"Sex Stories" Sissy and Her Daddy

Sex Stories Sissy and Her Daddy
My name is Jane. I'm 24, and I live with Richard, a 45 year old man I call "Daddy." We've been together almost two years now, and we are deeply in love.

Although Daddy is willing and able to support me financially, I enjoy my job waiting tables, so I put in about thirty hours a week a local café. We take this money and put it in our "get away from it all" account, and Daddy looks after paying the monthly bills.

I don't know if we can get married, legally, since I indeed have a penis (as does Daddy, of course), but I would love to be his bride some day. Meanwhile, although we don't advertise our Daddy/daughter relationship to the world, we're certainly not ashamed of it, and we have a few close friends who support our cause.

Strictly monogamous, we have an active sex life, full of many games and scenarios we like to indulge in, and definitely full of love, passion and intensity. Last night was certainly full of passion and intensity.(Sex Stories)

I'd worked the lunch shift and gotten home about 3pm, enough time to shower, do a bit of housework, and get dinner started for when Daddy would arrive home about 5pm.

I was checking on the readiness of a scalloped potato dish I was making when Daddy came home. "Where's my gurl?" he bellowed with a certain musicality.

Rushing from the kitchen to the entranceway of our modest apartment, I called out, "Daddy's home!" and greeted him with a quick peck on his lips. "How was your day, my dear?" I asked.

"Not too bad, Sweetie, but I've got a bit of an ache ... right about here," Daddy remarked, gesturing toward his pants. 

Smiling coyly, I retorted, "Oh baby that's too bad," as I hugged him tightly. Breaking the hug, I offered him my lips again, and this time when our lips met I could feel his member twitching against the front of my pants as I pressed up against him.

He kissed me deeply, his tongue probing softly, then his teeth biting gently on my lips. Instantly aroused by the passion of his kiss, I yet remembered the dish I had in the oven and thought it best to just turn the oven off before I got too carried away. I placed a hand ever so gently over his crotch, just grazing the material, just giving a whisper of a suggestion of touch, and said, "I've got something cooking for you, Daddy."

Then I looked him in the eye, smiled, winked, and said, "But it might burn if we don't stop this right now." And I sauntered off to the kitchen.

"It smells good, Janie," Daddy said as he slowly followed me back to the kitchen. "Will it be ruined if you just stop cooking it now and we just heat it up later?"

"Well," I replied, turning off the oven, "it won't be as good ... but it won't be ruined." And with that I moved across the floor and snuggled my face into his chest, wrapping my left hand around his back, and letting my right fall directly onto his crotch. Moving the palm of my hand in a large circle around the growing bulge in his pants I added,"And speaking of ruined, if we don't get these pants off you now, you'll soak them right through and they'll be ruined."

He chuckled. "Umm, and just how would they get ruined, Janie girl?"

"Because I'm going to make you cum right now, Daddy dear. I'm going to stroke and rub and squeeze your big cock and I'm not going to stop until you splash your hot gooey cum. So if you want your cum to blast all over your undies --"

"They're coming off, sweetie!" he yelled, undoing his belt faster than I thought possible, then letting his trousers drop to the floor. I knelt down and pulled the legs off his feet and made a feeble attempt at folding his expensive pants then tossed them over the back of a kitchen chair.

"Good work, Daddy," I said, "that was close." Laughing at our silliness, I moved back towards him and put my arms around his waist. "I'm a good girl, Daddy. I worked for six hours today, then I cleaned the bathroom, made some food, and now I think I deserve a treat. I think we both deserve a treat in fact." As I said this, I was undoing his tie and unbuttoning his dress shirt.

I gave him another long kiss while my fingers trailed across his stomach: He seemed to find this manoeuvre across his tummy perhaps more arousing than even when I touched his scrotem; it was adorable to see him automatically, u*********sly close his eyes and tilt his head back just a bit. It was a subtle movement, but I'd noticed it a few times now and I could tell that something about the anticipation of my fingers being so close (yet so far?) to his private parts just made him crazy. His penis stretched his briefs a clear half inch or so as I dragged my fingers across his stomach and then lightly scratched with my nails as I moved my hand back the other direction.

"You are a good girl. Daddy loves his Janie. Does Janie love Daddy?"

I kissed him again, letting my tongue find his, then letting his f***e its way into my mouth, letting him lick along the row of my bottom teeth. "Only with all my heart, Father." 

Continuing to caress his stomach and chest with one hand, my other slid under the waistband of his briefs, finding his curly hair as the scent of his manhood rose up to my nostrils. Finding the base of his beautiful cock, I wedged it between my middle and index fingers while my mouth now found his left nipple and I began to suckle it.

