"Erotic Stories" A Nice Surprise

Erotic Stories A Nice Surprise
This September, we had a f****y reunion, of sorts, in northern Vermont. Tom's father (my husband's grandfather) had rented out an entire wing of a small Inn nestled on the slope of a plush green mountain. Most of the f****y arrived on Friday night. My husband, Rich, tried to keep me up to date on who was there and who wasn't, but even he got lost in some of the names. All in all, there were over 20 people there all related in one way or another. Unfortunately, the proprietor had closed down one wing and more people showed up than we had booked!! It seems that two cousins have the same name and as a result, we were a room short! 

Since Tom's wife had passed away several years earlier, he was in a double all by himself. Rich asked me if I minded Tom sl**ping in the spare bed in our room. Naturally, it was not a problem at all. The cousin, whose name I can't remember, thanked us profusely and Tom moved his suitcases into our room. 

A roaring fire burned brightly in the stone fireplace erasing the early chill of a Vermont evening. With Uncle Merle at the piano, and cousin Sue leading the singing, we all sang old Beatles songs until we were hoarse. We shared some more wine and by the time 1:00am rolled around, we were ready to stumble up the old creaking stairway to our respective rooms. Unfortunately, I was horny and I giggled, groped, and grabbed Rich's sweet ass all the way up the stairs, only to disappointingly remember that we weren't alone.(Adult Stories)

It was cool in the room and my nipples hardened up right away. Rich slid into bed behind me and spooned his body to mine carefully resting his palm on my tit. I let it rest there and soon felt the hardness of his cock in my back as his hand softly and slowly massaged my tit. 

His father lay 5 feet behind me in the other double bed. There was nothing we could do ... or could we?

I arched my back and moved my hips so that Rich's cock slid nicely along my ass crack. I took his hand and grabbed his index finger with my lips. I sucked his finger like I sucked his cock so many times before. I licked the tip with my long, pink tongue and then slowly pushed the whole finger into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it. Rich groaned.

I continued my gyrations and could feel the entire length of his cock continuing to slide against my nightie, pressing against my butt crack. His cock was pulsating already. Rich loves to watch me play with myself so while his hands were on mine, I squeezed my juicy tits together, being careful to make him feel that I was squeezing each nipple too. And that is when I felt it. Actually, I heard it first. A groan from my husband, followed by a wetness on my ass. Rich had reached his climax and I was just getting started! 

I felt his hard cock go soft in seconds. He had to finish me off ... he had too, but then he said "ohhh honey, thanks sooooooo much."

Rich rolled over away from me and before I could say "Hey, you left a wet spot on the bed, you jerk," he was asl**p. I rolled out of bed and made my way down the hall to the woman's community bathroom. There were several towels and I took two, one to dry myself off with and the other to put down on the bed to lie on.

When I returned, there were two men quietly snoring away. Since they were asl**p, I decided to just quickly change into another nightie. I wanted to get the cum soaked one off quickly. I slid the spaghetti straps off my shoulders and realized from the mirror that there was a lot of light streaming in from the street through the window and onto me. I thought about being modest and realized that the cum on my back was beginning to get cold from the cool air and both men in the room were sound asl**p. I quickly slipped the gown from my chest and hips and dropped it to the floor. All that was left was my thong and damn! That was cum-wet, too! My thong joined my gown on the floor.

The streetlamp light filtered through the cracks in the horizontal blinds and shined upon my naked body. I saw myself in the mirror and though, I rarely look at myself, I had to stop and take a look. I cupped my breasts with my hands and hefted them. They hung a little longer than most women my age, but they were also fuller with silver dollar sized nipples that pointed forward and hardened at a moments notice. I thought to myself that they were every 9th grade boys dream, big and cuddly. Unfortunately, with the exception of Rich, most college and post college guys I dated had the mentality of a 9th grade boy! Fortunately for me, my tits had a direct telephone line to my pussy and through the years I've been lucky enough to cum just from a guy sucking them! Thankfully, I met a nice, caring and understanding guy like Rich who loves to suck tit!

