"Erotic Stories" My Wife and Her Coworker

Erotic Stories My Wife and Her Coworker
Work parties are not my thing and I try to avoid them like the plague. However, my wife is a teacher and enjoys heading down to a local watering hole after school to kibitz with friends. This particular week her group of coworkers decided to go out on a Saturday to celebrate someone’s birthday. I grumbled a bit, but gave her peck on the cheek and told her to have fun.

The evening was spent cooking dinner and getting our daughter to sl**p. She finally zonked out around eight o’clock and I had the quiet house to myself. I threw a football game on the television and eased back into my recliner for a quiet night. My phone rang sometime during the first quarter. I looked down and saw that it was my wife and answered it hoping everything was okay.

She sounded a little tipsy, but far from d***k, and said, “Hi, hon, why don’t you come out?” I thanked her but reminded her that we had a little one upstairs sl**ping. My wife told me to walk next door and bring the monitor to her mother. Yes, my in-laws live next door, which can be both a curse and a blessing. I hemmed and hawed and my wife said, “Come on, hon, everyone is here and you never come out with me.” I asked where they were and she told me they were just headed to a local Chinese restaurant for a bite to eat. Having just looked in the fridge and realizing I was cursed to eat leftovers by myself, I agreed to join here and at least enjoy a meal.(XXX Stories)

I gathered up all the tech and trudged over to my in-laws. They were happy to help and my wife’s mom even offered to head back to my house. Even though it was a stone’s throw away, I was delighted to know I wasn’t shrugging my parental duties and told her I wouldn’t be too long. My plan was to grab a meal with my wife and her friends, satisfying my social obligations, and get back home in time for the second game of tonight’s doubleheader.

The ride downtown wasn’t long and it was probably less than a half hour before I walked into the restaurant and found my wife sitting at a rather large table with eight other of her coworkers. My wife, Robin, greeted me with a big kiss on the cheek and said she was so happy that I decided to join them. I looked around the table and greeted everyone with a warm smile or handshake. The group had already ordered, so I sat down next to Robin and she began filling my plate. Our waitress arrived promptly and I order a draft beer. My wife had some frilly drink in front of her and a few empty glasses next to it. I leaned over and said, “How many have you had?” She just smiled and told me she was feeling pretty good.

It wasn’t long before dinner was over and I was ready to head back home. However, one of Robin’s coworkers, Samantha, had been really fun to talk to and asked me to join them on their next stop at a dive bar next door. That first beer had led to a few more and I figured it would be smart to let everything digest before driving home, so I agreed to at least one stop. My wife clapped her hands in excitement and we were off.

The bar was kind of a dump, but had a side room with a few pool tables and dart boards. Again, I am not really big on work parties, so I headed to the bar. The second game was on and I figured I’d pull up a seat and catch it there. My wife went off with her friends and they grabbed two pool tables. I would occasionally wave at them and smile from the bar. Probably an hour into our stay, Samantha pulled up a seat and joined me at the bar. We made small talk for a few minutes until she casually said, “So, Greg’s really got a thing for your wife, huh?” I about spit out my beer and said, “What?” She laughed and pointed over at the pool tables. I looked over and saw a young man standing behind my wife with his hand on her ass as she took a shot. Well, that was certainly unexpected!

I looked over at Samantha and said, “Wait, I thought Greg and you were dating?” She smiled and said, “Yes, but he’s got a thing for Robin and I don’t blame him.” The blank look on my face must have made it quite obvious that I was totally unaware of any of this. Samantha reached out and placed her hand on mine. “You okay?” she said. I just looked into the back room again and stared. There was my wife of ten years acting like a college coed flirting with her young coworker as they played pool.

Robin is certainly attractive, looking very young for her age. While approaching forty, she looks to be in her late twenties. Standing only 5’2”, she is always dwarfed in our photos with me being well over six feet. Her hair is a little longer these days, brown and curly. Robin tries to keep in shape, but a lot of baby weight has stayed on over the years. However, in a lot of the right places. Her hips are wide, she has a plump little ass and a pair of double D tits that she doesn’t mind keeping in low cut blouses. I looked over at her and couldn’t help noticing how good she looked in her tight jeans, black pumps and little t-shirt.