"Janie loves Daddy," I cooed, then bit down on his nipple lightly as I gained a better grasp on the shaft of his penis with my hand. I continued to lick and nip at his aureole and nipple while I slowly began to fondle and stroke his ever-engorged manhood; then I began to inch down his undies with my alternate hand. His breathing became appreciably shorter, yet deeper, with each stroke I gave his cock, and by the time forty-five seconds or so had passed, and I'd managed to get his briefs down to almost his knees, he was fully erect: seven inches long, and a girth that my hand just barely fit around.

I moved my head away from his chest just then, and bent over slightly so I could release some saliva into the "cup" I'd made with my fist at the tip of his penis. As I slowly slid my hand down the shaft this time, my saliva being spread with the movement of my hand, I began to see an appreciable amount of preseminal fluid pooling at the tip of his cock.

For some reason, I was eager to bring him to climax manually, rather than orally, but I nonetheless licked the cum from his slit before returning my lips to his chest, where I began to kiss and nibble his other nipple and aureole.

The taste of his cum always made me think of saltine crackers: Not so much for the taste per se, nor the texture of course, but the smell and the aftertaste perhaps triggered something in my olfactory memory that harkened the crackers. Regardless, it was a good memory, and I could feel my own nipples hardening under my blouse just at the very second I was in my "cracker land" moment.

Daddy bent his knees out a bit, left then right, then lifted a leg a few inches, attempting to rid himself of his tightie whities. Alas, they seemed to be stuck just above his knees. Seeing his predicament, I thought it best to help him out, so I "pried" my hand away from his cock (it was difficult to remove my hand from there, in a sense, you know?), and I lent down and helped him off with the briefs.

When I stood fully again, his hands moved to my face and he caressed my cheeks, then he kissed my nose. Right then he looked at me with such ... I want to say "fierce kindness" (as ridiculous as that sounds) ... such a loving, tender, appropriately endearing look ... if ever I should ever doubt how much Daddy loved me, all I ever need do is remember that look. I wish I could do him justice. I could tell you that his p*o-brown eyes (yes, it sounds awful, I know, but it's our little joke about his eye colour, and with no word of a lie, they are THAT colour) are mesmerizing and kind and his smile could charm a rattlesnake or any other such nonsense ... I can never relate truly how beautiful he is, and how beautiful he makes me feel.

Beautiful, and at this moment, sexy. And raging horny. Daddy had yet to lay a finger on me south of my neck, but I was drowning in arousal then. My own little cock was a brick in my undies. My nipples: on fire. My thighs felt like they were pulling Sisyphus AND the rock up the mountain.

"Fuck me, Daddy. Please. Please. Fuck me Daddy fuck me now now fuck me right now!"

And then he got the most mischievous grin. "We'll see, my dear daughter, we'll see." He unbuttoned my blouse, starting from the bottom button, but left the top button done. Sliding his hands under the material, he began to scratch lightly at my nipples, both at the same time. This drives me positively around the bend. At the most UN-sexy times, this drives me nuts, but right then I thought I would die ... and die a happy gurl ... I was so dizzy with lust as he rubbed each of my nipples between thumb and forefinger. And I was lost. I mean, LOST. I forgot about his big beautiful cock, about my cock, about his eyes, about the kitchen, about dinner ... this seemingly small gesture lifted me to a plane of horniness that I'm not sure I've ever been. It was almost an out of body experience.

Then I felt his lips meet mine, and this knocked my horniness up another four or five notches, but strangely, sort of brought me back down to earth, to the kitchen, to his eyes, to my raging little six inch hard-on and the pre-cum I could feel soaking into my panties, to his big beautiful cock.

But he reached out and undid my jeans and then slid them down to my ankles. Daddy then took his pinky finger and ran it along my scrotem and poked at my little cock a couple times through my undies.

"Please fuck me Daddy!"

"Shhhh," he replied, and with this, he took my hand with his and placed mine back onto his cock. "Masturbate me, my beautiful girl. I love the look of your hand, the feel of your little hand on my cock."

And so, what's a gurl to do? I was able to produce a little more saliva, and I delivered it onto the head of his cock as I went back to jerking my Daddy as I finished stepping out of my jeans.

So there we were, standing in our kitchen, Daddy with his eyes closed, and me caressing ever more quickly his lovely shaft, his head, and then taking his sac in my other hand, scratching it lightly, then cupping his heavy balls as my other hand jerked faster and faster up and down the full length of his wet penis.

I would periodically lean in and kiss and nibble his nipples, first one then the other, then kiss and lick his chest or neck, or his lips, but the angles would become a little awkward (and my jerking hand would get a little tired), so I would trade his cock to my other hand, trying not to miss more than a stroke.

After about fifteen minutes of this, I could sense he was very close to orgasm; his pre-cum was copious now, and I would wash my hand over the top of his crown to bring the salty goo back down the shaft on the "down stroke."

"Oh Janie Daddy's going to come it's so good for Daddy!" he managed to get out in gasps.

