm not sure but I think he is in investments, I know he does something in real estate. But if pressed, no, really what does he do? A few, maybe five or six who know me well might grin, leer really, lean close and lower their voice, glance furtively from side to side, a quick turn over their shoulder: The Duke, well, the Duke, he is a fucker of women. They would let that sit with you for a beat or two, and then they would lean even more closely, give out a lusty chuckle. Truth be told, my friend, more specifically, he's a fucker of big-tittied women.(Erotic Stories)
Yes, it's true.

I am into recreational sex, of that there can be no doubt. Yet, like any dedicated sportsman, I take my sport of choice very seriously and invest into it heavily. Since coming into all my money a little over a year and a half ago, I've tried to maintain a six woman stable of steady fucks. Every two months or so, someone drops out. One or two realized there was no future with me, so they bailed. One found a better deal…a true sugar daddy, older and wealthier and I said go for it. Two of them…their husbands were transferred out of town. So, I'm always in the market for potential replacements.

Another problem, like most heavy players with a mixed stable, if you don't have a lay over from Saturday night, Sunday mornings can be dry. Of my six steady lays at present, one of them is a single mother. Georgina, or GG as I call her, is a forty-something MILF. Her daughter Leann attends a college a few miles out of the city, so it is unpredictable when she will be at home. Momma doesn't like to fuck around when her daughter is in the house. GG and I go through the motions and our weekly time together often begins with steak night at Chasers', one of her favorite haunts. Then, as we leave, while in the parking lot, I usually grope my way all over her plush body, her horny, me horny. We begin our little fuck fest by me turning her around, bending her over the hood of my car…well, more about that later.
But on Sundays, GG usually lunches with her mother at the retirement villa and doesn't get home until about mid-afternoon.

Then, there is Kiki. She is thirty-something, married with c***dren. On Tuesdays, her daughter Katy has dance practice after school, so Kiki doesn’t have to pick up her daughter right at three. So, around nine o'clock in the morning she pulls up at the front of my condo and out of her car she springs, her big ole boobies bouncing, her heavy hanging hooters hopping around beneath a thin cotton sweater, the big orbs wobbling and wagging about as she slings her purse over her shoulder. She goes around the back and enters through my patio door and we proceed to “tear the house down.” Ah, my titty tugging Tuesdays.

But on Sundays, well, she has a f****y.

Heather. My townhome backs onto the park. It fronts Fall River Lane. Across the street is a line of moderately upscale homes, peopled by Republicans with big ass cars and tended to by hired landscapers in floppy campaign hats and screaming leaf blowers, houses plopped down onto rich green lawns, houses sitting grandly, smugly secure amid drooping old oaks that afford a cantilevered presence over the street. Directly across and one house to the right, live the Margraves. Franklin, senior partner in the law firm, Shane, O'Shea, Margrave and Hampton, indeed a mouthful I suppose for the poor receptionist. Heather. Hmmm. A well preserved fifty-something with a set of Hindenburg hooters. She has that classic burlesque-queen, pin-up girl figure of a by gone era. Heather spends her days on various activities, there is the garden club, the country club with the four-maybe five-glasses of wine lunches with the girls, maybe a shopping spree into the city and, oh, by the way, the periodic romp with me.

Then, there is Mitzi and Mia. Fuck. They share an apartment not far from my townhome, down Fall River, left on Oak Lawn, three miles then right onto Harper where the de facto gated community of Fallbrook ends on its north side. Here, there are blocks and blocks of apartments serving the mid and low level staff of the medical center, students at the university and secretaries and paralegals and telemarketers and order takes from the south side business district. Mitzi is a 20 year old college student, working it on Daddy's dollar. Mia is a 22 year old sales clerk for a Macy's downtown. She takes a class too from time to time. I pay for their apartment, pay some on tuition and in return get to fuck them both—our arrangement is I get to do them for a day once a week. However, there is one condition—this is their stipulation if you believe it—I am never to fuck them individually. They come as a pair. Typically, they prefer to come to my place so they can raid my bar, or on occasion, I take them up to Palisades Park for a Saturday of it—where they serve poolside as my two young lay around girls for the day.

Mitzi doesn't have a f****y nearby but she does have a bonehead boyfriend who usually sl**ps over on Saturday night.

Mia does have f****y and usually spends Sundays with them—my day in the den of dysfunction, she sighs, as she gulps down some more of my Glenfiddich.
Usually on Sundays I try to find a provider, which in itself can be problematic. However, I have a line on one or two who, for a premium, will service me well for a few hours on a Sunday. If I have her over early, we get off to a slow start; they're working girls after all. But we end up having a bang up time of it.

