"Sex Stories" Sunday Drive

Sex Stories Sunday Drive
Richard and I were on a Sunday drive, not really going nowhere. I’m not a mac’d’s fan at all
So when Richard said hey mom my treat as he pulled in the drive thru I laughed and said so you think your mom’s a cheap date huh? He laughed at that and said no, there’s nothing cheap about you mom. I said then splurge away and we both laughed over that little joke. I was looking at his profile and could see a lot of me in his face and I went to myself thank god he didn’t gets his sperm donors looks. I must have said it aloud because he said what’s that mom. I said oh nothing I was just saying I’m glad you got your penis from my side of the f****y and squeezed his thigh. He said yeah I heard some stories you’ve told your friends about him, he was a real loser. I said unlike you so get our food and get us out of here. I told him take us to the veterans park down by the lake. 

When we got there, I ate in silence. I kept looking at Richard and getting horny. He had his drink between his legs and I leaned over and sipped from the straw. He looked down and went oh shit that doesn’t look good and he laughed. I lifted my head up and looked around and said, mommy wants dessert. I moved his drink, unbuttoned his jeans, pulled his hard cock out, laughed, and said always ready huh? I licked my lips then leaned over and gobbled his cock up in my warm wet mouth. I felt him jump when my tongue swirled around and over the head of his fat cock. His hand gently pushed my head as his cock slid into my throat. I love to let his cock slide out of my throat, then I can tease it with my tongue and just take the head in and suck and swirl my tongue underneath the head of his cock. When it’s all wet and slippery from my saliva I move my hand up and down his shaft twisting and turning my wrist as I go up and down. (XXX Stories)

I heard a car pull up and that only made me feel more wanton and whorish as I felt my son’s hard cock forcing its way down my throat. I could feel it jerking and pulsing in my throat and I eased up and nipped at the head, and looked up and said not yet my dear c***d not yet. He looked down at me then threw his head back and let out a long groaning moan. My hand found his tight balls and I started fondling them as I sucked his hot cock harder and moved my tongue with feather like strokes around and under the head of his hard pulsing cock. I could tell by his hip movements and the pounding bl**d in his steel hard cock he would soon be emptying his scalding hot cum into my warm wet waiting mouth. I wrapped my lips around his cock making a vacuum seal around it and bobbed my head up and down as fast as I could in anticipation of him shooting his hot sperm into my mouth. My poor pussy was all wet and sticky from me sucking his cock. 

I reached between my legs, found my clit, and moved my fingers over it in lightning fast circles. Richard grabbed my head and said yes mom oh god mom yes yes fuck shit mom I’m cumming as he raised his hips up and shoved his hard cock down my throat and started emptying his hot cum into me. Splash after splash of his hot stringy sperm washed down my throat as he held my head tight to his cock, as it pulsed and emptied its load into my tummy. I raised my head up, gave him a kiss, and said thanks for lunch the dessert was great!!! We drove out of the park and I turned sideways in my seat and spread my legs open giving my son full view of my wet glistening cunt. I was holding the lips open and saying see mommies nice hot cunt, she wants her son’s hard thick cock in it very very soon Richard. I told him find a two track or something, as I really couldn’t wait much longer. He turned, smiled, and said play with it for me; play with your pussy mom. 

I looked around I have no idea why…lol I started by taking two fingers and spreading open my wet juicy pussy lips. Then slowly pulling my lips apart opening up my cunt for my son’s eyes to feast on. I could feel my pussy starting to get sopping wet and knew soon my juices would be flowing. I took my finger, pushed it into my hot wet cunt, leaned over, and put it under Richards’s nose. I let him lick my finger before I pulled it away only to plunge it back into my hot open hole and scoop my warm wet sticky cunt juice and suck my finger and let it slide in and out of my mouth. Richard watched my tongue dance over my finger as I licked my glistening finger clean.