My hands flowed down from my breasts and across my stomach and down to my thighs and finally around to my firm ass. I love my ass. My breasts get a grade of B, but my ass gets an A+!! Jogging, field hockey, softball, and basketball all pay off in a nice trim and firm ass.

I bent over to get some new undies and gown from my suitcase, when I thought I heard a groan. Maybe it was a moan. Maybe it was a grunt. I quickly got my undies and new nightie on and jumped into bed. Damn! That wet spot was now freezing cold! I reached down to the floor, found the towel and got it under me. It was rough on my skin, in frustration, I elbowed Rich in the back and he barely felt it. First, I still hadn't climaxed and second, I was left with the mess!

A few minutes later, my eyes drooped and I began to nod off to sl**p. Out of the corner of my eye, Tom got out of bed and went down the hallway to the community bathroom. He came back with a towel.


I awoke to the bright sun shining through our east window onto my face. I could hear k**s laughing outside and quickly realized that Tom and my father in law, Rich were gone. I remembered that they were fishing in one of Vermont's finest lakes for some fish that will be too small to keep! Actually, Tom had claimed to catch a rather large bass here last year.

I lay there remembering my husband's cock gliding along the material of the gown and my ass crack. As I lay on my back I allowed my fingers to slide down my tummy and across my pubic hair to my rapidly juicing pussy. My slender finger found my protruding clit and slowly worked it back and forth. Ahhhhhhhhh, now that feels good. I worked it a little faster while my left hand found my tit and already hard nipple. I needed the release. I needed the feeling of sweeping, intense orgasm rushing all over my body. To get this, all I needed was a warm tongue (why not my own?) on my nipple and a moving finger on my clit!

My hand continued its gentle rubbing, back and forth, up and down. I closed my eyes and envisioned myself kneeling before Rich's throbbing cock. My lips part and I take the velvety head into my mouth. My tongue encircles the rim of the head and suck hard. In my fantasy, I could smell his sweat and hear his panting. My hands wrap around his hips and squeeze his ass cheeks pulling his cock deeper into my mouth forcing the head down my throat. When I get horny like this, I love to suck cock. I love to drink cum.

As my fantasy continued in my mind, my hands stroked my skin moving back down to my pussy lips, pulling them apart. A moan escaped my lips as I pushed two fingers deep into my pussy. My tunnel was wet and hot, soaking my fingers. I could feel the tension welling up inside me, preparing to climax. I wanted to climax. I needed to climax. My chest heaved with anticipation as my fingers from my right hand plunged deep and hard into my pussy while my left hand frigged my clit. Another moan left my lips and wafted up into the air. As my right hand continued it's assault on my pussy, I brought my left hand up to my wobbly tit and lifted it to my mouth, sucking in the dark, hard nipple. "Mmmm - that feels soo good! Release isn't far away, now ... " I thought.

The vision of Rich's pulsating cock preparing to pump sweet cum down my throat filled my mind. My breathing intensified as I prepared to have my pussy squirt my juices all over my hand.

There was a gentle knock at the door.

"Oh shit!" I thought.

I pulled the covers up over my body covering my breasts, but I could not disguise my breathing, I was still breathing hard.

"Who is it?" I called out. 

"It's just me" called out Tom. "Do you want me to come back later?"

"Uhhhh, no, that is fine. I'm just not dressed, yet.."

I heard him chuckle through the door and say "I certainly don't mind"

"Bastard" I called out with a laugh. "Then come on in!"

Tom opened the door shyly and it was obvious that he was drinking my figure in. I realized too late that I had pulled the covers to my bed much too tight showing the full outline of my body. My breasts still heaved as he entered. I was so horny and so close to cumming. 