But today, as my phone trills, I smile, look down onto the slivers, sabers and shards of light dancing and sliding around the edges of the ice. I take a sip and jack on my dick, today I'm with one of my regulars—the sixth and newest of my fuck buddies—Japanese, her English name is Rose.

My cell phone beeps…they left a message. I jack my Johnson readying myself for my second go at this little Japanese wonder. She comes out of the bathroom and I go rock hard. Her titanic titties are all agleam where she has taken a damp rag and towel to clear them of my load. A few minutes ago, she had been kneeling down before me, her knees on a pillow, giving me a sloppy, slurping, saliva soaked sucking, rocking up and down, back and forth over my member—the fingers of one hand butterfly tickling my balls, the other hand gripping one of my ass cheeks for purchase. At that critical moment I had pulled out of her mouth and begun to whack away at those large lovelies, bunch 'em up baby and she had, the scene just too much for me and I had sprayed, splattered and sputtered out my spunk, spewed my sperm, made my mighty man mess on those magnificent, massive mounds—I had fucking messed all over those mammaries. I had groaned and moaned, gasped and grunted in my lust, urged on by her sweet little coos, her oohs and aahs. She had given me that Oh, baby look at you go, yes, give me that nice load. Three thick threads had thrust out of my dick, rocketing up to the base of her balled up boobs, the left one, then the right one, and then the third plopped right down into her cleavage. Then, it's all crazy as I jack it all out, flipping, flinging, flicking my gobs of man goo onto her big beauties. Yes, I left a virtual archipelago of cum across her tits, a forearm, and a shoulder.

Oh, we did good, she says as she takes me in hand, finishing the job, draining my balls, letting her titties drop and I groan anew at their sag and heft, gather them and hug my dick with them, hump them and glory in my total access to these huge honkers..

At some point during our time together over the last two months she began to equate her performance with the number of times I cum, along with the quality, rather quantity, of my loads. Who am I to disabuse her of that notion?

Rose stands 5 feet tall if that. Dark, fine hair as is common among the Japanese. She sports a mild tan and the cutest, brightest smile, little girl giggle and lusty laugh. But, of course, for me it's the tits that matter. Rose has a set of truly natural torpedo titties that hang down just above her waist, perky nipples. They are soft, with that firmness of youth, but springy and lively, mushy in good measure. She could easily be one of those gravure models so popular in Japan. Rose isn't plush bodied, but she is probably about five, maybe ten pounds overweight for her height, perfect for me. I like that quiver and quake when I'm humping her from behind, gripping those cheeks.

After our second or third time together, after I had fucked her a time or two during that session, she had come out of the bathroom and pondered her nude profile in one of the several stand up, panel mirrors I keep strategically placed about my town home.
I'm fat she had pronounced.
I was sitting on the couch jacking off slowly, rhythmically as I stared at her boobs, me wanting them in my lap once more.
It's baby fat, sweet tits.
Yeah, but I don't like it.

Well, honey, you can either go on a diet or we can fuck it off you.
Rose had flashed that headlight bright grin, giggled and turned to give me full frontal as she watched me jacking off to her. Hmmm diet or dick?
It didn't take long to see what she decided. I remember groaning in anticipation as she moved slowly across the room toward me.

My cell phone beeps again. I leer at her ass as she makes her way over to my wet bar. It's a nice rolling rump and I try to recount the times I've looked down on it as I did her from behind, or gripped a cheek or two as she sat astride me. She has developed quite an affinity for Bombay gin and likes to party with it. I know that eventually some asshole is going to turn her on to pot, then coke, maybe amphetamines or some party d**g. As a matter of principle that bothers me. But the more central issue: she is eighteen, barely. Her daddy is a big time investment banker with all manner of muscle at city hall. It's risky enough she sucks my dick on a fairly regular basis and then staggers home d***k. Damn. I am going to miss boffing and banging that heavy hootered honey. However, as I mentioned earlier, I am always on the hunt.

I watch her pour out Bombay into a highball glass with an ice cube or two. Rose has her back to me as she tips back her head and takes in a long gulp of gin. I can see those big beauties from around her sides, like two elongated moons rising on an alien horizon. I jack a little harder, a little faster at the scene. Then, her cell phone comes alive with some punk ass song.