Her very friendly coworker, Greg, was almost the exact opposite of me. Probably no older than twenty-five, short and a little dumpy looking to be honest. I shook my head at the thought and looked over at Samantha. She smiled, squeezed my hand and said, “They are like work husband and wife these days.” Again, a total shock to me. I took another sip of my beer and asked her why she was so calm about this. The young, kind of homely and overweight teacher looked over at me and said, “I like your wife and Greg and I aren’t exclusive.”

Just then my wife put her pool cue down and started walking toward the bar. Samantha quickly let go of my hand and said, “Hey, Robin!” My wife eased up between us and said, “So, you too getting to know each other?” I smiled and ordered my wife another drink. The two ladies chatted as the bartender made Robin a highball. My wife grabbed my hand and said, “So, what do you think about Greg?” I laughed and told her I didn’t really know much about him, but that Samantha was filling me in about everything. My wife turned white, grabbed her drink and quickly walked back to the pool room.

Samantha and I sat in silence for a few minutes before she said, “So, you the jealous type?” I looked over at her trying to gauge her meaning. She smiled and said, “I’m going home with someone else tonight and think Greg wants too, as well.” With that, she got up, gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and headed to a booth where a bunch of Robin’s other coworkers were sitting. What the heck was going on with these people?

As I looked back into the pool room, I could see Greg with his hands all over my wife’s ass as she took another shot. Was this actually happening? Had Robin done this before? Is this why she goes out every Friday? My mind was racing with questions, yet I couldn’t help but be excited by it all. Here was some young guy flirting with wife and wanting to get into her pants like a date on prom night. I knew only one thing, at that point, and it was that if anything went down I was going to be there. I chugged the last of my beer and headed to the men’s room.

When I got back to the bar, Samantha was passing by with one of her fellow teachers, the two of them arm-in-arm. She looked over, shot me a mischievous smile and said, “Told you.” I watched in awe as the two walked out of the bar and into a waiting cab. Okay, was this some thing with these people? Was my wife part of some weird sex club among her coworkers? I had to get some answers! I paid my tab, thanked the bartender and headed to the back room.

There I found Robin standing against juke box looking over her selection with Greg’s arm around her hip. I cleared my throat a bit and my wife looked up at me. She smiled and said, “Andy, hon, what song should I play?” I shrugged my shoulders and told her to pick. Robin fiddled with the buttons for a few minutes before breaking Greg’s embrace and joining me at one of the high top booths away from the pool tables. She kissed me on the cheek and asked if I was having fun. I smiled and said, “Sure, but it looks like your friend is having even more.” Robin’s face turned white again and she just looked down at the table. I grabbed her hand and said, “So, Greg?” She looked up at me with confidence and said, “No, never… well, I haven’t if that’s what you mean.”

I moved my hand down to her knee and said, “Okay, but do you want to?” Robin shook her head and quickly answered, “No, hon, he’s just young and follows me like a lost puppy.” Looking over at Greg, now playing pool with a fellow male coworker, I said, “Hey, he’s young and probably full of cum.” Robin hit me hard in the shoulder and burst out laughing. Now, we had been married long enough and had a great relationship that fantasies had been brought up and shared many times. Oddly enough, he’s always involved a younger man.

My hand squeezed Robin’s knee tightly. I looked in her eyes and said, “You can, if you want.” Her face flushed with excitement and she blurted out, “Really?” I nodded and told her not to ask again before I change my mind. Robin hopped down from the booth, gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and headed toward Greg’s pool table. I watch as my wife swayed her hips and adjusted her t-shirt as she approached him. They talked for a bit, Greg glancing between my wife’s cleavage and me from time to time. It wasn’t long before they headed toward my booth.