Looking at Tom, I saw an older man, perhaps 50, in solid shape with a broad chest and a light beard.He was certainly his father's son in every way. I knew that I was looking at my husband in 25 years. He looked around nervously for some clothes. He wore jeans and a sweatshirt, but was looking for a T-shirt as it was warming up outside. He found one and quickly whipped off his sweatshirt and pulled on his T-shirt. 

I remember thinking that if Rich looks like this at 50, I won't be doing too bad! His chest hair was thicker than Rich and actually, his tight biceps and chest looked like someone much younger. His face was just like his son's except for the beard. 

He smiled and then I smiled. I watched him take in another long look at me as he left the room.

I lay back down but realized that I'd better get up and get some breakfast before the morning was gone and so was the pancakes! I quickly put on new panties and a bra and decided to clean up the room. I picked up the clothes from the previous night and found a towel on the floor. It was crusted with old cum. 

"Geez" I thought, "I didn't think Rich climaxed this much last night." I put the towel in the towel basket and found another by the other side of the bed, this one had much less cum and then the clincher ... a third towel that I had used to lay on had very little cum on it. Three towels, all with cum, and one of them with a lot of cum. "It seems that Tom enjoyed my show last night" I muttered to myself and felt a dampening in my pussy.

Rich knocked and walked in. He loved seeing me in my panties and bra and I could see the tent that I created in his pants. Despite his groping and desire to "fuck right here and now," I decided that I wasn't going to be waiting around for him to please me and he had missed his opportunity. Had he come in when his father did, I would have been in a state to say "no Thank you." For now, I was and brushed his hands away from my hips, kissed him gently on the lips and quickly got dressed.

Rich joined me for breakfast and we ate in the dinning room that served about 50 people. There seemed to be people everywhere, and they all knew each other. Rich wandered off with Rodger, a cousin he knew from Rhode Island, to the Frisbee toss outside. I promised to join them after my pancakes. As I was stuffing my 3rd and last pancake into my mouth, Sarah, Rich's cousin from Boston sat down in front me. Finally, someone I knew! Sarah was over 35 and had started her f****y late. She had a cute short haircut that puffed in the front. Her smile was infectious and I knew from other times I had met her, she was a no nonsense, straight forward woman.

She had her 10 month old baby, named Jessie with her. He was cute with pudgy cheeks and chubby fingers. I haven't always loved babies, but this one was cute and I wanted one of my own. One of the reasons Jessie was so plump was Sarah's constant nursing of him. She called it "on demand" and to my way of thinking, it was the right way to go. Sarah wasn't always discreet when she nursed, but she was doing the right thing and had her priorities right. As I looked at her, I noticed that she had lost most, if not all, of her baby weight and her breasts were still huge from nursing giving her body a Barbie like proportion.

"Mind if I?" she asked pointing to her tit.

"No, go right ahead, I'm kind of curious" I replied.

I watched as she leaned Jessie across her lap and lifted her T-shirt and cowl neck shirt to give Jessie his milk. My mouth dropped open as he clamped onto the biggest, thickest nipple I had ever seen. Sarah must have noticed my surprise and leaned forward to me "I know, they are huge. The thing is, my breasts are huge and so are my nipples. It's amazing what your body can do! They weren't like this before babies and now I'm at least two bra sizes bigger than normal. I'm even bigger now than when I nursed Cait." 

I wasn't sure what to say. "Well, Ron must love them"

She giggled. "I think it is what he loves most about k**s!"

I was confused and she could tell. "He loves their size and weight and especially what is in them!" and she chuckled again.

"Is it true what they say about sexual climaxes while nursing?" I asked.

She glanced around and after a moment, her eyes looked right into mine. "I nurse this little guy here 4 to 5 times a day and at least twice a day, I have these nice little orgasms. You know the kind, they go right down between your legs and cause a tingle." She smiled again and leaned toward me. "But about 3 times a week, my breasts need a good hard suck so that I don't get breast infections." She paused to let it sink in that Ron sucked her tits 3 times a week. I nodded and then she continued "When he does that with just a little stimulus, I have an earth shattering, bed soaking orgasm that is incredible." I felt a tingle between my legs.

