"Erotic Stories" My wife at the movies

Erotic Stories My wife at the movies
It was a typical late summer Friday night date night for my wife and I. We were planning on dinner, a movie and drinks at the new Irish pub that had just opened. We were double dating with some good friends. We had known Jimmy and Shannon for a long time. We love playing games at their home and spending time in their hot tub. The girls had gone topless a couple of times in the hot tub and, on a dare, Jimmy and I had lost our trunks once, much to the girls’ amusement.

It was to be a very casual Friday night so we dressed mostly for comfort. Nancy was in tight, faded cut off blue jeans that ended about two inches below her fanny. The sleeveless yellow t-shirt style top was a little big on her, it was covered in a variety of red and white flowers and bold green leaves. This pattern helped disguised the fact that she had left her bra home. Her shoes were simple white sneakers.

We meet our friends at a pizza joint. Shannon was in a very short white and blue dress with buttons up the front. She is very thin with beautiful long legs, narrow hips and a perfect set of what I would guess to be C-cup boobs. On Shannon’s skinny, little long legged body those boobs look huge! (Erotic Stories)

Dinner at the pizza place was nice. The place has long communal tables, large pitchers of beer but way too many little k**s running around. Still, the pizza was hot and the beer was cold. What more can you really ask for?

After dinner we sat and killed off a couple extra pitchers of draft beer as we argued about what movie we wanted to see. Eventually we decided that we would go to our first X-rated movie. There was one playing at an old 1930’s theater in the middle of downtown. We parked close to the theater, purchased our tickets and walked through the lobby. This theater had seen better days and now, on its last legs, it was playing porn 24 hours a day.

We entered on the left side and stopped to see if we could spot some seats. The theater was mostly empty. The back two rows contained most of the people. There were a few guys and perhaps one or two other couples s**ttered throughout the huge seating area. We decided to sit in an area in the middle where there were plenty of empty seats in all directions.

We let our friends go into the row first and then Nancy entered and I was the last in. I had assumed that as the male protectors we would be seated with the men on the outsides and the women in the center but Jimmy put his wife on the far side and he sat between the two ladies.

We settled in to wait for the trailers to finish and the feature to start. Twenty minutes later the seats around us were starting to fill up as the feature film began. No sooner had it started than my wife said that she needed a drink. No one else wanted anything, so I hurried out to get her a large soft drink.

There was no line at the drink counter but neither was there anyone behind the counter. I finally found someone who worked there but he told me that their drink machine was broken. Walking back down the aisle I could now see that there were about the same number of people in the theater as when we had first arrived but it appeared that a number of them had moved to the center section close to where we were sitting. We were now in the middle of a group of six to eight men, some in front of us but most of them in the row behind us.

As I entered our row, I found that someone was sitting one seat away from my wife. I sat down between them. I told Nancy that the drink machine was broken and then ask who that guy was. She said that he had politely asked if he could sit there and he looked nice so she had told him it was OK. I glanced past her and I could see that Jimmy already had his dick out and Shannon was stroking him!

I pointed to Jimmy and told Nancy we should be doing that. She looked at me and back at Jimmy. Then she locked eyes with me as she reached over and grabbed Shannon’s hand and some of Jimmy’s dick. I was shocked! She had never done anything like that before. She just kept looking at me with a wicked little smile on her face.

I had my right arm around her shoulders, laying on the seat back. I reached down under her arm and slipped my hand through the large open arm hole of her shirt and started rubbing her right breast. She quickly pushed my hand away and rearranged her shirt, hiding her cute little 34B cup breast.

I leaned over close to Nancy, whispering in her ear to tell her that I loved her very much. She smiled, placed her left hand in my lap and started tracing the outline of the hard dick that had appeared in my pants. 

I leaned over and kissed her neck. She loves it when I nibble on her neck. That always gets her hot and bothered and wet and ready. But this time she slapped my cock and told me not to do that right now. So I put my hand on her leg started rubbing up her thigh, moving up towards her crotch. Again, she slapped me and whispered, “I think that guy is watching me.” I whispered softly to her that watching was the whole idea at an X-rated movie!

Since she was still helping Shannon stroke Jimmy, I decided that she must be a little turned on, but just too shy to let anyone look at her. I let go of her leg and unzipped my pants so I could pull my cock out for her to stroke. When I put her hand on my dick she looked down and smiled as she started playing with it.

So here is my shy little wife in the middle of a porn movie with a cock in each hand but refusing to let me touch her! I reached back around her shoulders to play with her boob now that both of her hands were busy. I found that her nipple was just as hard as my cock. I moved my hand slightly and just that quickly my hand and her tit were in full view of anyone who was looking. 