I could see a huge bulge in his jeans and said mmm is that for me? He laughed and said oh yeah it’s just for you mom don’t worry I’ll find a spot. I said and when you do, are you going to eat mommy’s pussy, and fuck mommy’s pussy. Then put your hard thick cock up mommy’s ass? My juices were flowing like a waterfall as I talked aloud and pictured his cock pumping in and out of my cunt sheath feeling it open to his thrust and then feeling them being pulled outward as he withdrew his cock from me. Within seconds of picturing myself on my back with my ankles locked around Richards neck as he drove his hard pistoning cock into me over and over in relentless deep strokes stretching my cunt open with each and every pounding thrust into my dripping wet cunt. My orgasm came like a bolt of lightning shooting through out my whole body as I shook and quivered there in the seat of the car as spasm after spasm rocketed through me. 

I slumped back and blew out a long happy sigh and said hurry up and find a two track or drive out on the highway and get us a motel room or something your mother needs to be fucked hard and fucked hard right now. When we got to the motel I had a happy gait in my step as I checked in at the office and paid for the room. The very room I knew Richard would be filling my happy pussy with his thick cock. I came back to the car with a Cheshire cat grin on my face and said room 105 please kind sir, and laughed. Richard said you’re all “ Misses Happy “ today mom, I love to see you like this you deserve such a better life. I said but Richard I have a great life I have my job a house to call home and a great son who fucks me when I need a good screwing! Richard said but you need an older guy like your age you know what I mean mom. I leaned over and kissed his cheek and gave his cock a gentle squeeze and said all in due time Richard all in due time but now I really need you to fuck the shit out of me. 

This brought a big smile to his face. We headed for the room and before the door was close I had my dress off and was lying on the bed. My arms and legs splayed wide open so my wet glistening pussy was on display. I got up on my hands and knees and said do me like a bitch in heat. Come fuck me Richard I can’t wait. He came to me but started licking the insides of my thighs which was greeted with my ahhs and ohhs. I told him get his cock up here so I could suck it. He laid on the bed and I made room for him to get under me. I feel extra sluttish sometimes knowing I’m sucking my own son’s big fat cock, today was no exception as my pussy lips were engorged with bl**d and my clit was aching for his lips and tongue on it. I took his cock in my hands and gazed at it then pressed it against my lips and rubbed it back and forth teasing him. My tongue would sneak out to give it a flick then disappeared back in my mouth. I felt like such a slutty little whore. Richard was busy eating my pussy as he always does he knows exactly what I want and need when a man is down there on me. I could feel his tongue encircle my puckered anus push in then slide right up between my soaking wet pussy lips. He would take each lip in his mouth and suck and dance the end of his tongue along each lip. 

Then his fingers would hold me open as his tongue delved deep into my cunt. I let his cock slip between my lips and took it inch by inch until it was buried in my throat I made little gurgling sounds which vibrated his cock. I lay my head back on the edge of the pillow which opened my mouth and throat to his sweet hard cock. He started to throat fuck me which made me feel even that much more like a little slutty whore. My pussy was overflowing and Richard tried his best to lick up what he could but I felt it seeping down onto my asshole. As I said he knows me and he took one finger and slid it up in my pussy which clamped down on it, then he pushed his tongue into my tight asshole and I knew soon he would be replacing his tongue with a finger. Soon he was pumping my pussy and ass at the same time and sucking my clit up between his lips and flicking it and nibbling down with just the right pressure. My hips were going wild as I lifted up to meet his tongue and fingers. I felt his cock twitching in my mouth and this time I pulled it out and pumped his shaft as fast as I could and wrapped lips around the head until I knew he was so close. 

I took my mouth off his cock and screamed yes yes spray my face with your hot steamy sperm baby, give it to mommy oh god yes. I reached orgasm and threw my head back and let out a long loud moan of pleasure as his cock erupted and his sticky gooey sperm splashed all over my face and lips and chin. I felt it dripping off my chin and running down my face as I wiped my chin I gathered his cum and sucked it off my fingers. We both lay there very still catching our breath my cheek resting on his sticky cock. His head was on my inner thigh as we sighed out our pleasure. We both knew that was only the prelude to our love making. I was running my fingers through his trimmed pubes and softly licking his cock with my tongue. I love to watch a mans cock as it starts to respond to the pleasure of my tongue on it. Richards flaccid penis is probably about 3 or 4 inches long, as I laid it the palm of my hand I slowly ran the flat of my tongue along it giving it little kisses and gentle nips. I do love it how Richard recovers so fast. His once wrinkled and flaccid cock started to get erect and as it expanded the veins became quite prominent and I traced my finger tip along them and then my tongue. 