Just then I got the weirdest thought that his cum was going to go flying all over the place and land on the tablecloth and the chair and the floor, and that this would be a nasty mess to clean up. My first thought was to kneel down and let him cum in my mouth (after all, I had done that countless times before), but for some reason instead I reached down and pulled the waistband of my panties forward, and as he began to cum, I stepped a bit closer to him and aimed his penis inside the front of my undies. I kept jerking Daddy's wonderful cock as it started spraying semen onto my little stiff cock, my sack, the front and gusset of my panties, and I kept moving closer so that his cock was now rubbing my scrotem as it continued to unload gushes of man goo.

Daddy moaned and yelled in passion as he shot his saltiness all over my privates. I don't know if this was the most cum he'd ever unloaded at once, but it sure seemed like it. My undies were soaked all down the front, all through the gusset, and his cum was now dribbling down into the seat. As his climax began to wane, I pressed my thighs closer together, wedging his cock between my thighs, my own cock and scrotem ... and I let go of his member just then and wrapped my arms around him while I moved my thighs back and forth just a little bit.

Daddy's still firm penis was now encased in my soaking panties, still throbbing, and I could feel its pulse against my own engorged clitty. Using the muscles in my little cock, I tried to move it up and down a bit so that Daddy would know how aroused I was.

"Daddy's girl is so sweet," he whispered to me.

Sweet or no, at this point I needed to have some relief of my own. But I suddenly realized that, so recently spent, Daddy was not going to be fucking me any time soon. He is quite virile, but even then he needs a good twenty minutes after orgasming to be able to get hard again.

"Daddy is sorry, Janie," he said, his cock just beginning to soften a little, "I don't think I can take you for a little while."

"That's ok, Daddy. Having you cum in my panties and leave a big gooey mess in there was really really wonderful. I love having my Daddy's cum all over me, soaking my private parts and getting my panties all cummy," I said. With that I reached down and scooped up as much of his cum as I could with my hand, brought it up to my lips and licked it off slowly. "Daddy your cum is so tasty."

"You're my girl, Janie, I love you." By now his cock was almost soft and it slipped out the top of my undies on its own. "Would you ... would you ... pleasure yourself for Daddy, Janie?"

"Pleasure myself, Daddy? Why whatever do you mean?" I asked coyly.

"Bring yourself to orgasm while Daddy watches, my dear."

"Oh I see," I said, laughing. "Daddy wants to see his little Janie make herself cum? OK."

With that I headed to the living room, bringing an oversized dish towel with me. I spread the dish towel on the couch and lay back with the towel just under my now very wet bum.

I began by pinching and tickling and scratching my nipples, alternately cupping my little "almost B cup" breasts with my hands to show off my wee cleavage for Daddy. If I was beginning a masturbatory session, I could go on with this nipple play for close to thirty minutes before I even thought about touching myself "down there," but at this point I was so worked up so that my hand began to slide into my panties after only a couple minutes.

I was very surprised, even though I'd had my hand down there just a few minutes ago, at how really truly sopping wet everything was. Daddy's cum was everywhere: all over my clitty and my sac, my undies were dripping front and back and cum was leaking out the leg holes, and my little bum hole was positively drenched.

And that gave me an idea.

"Daddy, will you get the daughter's helper for me please?"

Without a pause, Daddy rushed off to the bedroom. I heard him open my panty drawer and close it again, and within thirty seconds he was back with my "helper" -- an eight inch long dildo with a circular handle at the base.

"I really need your cock inside my pussy, Daddy, but my little friend will have to do for now." With that, I reached back and pulled the back of my panties down far enough to expose my little bum hole to Daddy, who was now standing at the end of the couch watching me intently. His cock was still soft, but he was gazing at me lustfully nonetheless.

There was so much of Daddy's cum puddled up in my bum that the dildo went all the way in on my first attempt to push. I slowly pulled it out by the ring at the end, almost to its tip, then pushed it back in. I continued this a few dozen times while continuing to "taunt" Daddy that I really missed his warm cock inside me, filling my pussy with his seed.

"Oh Daddy you're so good to me," I cooed as I slid the dong back and forth. The wonderful buzzing my insides were getting was likely enough to bring me to orgasm eventually, but I was in such a state that I couldn't wait. While I continued to slide the dildo in and out with my right hand, my left inched inside the sopping leg opening of my panties and pulled my clitty out so that Daddy could see it all still drenched in his cum.

"Daddy got me all wet!" I said as I began to jerk my clit. After only about twenty strokes I knew I was about to cum, and I increased the pace of the faux-cock going in and out of my pussy, but attempted to maintain the pace my left hand had going on my little cockette. "I'm a naughty girl, Daddy," I screamed as I began to cum, my clitty spewing jism onto my leg and onto the front of my panties, and up onto my tummy.

The dildo did its magic on me, massaging my boy-g-spot, and I began shaking and bumping helplessly as I came.

"Love you Daddy."