"Sex Stories" Short and Sweet

Sex Stories Short and Sweet
I met Charlotte, really more by accident than design. I was single and she was too, so that was a plus in the sense that neither of us had to make up stories or excuses why we had a sudden, intense, and passionate meeting. If pressed to describe myself I would say average, middle 40’s, and although I have a great job, it is nothing that makes me a great catch or an instant attraction to the opposite sex. So meeting Charlotte for that brief and erotic period was a big surprise.

By way of introduction, my name is Frank and I am an out of work massage ther****t with a medical facility in the northern half of the US. When the recession hit and I lost my job and instead of setting around in the freezing cold I decided to pack up and try something different. I moved to a tropical location, I won’t be specific because it has nothing more to do with this story than the fact that that it involves lots of palm trees, sunny warm days, and sandy beaches.

Oh, and it is a tourist destination and several of my friends told me a guy can make money down here giving massages to the tourists. I wouldn’t want to send a message to anyone that I am a snob about my former employment, but working as a massage ther****t in a medical facility is not exactly the same as being a masseuse for a resort. In the resort it is all about catering to the client and in the medical facility it is about flowing the prescribed treatment ordered by the doctors. Some workers in this segment of the field have told me crazy stories about insane tips they received for offering “extra services,” and as much as some of the stories sounded like fun, I felt, up until the other day, that I was above that sort of thing. But I am getting ahead of myself.(Erotic Stories)

I started at this resort a month ago and being trained in this job I needed little training except for resort policies and then I was on the regular schedule. My first few clients we impressed with my knowledge and technique, but unfortunately in a resort there is little repeat business as most are here for a week or two and then back home. And in many cases the massage as well as other spa services are a luxury or indulgence for the women while the men are off on the golf course.

After this short time on the job I pretty much got into the groove with the routine and none of my clients turned out to be anything that would be chalked up as something exceptional in the area of tips or erotic situations. I worked about half my hours in the spa and the other half making calls to the guests rooms. Neither location seemed to make a difference on what was expected by the client or the comfort level with the job.

This morning I reported in to work and was scheduled for guest room calls. I usually preferred the spa in the morning as there was a brisk schedule, which made my day go faster. Morning room calls were slow at best and meant far less in tips. I checked the board and the first appointment was at 10:00 AM with Charlotte, no last name given. The note indicated she wanted a full body massage. I grabbed my bag of massage oils and related equipment and table towards the elevator for the ride to the 10th floor.

I recognized the room number as an ocean side room, always my favorite as the ocean view beat the back of the client, and for the most part my hands needed no assistance from my eyes as it was primarily a touch and feel guided tour. As I reached the clients door I noticed it was standing ajar, so I tapped lightly on it to keep it from swinging open and said, “Massage Services.” I heard a woman’s voice from within the room say, “Please, come on it, I will get a robe on.”

I pushed the door open a bit and saw the room was clear, the last thing I wanted to do was enter the room with a naked woman, which would cause an awkward moment. 

“You can set your table up so I can look out the glass door, isn’t the ocean beautiful today?” the woman said as I started setting up the table.

“It sure is,” I said, “looks like a great day to head to the beach.”

As I turned a bit I could see her coming out of the bathroom out of the corner of my eye. I gulped back a gasp as I noticed she was just closing her white terry cloth robe, she was totally naked and I caught a brief glimpse of nude body. And what a body it was. As it turned out Charlotte was a full figured black woman, and I say full figured with all due respect. She was not some skinny little stick figure with bones sticking out everywhere.

I can’t say that I have a particular interest in any one body type nor do I have a particular interest in one ethnic group or another, but I do know that so much emphasis is put on the skinny model type that some of the most stunning woman exists with barely a person noticing them. But I noticed this one.

I stood and turned as Charlotte approached with her hand outstretched for a brief handshake. I introduced myself and said, “let’s start with you lying on your tummy, I will step out onto the balcony while you get in place.”
Charlotte didn’t argue as I stepped out and I heard her climb up onto the table and I barely had the door open when she said, “Okay Frank, I am ready for you.”

I returned and my immediate reaction was to feel my cock harden as I looked at her beautiful body stretched out on my table. She had d****d the robe over her butt and her arms were up with her hands under her chin as she seemed to gaze right through me at the ocean beyond. Her large breasts were bulging out on each side and were so enticing that I knew I was going to be in trouble if I didn’t get my mind on my business.

