"Erotic Stories" New Neighbors Invite Wife to a Party

Erotic Stories New Neighbors Invite Wife to a Party
About six months ago two young Doctor's Al and Tim moved next door to our townhouse. Little did I know my new neighbors would spice up my life. Their first weekend they must have had six young twenty-something Doctors and about ten gorgeous Nurses over for a pool party. The Nurses all seemed to be in their mid-thirties and early forties which I found unusual for these young studs. I watched from my upstairs balcony and after about an hour the party really got going. Bikini tops came off followed by bikini bottoms and the guys shed their swim suits. 

The girls went right to work on these young studs, mouths were soon wrapped around cocks and several women were in lounge chairs fucking. There were six guys and ten girls and soon a number of twosomes and threesomes got going. It was a regular orgy, in three hours these guys must have fucked every one of these middle aged honeys twice. I’ve never seen so much cocksucking and fucking that night and some of the girl’s asses were used that night. Two older stocky short haired Nurses were obviously bi-sexual and stayed after everyone left to put on a lesbian sex show for the Doc’s. I told my 52 year old wife Carol about it and we both watched the next party. Carol got so hot we went to bed and fucked our brains out. Carol rarely let me take her in the ass, but that night she gave it up and I must have cum in her ass at least two times. Not bad for a sixty year old man. (Adult Stories)

Well over the next several weeks we became friends with Al and Tim. My wife was a good gardener and was redoing their pool area and I got them tickets to a Raiders game. Then I began to notice that my fifty-two wife Carol began to look sexy, full make up, a new hair style that made her look young and some very sexy bikini and new clothes to go with it. Carol though she was 52 still had a nice firm body. She began to stroll around in skimpier and skimpier clothing as she worked on their yard. 

One day she mentioned that Al and Tim had invited us to one of their “pool parties” but she said she discreetly refused saying we were going to a classic car show that weekend. Carol made a real effort to get out of the trip and it worked, I said “fine stay home and go to the party, but blowjobs only, and you got to tell me every detail when I get back”. 

Well on Sunday night I came home and Carol told me all about the party. Carol said she bought a new gold bikini for the party and her 36 C’s looked really good. She got quite a few stares from both the younger guys and some of the women despite her obvious age. 

Carol explained that Susan one of the Nurses said to Carol “it’s obvious why you got invited to one of our special “MILF” parties.” I asked her what is a MILF? Susan bust out laughing and said it means “Mom I Would Like to Fuck” and these young guys are really into MILF nurses from work. Susan explained these young Doctors are sick of hot young twenty-somethings who only want to marry a “rich doctor” for his money. Tim, Al and his friends really like married MILF’s who like them for who they are. Plus we thirty and forty year olds know how to please a man. For me there is nothing more incredible than sitting by the pool drinking and then being picked out by some 26 year old stud for a good fuck. 

My wife continued the story and said she sat on a chaise lounge and had a few drinks to loosen up. Then Tim came up to her and said “Hi Carol, how’s my favorite “Granny”. I said “Granny well will see” and Carol said she laid a French kiss on him and wrapped my arms around him as I pulled down his swim suit and he untied my bikini. His hands roamed freely around my body. Tim gently stroked my back as he kissed me and then worked his way down to my firm ass squeezing it gently, now my bikini bottoms were untied and I stood there naked. Tim stepped back and said “my god!!! what a body, I’ve got to fuck you”. I replied with a lusty look “what do you think I came here for”!!! 

Carol went on saying "I put down my drink got a cushion, knelt on it and dropped down on my knees and began sucking Tim’s cock until his it grew to a full seven inches. I sucked on that young man’s organ for a good five minutes. He had a beautiful cock and I was in heaven, I had to have that cock inside me. I said “you go sit on the chaise lounge” which he obediently did like his mother was telling him what to do. I straddled him and rubbed my pussy up and down his cock. We kissed as I reached behind me and grabbed his cock guiding it to the entrance of my pussy. I was so wet it slid right in and the feeling of a young man inside me was incredible. Experiencing Tim’s muscular taught body, smooth skin, and handsome face made my pussy throb almost immediately. I lowered my body down on his firm cock and slowly began to fuck him as a smile came across his face.

Soon I was riding my young lover as I felt a surge of sexual excitement coming from my clitoris each time his cock rubbed against my sensitive nub. Then a wave of pleasure emerged from between my thighs and traveled to my brain as I had my first orgasm of the evening. Tim just smiled as I furiously rode him until I was spent. Then he groaned and thrust upwards deep into my body and I felt his warm semen enter me. I fell forward into his chest panting as our lips intertwined in a deep French kiss. My pussy was throbbing in pleasure. 

Then Al walked up to us and said “you done Tim? I’ve been waiting to fuck Carol for the past three months. Tim left and I sat back and spread my legs wider to accommodate Al’s larger body. I His cock slid right into me from the cum that Tim had recently deposited inside me. Soon I felt his much larger cock grow hard inside me. I wrapped my legs around his back as he began to slowly plunge his cock in and out of my older vagina. After my first orgasm from Tim the feeling of a fresh cock inside me after cumming so soon was incredible. My whole body was sexually charged as Al thrust his cock into me again and again. I moaned loudly and then my second orgasm of the night overtook me as I shouted “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, don’t stop Al fuck me hard!!! A lot in the crowd turned to look at my older body being ravaged by this young stud. I heard a few voice in the crowd say “Oh my God!” or “look how old she is”. 

Well Al didn’t stop as he slowly thrust his cock into me until he deposited the second load of young semen into my much older body. He got off of me and several of the party guests watched the warm semen seeping from my vagina and onto my thigh. A beautiful young nurse said “wow that granny can still throw a good fuck after all these years, look at that creampie” I couldn’t wait to tell my husband about the party the next day.