Greg reached out his hand and introduced himself. He made some small talk by telling my that we had met a few weeks earlier at Robin’s workplace during parent-teacher conferences. I nodded, remembering him standing outside with her as she waited for me to pick her up at the end of the event. We exchanged views on sports teams and he started to seem like a decent enough guy. That’s when I stopped the bullshit and said, “So, you want to fuck my wife?”

Greg’s face lost all color and he nervously started tapping his foot on his chair. I winked at Robin and she smacked my hand saying, “Don’t be so crude, Andy.” My laughter broke the silence and Greg looked over at my in utter confusion. “Just joking, buddy” I said and hit him gently on the shoulder. The three of us ordered a few drinks and started to get to know each other a little. It seems Samantha was right, these two were thick as thieves at work, having more than a few classes that they taught together. I finally understood why Robin had never mentioned him.

My bladder wasn’t cooperating, so I excused myself and headed to the restroom. Robin and Greg were back playing pool when I got back. I hopped back into the booth and watched as they played another game of eight ball. Robin must have said something to calm Greg’s fears, because now his hands were all over her as they played. My cock started to stir as I watched him grab her right tit. Robin quickly glanced over at me and smiled.

The night started to wind to an end and the lights flickered signaling last call. Robin excused herself and joined me. She was slurring her words a bit, but I made out, “Greg lives just a few blocks from here.” I grabbed her pocketbook, fished around for her keys and put them in my pocket. “You certainly aren’t driving there,” I said with a wry smile. Robin got up, grabbed my arm and said, “Lead on, good sir.” We walked over to Greg, who was visibly nervous, and I asked him for directions to his apartment. It took every ounce of courage for him to get the words out. I cupped Robin’s ass and said, “We’ll meet you there.”

The drive to Greg’s apartment was quick, but gave Robin plenty of time to stroke my bulging jeans. She leaned against my shoulder and said, “You really okay with this?” I pulled into a vacant parking space, put the car in park and said, “Hon, I just want you to have fun.” She squeezed my bulging cock hard and said, “Oh, I think I will!” We exited the car and rang the buzzer to her coworker’s apartment. The metallic clicking sound of the lock disengaging was my signal to open the door. Robin and I walked up a few flights of stairs, arm-in-arm, and stopped before door 3B. She grabbed my ass and knocked on the door.

Greg opened the door and let us inside, giving us a quick tour of his living room, before asking if we wanted a drink. Robin and I both asked for a beer and he headed off to the kitchen. I spun my wife around and adjusted her t-shirt to reveal more of her ample cleavage. She smiled and said, “You horny old man.” I smacked her ass playfully before Greg got back with our drinks. We stood awkwardly for a few minutes sipping our beers before he apologized and asked us to sit down. I laughed and headed toward what was obviously a very loved recliner facing a huge flatscreen television. Greg was taken aback and looked liked the lost puppy Robin mentioned at the bar. She winked at me, grabbed his arm and led him to the couch.

Some random basketball game caught my eye as I settled into the chair. I mentioned something about the game and Greg’s voice cracked as he said, “You can change it.” I laughed and told him to relax. My wife put her drink down on the coffee table and leaned back into the couch close to him. She looked over at me with a look that wasn’t hard to miss. Robin wanted to know if I was really okay with this. I nodded to her, looked into her eyes and drew them down to Greg’s crotch. She got the message and reached down to cup his obvious bulge. He jumped a mile at her touch.

Robin wasn’t going to make this any harder on this poor young man and crossed one of her legs over his. Greg’s eyes darted over at me and I smiled. My wife began stroking his bulging jeans. I got up, took off my coat and eased back into the recliner. Robin began unzipping Greg’s jeans and kissed him passionately. As their tongues danced and probed, my wife fumbled with his belt and finally exposed Greg’s full bulge. It was a significant something this math teacher was keeping in his boxers. Greg kicked off his shoes and Robin quickly pulled his jeans off.

