"Sex Stories" Tyrone

Sex Stories Tyrone
Audrey Cummings hung up the phone as a shiver of anticipation raced through her forty year old body. Judy McKay was bringing over a thirteen year old young man who needed a place for a few days. It had been nearly a month since Social Services had called, which was at least two weeks longer than normal. Audrey had been operating the foster home for almost five years now. She specialized in short term emergency placements like the one Judy had just called about. The boy’s mother had been arrested so he needed a place until she was able to post bail. 

Audrey made her way upstairs to her bedroom and slipped out of the fleece sweat suit she had been lounging in when the call came. Stopping for a moment to appraise her underwear she decided to change it too. She selected a lace 34C bra with matching panties from the bureau drawer. Over the past year she had felt the C cups were a little tight so she had purchased a couple of Ds but she didn’t feel like they gave her proper support. At her age a little sag was pretty much inevitable in spite of her daily work out routine. The minor droop in her boobs was about the only negative change in her five foot six body over the past ten years since her divorce.

Reaching into the closet she picked pink silk dress. Slipping it over her head she glanced at the clock; almost eight thirty. She had about half an hour before Judy would arrive. Back down stairs she poured two fingers of Vodka into the high-ball glass and topped it up with orange juice from the fridge. Taking a long swallow the liquor did its job, steadying her nerves, and giving her a warm relaxed glow. Of course she knew nothing about her soon to be house guest, except that he was thirteen. Social Services knew her profile that specified she only took in teenagers and that the maximum stay with her was to be no more than two weeks. If matters hadn’t resolved themselves by that time there were lots of intermediate and long term homes to choose from.(Adult Stories)

Audrey drained the last of the screwdriver and put the glass in the dishwasher just as the doorbell rang. Opening the door she smiled at the social worker and her young companion.

“Hi Audrey” Judy greeted her. Without waiting for an invitation she stepped through the front door towing the slightly built black youth behind her. “Missus Cummings this is Tyrone. He needs a safe place to stay for a while.”

Audrey’s first reaction was that the boy looked younger than thirteen. He was quite small, at least four inches shorter than Audrey with a small frame that bordered on skinny. Audrey thought he was rather good looking, though it was hard to tell since the young man had his head down staring at the floor.

“Hi Tyrone!” Audrey said cheerfully; the boy did not respond and continued to study his worn sneakers. “Don’t worry I’m going to take very good care of you. You must have had a simply awful day.” The boy remained motionless. “Thank you missus McKay... Tyrone and I will be just fine as soon as we get to know each other.”

“Thanks, Audrey, I’ll give you a call tomorrow and we’ll make arrangements to bring some of Tyrone’s things over.”

“That’s fine Judy I can manage for a day or two. I’ve accumulated a pretty versatile stash of the basics over the years.”

“I know you’re well equipped but I’m sure Tyrone will be more comfortable with his own stuff.”

“You’re right; of course, let me know when you’ll be stopping by.”

“I will. I gotta get going; I’ve got a ton of paperwork to do before the night’s out.” Judy closed the door behind her, leaving the down cast boy and his caregiver alone. Audrey put her arm around the sullen young man’s shoulder, aware that her breast was pressing firmly against his upper arm.

“Can I get you anything, are you hungry?” she asked as she guided her new acquaintance toward the living room.

“No, I’m OK” the boy said, speaking for the first time. Audrey was surprised at the depth of the baritone voice coming from such a slight lad.

“Anything to drink... a soda perhaps?”

“That would be nice.” 

“I have some coke how would that be?”

“Yes, please” the youngster responded. Audrey was impressed with his manners and said so as she headed toward the kitchen leaving him standing in the middle of the living room.

“Have a seat anywhere you like.” She called back over her shoulder. Audrey fixed herself another screwdriver and poured the bottle of coke over ice before returning to where the boy was now perched on the edge of a chair. Audrey handed over the soda and sat on the couch facing him.

“Has anything like this ever happened before?” she asked sipping her cocktail.

“No, and it shouldn’t be happening now!” the boy wailed “It’s all Martha’s fault, the stupid bitch!”

“Who is Martha and why is it her fault your mother got arrested?”

“Martha is the woman my mother works for; she owns the hairdressing salon. Her fuckin’ boy friend has been dealing d**gs at her salon for a long time, and she knew it! She’s so damn stupid that she thought the cops wouldn’t eventually figure it out. The heat came bustin’ in just before they were gonna close and put the collar on everybody. I don’t think my mom even knew what was goin’ on!” The boy was very upset and near tears. Audrey set her drink down and went over to put her arm around his shoulder.