The guy sitting directly in front of me was turned sideways watching me playing with my wife’s breast or perhaps he was watching Shannon and Nancy stroking Jimmy. Either way, I think he was enjoying our little show more than the one on the movie screen that he seemed to be ignoring.

She stopped stroking me, moved my hand away and covered her breast. I have to say I was getting a little frustrated with her. I whispered in her ear that if she didn’t want me to touch her, I might as well go sit by Shannon. I told Nancy that maybe Shannon would be a little bit friendlier. My wife looked up and me and with that ‘you wouldn’t dare do that’ look. I just smiled at her, put my dick away and started to get up to leave.

It was then that I noticed the guy next to me had his cock out stroking it and watching us. I leaned over and whispered to him that I needed to leave for a minute and asked him if he would sit next to my wife to protect her from any creeps. His eyes were as wide as saucers as he nodded yes. I turned to Nancy and said, I’ll be right back and this nice gentleman will be sitting next to you for a few minutes, just for your protection. 

I traded places with the guy and then reached across him to grab Nancy’s wrist. I pulled her little arm into his lap and placed her hand on his rigid cock. Clamping my hand around her hand I helped her start stroking her new friend. Then I left to walk around to Shannon’s side of the theater.

My plan might have been a good one, but when I arrived, I discovered that there was already someone sitting next to Shannon. Luckily for me there was no one behind her. I sat in a vacant seat and leaned forward to whisper in her ear. I told her that I was behind her and that I wanted to make Nancy jealous. I asked if she would let me play with her boobs. She let go of Jimmy’s cock and proceeded to unbutton her dress for me.

As I said, Shannon has these marvelously wonderful C-cup breasts. She loves to wear bras that push them together and shirts and sweaters that provide a great setting for some lavish displays of cleavage. Tonight was not different. Looking over her shoulder provided me with a wonderful view of her long beautiful legs and her ample bosoms. I reached around her and started rubbing her boobs and tracing the lines of her bra. I glanced over to see if Nancy was watching me but she appear to be just sitting there watching the movie.

Leaning forward I got my face nestled into the crook of Shannon’s neck. She leaned back as I kissed her neck while gazing down at those beautiful tits. Her milky white breasts looked like they were aglow in the reflected light from the movie screen. As I kissed her neck my fingers search inside her bra to find those sweet nipples. 

It was then that I noticed some movement as the guy sitting next to her undid his belt and unzipped his pants. Shannon’s hand had been resting in her lap. When his dick popped out of his pants she responded by grabbing that cock to play with it. She turned slightly so that she could wrap both of her hands around his dick. His dark skinned member just seemed to keep getting bigger and bigger.

I looked back down the row to see what Nancy was doing. Someone sitting behind her was rubbing her shoulders. As I watched, the hands behind Nancy pushed her shirt off of her shoulders and started rubbing her bare neck and arms. 

My hands were now inside of Shannon’s bra cupping her soft breasts. Shannon has the most beautiful nipples. The areolas are large and light reddish-brown color with a slightly oval shape. Her nipples are long and hard. She turned her head and we looked each other in the eyes. Shortly thereafter our lips meet in a deep soul kiss. Our tongues tangled as they searched and explorer each other.

When I opened my eyes I could see past Shannon to where Nancy was still had her hand on Jimmy’s cock. His shoulders were turned sideways as he faced Nancy, but she is so small that he totally blocked my view of her except for her hand stroking him.

I kissed Shannon’s neck again. She has such a wonderfully long, slender neck. Shannon is a lot taller than Nancy. She stands about 5’7. I would guess she weighs to be no more than 115 pounds. Shannon is very petite bordering on skinny. Nancy’s hands and fingers are delicate and shapely and she can’t quite reach all the way around my dick. Shannon’s long slender white fingers were fully wrapped around the dick of the black guy sitting next to her. I wished I had been in that seat!

After being with Shannon for about 20 minutes, so I thought it would be a good idea to go check on my wife. I whispered to Shannon to see if she would be OK if I left her. She kept her eyes fixed on the big cock she was stroking and murmured something along the lines of, ‘Ummm, sure’.

I walked to the back of the theater and could see for the first time exactly what was happening back there. Mostly there were guys doing guys. There was just one lone girl who was standing up and trying to hide behind a VERY big guy.

Walking down the aisle to our row I could now see that Nancy was getting a little more attention than Shannon was on the other end of the row. Her top was nowhere to be seen. The guy I had left next to her was gone. There was a different guy sitting there now with his pants down to his knees. My wife was working his dick with her left hand. I now realized that there were two guys in the row behind her and both were pawing at her shoulders and boobs. One guy in front of her was twisted around and it looked like he was rubbing her legs. 

