"Sex Stories" a naughty school girl

Sex Stories a naughty school girl
My alarm woke me for school, stretching, spreading my legs. I ran my hand down my body, across my firm tits, nipples hard from the hot horny dream I had just hand, I ran my hand down my stomach, down across my panties, feeling them wet beneath my fingers. I jumped out of bed and headed into the bathroom, turned the shower on and got in, that morning I made myself cum three times just over the one thought of that dream.

I got dressed for school - a short black skirt, tight white shirt, tie, knee high black socks, black high heels, a nice black g-string and matching bra. After applying just the right amount of make up - some foundation, a little blush, plenty eyeliner, some mascara to give my eyes a little lift with sexy long lashes and bright red seductive lipstick, I left the house.

I saw guys staring at me from every direction as I walked down the road, cigarette between my fingers with my perfect french manicured nails. I gave them all a cheeky little smile. I arrived at school just as the bell rang, first up was english..then blah blah, as usual for school, I didnt pay much attention, well that is, until maths - my favourite class for one obvious reason, my hot teacher.(XXX Stories)

Everyday i sat in class, biting my lip as I stared at the huge bulge I could see in his trousers, I always made sure I got the seat up front, and quite a few times I noticed him having a nice wee look up my skirt, but today, I was going for it, I was going to beg him to take me. Mr Armstrong was his name, quite well named I must say, those bulging arms of muscle always attracted my attention.

It was last period when we had maths, I made sure I was first to class, I walked in, swagger in my step, making sure he saw my ass bounce from side to side with each step. I took my seat as the rest of the class came in, I sat there, pen in hand, teasefully biting on the end of it. He started the class with some work, I had my legs crossed till I saw him take a look under my desk, I uncrossed my legs, slowly opening them, knowing he was watching, I slowly ran my tongue across my top lip, then bit the bottom, as I watched a bulge grow in his tight trousers. I continued to open my legs, then running my hand down I ran my fingers across my tiny g-string covering barely any of my tight wet cunt.

That period went quickly, I asked to wait behind as I "felt I was struggling with a few topics" and he wasted no time in telling me it was prefectly fine if I stayed behind. The bell rang and the school emptied, he got up and closed the classroom door, as I sat my round ass down on his desk, crossing my legs. He turned round and looked at me. "What are you waiting for" i asked him, "Im all yours, come take me". He came back over to me, I pulled his tie bringing his face to mine, my tongue immediately slipping into his mouth, his slipping back into mine as our lips touched, his hand went between my legs seperating them, he could feel the heat before his hand even reached my pussy, his hand began to stroke my soaking pussy through my g-string, as my tongue continued to entwine with his. I undid his shirt as he undid mine and we pulled our ties off, he fondled my firm tits through my bra before slipping it off and playing with them, licking and sucking and qently biting on my erect nipples.

I pushed him away as I jumped back off the desk, feeling his bulge through his trousers, I knelt down pulling down with me his trousers and boxers exposing his huge hard cock right in front of my face. I licked the tip as I took it in my hand, licking it from balls to tip, I slid my mouth down over it, strugling to strech my mouth wide enough to fit in, but I loved it, his cock was huge and throbbing, I spat all his pre-cum back onto his cock, wanking it as I sucked on his balls, listening to him moaning turned me on so much more, he shoved his cock back into my mouth, listening to me gag on his long shaft.

He grabbed me and pulled me up, pushing me onto my back on the desk, he tore my little g-string off exposing my tight wet pussy, he kneeled down, I felt his tounge gently slide up my slit, reaching my clit he began to circle round it, then licking and flicking it I began to moan, it felt so fucking good "Yes, Mr Armstrong, lick my throbbing clit, suck it!" Oh and he did, he sucked it till I was squirming and squeeling, then shoving his cock into my tight cunt I came all over his tongue..and now, I was begging for his huge cock.

"Fuck me baby, fuck me now!" I begged him. He lifted my legs and put them over his shoulders, then with one quick thrust his cock pounded to the back of my pussy I screamed, thank god there was nobody else left in the department..well, as far as we know there wasn't. Then Mr Armstrong slowly slid his cock back, then rammed it deep inside me again, I let out moans of pleasure as he began to gain speed, feeling him spreading me open each time, it was amazing, I heard him moaning, almost as loud as me at points. "Fuck Sarah! This is one tight juicy cunt you have!" he told me, I knew he just wanted to destroy my cunt with that huge cock, so I told him to bend me over, he did, and as I bent over the desk he rammed it straight back in me, my face on the desk, screaming and begging for him to just make me cum everywhere!

He spanked my ass so hard, watching my cheeks jiggle about, his cock giving me more pleasure than I ever thought possible. "Im going to cum!!" I screamed at him, and just as I did I covered his cock in my hot juices, he began moaning so loud, I felt his cock grow inside me, he didnt even have to tell me, I knew he was about to fill me with his hot spunk. "Im cumming, Sarah, oh god im cumming so deep inside you!" and he did, filling me with his huge load.

He stepped back and I slowly stood up, shaking from pleasure, I let my hand down to my pussy to collect some of his spunk that was now dripping out of my cunt all down my soft legs, I liked it up of my fingers as he watched. I pulled him towards me again for a kiss to say thankyou, I felt his hands gropping my ass. We got dressed again and I gave him one last cherry red kiss on his lips as I left, my cunt still full of his spunk.