I was slowly bathing his cock with my tongue and tasting the dried sperm and pussy juices on it. He reached down and softly put his hand on my head and whispered oh god mom you’re so good at that. I responded with a mmm, and took his cock in my mouth and very slowly sucked him in and out of my mouth creating a vacuum with my lips that made a wet popping sound as his now steel hard cock slid between my pursed lips. Richard rolled over on his back as I continued to suck his hot cock, becoming sluttish as loud slurping noises and moans in my throat soon filled the room. 

My cunt began to ache and seep juices, so I reached down and was surprised to feel myself so wet as my finger slid easily into my vagina. I was purposely making loud slurping sucking wet noises as I sucked my sons hard thick cock .I spit on it and used my hand to jerk his veiny hard shaft as my tongue found his balls and licked and gently sucked one then the other into my mouth. I wet my finger and playfully teased his anus.

I was finger fucking my wet dripping cunt in a frenzy when I wet my finger and slowly eased it into Richards ass. I soon was fingering his ass with the same speed as I was my cunt. I heard him groan out and felt him tighten up so I removed my finger from his butt hole and licked around it and pushed my tongue into it. I could hear his breathing increasing so I slowed down and knelt over top of his hot steel hard cock and slowly rubbed my now wet slippery cunt over the shaft of his cock. I could feel it pushing my lips open and I could hear the wet sound of his cock sliding in between my soaking wet cunt lips. I leaned forward and kissed him and he grabbed my hips and tired to enter me. I whispered shhh baby boy mommy wants to tease her cunt on your cock. We kissed passionately as our tongues danced together and he nibbled the side of my throat and sucked and kissed it. Then he held my breast in his hands and kissed and pinched and bit my rock hard nipples until I was a moaning sweaty mess. I raised my hips and reached between us and guided his hot hard cock into my waiting hot wet slippery cunt hole. I could feel my pussy clinching down on his cock as it burrowed it’s way inside me. I felt his cock pushing my lips open as he went deeper and deeper into my hot little cunt hole, spreading my pussy open as he buried his cock in me. 

We looked into each others eyes and said almost at the same time I love you so much. I stretched out my body on top of his as he continued to fuck away at my warm inviting cunt. I whispered into his ear, are you saving enough for my tight little butt hole my darling boy? He growled back and jammed his cock hard and deep into my cunt and said after I cum in your pussy and I’m through fucking your creamy hot pussy Anna ( he uses my name at times when we make love ) , you’ll see when I show no mercy and give your hot little asshole the fuck it wants. I pulled myself closer to him kissing him over and over and looked in his eyes and said fuck me real slow fuck your slut of a mother nice and slow Richard as my eyes welled up with tears of emotion I couldn’t control. I buried my head into his shoulder and he caressed my head and ran his fingers through my hair as he gently and slowly slid his hot cock in and out of my wet dripping cunt setting a nice slow pace as he ground his cock as deeply as he could into me. 

I could hear his cock sliding in and out of my wet slippery pussy hole, making wet noisy sounds as he fucked me slowly and I was at peace with the world as I felt so much love for my son. I listened to the sounds of our lovemaking and soon the room was reverberating with my moans and yeses and ahs and oh oh yes mmm so good so slow yes fuck me just like this forever and ever god yes just like that uh huh right there oh god I love your hard hot cock in me. Richard rolled us over keeping himself in me and leaned down to suck the nipple of my right breast as his finger toyed with the left. I felt a slight change in his hips as he started fucking me with slow circle motions allowing my pussy to feel his cock against the walls of my wet slick cunt. I rotated my hips to match and counter match his slow deep thrust into my open swollen pussy lips. I reached down and fondled his balls and bit his neck with passion as he moaned out and growled and withdrew his cock from my cunt and slammed it back inside me. 

