"Erotic Stories" Mrs. Harris

Erotic Stories Mrs. Harris
I sat there in the chair at the Orthodontist office. Dr. Harris had to leave out on an emergency and most of the staff was gone. Dr. Harris' wife, Katie was filling in. She had canceled most of the appointments for the day but could not get a hold of me before I showed up. She was going to check me out and then she was done. I liked Katie, she was not very good looking but she wore a loose fitting scrub that would give me a great look at her little tits. She was tall and skinny, small tits and by that I mean her tits were so small they were mostly just nipples. She very rarely worked at the office but if she did it was always when I had an appointment. We actually flirted with each other, we clicked. She was forty seven years old, about twenty years younger than Dr. Harris. I always wondered why a woman would marry a man so much older than she. 

She looked at my mouth and cleaned my teeth. We were done and I offered to help her clean up. We both went to work and soon she disappeared. I finished what I was doing and went to Dr. Harris office to find Katie there taking off her scrubs. I watched as she got down to her panties and then she walked over to a full length mirror and looked at herself. She held her arms up and spun around. Then she saw me and made no attempt to hide herself. "Do you think I am sexy?" She said looking at me in the mirror. Then Katie turned to me. "Yes, you are damn hot I think." I replied be flirty and trying to act like I saw women in their panties all the time. My dick was now in full hard on mode making a massive tent in my pants. "Dr. Harris never tells me I am pretty. And he always has to take a boner pill to get hard, it takes all the spontaneity out of our sex." Katie said as she started to look like might cry. I walked over to her to give her a hug and I reached her she turned and we kissed and as we did my cock pushed against her hand. "My goodness, I really do turn you on. The way you always look at me makes me so wet." Katie said as we continued the passionate kissing. She slid her hand down my pants and fondled my cock as I felt up her tits. (XXX Stories)

Then we pulled my shirt off and dropped my pants. She lead me to a chair and pushed me into it and she knelt down and started to suck my cock. I felt like I was dreaming. Just as I was getting near to cumming Katie stopped and pulled me up and had me lay on the floor and she dropped her panties. Her pussy was not very hairy at all, just a little bit of bush right around her slit, and she had some big meaty pussy lips. She straddled me and lowered herself down. With one hand she held my cock and the other she fingered herself. "I have a condom in my billfold, let go get it." I said not wanting to stop or break the mood. "You are funny, we don't need that. Is this your first time?" Katie quizzed with a sexy smile. "Yes" I whispered. 

Katie then pulled her fingers out of her slit and held open her pussy lips and lowered herself down onto my cock. Then she worked her hips around till I was deep and snug inside her. The feel of her pussy around my dong was amazing. She began to slow fuck me looking me in the eyes the whole time. I could not believe I was fucking her, I had imagined fucking her for a long time but never thought we would actually do it. Now I was fucking Katie Harris, a married woman old enough to be my mom. As she slow fucked me she played with clit and as she neared her orgasim her pace quickened. And as she neared her orgasim so I got closer to my own. My cock swelled and I could feel my sperm filling my cock and my balls starting to boil and hurt. I was determined to hold out till Katie came, and I thought I should not cum inside her. Just as I was about to give up and push Katie off my cock so I could cum, she started to thrust and buck about, "I cumming!" She moaned. Her cunt clamped tight around my pole and I was not able to hold back any longer. I instinctively thrust my cock deeper into her and let loose a torrent of hot cum. It felt so good to be cumming inside her as she came. So much cum sprayed from my cock that it over flowed from Katie's pussy and ran down around my balls and pooled on the floor underneath my ass. 

Katie collapsed on top of me for a minute then rolled off of me. My limp cum soaked cock laid there. As I reflected on what just happened and the fact that I just had my first fuck my cock got hard again. I looked over at Katie who was staring right at me. "Ready to go again?" She said with a smile. I rolled on top of her and easily sunk my cock into her gooey hole and pounded her for several minutes before flooding her womb with more of my spunk. As soon as I had drained my balls I sat back and stared at Katie's well fucked pussy. It was gaping and my cum was leaking from it running down her ass crack onto the carpet. "Now if I could get my husband to fuck me like that I would be happy." Katie said as she smeared her fingers thru her messy pussy. "We better get cleaned up." Katie said as she stood up and took my hand and lead me to a small bathroom at the back of the office. It had a little shower and we both showered off. Then we cleaned the carpet where we had fucked. 

I rode my bike home thinking about how my first fuck was like a porn movie. I could not believe it. I would ride my bike over to Katie's house and we would fuck. Sometime we would meet in the woods between our house and fuck. Sometimes it might be a quickie, maybe a blow job (she always swallows) or maybe spend the whole day in bed fucking. Several times I would bang her right after Dr. Harris had fucked her and gone off to work. Sloppy seconds did not bother me. It was good for me as I fucked a lot of girls my own age. You could say that fucking Katie got me over the hump to humping.