"Erotic Stories" Grocery Store Tease

Erotic Stories Grocery Store Tease
Abigail was performing her nightly routine of getting the coffee maker ready to brew for the next morning before going to bed. To her dismay, she discovered that there was nowhere near enough coffee to make the usual 10 cups her and her husband Jim consumed each morning. Needing a few other things from the grocery store, Abigail set out on her own knowing full well Jim would balk at the request to go with her or for that matter, probably wouldn't get the other items anyway.

Earlier she had put on her pajamas as she was already in bed reading as she did every evening while Jim watched the news. It was after putting her book away that she remembered that she had not prepared the coffee maker for the next day. (Porn Stories)

Being that she was already downstairs, Abigail didn't want to waste time to go upstairs and change back into clothes more appropriate for being in public. Besides, at this time of night the grocery store would be practically deserted anyway. Heading to the garage, she grabbed her shawl to conceal her translucent top and bottoms, and lack of bra and panties.

Abigail arrived at the grocery store around a quarter to eleven and made a b-line for the coffee. In the bright lights of the store, she noticed the store employees, mostly men, were gawking at her. She was proud of the fact she still had a decent figure despite being 45 years old and the mother to two full grown k**s, but thought to herself that she was too old to be of interest to these young men. Abigail dismissed the stares until passing the freezer section and saw her reflection. The shawl barely covered her rather prominent dark bush and rear end, and exposed her shear sl**p wear from the side. At the house, it never occurred to her that the shawl was too short and now became somewhat self-conscious with her seemingly provocative appearance. It was too late to do anything about it now and hastened her pace to the coffee isle.

Arriving at the coffee isle she encountered a hulking young man no more than 25 years old doing the same thing. He was spooky looking fashioning long dark hair, goatee, and an assortment of tattoos. Her first instinct was to grab a pound of Folgers and be gone but knew all too well that Jim preferred the flavored coffee over the house brands, so she would have to wait out the spook. She immediately grabbed a bag of coffee beans and placed the bag directly in front of her groin. Without thinking, she sheepishly gave the man a smile which was met with grin and a wink, while giving her the once over twice. 

When he finished grinding his coffee, he gave Abigail one more heavy gaze and pretended to fiddle with his prize. As she began dumping her bag into the grinder, tattooed man casually waited behind her knowing that lifting the bag to the top of the grinder would lift her shawl up, exposing her ass. Abigail knew this too but was left with little choice but to give the man a show. The worse part of grinding favored coffee is the operator must keep stirring the beans or they get clogged up in the shoot. So for the entire 5 minutes it took to grind the coffee, the man stood behind her, staring at her ass the entire time. With the show over, she watched the hairy mass finally walk down to the end of the isle. As he turned, he stopped and looked back at Abigail one more time, and another wink. 
Abigail was a little uncomfortable with the manner in which he had looked at her, but all she had to get was some creamer and detergent, and she was done. She feared that he may have ulterior motives, such as casually touching her in a desolate isle or worse yet, waiting for her in the parking lot. 

As she round the coffee isle towards the dairy section, there he was again, almost like he was waiting for her. The creamer and detergent were just past where he was standing, so she walked past him like he wasn't there, all the while knowing he was staring at her. As she opened the door to retrieve the creamer, she looked out of the corner of her eye in case he might still be there. Surprisingly, he was gone. She continued on to get then detergent then to the checkout line, not seeing him anywhere. She breathed a sigh of relief seeing that he was nowhere to be found. 

Walking out the door of the store Abigail stopped momentarily to see if the guy was lurking in the parking lot. Again, not seeing him, she relaxed a little carrying her detergent in one hand, and coffee and creamer in the other with her key remote ready to unlock her SUV as soon as she was close enough. The parking lot was almost vacant for the exception of her large SUV and a few others s**ttered around hers. 

Within five feet of her vehicle, she clicked the remote to unlock the door, and set down the detergent. Upon opening the door, a large hand suddenly covered her mouth while the other grabbed the hand with her keys, knocking them out of her hand. His other hand was reaching around her torso, grasping one of her breasts. He finally spoke whispering, “Don't scream or making a commotion or this will not end well for you.” He was in complete control with his one arm holding her against him, and could also feel his hard-on pressing against her above her vulnerable and exposed ass.

Abigail quickly realized the drivers side was opposite the building so no one in the store would see the assault. Removing his hand from her mouth, she pleaded, “Please, take my purse and the truck. Please don't hurt me! What do you want from me?” 

As she attempted to appeal to her aggressor, she didn't realize the hand that was on her mouth had just pulled her bottoms down, and all of a sudden felt his warm throbbing cock pushing into her. The assailant had pushed her into the drivers seat, leaning over the front seat with her head against the center counsel, both arms pulled behind her, with a dick in her pussy, humping her like a dog in heat. 

As he continued to pound her, he managed to grab both wrists with one hand, freeing the other to allow him to probe her asshole without the benefit of lubrication. He began verbally taunting her saying, “This is what happens to little sluts who think they can parade around teasing everyone.” 

Abigail whimpered, “Please, not in my ass.” 

With pin point precision, he spits a wade of saliva just above her asshole and lets the glutinous liquid run down the crack of her exposed butt to the waiting inserted index finger. With another spit, he proceeded to push his finger completely into her ass and begins fucking her with his finger as he hammered her pussy. Just as quickly as it started, he pulled out, Abigail thought it was finally over but was even more shocked when she felt his cock being f***efully pushed into her ass. 

“You bastard!” she screamed as her tormentor f***ed his will on Abigail still pinned against the side of drivers seat, hands behind her back, bent over the car seat with her bottoms laying in the parking lot getting assfucked. As he continued to pound her, he managed to grab both wrists while gripping her hair with the other. This maneuver allowed the perpetrator full control of his victim, driving his swollen dick deep into her ass while Abigail helplessly took the punishment. 

Within minutes, Abigail could sense the swelling of her stalker's cock that was building in her rear end, confirmed by his hastened pace and deliberate strokes. All of a sudden her abuser stopped pumping her and began to dump his vile seed deep into her ass.
“No! Don't cum in my ass you son of a bitch!”

Abigail turns her head facing her aggressor saying, “Damnit Jim! Now I'm going to leak cum all over the car seat! Why can't you just cum on my ass?” 

“Sorry Hun. You know how I love to see cum run out of your ass and down your leg.” 

“You better be hard when we get home – I didn't get mine yet, quick draw!” she said smiling.

With that, Abigail jumped into truck and raced Jim home.