I screamed out as his cock pierced my cunt with hard driving f***eful strokes deep into my cunt causing me to moan out loud with sheer pleasure as my son pounded my pussy with relentless deep cunt splitting stroke after cunt splitting stroke. I wrapped my legs around him and tried to pull him deeper and harder into my sloppy wet noisy squishy cunt. My mouth was wide open gasping for air as he continued his onslaught of my now gushing quivering spastic cunt I locked my arms around his neck and legs around his back as he lifted me up and sent jarring pounding hard strokes in me. I was screaming out loud and long moans and groans were filling the room as my son fucked me as never before. He surprised me by standing up and holding me and pressing me against the wall as his cock burrowed and slammed into my aching hot wet sloppy cunt. Richard turned and dropped me on the bed and grabbed me around my waist and pulled my ass into the air as he plunged back into my slippery waiting cunt. 

I was on my hands and knees when he suddenly pushed my face down into the bed. I felt his hands on my ass cheeks as he spread them open and spit down on my asshole with a growl and a deep thrust he buried his cock in my ass, I screamed out loud Richard for gods sake easy! He grabbed my hair and pulled my head up and thrust harder and deeper into my battered asshole before I could open my mouth to say another word. Loud long moans escaped my lips now as he savagely drove his cock into my once puckered asshole it was quickly being stretched open by his hard thick cock. He held me tightly by my hips as the pain started to turn into pure sexual bliss as my son pounded my asshole over and over. His growls and my moans now filled the room with pure sexual sounds of lust and passion as my sweaty body yielded to my sons pounding cock. 

I looked over my shoulder with a pure look of love but also a challenging grin on my face that he accepted with a louder growl and he tightened his grip on my hips and plunged deeper and deeper into my now open asshole. I threw my head back and screamed loud and long for him to fuck my ass yes fuck it uh huh do it fuck me yes fuck my tight little asshole with your huge thick cock. Barrage after barrage of moans and my screams filled the room as he pounded his cock in and out of my open gaping asshole. I hung my head in total submission to the man my son was becoming. The sweat was dripping off my forehead as jarring deep strokes into my asshole shook my whole body. I was a quivering mess of the smell of sex and sweat as my sons cock battered my now loose and open asshole I reached down and started rubbing my clit as waves of pleasure washed over my entire body. Richard slowed his relentless pounding of my poor asshole and started deep grinding motions that he knows I love the most. My cunt was dripping soaking wet as two of my fingers sought out my slippery oily cunt and I finger fucked myself with the same slow deep motions of Richards cock grinding into my ass. My breathing was long and gasping but soon slowed down as I relaxed my body as my son continued sawing in and out of my ass. I heard his breathing increase in great breaths as he grabbed and held my hips with his hands as he slowly increased his thrusting as I felt his cock expanding my asshole as it began to jerk and pulse deep inside me. 

My own orgasm was beginning to near as my son growled out oh fuck yes shit here it comes mom I’m about to bust all up inside your ass. He fucked my asshole with short hard deep thrust now as his cock pulsed and grew even thicker in my battered asshole. I screamed out yes baby yes fill mommy up with your sperm, cum in mommies hot asshole yes, yes my darling boy fuck mommy give mommy your hot steamy cum. My son screamed out and slammed into me as jet after jet of hot scalding cum shot into my asshole. His sperm lubed my asshole and made it easier for his cock to slide in and out of me. He fucked my ass with hard jabbing strokes as I felt his cock empty his hot cum onto the walls of my asshole as I let out a final long low growling moan of my own as his sperm filled me up and seeped out of me. I fell forward and my son followed me and we lay catching our breath as his cock pulsed and pumped out it’s last drop of cum in my well fucked asshole. We lay there and I said Jesus Richard what was that all about? He said I’m sorry mom, did I hurt you?, I said no, well a little but I loved it, it just surprised me is all you’ve never fucked your mom like that before is all. He said yeah something crazy came over me. I said crazy or kinky, and laughed and said it’s okay we’ll have to repeat that one again. I gave him a kiss then jumped in the shower . On the way home I stopped and grabbed some frozen pizzas and a 12 pack. We ate and then I went to lay down to take a well earned rest…until next time…Mrs. X