I let go of my cock and pick up my phone, check the number Matt Devine. A number of my acquaintances know I've come into a lot of money—or rather they sense I have—and they hang around hoping I'll pick up the bar tap, the lunch check. They know I've got a lot of soft touch available to tag, so they hang around hoping for some spin off tits, tongue and tail. Not Matt. Matt is good for two things, making money and finding pussy. We party together from time to time, trading off, sharing tail. We share a similar obsession—we're committed boob men.

I take another sip of bourbon, and punch in Matt's speed dial number.
Hey, Duke my man. How's it hanging?
Mine don't hang b*o. He's a good soldier, always alert and at the ready.
Fuck. What's up with you this morning?
Well, let's see, I just jacked out a load of man juice all over the nicest set of jugs, all over an incredible pair of heavy hanging hooters. Right now, I'm imbibing in my favorite bourbon and I'm watching some great ass action across the room.

Rose looks my way, and I nod. She presses a button, and I watch the fresh action as she crawls up into bed, puts a pillow on her lap, but those tits, those bobbing, wobbling boobs she settles them down onto it as she leans against the headboard. She presses the phone to her ear: hey girl, she says.
Matt chuckles, no shit, another day in paradise. Who are you banging? You doing that big titter redhead, what's her name? GG?
Rose takes a deep drink of gin.
No man. My little neighbor.
The little Asian bitch?
The very one.
When are you gonna let me tap that?
Well, right now, I'm gonna play this close. She's not quite ready for the life.

Rose is now talking, giggling, laughing, and those titties ripple, quiver and quake. Daddy won't let me do that. I'll ask, but I don't think so. What about this afternoon, call me, we'll go out after four. Go to The Blue Door. I like that place.
What are you doing, Matt? I ask. 
Well, I'm waiting on my own little fuck. You remember that girl Tami, from Deaver Island?
Yeah, fuck yeah.

Anyway, she's moved into the city and, well, she's got a big financial nut to crack, and I've got a couple of big nuts that need some attention. We've made an arrangement.
No shit. That the one with the little Dutch boy cut? Black hair? She looks like she's got a big bulbous set.

Yep. Listen boss, I know you got to get on with your thing over there, but listen up. You know for the last few months I've been banging the wife of one of my neighbor's.
Yes, I say. I've met Melissa before, had drinks with her and Matt a time or two. Her husband, a commercial real estate broker—a real piece of work—I’ve met him at a few bars close to Matt’s place.

Anyway, Matt continues, she has this friend named Keri. Listen man. Mel introduced me to her not long ago. Fucking right on set of titties. A real jack off girl. No shit.
I lean forward a bit, and ask: So, you finally gonna let me have a go at Mel? I can't believe it. I thought she was, like, your fucking flagship. Is that what this is about, a fuck party?
Listen, listen, Matt continues. This is a time sensitive piece of work here.

Across the room, Rose gets up out of bed and it's all tits and ass, legs and arms and flopping hair. She goes over to the bar, damn that girl can drink. I hear her talking: No, I'm with that guy Duke. She giggles, Yeah, the guy with the big dick that takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Hum. Yeah.
So, what's the story? I press on, excited now.

Rose gets off the phone, takes a drink, and looks at me head on. She lowers her head, gives me that come hither look, that tight little girl grin, reaches up and jiggles a jug, makes it go wild with fleshy ripples. My mouth drops and I grip myself a little tighter.

Well, here we go, Matt says. Get this, planets have been aligned for us good buddy. Keri's husband is going out of town on Tuesday for some kind of conference. Her son is away at band camp. Mel's two snot-nosed, booger pickers are off at grandma’s house for the week. Now, her husband, Mr. Asshole is also going out of town for a couple of days. We've got a window here of Wednesday and Thursday.

What do you mean? I point to my dick; she grins and makes her way over to me.
Well, these two women want to party. We're talking two days of licking down, and sucking off. Mel knows about your place up at Palisades Park. They want to do it to it, dude. But, they want to do a look over. They are gonna be at Bob's Big Deck this afternoon with their hubby's and two other couples.

Rose sits down beside me; I pick up my drink now that I have a free hand. She takes over the dick action, giving me soft, gentle, delicate strokes, staring at her work.
No, shit. You mean these guys are taking their women to the Deck?
Yeah, yeah I know. But hey, the girls are pretty good—when they see wifey, or girlfriend, they don't bend over quite as far, don't brush boobs over you quite as much.
What time? I ask, watching Rose’s hand move up and down my stiff shaft, I mean, I've got some good action here until about two.
Mel says they plan on rolling in around three or so. Look dude, you're gonna cream over this Keri.