By now, most everyone had left the dining area. Old Uncle Mel was at the other end of the room discussing the hunting season with anyone who would listen.

"Oh shit!" cursed Sarah looking down at her chest. Jessie was sl**ping after having sucked on Sarah's right tit and now her left tit was "leaking" right through her shirt. I offered some napkins, but she gave me a look that told me a few napkins wasn't going to help. I accompanied her to the women's bathroom that fortunately had a changing table next to the sink. I put a blanket on the table and she put sl**ping Jessie on the table and strapped him in. I thought she was kind of rough with him, but obviously, she knew her baby and he slept right through all of it.

"Will you just look at this??" she said with some irony and disgust. I looked as she lifted her shirts up over her tits. One tit was flatter or more empty than the other. The other, her left, was plump and full and seemed ready to burst. She motioned for me to lock the door and I did. When I got back, she had her hands around her left tit and was squeezing and pressing the milk down toward the large, dark brown nipple. Some milk squirted out, but not like I had expected it to. I watched fascinated, but Sarah looked terribly frustrated. "I hate it when he falls asl**p in the middle of nursing. Coming up here to this reunion threw his whole schedule off and now I'm engorged!"

"Is there something I can do?" I asked feeling rather helpless.

"Honestly?" she asked and I nodded. "I had to do this last night too and my hands are tired." She hesitated "Can you squeezed for a few minutes"

I nodded and got closer. Her breast looked like it was going to burst. I wrapped my slender fingers around her tit and gently squeezed. Sarah closed her eyes and leaned toward me and whispered, "Harder please." I squeezed harder and looked intensely at this beautiful tit in front of me. The areola was dark brown, thick and covered the entire bottom of her tit leading to a nipple that was the size of my ring finger and the stuck out about an inch! 

"Yes, that's it, I can feel it letting down, don't stop now, please" She spread her legs for balance and leaned more forward to me. Her nipple, brown and glistening with small amounts of creamy milk hung over the sink but right in front of my face as I continued to work her tit. She put her left hand on my shoulder to steady herself as her head tilted back and her right hand rested on her hip.

"Ohhhhhhhh" she moaned lightly "that's it, but it needs more." 

Her left hand guided me gently closer and closer until my lips wrapped around her nipple and I began to suck while my hands continued press and squeeze the milk down toward me. She caressed my hair and softly spoke to me as if I was her c***d. "Yes dear. That's it. You're doing fine, keep sucking."

I glanced down and saw that she had unbuttoned her jeans and her hand was down between her legs frigging her clit. "Yes" she continued "it's coming to you"

And then it came to me. A flood of milk entered my mouth and it initially tasted acidic. It wasn't like the milk you buy in the grocery store, but then it got sweeter tasting and I sucked harder. She moaned. I sucked more and more filled my mouth and I gladly swallowed it. She groaned. Her fingers were furiously working between her legs while her other hand gently stroked and encouraged me to suck more and suck harder. I loved the taste and I sucked harder still and in just a few minutes I had emptied her entire tit. 

"Please" she begged in a whisper "suck the other one!"

I didn't hesitate and took her other nipple into my mouth. I sucked it and was drawing milk from it in less than a few seconds. My pussy quivered with excitement as I felt Sarah reaching orgasm. Her jeans dropped to the floor and I pulled her panties aside and plunged my fingers into her soaked, hot cunt. Shoving two fingers deep, she let out a groan and then a gasp while she continued to frig her clit. She shuddered. She shook. My hand didn't stop and neither did my mouth as I watched her face flush. 

"Oh God, YES!" She cried out and I felt my hand get soaked with her cum like a pumping jet stream shooting. At first I thought she was peeing on me, but then the texture was different. She groaned again and leaned on the sink for support of her weakened legs. Opening her eyes, she stroked my face and brushed my hair from in front of my eyes. I lifted my gooey fingers and for some reason, tasted them, and they tasted good. She stared at me while I licked my fingers clean.

