"Sex Stories" Wife's first gangband and Impregnation

Sex Stories Wife's first gangband and Impregnation
When my wife was 19, we decided to have a new yrs party at our duplex and invite a few close friends. my wife(girlfriend at the time) had heard her first boyfriend from highschool was in town and she thought it would be nice to see him again. she also invited 2 other guys who she had dated for a little while in highschool befroe she met me. she had 2 girlfriends invited but one was sick and declined to come over. 

Her other friend was in town staying with us over the holidays, and was more than eager to party.It was a normal get together, drinking , telling old stories, more drinking, more laughs, same old, same old. 

I, on the other hand was sick with the flu, so after several beer, i needed to pass out for a while. i woke up around 3am, went to the bathroom, came out, noticed a light on in our guest room, looked in and found my wife's friend passed out on the bed. Being a smart ass and also i wanted to see her naked, i stripped her clothes off and put her to bed naked. That pretty much woke me up and i got a good hard-on thinking of all the things we could do to her friend, but thought better of it. (Porn Stories)

after leaving the bedroom, i could hear the party srtill going downstairs, so i went down to see who was left. i was stopped dead on the bottom of the stairs as, when i rounded the corner, the 3 guys were still here sitting on the floor, and my girlfriend was also sitting on the floor. 3 of 4 were in their under wear, having been in the middle of a game of strip poker. I sat down to watch, feeling my cock getting hard again. shortly after I sat down, the next hand finished, with my girlfriend being the loser. 

The winner was her first boyfrind from highschool, Darcy. i guess the deal was whoever won could either tell the loser what clothes to remove or do it themselves. Darcy told my girlfriend to stand up and turn around. i noticed as she stood up her pussy was wet. Darcy stood up, wearing his pants and i assumed under wear. Approached my girlfriend and put his hands on her shoulders. 

There was at one time a little history with these 2 when she was 15. they dated for about 6 months at the time and at one time, during a dirve-in movie they were at, they were kissing and doing some heavy petting. His was the first cock my wife ever squeezed or touched. she had done it through his pants and after feeling how big he was, she got real scared and that was it for the night. 

now as he touched her shoulders, she gasped, out of excitement and nervousness. He proceeded to rub her shoulders, causing her to moan. he then wasted little time sliding his hands down to her bra claspe and undid her bra. sliding his hands back up to her shoulders, he slid his hands under her straps and slid them down her arms, now exposing her big soft tits, with hard erect nipples, causing the other 2 guys to clap and whistle at the site of her gorgeous rack. The bra fell away to the floor where one of the other guys quickly picked it up. he quilckly looked at the tag and gasping he said aloud "holy shit, 36 DD tits", man I always knew they were huge. This momentarrily distracted my girlfriend and she then her attention returned back to Darcy as he slid his hands around her breasts and cupped her big tits, lifting them up and squeezing the hard, once again causing my girlfreind to moan and close her eyes. While fondling her tits, darcy moved closer behind my girlfriend, crouched down and started to rub his big hard crotch against her ass, at this time I knew the game was done and the night would now get much more interesting. 

As Darcy continued to fondle her breasts and rub his cock against her ass Ken got up, dropped her bra and approached the 2 standing in the front room. He kissed my girlfriend full on her lips , nelt down, pulling her panties down as he nelt on his knees, revealing her hot pussy. he then moved his right hand between her legs and started rubbing her wet pussy. Moaning more now my girlfriend opened her legs and groaned as Ken inseryed 2 fingers into her now dripping pussy. he then started to finger fuck her pussy and leaned forward and started to lick her exposed clit with the tip of his tung. 