And you're turning Mel loose? I ask again, thinking that I’ve had a hard on for her for over a year, but our rule is, we never step into the other's stable without permission.
Hey, I really want to get after that Keri myself. She and Mel are really tight and this is the only way it's gonna happen.

Rose slides down in front of me and starts some serious work on my dick.
Oh, fuck. Matt I gotta go. This little thing just went down me.
I shut the phone and watch her pretty head bobbing up and down, that soft silky hair dr****g me, her fingers working my balls…..hmmm.

I alternate between closing my eyes, throwing my head back in pure ecstasy and watching. Her tongue slicks up and down, flits over the tip of my cock, then she’s back to fucking me with her mouth, it all feels so good. I reach down and take a titty in hand, the left one, the right one; and those hooters are so soft as they bobble out a gentle beat against my thigh. She works me up good.

The sight of all that female flesh, tits, arms, and soft little hands, feathery hair, her pussy and slight tummy—it all nearly tips me over. Rose licks my balls, rides that tongue up my shaft and then slips me into her mouth again…follows this rhythm over and over.
I just sit there and let her fuck my cock with her mouth—until I nearly cum. 

Now, you can hump hooters all day, top off titties by spraying them with your spunk. You can get all the jug hugs, letting her jack you off with her big jigglers. She can suck your dick and lick your balls. She can hand job you off to completion and you can jack it out onto her tummy or ass. But until you stick it into her pussy, you haven’t really fucked her.
And so, I regain control and pull her off of me.
Pussy time baby. Time for pussy.

I watch her big wonders wobble about. She stands and asks, how do you want it, baby? I use both hands to motion for her to climb on—let’s go baby, ride this thing. I grab me some titty as she straddles me. I nibble on her nipples as she works my dick into her. I sigh, she sighs, as Rose slides down onto me, her pussy is really wet.

Rose rides me good, grinding her ass and raking her clit over me. I watch her pretty face contort in pleasure, she emits little gasps and barks and this excites me all the more.
You like she asks. I look up at her, well, baby, I’ve an ass cheek in one hand and a big ole titty in the other, my cock is up in your pussy, yeah, I like.

I heft up her hooters, the left one the right one, over and over and suckle on her nipples, bury my face into their lushness, bobble and bat them around. Make them bounce and bunch them up and let them drop. All the while she is working that clit, jacking my dick with her pussy. Her eyes closed, her moaning and murmuring, purring and pouting, then her breath catches a time or two and then her ass is going wild. My hands grip her cheeks, working it, guiding that wonderful up and down action. 

I press her close to feel those large lovelies against me, and she rubs them over me, brushing them over my chest. 

Oh, baby this is my favorite dick to fuck. Is mine your favorite pussy?
Oh, I groan out, crazy in lust, yes I mumble into her bountiful bosom. Of course, for me, my favorite pussy is the one which I have just inserted my dick. So, technically, I’m telling her the truth.

We hump for a few minutes and then I feel her cum. Her pussy walls grip my dick and then I’m slick with the results of her climax. She pauses and then I bump her a time or two and then she resumes her rutting. When I cum, I fucking slam at her, and because she is so light, I hump her and pump and those titties bobble and bounce and she gasps and giggles and laughs and I blow my load up into her, spasm after spasm of spunk spurting pleasure. 
I clasp her to me, press those gorgeous titties against me, rub lovingly over her body, going for her bottom, her boobies—because I can, because this little piece of ass is mine. We hold this pose while we catch our breath.

My next go at her, I take Rose from behind out on the balcony. When we had finally uncoupled, after our fuck session on the couch, Rose had gone right to the bar and reworked her drink—then to the bathroom to douche. I had washed myself off and then poured out a healthy Knob Creek and returned a call from Justin, my partner in our remodeling business. 

We had taken our drinks out onto the balcony. Sitting down, we chatted a while. The park was busy, but at this time of day, my side is in the shadows. So, I reach over, while we sip our drinks, and rub my hand along Rose’s thigh. When she sees me growing hard at the physical contact, she downs her drink and stands, her fabulous fun bags all bobbing about and wobbling around, I lean into her and bury my face into them, pressing and moaning and groaning as I rake my face over those huge honeys. 

When I stand, she is so short her hanger bangers hang down so low I can touch them with my dick and this just simply—always—drives me crazy with lust. I tit grab, ass grab while she softly strokes me, fondles my balls. 