"That was incredible. I'm so embarrassed, I just couldn't resist! I don't think I've ever cum that hard before. Now it is your turn, honey" she said confidently. "I'm going to take good care of you."

I was nervous as she reached out and lifted my shirt and my bra. "My God, you have magnificent tits. They're beautiful!!" she exclaimed. She knelt on the floor and sucked them and licked them and I could feel my pussy continue to get juicy. 

There was a knock at the door and we both jumped like two k**s getting caught smoking in the bathroom. We quickly got our clothes together while an elderly voice floated into the women's room. "Is everything alright in there?" the elderly woman asked.

Sarah called out before I had a chance to "Just a minute, we'll be right out."

She looked at me, the lust lost from her eyes, but not forgotten. "I'm sorry I can't give you what you just gave me." I shrugged my shoulders and looked down at her tits as she finished putting her shirt on. She kissed me on the cheek and squeezed my tit through my bra. "I'll be right out" she said as I unlocked the door and headed out.

A few minutes later, Sarah smiled at me as she plopped a wide awake Jessie in my lap. "I don't know where Cait is" she mumbled slurping the last of her now cold cup of coffee. "I hope she is with Ron" and a smile crept over her face. 

Her husband Ron is great with k**s. He is the example that I use to show Rich that we should have k**s. Rich thinks that our life is over as soon as we have k**s. I know that a new life begins when you have k**s and Ron is a great example – he hated k**s until he had one and now he loves k**s!! Having watched Sarah, I had a whole new perspective on having k**s.

I bounced Jessie on my lap and he giggled. "He's sooooo cute" I said with a smile.

Sarah smiled back. Never one to mince words, she said "Pregnant yet?"

I smiled at her bluntness. She was one of the "good" cousins. I replied with equal bluntness, "No, Rich is still wearing rubber raincoats to bed! We discussed babies on the drive up. He is pretty dead set against k**s"

Sarah saw something out the window and picked Jessie up, but before leaving, holding Jessie on her hip, she said "Better to have them when you are young and can chase them around! Don't wait until you're old like me!!"

I looked out the window and saw Cait swinging happily on a swing set with her daddy pushing her. A few minutes later, Sara joined them.

I sat and thought about c***dren. If we had one, Rich would be a great daddy. I just needed to get him over the hump of having one.

SATURDAY EVENING Dinner was a bore. Rich decided to spend some time with his Uncle Kevin in the basement playing pool. People got up from their spaghetti dinners leaving their dinner rolls half eaten and leaving me sitting looking for something to do. 

Out of the corner of my eye, I caught Tom approaching me. He sat beside me and we began with some pleasant discussion about what we had done during the afternoon. Tom had gone canoeing and had gotten soaked when they tipped over. I laughed at that and watched his eyes casually roam my body.

I wasn't even wearing anything sexy, but I noticed his eyes slow at my chest and legs. Well, if he was going to look, I might as well show something!

I was wearing a light cotton dress with a flower pattern and buttons from the bottom of the dress to the scoop neck. My bra from Victoria Secrets pushed my breasts together creating a nice long cleavage. I wore a soft button up, white cotton sweater. I wore it on my shoulders as we talked.

His eyes traveled down to my legs and I crossed them, which caused the split up to the first button to open up giving him my tanned thighs to gaze upon. I absent-mindedly played with that button, buttoning it and unbuttoning it as we chatted. Soon, my hand left that button, but left it unbuttoned and the sides split open more. Tom could now see my most of my thighs and I'm sure that if he tilted his head right, he could see my deep blue panties.

I allowed my hand to rest on the top of my thigh and scratched it and stroked it reaching higher and higher until I had reached the next button and pushed the dress up further on my legs. Now, he no longer had to tilt his head, he just had to look. I smiled as several men made sure that they walked past me.