I sat down one seat away from the guy she was masturbating and settled back to watch my wife’s X-rated performance for a few minutes. I had no sooner sat down than the guy she was stroking placed his hand around her hand, squeezing it harder into his dick as he started to hump her hand in time with her strokes. Less than a minute later he erupted in a fountain of what looked like silver cum. I guess the light from the movie screen caused it to look that color. He released her hand and she released his dick. She wiped his cum off of her hand onto his stomach.

When he finally got up to leave, I moved over and got to the seat next to her before anyone else arrived. I don’t think she noticed it was me because she had turned sideways to face Jimmy and they were now kissing. I dropped by pants and grabbed her wrist so I could place her hand on my dick. She was very compliant and just started stroking me as she kept kissing Jimmy.

Eventually she leaned back in the seat, looked over at me and said, “Oh, it’s you. Did you have fun with Shannon?” I said it was OK, but that I had missed her. I asked if anything had happened while I was away. “Not much,” was her only reply. I noticed that she was still wearing her shirt, but it had been pushed down around her waist and looked more like a cummerbund than a shirt. 

You should recall the first guy I had sat next to her and put his dick in her hand was now gone. I had just watched her jacked off a stranger. Two guys in the row behind her were jerking off as they played with her perky little tits and nipples. The guy in front of her was rubbing her pussy through her cut off shorts. And she had just started stroking my cock before she knew it was me. Yeah, I thought, ‘not much’ had happened!

I asked her if she would suck my dick but she said she wanted to taste Jimmy’s dick while she had the chance. I told her to go ahead and get on her knees in the seat and give him a lick.

When she got into position on Jimmy’s dick her ass was up in the air. The guys behind her and the guy in front of her were working to get her shorts off. I just watched. It was a wonderful sight as they pulled her shorts off of her hips, slipping them down to her thighs. I realized for the first time that night that she was not wearing any panties. Normally I love the cute little lace panties that she wears but I have to say, I also love the look of her sweet little bare naked ass!

Three sets of hands searched, rubbed and prodded her ass and pussy. She was so wet that fingers were slipping in and out with ease. Her juices were running down her legs. The guy in the row in front of her would run his fingers inside of her then pull them back and lick them. He did that again and again. I just sat and enjoyed watching their hands roam all over her ass and pussy.

Finally I decided it was time for me to reclaim her pussy, so I dropped by pants and stood up behind her. I guided my cock into her pussy as the hands pulled back a little. They didn’t leave her alone but they did give me a little room. As I was fucking her, they continued probing and rubbing. I could feel somebodies hand under her rubbing her clit as my balls bounced off of his fingers.

She is rather petite and in that position as I was thrusting into her I was hitting her uterus with each deep thrust. It felt so good to have all of those hands working around my dick as I was plunging in and out. And the feeling of her womb on the head of my cock was the best! It was like finding another, smaller, tighter pussy inside of her that was teasing the tip of my penis.

I wanted to cum deep inside of her so when my body told me it was time, I pushed in as deeply as possible. Initially her uterus seemed to fight back against the pressure but then it felt like it relaxed and opened a little around the tip of my cock. Her heavy breathing was causing it to move around and it felt like it was trying to suck me in. 

As I held myself deep inside of her, I could feel her uterus opening around the tip of my cock. It now felt a little rough and there was a little discomfort but I held my dick pressed against it. Cum started to explode out of me and into her. The discomfort instantly disappeared as the new lubrication filled her womb with sperm. I felt the semen gush around the head of my cock and partially down my shaft as it filled her pussy. Pulse after throbbing pulse pumped shot after shot of sticky wet cum into her pussy as her tight vaginal walls contracted against my dick, sealing everything inside of her.

I kept myself pressed against her as I waited for my dick to shrink. When I felt it beginning to slipping out, I moved backward sensing the flow of semen draining from her freshly fucked cunt. As I started to pull up my pants, Nancy turned around in her seat and leaned over to kiss me. Her mouth tasted slightly salty. As we broke the kiss, I looked at her and ask if she was still having fun or if she was ready to leave.

She looked up at me and said, “I thought this was a double feature?” before I could answer, she said, “oh!” and her head jerked forward then back. The second time she jerked forward I looked over her ass and saw Jimmy pumping his cock into her.

“Oh….You better go see….Oh….if Shannon…Oh….Is OK.” I kissed the top of her head and said that I would be right back.

As it turned out, there was no reason to worry about Shannon. When I got there she was fully involved with some guy in the row in front of her. When I say fully involved I mean that she was leaning forward in her seat and he was kneeling in his seat. Her lips were solidly locked around his cock. Her dress was totally unbuttoned and her bra was lying in her lap. The black guy was gone but there was someone behind her who was playing with her tits as he was jacking off. 