I am not a small talk kind of guy as I go to work, but I did want to know if she had a particular area for massage so I asked, “Are you having a particular problem or do you just want a nice relaxing massage?”

“Well yes, I am very stiff and sore in my shoulder blades and then my lower back is stiff as well.”

Charlotte did not seem to be paying much attention to me, as I got out some oil and began a slow easy massage on her shoulders. Although she was full figured, I could feel a very solid muscle tone and as my hands moved across her shoulders I could feel her tense up a bit, “too hard?” I asked.

“No, I love the touch of a strong man; your hands are just wonderful.”
My cock seemed to react before my brain as I felt it harden a bit and knew this was going to be a tough session. I continued working on her shoulders and neck and then moved to her shoulder blades. I did not apply a lot of pressure at first as I wasn’t sure how sensitive she was in this area and as I began to work the area she moaned softly.

It was a moan of relaxation and pleasure so I knew I was hitting the right spot with the correct pressure. Charlotte moved a bit on the table as if to get more comfortable and as she did her breast jiggled a bit and teased me with that fluid motion that seems to excite every male. “Am I hurting you,” I asked knowing that I wasn’t but wanting to be specific to her needs.

“No baby,” she said, “you are really good at this.”

I began a slow movement towards her lower back and pushed the robe down a bit to allow better access. Her butt was perhaps the most erotic scene, it was in good proportion to the rest of her body, but was well rounded and I could see through the heavy robe that each globe was well rounded and distinct, and yes, my cock was getting harder just thinking about that detail.

“How low in the back are you feeling discomfort,” I asked as I worked on her beautiful back. Her skin was flawless and with the oil my hands slid across her skin as if it was silk. The oil produced a satin sheen to her skin and I forgot about the ocean view as I concentrated on the supple skin as my hands would glide over her back.

“Oh, yea,” she moaned softly, “that is so wonderful, but a little lower please.”

I was about as low as my training would allow, but her delicious butt and skin made me forget about my professional training. I worked as low as I felt I could without crossing the line of good taste. As I did so I noticed her shift a bit again and her left hand dropped to the side of the table and then the robe disappeared!

At first I thought my massage technique caused it but then noticed the robe in her hand as it slid to the floor. I stopped for a second but she immediately said, “no don’t stop baby, I really need attention lower and the robe was in the way.”

“Well Charlotte,” I stammered, “the resort has rules concerning this sort of thing, I don’t want to cross the line and make trouble for either of us.”

“Well baby,” she said in a soft sweet voice, “the customer is always right and in this case let’s forget the rules.”

I knew this was a problem, but her ass was nothing short of the most erotic scene and my cock seemed to rule my hands. I moved my hands up a way onto her ass and as I did she parted her legs and as she did so I could see a patch of hair that could only come from one place. It seemed to glisten in the light of the room and at this point I decided that rules were intended to be broken.
I had never been with a black woman, not that I had some fantasy about it or any reservation either. I had simply never thought about it. I applied a little more oil and as I did it rolled down the crack of her ass and disappeared from view. I started to massage the oil in and as I did so I let my thumb slide along the crack, dipping momentarily deep into the crevice that was so warm and soft.

Charlotte moaned soft and low and pushed her butt up a bit and my thumb slide deeper and I could feel her opening and instantly pulled away. I continued to massage each globe and as I did would let a finger tip enter her crack and each time was met with the same reaction. She was certainly receptive to the touching and my cock was now at full attention.

“I need you to work on my legs too,” Charlotte said in a soft voice. I moved one hand down to her thigh closest to me and continued to massage her luscious butt. My right hand was on her ass and my left was slowly massaging her thing closer to her knee that her butt. 

“Oh, yea,” Charlotte gasped as my hand on her thing got near her butt and I knew that my next pass was going to be pleasurable for both of us. Charlotte must have anticipated my intention as well because as I began gliding my hand up her firm thigh she parted her legs further and her pussy was now in full view. I nearly stopped my motion but decided it was now or never. I continued sliding up her thigh as I moved my hand lower to her inner thigh.

Then I touched her pussy, the tip of my thumb contacted the hairy patch and then just the tip of it crazed across her pussy lips. It sent a shiver up my spine and my cock throbbed needing some attention. Charlotte moaned again and wiggled a bit as if she was trying to slide onto my thumb. I left my hand there for a second and then bent my thumb and pushed my hand hard against her pussy. My knuckle was buried in her slit and I could feel the opening of her pussy, it was warm and wet and I knew she was as excited as I was.