I pulled my cock out of my pants then and started openly stroking it while the 2 guys proceeded to lead my naked girlfriend towards the couch. I interupted their path and suggested they would be more comfy upstairs. Smiling at me and squeezing my cock as she went by, Darcy's hand in her other,my naked girlfriend led the 3 guys up to our bedroom. 

i locked the door and followed them up to the beroom, upon entering the room, she was Kissing Darcy and sliding her hand into his pants, he undid his pants and to my surpirse, his big cock fell open into view, and his big balls fell free into my girlfriends hands. Grabbing his balls and squeezing my girlfriend moaned her now favorite phrase "my god. they're huge". Always being a good cock sucker she now nelt onto her knees and proceeded to put her mouth oround his massice cock. She is an expert cocksucker, being able to deepthroat every cock she has sucked. once hard, she actually srruggled to get him all the way into her throat, she took all but 1-2 inches into her throat, causing Darcy to close his eyes and maon. he now grabbed her long hair and Started to thrust his cock in and out of her lips. she held and squeezed his big balls with her right hand while she fingered her pussy with her left. 

After about 5-10 minutes of this Darcy had only one thought in his mind, it was time to fuck my girlfriend. he pulled her up and guided her onto the bed, he laid her on her back in the middle of the bed, crawled up from the bottom of the bed between her now wide spread legs, and started eating her already soaked pussy. it only took a few minutes when My girlfriend arched her backed, squezed his head with her legs and had her first orgasm of the night. looking up smiling, Darcy nelt between her legs. looking at his massive cock, she had to know how big it was, he smiled and said it was just over 10" long and 6" around. Oh my god was all she could say as he moved up between her legs. she spread her legs as wide as she could, grabbed hold of his cock with her right hand and spread her pussy lips with her left. she gasped as the head of his cock slid into her open, wet pussy, rolling her eyes back and maoning over and over again, "oh fuck". He started to push his cock deeper, pulled back, pushed maybe half way in, again he pulled out to the tip. this time he thrust hard into her pussy, barly getting 3/4 into her now stretched pussy. he now started to pump his cock in and out and after about 10 thrusts, he finally managed to slide his cock all the way and slap his big balls against her ass. My girlfriend was in complete extacy, she had cum at least 2 more times and Darcy had yet to really fuck her pussy. 

What followed then was the most intense fuck my girlfriend has ever had. he was all she had hoped for, big , hard, thick, and could fuck forever. he fucked her in every position, came deep in her pussy, and then did it again. After 45 + minutes of pummelling her now gaping pussy, the other 2 guys were ready for their turn with my girlfriend, she did not care then, she had a glazed look in her eyes and her pussy gaped open with darcy's cum leaking out and running down her ass. Cum on boys, she said, who's next? Ken smiled as he crawled between her legs and with her legs on his shoulders he barried his cock to the balls in one hard thrust. 

Over the next 2-3 hours she was fucked twice by the other 2 guys and then to her pleasure. Darcy was getting hard again. this time he slid in right to his balls with one thrust, unlike the first time when he took 10+ minutes to finally impale her on his massive cock. she took her heels and hooked them over his shoulders and begged him to fuck her deep and hard. this time he took over 20 minutes to unload his balls deep in her pussy, I was amazed, he had cum 3 times in her pussy in just over 2 hous, plus the other 2 guys had their way with cumming twice each, also deep in her pussy. she had cum at least 10 times while taking each load deep into her hot fertile pussy. 

At this point, she was pretty much fucked into a state of orgasmic bliis, the guys all kissed her and said it was time to call it a night, after they left,I went back upstairs and found my girlefriend still awake. lying on our beg, legs spread, the bed beneath her ass soaked with mixed juices, her pussy was open with cum oozing out and down her ass. 

I found myself still hard and crawled onto the bed to give her a kiss, she wrapped her arms and legs around me pulling me on top of her. i asked how she felt, she told me she felt like a virgin with him, he stretched her pussy wider and fucked her so deep, she thought he hit her cervix. his cock was at lest 4+ inches bigger than mine and touched her deep in her pussy where none had ever done. I was now rock hard seeing the seed of 3 guys dripping from her weell used pussy. 

My 6" cock was touching her well used pussy, and seeing how I had never had sloppy fourths, I slid into her open pussy, she was so wet, and so turned on it only took me minutes to cum in her well soaked pussy. at that point i climbed off her, went to have a shower, she rolled over, and passed out, naked on the bed, cum running out her pussy and down her ass the the soaked bed. 