I sat down in the seat next to her, pulled out my cock and put her hand on it. Nancy has very petite hands with long slender fingers. Shannon’s fingers are longer than Nancy’s fingers but just as slender and delicate. My dick fit into her hands perfectly as her fingers wrapped around my shaft and she began putting a little life back into my cock. Her other hand was holding the balls of the guy in front of her.

Over her back I could look down our row and watch Jimmy fucking Nancy. I think one of the guys that had been sitting behind her had moved up a row and was now in my old seat. He had the seat folded up which, I’m guessing, put his dick at just the right place for Nancy’s mouth. From where I was sitting I could not see if she was blowing him, but I would have bet anything that she was.

I had not much more than settled in with Shannon, when the guy in front of her pulled his dick out of her mouth still dripping cum. He turned to pull up his pants and Shannon turned to me. She leaned forward and told me that she didn’t want to fuck any of these guys, just maybe given them some hand jobs or whatever. “But,” she said, “Since Jimmy is fucking Nancy, I want you to fuck me too.”

What could I do? I was mostly stiff again, and hearing a beautiful women talking dirty and say the word ‘fuck’ with a twinkle in her eyes really turns me on. So I agreed.

Shannon turned around to face the guy in the row behind us and grabbed his stiff dick. I dropped by pants and snuggled up behind her. I pushed her soaking wet blue lace blue satin to the side and slid into her hot, dripping pussy. 

It was almost a shock to go from the cold air of the theater into her hot little box. The feeling was spectacular! I drove deep into her and then slowly pulled out so just the head remained inside. I waited until I could feel the chill of the air on my dick then shoved it in again. I repeated this slow measured cadence over and over again as I watched Jimmy humping Nancy.

Reaching around Shannon I grasped her hips as I picked up the pace. Then I decided to try to match Jimmy stroke for stroke. Very quickly we were ramming our dicks into each other’s wife’s pussies in almost perfectly synchronization.

Then I started to wonder how I would know when he was about to cum, so that, hopefully, I could cum inside of his wife at the same time he came in my wife. As I was thrusting in time with him and pondering when I should cum I felt a hand behind me reach between my legs and cup my balls.

I’ve lain side by side with another guy while we were screwing our wives. I’ve felt a man’s body as he rubbed against me while having sex at a ‘Wesson oil party’. But I have to say, I’ve never felt a strangers cold hand reach between my legs and hold my balls while I was screwing someone! So I’m going to use that shock as an excuse as to why I was suddenly cumming inside Shannon. Perhaps it was my cumming in her that also started her trembling and cumming. Or maybe it was the stranger behind me working on my balls and her pussy. I have no idea, but I do know that I had a very intense orgasm!

To avoid anyone else taking Shannon, I stayed with my cock deep inside of her while she finished the blow job on the guy in front of her. All the while the stranger behind me continued playing with my balls and rubbing Shannon’s clit. 

This time my cock didn’t relax as quickly as it had with Nancy. I was staying pretty hard inside. I could feel the stranger’s hand working away at my balls and at Shannon’s pussy. After a couple minutes of this I felt her vaginal wall muscles start to contract as she began another orgasm. It felt so good to have my dick inside of her basically motionless and then to feel the walls of her pussy starting to tremble and shake and grip my dick. That was a feeling that I’ll likely never forget.

I could hear the guy in front of Shannon moaning “I’m about to cum” and she doubled her efforts on his dick. Looking at Jimmy I realized that he had stopped moving, his back was arched and his hands were holding Nancy ass tight against him. I reasoned that he must have just cum.

As I backed up to remove myself from Shannon, the stranger withdrew his hand. I moved so Shannon could turn around in her seat. When she did, my dick was almost in her face and she reached out to take a hold of me, leaned forward and planted a big kiss on my cum covered shaft. 

I started pulling up my pants while Shannon buttoned her dress and stuffing her bra in her purse. Jimmy dropped into his seat and looked at us and said, “That was so fucking exciting! We need to go to the movies more often!”

Shannon and I both laughed. Jimmy stood up and traded places with Nancy. As we continued getting dressed the guys in the seats around us seemed to understand that the show was over.

Fully clothed again, we started to file out of the theater. Nancy was holding very tightly to my arm as we walked to the car. She whispered to me, “I feel so dirty but it was so exciting. I want to do this again. Promise me you’ll take me one of these movies again.” I told her I would.

I asked Jimmy and Shannon what they thought about the show. Shannon was quick to say it was not what she had expected and that one time was enough for her. Nancy added “I totally agree, once is enough. I think I really need a hot shower right now to feel normal again.” Nancy hugged my arm a little tighter and whispered so only I could hear, “Don’t forget, you promised me.”

After a short walk in silence Shannon agreed that she would like to take a shower too before going to that new Irish Pub for some late night drinks. Jimmy said, “I think we all need a shower,” then added, “your place or ours?”

…But that’s another story for another time…