“It’s OK sweetheart” she said “if your mom didn’t have anything to do with it I’m sure the police will let her go soon.” She was sure of no such thing but wanted to console the boy as best she could. “Tomorrow is going to be a better day, you’ll see. Right now I think the best thing for you is to get some rest. I can see how stressed out you are.” Audrey gave the boy an affectionate squeeze before standing up. She picked up her drink and finished it in one gulp causing her head to spin a little. 

“Let’s get you cleaned up and ready for bed. Come with me.” She said as she regained her equilibrium; holding out her hand. The dark skin of the boy’s hand was a remarkable contrast to Audrey’s very white flesh. She led him down the hall to the very spacious five piece bathroom. Once inside she gripped the bottom of his tee shirt and pulled upward.

“Put your arms up.” She commanded in a playful sort of voice. The young man dutifully raised his arms allowing her to pull the shirt over his head and off; tossing it in the nearby laundry hamper. Then she sat on the edge of the tub and made short work of the waist button and zipper on his jeans. She thought she heard a little gasp as she gripped the waist band of the boy’s pants but she ignored it and carried on as if she had every right to strip her young visitor. Making sure she had both the jeans and the jockey shorts in her grasp, she pulled quickly down, depositing all the clothing around his ankles. Leaning forward, as she was, her face was inches from the boy’s penis.

Audrey sat back to get a good look at what she had just revealed. She had to bite her lip to keep the exclamation of amazement from escaping her. There on full display was a surprisingly well developed black cock. The boy’s dong hung down half way to his knee. Behind it the scrotum was proportionately large and contained testicles that looked the size of golf balls. Audrey looked up at her young man’s face to reassure herself it was the same young man she had welcomed into her home a half an hour ago. His handsome face looked strained and his eyes were closed. Audrey leaned forward again to hold the jeans and underwear:

“Just step out of these.” She croaked. The boy lifted one foot after the other out of his clothes, while this nurturing white woman’s face was no more than a foot from his crotch. Audrey took in the musky scent of him. She was surprised at how sparse the pubic hair was considering the advanced development of the rest of her visitor’s equipment. Sitting back again, on the edge of the tub holding the jeans, she was once again she looked at her prize. This time a little more calmly.

If the boy’s complexion could be compared to milk chocolate then his penis was the color of semi sweet. The veiny shaft was two shades darker than the slender thighs it hung so majestically in front of. The ball sack was about the same color, hanging loosely, the tendons apparently straining to support the significant weight of the full testicles. Audrey felt a moan of arousal nearly escape her throat but she managed to cover it with a soft cough.

She f***ed her eyes up the flat stomach, over the developing chest with its semi sweet chocolate brown nipples to Tyrone’s face. He had his head back so she saw the beginnings of immature stubble on the neck and chin. Apparently he was studying the ceiling.

Audrey rose unsteadily from the edge of the tub; taking the boy’s elbow she said: “Just step right in here. I think you’ll really like the multi-jet shower.” Cranking the temperature control to the medium position the six horizontal jets formed a vortex in the middle of the stall while the overhead spray cascaded from above. Putting her hand in the middle of his back she encouraged her boy toy into the torrent. Tyrone entered the soothing warm spray as his host said, “There’s soap on the shelf in the back corner.”

Turning her back, as though there was anything left of his modesty, the foster care provider watched in the fog proof mirror over the vanity. The young man took the bar soap from the shelf and began to wash his upper body. She was trying composing herself for the next stage but when the young man started soaping the python he had hanging between his legs, Audrey felt the throbbing tingle between her legs increase to a nearly unbearable level. Her young charge replaced the soap into its dish and stood still in the warm pounding water.

Audrey reached in and shut off the water. Tyrone was studying the floor again as he came out of the stall. Audrey could not take her eyes off his magnificent boyhood. “I’m going to check to make sure you’ve done a good job.” She said. “I better take this off so I don’t get it all wet.” Quickly shucking her pink silk dress, and hung it on the towel hook. This brought Tyrone’s eyes up from the floor. He took in the sensual sight of his host’s trim body with its meager coverings of white lace.

His penis twitched and he felt his member begin to stiffen. Audrey watched the pole start to move out away from his body as she stood very close peering into the boy’s right ear. Moving behind him she let her bra encased breasts sc**** across his back. The warm wet friction on her bullet hard nipples sent a shockwave down to her leaking pussy. After making a show of checking his left ear, she raised his arm. Looking at the very sparse under arm hair she brought her nose closer and sniffed. Having made her way around the young man she dropped her eyes back to the most interesting part of his anatomy.

His penis was at half mast and rising. It had incredibly grown another inch over its flaccid length. Looking up at Tyrone’s face she found he was looking down at his own developing erection. Tyrone willed his dick not to get hard, but it did no good. The massive gland had a mind of its own. He made a little grunt caused by the concentration he was focusing on his stopping the inexorable rise of his yet to be used fuck stick.

