"Sex Stories" On The Prowl

Sex Stories On The Prowl
Wearing an emerald green camisole, black stocking length mini, and seamed stockings with the line going straight up the back of both legs and only stopping just below my ass, black stilettos deep merlot nails on my fingertips elongating my fingers, I take one last look in the mirror. My auburn curls are shoulder length and my green eyes are sparkling with both a****listic hunger and coy shyness.

I head to my favorite club wondering what the night will bring. Sitting at the bar I’m listening to the music and scanning the room. All over there are couples grinding their bodies to the beat. My body begins to move slightly to the music and can feel the pressure building inside of me. I need a man. Scanning the room again I see him. He is wearing a cobalt blue button down which nicely accentuates the blue of his eye and a pair of tight blue jeans that hug his body beautifully.

Turning from him I talk to the bartender to find out what the gentleman is drinking and have an Irish whiskey sent his way. Turning back again I find that he has disappeared and I am feeling disappointed that he wasn’t the one. I turn back to the bartender and ask for a glass of white wine but before I could pay for my drink I see a flash of blue catch my eye and hand the bartender the money.(Adult Stories)

His fingertips brush my hair from my ear and he whispers thank you for the drink...my name is TJ...yours? Ryleigh I tell him and his face brightens up while he says a beautiful name for such a beautiful woman. Blushing intensely I could feel my eyes dance across his face.

He asks if I would like to join him in the corner booth so we can get to know each other a little better and I agree. Grabbing our drinks we both order another round to follow us to the table. The evening progresses and TJ and I get to know each other from grade school crushes to adult life heartaches.

No longer feeling as if I can hold back anymore, I lean in and kiss him full on the lips the heat is electrifying and at once I need to feel him everywhere. Our hands roaming each other’s bodies we continue to kiss. My hands unbutton and slide the zipper of his jeans and slide it down. Immediately his cock springs to life under his boxers. I take his cock into my hand and I begin to stroke while his mouth finds a nipple beneath my cami and begins to suck. His hips lurch as he tries to fuck my hand but I hold him down still wanting to feel his cock growing inside my hand. Stroking, squeezing I can feel him getting harder and harder. He lifts my cami over my head and buries his face between my tits.

Not wanting to stop but wondering if we are being watched I turn slightly and gaze at the crowd. Seeing that we are still 'alone' I lift my skirt and straddle him. His cock slides deep into me filling a void that I had been feeling for way too long. With his hands on my hips and his mouth on my nipple I continue to ride his lap. He begins to thrust up into me as I grind my clit into him. His fingers slide into his mouth and then he slowly slides one then two deep into my ass. Feeling completely full I ride his cock and fingers and I can feel myself getting closer and closer to climax. He whispers into my ear cum all over my cock baby and that is all I need to hear to release my juices. Groaning he continues to thrust up into my quivering pussy my juices dripping down his cock and balls. 

Lying me down on the seat of our booth he pulls my legs up to his shoulders and just folds me in half harder and harder he pounds into my pussy crying out i cum again and want him to do the same I clench my pussy walls around his cock as if I am pulling him in deeper still. Finally with a tremor and a shake I feel load after load of hot sticky cum shooting deep inside coating me. Slowly I feel him begin to soften inside of me as we continue moving together not wanting the moment to end. With one last thrust he pulls his now flaccid cock out of my sopping wet pussy. I start to close up my legs when all of a sudden his face dives deep into me. Licking, sucking, and nibbling at my lips. Tasting our juices together he continues to eat as if this were his last meal. Cumming again I press his face deeper into me wanting my nectar to cover his face. 

His face dripping he moves up to kiss me on my lips. He stares back into my eyes and says that was incredible! Lifting my head from the seat I again scan the crowd and see that no one is watching us. I look at TJ and I thank him for a wonderful evening. Sliding my cami back over my head I adjust my skirt and move away from the table. He grabs at my hand asking if he will ever see me again and I politely decline knowing that he was simply a random fuck and just someone that was at the right place at the right time. I make my way out of the bar and I see another gentleman look up from his drink and give me a wink I smile and wink back thinking to myself slyly this is going to be a long night…