I had no idea what to do next. I was so aroused that stopping now would be more painful than moving ahead and risking problems with my job. Again, Charlotte must have read my mind as she tightened her legs holding my hand tight against her crotch. “I need to roll over,” she said softly, “I have a spot on the front that needs the attention of your strong hands.”

As she completed the sentence she let go of my hands in a bit of an awkward roll turned on her side to face me. Her breasts, large and rounded, came into view and I could see her erect nipples against the areoles that were large and well defined and darker than the surrounding. They were so beautiful and although the weight of them pulled them towards the side, they retained a beautiful shape that made me want to rub my oil slicked palms over those hard nipples, but resisted as I wasn’t sure just how much “attention” she wanted.

Charlotte rolled onto her back and was laid out in front of me like a beautiful buffet. I looked at her naked body, and could see small tracks of oil that had run round her sides while on her back. But there was an overall soft glow that I knew was from the attention I had been giving her and I knew she was as turned on as I was.

I did not wait for permission or instructions; it was as if I had preformed this service all the time. I squirted more oil on my palms, and began to spread it across both palms. I moved my hands slowly and seductively so she could see that the oil and my hands would be warm by the time I began the rest of the massage. I started near her knees and slowly moved up her thighs. I paused a second to drink in the beauty of this beautiful woman, her skin was so smooth, supple, and warm to the touch, and before I thought any further about it I moved my left hand right over her pubic area. 

The curly hair of her pussy was so soft to my touch and I moved across it lightly. Then I moved my hand back down and cupped her entire pussy. It was warm and I could feel the wetness coming from within her and knew that this would not end until she was satisfied. My cock was throbbing but I knew this was about her pleasure and not mine.

I moved my hand a bit and let my middle finger slide between her pussy lips and could feel the velvety soft and wet inner lips. I could not take my eyes off my pale finger sliding effortlessly between her mound and wanted more, much more. She had me in a spell and I wanted to pleasure her until she could not stand it anymore. My finger began to explore the area and I quickly found that magic opening. 

I let my gaze fall on her breast that were moving with her breathing and it seemed to make them more desirable than when I had first seen them. I let the tip of my finger enter her, then it was like a magnet and I felt as if I was being sucked into her. I must have been in a daze and as I looked back at her pussy it took me a second to realize that her hand was on the back of mine forcing me inside her. 

The heat was immense and I wanted desperately to replace my finger with my cock. I could feel the intense pressure of my erection and then realized it was the back of her hand pressing against the head of my cock.

“I think you will need some attention as well,” Charlotte said as she moved her hand around the head of my cock causing me to press hard against it.

“Oh yes babe, you are getting me in a bad way,” I complained as I began to pull my finger out of her. I pushed back in when it was half way out and then pulled out again. I continued to explore her slit but did not touch her clit. I circled around that fleshy spot that I knew was so sensitive, but I wanted to stimulate it as well. But there would be time, and I wanted her to beg me to touch her there.

I heard her moan as I kept up my exploration of her pussy and several times dipped my finger into her again. I could wait no longer for her to beg, on my next pass up her slit I pressed all my fingers against her clit and held it there for a second, then I flicked my finger across it and felt it harden to my touch. I had hit the spot and was rewarded with her trying to hump against my finger. I pushed my hand down again and this time entered her with two fingers. 

She spread her legs wider as she said, “All the way in baby, I need you inside me all the way.”

I needed no further encouragement as I began to pump my fingers in and out of her. But I wasn’t going to get this far and ignore the beautiful breast that moved with fluid motion as she rocked against the thrust of my fingers in her pussy. I reached out my hand and slide my oil covered palm across her rock hard nipple and she moaned louder, “Oh yeah baby, I was hoping you would knew I needed attention there too.”

My cock was so hard and begging to get loose so I decided it was time to take this as far as she would allow. I pumped my fingers in and out of her rapidly a few more times and then started massaging her clit a bit more, and her breathing quickened into short little gasps and quiet little squeals of delight as I kept up the stimulation. And then I could feel her tense a bit, nothing overtly noticeable, in fact if I had not been a masseuse I may not have noticed the change. I was used to feeling changes in the body as I worked and this change told me she was going to cum. I continued exploring her slit first avoiding her clit and then suddenly and unexpectedly finding it again. She arched her back and closed her legs and I knew she was going to cum all over my hand.