Mmmm, this attention felt soooo nice. First my father-in-law, and now my husbands uncles and cousins were noticing my thighs. I uncrossed and re-crossed my legs giving Tom an even better view. He didn't hesitate and just enjoyed the view. Just to make sure he got to see all that he should see, I leaned forward and ran my fingers down from my knee to my ankle. I kept talking as I did this and then brought my ankle of my left leg up to the knee of my right ... opening my thighs as I went. 

Tom's eyes went wide and I smiled inside. I glanced at his crotch and I'm sure that he caught me looking, but I really didn't care, his bulge was getting bigger and was extending down his pant leg.

He smiled at me. "It really is a beautiful Saturday evening. What do you have planned with Rich?"

I glanced somewhat sideways at him and brushed the hair from my eyes. "I don't know, but since Rich went off to play pool, I guess that I'm open." I smiled.

"I don't know about you," he said. *I opened and closed my legs again* "but, a nice sauna would certainly take the chill out my bones." 

I looked about at the different people still in the dinning hall. My right hand rubbed the edge of my dress by my breasts and lifted my dress from my breasts giving him a nice view of my expensive bra. "That sounds like fun ... just you and me?"

"Sure, why not?" he said.

"Well, I'm shy about exposing my body to a bunch of people I really don't know" I replied coyly.

He looked me in the eyes and with a sincerity that just about broke my heart; he said "oh honey, you have NOTHING to be shy about. You are a beautiful woman!"

I smiled and looked down. "Okay, you win! When do you want to do the sauna?"

His crotch had continued to grow and seemed a lot bigger than it should. ŝ:00 ok?"

I nodded and bent over to get my purse giving him a long look down the top of my dress. I stayed there so long, I thought my breasts would fall out! As I got up, I helped myself up by putting my hand on his thigh and squeezing gently and I thought I saw his cock jump under his pants.

The hour and a half that I waited for 9:00 seemed like an eternity. I read my magazines in our room expecting Tom to show up to get into his bathing suit. He never showed up so around 8:45, I stripped down and put on my bikini bathing suit. I had brought it to go into the pool but found out that there wasn't an indoor pool after we arrived on Friday night. I wrapped myself up in my warm floor length robe and grabbed a few towels from the community bathroom before heading out to the sauna. 

At the front desk I asked for directions to the sauna expecting that it was down in the basement, but instead the pretty girl behind the counter said it was 100 yards out in back of the Inn. She also said that there were 3 saunas back there. 2 were in the same building and the other was another 15 or so yards beyond that. She drew me a little map on a post-it note and off I went. She also recommended that I pour water over the rocks often and bring some gel to keep my skin soft. I looked at the gel and it seemed like a good idea. It was only $3.95, so I bought it!

Barefoot I made my way out the front door and around the side of the Inn. It was an odd feeling. The mountains loomed coolly in the distance with a wonderful backdrop of stars. The cold air caused my nipples to stand on end, but strangely, I wasn't all that cold. Walking briskly through the frosty grass, I quickly found the first building with the two saunas and quietly entered a dressing (or under-dressing area!)

On my right was the closest sauna door and it had a small window that I glanced through and then stared through. There were 3 partially nude people in there sweating profusely. Seth, a cousin of Rich's I had met earlier in the day, lay naked on a bench while his wife was wearing a full swimsuit on another bench. It looked like Caroline (an aunt) was naked on a bench on the side, her old boobs flopped to her side.

The other sauna was dark and cold. I opened the door to the second sauna and called for Tom, but he wasn't there and it was cold.

I headed back out and continued in the dark to the last sauna. This was a single unit with the controls on the outside and one door directly into the sauna. On the outside were hooks for clothes and towels etc. The light inside was off but I could tell the heat was on. I cracked the door and called in. "Tom?"

His voice came back like a frog croaking in the middle of the night, "Yes?"

"It's me, Tom, Karen"

"Yes, of course it is! Please, please come on in."