He knew he shouldn’t look but he was powerless to keep his eyes from focusing on the satin and lace that didn’t quite conceal Audrey’s plump tits. He could see part of the dark areola through the lace above the satin cup. Just below the seam between the satin and lace the rigid nipple pushed the soft fabric out. The spectacle had the predictable effect. His rod reached its full potential. It was now standing completely vertical with its plumb sized head peeking from the foreskin well over halfway up his fairly flat abs. When Audrey caught sight of magnificence of the fully erect organ she couldn’t suppress a gasp. Doing her best to steady her hands she said;

“Let’s see how well you’ve done down here. Don’t be embarrassed that you got hard. It’s perfectly normal under the circumstances, and it will make it that much easier to see if everything is nice and clean.”

Audrey grasped the baby arm sized organ mid shaft. It was as hard as stone. She felt the bl**d pulsing through the large veins on its surface. Tyrone groaned loudly at the contact.

“Just relax,” she whispered as she began to pull downward “I need to pull the foreskin back so I can check the head.” The supple skin expanded and blossomed like a flower allowing the deep purple, almost black head to protrude, the tip glistening with pre cum. Audrey had to swallow a couple of times as her mouth filled with saliva. Using both of her small hands she could just barely encompass the girth of the throbbing shaft. She had to apply a lot of f***e to stretch the reluctant prepuce over the massive head. It popped into view accompanied by a deep groan from the young man.

Tyrone felt like his balls were in a vice; they were tight and achy. The head of his throbbing member tingled now that it was exposed. 

“Let me check under here,” Audrey said, licking her finger and running it under the lad’s corona. “It’s very important to keep it clean inside your foreskin.” The contact on the most sensitive part of his organ caused his hips to thrust forward. Audrey still held the steel hard shaft in her left hand tightly enough to fully retract the skin. The other consequence of the thrust was that the dribbling head struck her soft cheek. Audrey felt the fiery heat and lost all control. Opening her mouth she engulfed head of the eight inch dong, bringing her head forward to accept as much of the organ as she could. Wrapping her lips around the bumpy shaft she sucked hard.

Tyrone involuntarily thrust again driving his sugar plum head into the back of the woman’s throat. Audrey fought her gag reflex as a torrent of semen shot down her throat. Swallowing as fast as she could wasn’t good enough as the second eruption filled her mouth and over flowed down her chin. Tyrone was making a guttural sound that bordered on a scream as he felt his tortured testicles pulled upward in an orgasmic spasm when they released their load. The blissful release caused the boy to collapse.

Audrey, her mouth still wrapped around the ejaculating organ, was pulled forward when Tyrone wound up sitting on the tile floor still groaning. She was still slurping ejaculate as the young man reclined all the way so he was now lying with his head inside the shower stall.

Raising her head, Audrey maintained her grip on the twitching organ, gently pumping it. The incredible chocolate pole had lost very little of its rigidity. Increasing the speed and pressure of her up and down motion she was rewarded by the shaft regaining the former steely hardness.

She released her grip long enough to strip off her saturated lacy white panties. Straddling the boy’s hips she grasped his rigid man-hood again and pulled it toward her yearning pussy. She lightly slapped the purple head against the front of her mons making oblique contact with her protruding clit. She felt the rush rising through her belly that forecast her imminent orgasm. Suppressing the urge to cum she struggled to insert the bulbous head into her dripping cunt. 

Realizing she wasn’t far enough away, she pushed off the floor with one hand to raise her hips higher while positioning the dick against the center of her labia; lowering herself as carefully as she could down the searing pole. Her vaginal muscles stretched to allow the head to slip (pop really) past the entrance into the super heated slippery interior.

Audrey managed to get her feet under her, so she was now squatting on young man’s pleasure stick. Pumping her fit thigh muscles she slid up and down, her pussy stretched to capacity. Each downward stroke pulled her clit into contact with the veiny shaft, shooting bolts of ecstasy through her body.

Tyrone felt the velvety hot pressure on his organ. The sensation was like noting he had ever felt before. The woman’s mouth had felt amazingly good but this was even better. The slipperiness, the tightness and the heat were too much for his previously unused sex organ. His balls contracted again as he felt an explosion somewhere deep in his belly.

Simultaneously they screamed. Audrey made a final downward thrust as Tyrone’s hips rose off the tile floor. The erupting head smashed painfully against her cervix, but somehow the pain meshed with the intense pleasure as the crouching woman was transported to oblivion.

Audrey did not know how she came to be lying beside her young stallion; only that her stretched pussy was pulsating and draining copious amounts of fluid, both hers and his. Her young man’s erection had wilted slightly but it was not completely flaccid. Tyrone lay there making contented moaning sounds. Audrey looked dreamily at the semi hard penis and thought: I bet in a couple of minutes I could get it hard again. With that thought lingering she rested her head on the boy’s chest and thought ‘this is just intermission.’