How you want me? She purrs, watching her hand and my cock.
Turn around and bend over baby, it’s pussy time again.
And so, I had banged her bottom good, her arms on the railing, her hips in my grip, her titties galloping in time to my exertions, her cheeks quaking, our bodies clap-clap-clapping together, each of us moaning out.
Oh that’s good pussy.
Oh that’s good dick, baby.

And I had roamed my hands over as much of the little woman’s body I could reach, ass cheeks, thighs, hips, titties, loving the view, loving the feeling. I gave long strong strokes. Going in deep, at which point she would gasp, then I pulled out to the tip of my dick. Then back in—her pussy nice and tight, but slick and silky. Over and over and over. Just fucking the little thing, getting what I needed. Taking it and pussy pumping her, making those titties tumble about and I’m just lost in lust. I felt her cum twice, both times backed into me, bucked and bumped against me in her eagerness, in her own lustful abandon and when I came, I go cum creaming crazy, just yelped fuck that pussy and piston fucked her, ravished that rump, jacking my dick with her pussy, grunting as each sperm spewing spurt rifled out of my cock into her deepness. 

For some time, we stayed in position, me rubbing lovingly over her ass, reaching around to heft up her hanging hooters, patting her ass, kneading those cheeks, wanting to keep this for myself, wanting it available, on call, wanting to just fuck her over and over and then I resume my pumping, a slow, and steady humping, draining my balls.

Then, I looked out over the park grounds, its gentle blanket rolls of green, and saw him—we call him Captain—sitting on a park bench. He had been watching—all he could have possibly seen was the top of our heads, hers bobbing up and down, mine behind her. But it would have been enough to figure out what we were doing. The Captain, US Coast Guard retired. He saluted me and I chuckled and saluted back. Then, I gave her little ass a nice little love smack, pulled free of Rose’s pussy and took a sip of my drink. 

Fifteen minutes later, we are spaced out on my bed. I’m on my back, kicked back at half incline, she on her side, pressed next to me, head on my chest. Her big boobies mashed between us, one of her legs over mine and she softly fondles my balls, and with her fingers she feather strokes over my thighs and abdomen, back to the balls, finger sliding up and down my shaft, back to the balls in a wonderful, lazy, calming rhythm. I stroke over her ass, give her cheek a couple sharp little love smacks and back with my right hand and with the left, I reach over to retrieve my drink. As I sip, I reflect. Damn. I jacked off twice before Rose arrived. Once when I first woke up and then once more in the shower. My first go at her had been when I went cum creaming crazy, topped off those titties, just partied down on them. Yes, I had glazed those huge honeys quite well thank you very much. Then, there was the first real fuck of the day when we had fucked on the couch and later when I humped and hammered her hind end on the balcony. I sip my drink again, awash with the wonderful post coital feeling of self satisfaction, warm in my hedonistic glow, knowing I could roll her over, slip inside her and just pump away any time I wanted. And I smile, gloat really, in the realization that I will be able to get after her until about 2:00 o’clock when Rose has to be home before her daddy comes in from his golf game. Rose feels so soft and warm and she’s taking sweet care of my balls. I’m feeling really fine.

I set my glass down and reach down and softly, gently stroke over her tit, flick her nipple, squeeze that jug and jiggle it. I move my hand up and tilt her face up toward me. I kiss her long and lovingly. My little pussy I think as her lips work against mine, my little fuck as she rises up, her boobs d****d over me. My cock begins to stir, grow. Rose smiles as she pulls her face from mine, are you ready to get worked up again baby? She purrs. And again I think, hot fucking damn. I lay back and tell her, rub those big beauties over me honey. And she does. Yes, Rose gives me a wonderful tit rub, a boob brush. From toe to head. It was fucking incredible. As she rises up on all fours I gasp at the sight of her hooters hanging and hopping, swinging and swaying. She pauses long enough for me enjoy some tit play with my hands as I bobble those boobies, bounce them around, heft up those hooters…then, she is at my feet and ankles and I begin to moan and groan as she rubs them, strokes them over me from left to right. And that tit softness nearly sends me over the top as she makes her way up to my thighs. And again when she bobs them up and down on my crotch, pressing them against my cock. Rose lets me slip my cock in between them and I press those titties against me, jug hug my dick with them and she accommodates nicely by rocking back and forth for several strokes, jacking my dick with them. Then, she moves up along my stomach, dr****g me with them, letting them pool and pancake over me, dabbing up and down, left and right and then, of fuck, then they are in my face while I’m grabbing ass and smacking cheeks and kissing titty and sucking nipple. 