My own cock started to stir as Robin peeled Greg’s boxers down and revealed his cock. It was magnificent! Probably eight inches and thick with a full circumcised head, he had shaved all but a little patch of pubic hair just above the shaft. Robin looked at him and said, “Wow, Samantha was right, you do have a huge cock.” Total silence from Greg.

My wife’s petite hands started to stroke Greg’s shaft. He let out a soft moan and tried to look everywhere but my direction. I could sense that he was nervous with me being in the room, so I got up and said, “I need another beer.” As I walked into the kitchen, I watched as Robin’s head dove for Greg’s crotch.

The kitchen was small, but the open concept meant there was a small breakfast bar between it and the living room. I grabbed a beer from Greg’s fridge and sat down at it. My wife’s mouth was wrapped around the tip of Greg’s cock and his eyes were rolling in his head. She looked over at me as she took some of his shaft into her mouth and winked. I winked back at her and said, “Suck it, Robin.” Greg’s eyes darted to meet mine. I winked at him and said, “She gives some great head, buddy.” The poor guy had no clue what to do.

Robin worked on Greg’s cock for a few minutes before she sank it down her throat and her lips met the base of his balls. He let out a whimper as my wife started to go to town deepthroated him. I laughed and said, “Told you she was good.” Greg just nodded and threw his head back. I downed the last of my beer and walked back into the living room. Sitting down next to Robin, I rubbed her ass a bit before reaching around to unbuckle her jeans. She moaned as I slide off her pumps and took them off. The black lace panties were certainly a nice touch and I wondered if they were for me or Greg. I put my thumbs on each side and slid them down.

The sweet smell of my wife’s wet pussy filled the room. I reached under Robin’s t-shirt and fumbled with the clasp of her bra. It wasn’t too long before her massive tits were freed from their confines. She slowly moved her mouth up Greg’s shaft and eased the head of his cock out of her mouth. I quickly pulled her t-shirt off and Greg let out a loud moan as I removed her loose bra. Robin grabbed one of her hefty tits and placed its nipple in his mouth. I squeezed my wife’s ass before getting up and taking my place back in the recliner.

It didn’t take long for my wife to sit herself on the top of Greg’s lap. She reached behind her and slide the tip of his cock against her shaved pussy. I reached down and brushed the outside of my jeans where my cock was beginning to swell even more. Greg’s massive cock parted her lips and I watched in awe as she squirmed down on his shaft. He reached out and grabbed her hips, her nipple still lodged between his lips. Robin let out a deep moan and said, “Fuck me, Greg!”

The shaft of Greg’s big cock quickly disappeared inside my wife’s eager pussy. He let out a grunt as her ass slapped against his balls. Robin looked over her right shoulder and said, “God, he’s so fucking big, Andy!” I nodded and said, “Have fun, baby.” She slammed herself on his cock with a fury as I got up, grabbed my coat and headed for the door. I looked back one last time to see Greg’s hands on her ass and his big cock pounding the shit out of my wife.

When I closed the door behind me, I noticed Samantha coming down the hallway. She smiled and said, “Funny meeting you here.” I laughed and just rolled my eyes. When she got to where I was standing next to the door I asked what she was doing there. She laughed hard and said, “Greg and I live together, stupid.” Panic washed over my face, but she reached out and grabbed my hand. I looked into her eyes as she used her other hand to grab my crotch. She licked her lips and said, “You want to join them?” I stepped back, breaking her grip, and shook my head. “Sorry,” I said, “this is Robin’s night.” Samantha’s face dropped and she said, “Too bad, guy I went home with passed out and I’m horny as fuck.”

We stood for a few seconds before I mumbled, “Are you going in there?” She smiled devilishly and said, “Would Robin like that?” I answered with an impish grin, “You wouldn’t be her first.” Samantha’s eyes lit up and she she reached for the doorknob. Before opening it, she looked back at me and said, “You don’t even want to watch?” I laughed and said, “No, I will hear all about it when my wife gets home.”