"Erotic Stories" Cousin and I in bed

Erotic Stories Cousin and I in bed
My cousin and I went inside after his mom told us it was time to go to bed. My cock was still quite hard and I was a little embarrassed that my aunt had probably seen me blowing her s0n, or at the very least saw us kissing. She was already out in the f****y room with my uncle watching TV, so we simply yelled good night and went to get ready for bed. After cleaning up I jumped into my cousins bed to wait for him. I put on a t shirt and gym shorts and my cock was still a little hard poking out the front. my cousin came into the room in the same gear and turned out the light. He told me to move over to the side of the bed and he slid in next to me. I lay there staring up at the ceiling, with some outside light providing enough so that you could still see somewhat, especially as my eyes adjusted to the dark. 

After a few minutes of laying there and talking about his day, my cousin slid close to me and put his hand onto my crotch. My cock was already hard, but it grew even more under his grip. I heard him sigh and then he slid his hand right under my pants onto me. I spread my legs wide and pushed against his hand. He started stroking me with one hand as he pulled off his shorts with his other. In a couple of minutes I pulled my shorts down too and kicked them off. We were both laying there now with no pants on, him stroking my and his cock. I was desperate to cum after blowing him outside and I started to anticipate my cum. I told him I wouldn't last long, which made him stop. (Erotic Stories)

He turned to me and gave me a very deep passionate kiss. Then he asked me to climb on top of him. I did and he pulled my face down to his and kept kissing me. I could feel a little bit of stubble on him, I was still to y0ung to grow any. In fact, I was almost completely hairless on my body. He started to caress me, running his hands all over my back and my ass, each time getting a little farther into my crack. I was loving it and I positioned myself so that our cocks were touching and rubbing between our bellies. I gently slid back and forth, which made him get more aggressive. He slid his finger completely between my cheeks and started to rub my little hole. I moaned and kissed him deeply. Our cocks were leaking cum at this point and I was getting beyond control. 

I really wanted to suck his cock again, so I slide back from him, reluctantly letting his finger exit my ass. I worked my way down him, licking his nipples and belly and the I started to kiss and lick his cock. He put his hand on my head and loudly moaned my name and said "suck me". I did, taking his small cock completely into my mouth in a smooth gentle move. He said, "oh yeah" as he started to fuck my face. I spread his legs and put my hands under his ass to help lift him up into me. I worked his cock for several minutes like this, and he continued to moan and talk dirty to me. Suddenly he stopped and then he directed me to turn around and put my ass towards him. I did this while still sucking him and when I got into position, he pulled me down towards his waiting tongue. With real passion, he started to kiss and lick me all around and on my tight hole. It was so intense that I had to stop blowing him for a minute to just enjoy it. Then he worked down to my cock and put it in his mouth as he told me to blow him at the same time. We took each other deep, although he had a little trouble with my cock as it was definitely larger than his and the angle really allowed me to penetrate him completely. 

We did this for several minutes before I told him I was ready to cum. He asked me to turn around again and sit on him like before. This time though, he put his cock up between my ass cheeks. I tried to squeeze him with my little cheeks, his cock was small enough to make that happen. He pushed me up and started to fondle my nipples. I was stroking my self and riding him to orgasm. I sort of loudly said I was ready to cum. He said to hold on for a minute, he was close too. I leaned forward a bit and his cock pushed up against my hole. It was too much stimulus. I leaned down and kissed him and said "I'm cumming", shooting my cum all over his belly. It was enough for him too. As I tongued him, he started to shoot as well. His cock was right up against my hole and as he shot his cum it lubed me up enough for his cock to slide in past the head. He almost screamed in excitement and grabbed my waist telling me to hold still as he pumped all the rest of his load up into me. I leaned back and flexed my ass and moaned and grunted from the pleasure. It seemed like minutes, but was probably just seconds, but then he pulled me up off his cock and then pulled me in tight next to him, rolling us both on our sides. We lay there panting heavily and hugging. 

As I started to calm down I looked towards the door and realized that he had never closed it. I also realized that the TV was off out in the f****y room and the light was on in my aunt and uncles room, which was past us in the hallway. As our breathing quieted, it was apparent that someone was out in the hallway right by the partially opened door, as I heard the floor creak. It became obvious to me later, that both my aunt and uncle had to walk by the room as my cousin and I were fooling around. And even more clear that at least one of them was still out there listening or watching us. We had put on quite a show for them, their s0n fucking their nephew in their house. And since they didn't come in to stop it, they must have enjoyed it? But at this point I was just not even able to think about those possibilities. We lay together until I fell asl**p, waking up in the morning without my shorts on still, and raging morning wood.