All the time, she is humming and whispering, oh yes, baby you like titty don’t you. Yes, you like that tit rub don’t you. I felt that my cock was about to explode and I grabbed, flipped her onto her back and sucked on tit again, kissing them, slobbering over them in my lust and gradually, slowly made my way down across her stomach and lower abdomen until I was between her legs, lapping at her thighs, clit and pussy lips. It was her turn now to moan and groan. While I tongue fucked her Rose alternated between pressing her thighs against my head and then splaying her legs wide, grinding my face into her and then lovingly combing my hair with her fingers, cooing and begging me never to stop. Rose came twice as far as I could tell. I stayed there quite a while, until she was soaked all over her thighs and my face was slick with her juices and my saliva. I loved giving her the action. I’ve been told by a number of my bed buddies that licking a woman down is one of my great talents. And Rose was very grateful.

She pulls up, presses me onto my back and Rose is a vision as she climbs up on me. Those hooters hang down and swing free as she straddles me. I feel the warmth of her thighs and when she lifts my cock up and slides slowly down I nearly lose my load. I lay there, getting fucked, she does the work for a while. I play with Rose’s hooters, enjoying them, rubbing over her ass, feeling my dick being stroked by her pussy. She grins down at me, oh baby, does that feel good, am I doing you right? 

I look up at her, reach up to press her face in my hands, and we kiss softly then deeply .and I rearrange my hands. Well, and I repeat my oft told reply to such a question, let’s see little girl. I’ve got one heavy hanging hooter in one hand, one ass cheek in the other. My cock is up inside a tight pussy and I’m looking at your pretty face while you fuck me. I’m a happy fucker indeed.

After a while of this, I pull her to me and roll her over. Rose emits her little giggle and as I adjust on top her she says, ok fuck, now I’m going to really get nailed. And I do it. I fucking hammer down on that lovely little big boobied bitch. I piston fuck her, she’s grunting with every other thrust and her eyes are clinched shut. Rose’s tits are flopping and flying, swimming up and down in time with my drives into that pussy. I want to make sure, in my fevered mind, that when I’m finished with her, she knows she’s been fucked and fucked good. Her legs are in the air and when I look over at the stand up mirror, one of several which I have placed strategically about my second story play room, I feel so strong and powerful. She has her hands on my ass, and as I thrash about on top of her, she begs me, oh baby fuck me, oh you fuck me sooooo good, Oh that big dick works so good for me. Oh baby, take what you need, yes, get it, get it. Do me, do me, do me, do me, it’s all yours. 

Rose is so slight of body, so short and yet there they are, those outsized titties and they’re mine to fondle and fuck, to touch and top off and that pussy, oooh, this young pussy, damn I tip over. I unload. I just simply go pussy pumping crazy. I groan and grunt with each throb into her. Finally, I lay still on top of her. She rubs her soft fingers over my back and ass, her legs winged out to the sides. Her titties pressed out between us. I pump her a few more times, loving that pussy. Then, I roll off her.

We both mutter, fuck. 

Three hours, a light lunch, several drinks and five fucks later, we are standing in the shower. She soaps me up, and jacks me off while I grope over her ass, her titties, savoring again being taken care of by this young little Japanese beauty. They look so damned good, all slick and shiny and while she works on my dick, staring at her hand action, cooing to me, yes baby let it go, give it up for me, I jiggle them, bat them about. 

I realize she is a little d***k, and she is eager for me to cum--to work her magic on my dick. I do let go. Damn, it shoots out of me again. 

Twenty or so minutes later, I am standing, naked of course, at my balcony, watching the hot little fuck walking, staggering a bit admittedly, down the pathway back to her father’s condo at the other end of the complex. I sip my drink and work on my dick, admitting to myself that I am one horny mother fucker, staring at her ass tightly ensconced in a pair of denim shorts. She turns around and I notice that her titties are hanging down low and realize she isn’t wearing her bra. Rose waves at me and I lift up and make a jacking off gesture. She giggles, covering her mouth and then, glancing about, looks up at me again and shakes her boobies about. I laugh and wave back.

A little later, after I cum one more time out on the balcony, thinking about her hand action in the shower, how she sucked me off three times, how I came on her tits another three times, I clean myself off and walk through the condo to get dressed for my rendezvous with Matt at Bob’s, I come across her bra d****d across the back of the couch. I grin, taking it into the bedroom, dropping the inordinately large item into bottom drawer of my huge armoire—adding it to my collection. I muse, smile, she is one great little fuck.