The next day she got up around 12:30 in the after noon, she was so sore and hung over, she had some crackers and went back to bed.

I have never slept with anyone else in the 2 yrs kari and I have been dating. But since last nights party, I suspected that would change. Now, my buddy had had enough and phoned a cab to go home. Marni said the night was young and she wanted to stay a little longer. we started dancing again and Marni leaned to my ear and asked If I Knew who came over today. Looking at her, she smiled and said, yes, he was back for more. I said to marni, lets sit down, and she proceeded to tell me Darci had stopped by to see if everthing was still good between them after last night. Kari had smiled and said she had never felt more happy, and had a great time. It was at this time Marni bumped her elbow and poited to his crotch. His massive cock was rock hard in his pants. Marni looked at Kari and said she was going to take a shower. As she went up stairs, she turned to see Kari take Darci's hand and ask him to cum in. 

Marni turned on the shower and waited, after a few minutes she could hear them cumming up the stairs, Kari was gigling and telling Darci to wait till they were upstairs. Marni slowly opened the door and could see Kari leading Darci towards our bedroom. he stopped her pulled her nighty over her head revealing he totally naked body. He reached around her and cupped her big 36D breats, tweeking the nipples and making Kari moan in pleasure. sjhe turned, kissed him full on the lips while removing his shirt. she then nelt before him, removed his belt and pulled his pants down exposing his 11" cock. she grabbed it and opened her mouth, she struggled to take more than a couple inches in her wide stretched mouth, she moaned it's to big for my mouth. he smiled pulling her up and kissing her lips, I know which lips it will fit into, and pushed Kari into the bedroom.

He gently laid her onto the bed, she raised and spreead her legs, locking her heels on he shoulders ahs the head of his massive cock touched her pussy, spreading her kips as the head entered her. she closed her eyes and lifted her hips, ready for him to impale her once again with his cock. He suddenly thrust his hips focing his cock more than half way into her pussy, pulling all the way out this time he thrust until his balls slapped her ass causing her to shudder and moan as she cam. He proceeded to fuck her for almost 2 housr cumming in her deeply each time. After, he went to and got a razor and shaved her pussy bald. Using a black indian marker, he wrote above her pussy "Darci 6x+." smiling he sadi to Kari, In case you forget me. She smiled and simply laughed. he got up got dressed and had to leave. he covered her where she lay and she passed out before he left. Spread wide under the blankets, his sperm once again dripping out her gaping pussy.

Much later, after he had left, Kari got out of the shower and as she dressed, Marni came into her room smiling. Kari smiled back and said god, he was bigger than she remembers, it took him cumming 3 times before he finally went soft. he was so horny for her he had to see her one more time before his flight for Dallss left that night. He also left her a permanent momento, he shaved her pussy and wrote the message in India ink, so it would last for a long time. 

It took her 2-3 days before she could walk normally again without her pussy being sore. she finally asked me how many times she was fucked at new years. I told her the truth. she gasped, holy shit, 8 times? no wonder my pussy is sore. she smiled snd asked how many times had Darcy done it. I told her 3 times that night, 3 more the next day, cumming deep in her pussy each time. She smiled, moaned and said she remembered the first one and the last three but nothing in between. I asked her was he worth the wait, she did not hesitate in quickly saying fuck yes. i told her he had mentioned his cock was over 10" when hard and was amazed the she had taken every inch in her pussy, to his balls. 

That was the only time she has ever fucked him, and by valentines day we learned she was just over 6 weeks pregnant. 9 months later to the day, sept 31st, she gave birth to a healthy 8 1/2 lb baby girl. We never talked much about it but we are sure who the father is. His seed would have surely been inseminated deep into her cervix, as he was balls deep each time he came in her pussy with his massive 10+ inch cock. 

I don't mind though, mainly because it was worth it to see my wife pleasured so much and have a fantacy of hers fulfilled in every way. It opened up our sex life and it has never been better, even after 20 + yrs of mairrage.