I looked at her feet, her toes were curled down towards the souls of her feet and her body shook a bit as her orgasm sent waves of pleasure through her body. My hand on her breast detected the hardening of her erect nipple and I could feel a tremor run through her body. She was moaning quietly, no loud shots or phony noises like in the porn videos, this was a beautiful woman consumed with her cum. My hand popped out from between her legs as she clenched her legs together and I used the opportunity to quickly drop my pants letting my cock loose.

I was leaking pre-cum and needed attention so badly that I grabbed it with my oil covered hand and gave it a couple strokes knowing that I would be shooting a load if I wasn’t careful.

“Don’t you waste that baby,” she said in mock anger, “as she reached for my cock and gently rubbed her hands over the head. I jumped a bit from the pleasure and as much as I would have been satisfied with a quick hand job I was determined to follow her orders and not “waste it. I leaned over her, shoving my cock against her, poking it hard into her side. I leaned over and kissed her gently on the lips, lingering a bit but tentative as I wasn’t sure that advance would be welcomed. Her full lips parted slightly and I waited no further and sent my tongue into her mouth and found her tongue waiting.

It was a deep and passionate kiss and as I broke it I moved my lips down to her nipple and sucked it gently at first. Then nibbled it a bit with my teeth and loved the rubbery texture as it yielded to my gentle touch. I humped my cock against her soft skin and could feel my pre-cum smearing against her, I wouldn’t last long like this.

I decide it was time, and I quickly stepped up and pushed one knee between her legs. I had no need to tell her anything as she parted her legs allowing me full access. I grabbed my cock and slid it up and down her slit, feeling the soft curly hair tickle the tip. Then I pushed my hard cock against her pussy and slipped it between her pussy lips until it came directly in contact with her clit. I pressed firmly against it, and then pulled back. Then with one fluid motion I pushed forward and entered her with my cock.

I met no resistance as she opened her legs widely and I entered her in one smooth motion. She was so wet and my pre-cum mixed with her fluids to make it a slow gently glide all the way in. I bottomed out, feeling her velvety softness all around my hard shaft. The head of my cock was buried deep inside her as I felt the tickle of the hair on her pubic area against mine. Then it was as if we had been lovers forever. I began my thrusts gently at first, not wanting to be rough, but certainly not wanting to be timid either. As we got into the motion we moved in perfect unison. She met my every thrust with an upward thrust of her hips, her pelvis rocking to make my entry so sensual.

I felt her legs circle behind me, locking her heels into the back of my knees and I began thrusting hard against her. She matched every thrust and groaned as the pleasure increased. My balls slapped against her wet ass crack with each thrust and I could hear the squishy sound of us fucking in unison. Then I knew I was close, and knew that I should probably pull out, but my passion was so intense that I didn’t think about it for a second.

I grunted with each trust and mumbled, “I am close, oh yeah, you are so damn hot.”

“Cum on baby” she moaned, “I want to feel your hot cum inside my pussy. Pump me full of that sticky white cum, cum all over inside me.” Charlotte continued to meet my every thrust and I realized how much she wanted me to cum inside her. I needed no further encouragement, as I thrust deep inside her. She arched he back, grabbed my ass with her hands, and pulled me deep inside her as I sent the first jet of cum inside her.

“I can feel it baby,” Charlotte said, “Cum on Frank, fuck me while you fill me up.”

Her rough talk intensified my cum as the second squirt of cum pumped into her. I felt it squishing out between us, adding to the gooey mess we were making. It would surely form a puddle on my table, I had no concern, I was ready to feel the third jerk of my cock. I was almost totally lost in my cum when I felt that tremor in her body and knew a couple more thrusts and she’d cum all over my cock.

I generally stop thrusting through my cum but she was humping against me and I had to meet her every move, and as my third load of cum shot out of my cock she clenched her legs and pulled me tightly into her. I couldn’t move but the spasm I felt in her pussy told me she was cumming again, as was I. I felt totally spent and knew that my cock would soften quickly after such an intense cum so lowered my face to hers and kissed her gently. I felt the tension from her legs ease and knew it was time to move.

If we had been in bed I would have rolled over on my side and hold her closely but I was afraid of falling off the table. I eased my cock out of her pussy and the sensation was so remarkable my prostate jerked again and the last jet of cum hit her pussy hair, leaving a pearly white strand across the dark curly hair.

I eased off the table and returned for one more gently kiss as I massaged her breast tenderly. I felt her hand on my cock, it was wilting but the gentle touch seemed to spark something deep inside me. 

“Perhaps I’ll need another massage some time,” Charlotte said, “it is always best when it is unexpected, don’t you think?”