"I can't see anything and I don't want to touch something and get burned" I tried to look around but the light outside the building had blinded me and the inside light was out.

"Sorry, the other sauna was either filled with cousins or broken and I thought you'd be more comfortable in a private sauna. The light is out and the heat is just starting, so you should be safe enough. Here, take my hand" 

I reached out and found his hand in the dark. It was softer than I had expected, but he had a strong grip. I felt his other arm wrap around my shoulders and pull me toward a second level bench. 

I began to see things and noticed that there was a triple pane skylight and the stars shown through brightly. Even so, it was still hard to see in the dim room.

Tom handed me a drink and told me a story about keeping hydrated while in a sauna. I smiled, thanked him and tasted the alcohol in the large glass. It tasted good going down. I could already feel the juices start to flow between my legs. I knew that the alcohol wouldn't keep me hydrated, if anything, the dry heat would make the alcohol more effective! I knew that Tom must have started drinking before me.

Tom helped me take off my robe and I lay down some towels on the bench. I still couldn't see what he was wearing and with my third gulp of the drink, I wasn't sure if I was caring. I noticed that he was refilling his drink from a large thermos and he offered me more, which I gladly took. Now I could see the strong outlines of his muscular arms and chest. I now knew that he had no shirt on.

I smiled and spoke softely. "I brought some lotion to keep our skin supple. Want to try it? It is especially formulated for saunas and dry heat."

It was starting to get hot in the sauna and my skin began to produce little beads of sweat. A nice cool lotion would feel good and it would be fun to continue my teasing and really give him something to jack off about!

I lay down on the top bench and handed him the gel. With the starlight, I was beginning to be able to see more clearly now as my eyes finally adjusted. I rolled onto my stomach lazily and reached behind and unclasped my top. 

I heard the bottle squirt and felt the cool gel like substance on my lower back. His strong smooth hands stroked the gel into my skin and I felt like a princess. Soon, he had both hands working the gel upwards to my shoulders. He brushed my hair away and worked the gel into my neck, back onto my shoulders and onto my arms where he stopped. 

"What happened?" I whined. "That felt sooooooooo good"

"Um" he was nervous. "Your back was done ..."

I spread me legs. "Tom, you haven't even touched my legs, yet!"

I heard another squirt and adjusted the towel under my head. I felt his hands and fingers work my calves and around my knees. Halfway up my thighs, he stopped. 

Softly, I said "Higher Tom, just a little higher"

He stroked my thighs higher and along the sides. I spread my legs more, encouraging him to move up to my creaming pussy.

Still softly, I called out. "Tom, don't be afraid, I won't bite. If anyplace needs it, it is my thighs"

Both his hands took one thigh at a time and stroked the gel onto the back of my thighs. "Higher still, Tom" I commanded calmly. I felt his fingers brushing the thin bikini bottom material hiding my leaking pussy. Each time his fingers touched my pussy, I moaned, "Mmmmm." He kept rubbing my legs and stroking my pussy lips more and more frequently. I moaned quietly each time. When he stopped again, I quietly spoke, "I think I need some on my front, now, can you help?"

When I said it, I heard him grunt. Before he could answer, I had rolled over onto my back, carefully holding my top onto my breasts but laying my back I let it go so that they were barely covered. "That felt sooooo nice, please do the front" I pleaded.

He quickly went about his work starting with my shoulders and upper arms. My eyes adjusted and could see that he wore a bulky, boxer style brown bathing suit. He worked under my neck and then skipped down to my stomach. I closed my eyes while he worked the lotion into my shins and across my knees. Again, he hesitated at my thighs and I whispered encouragement ... "Yes, higher ... no, don't stop, higher please!"

When done, he wiped his hands on his chest.

Leaning up on one elbow, but holding my bikini top to my chest I smiled at him "Tom, that felt soooo good. Would you like me to rub some on your back or your legs or maybe on your chest?"

He sat on the bench with a grimace. The tent in his bulky shorts showed that I was having a nice effect on him. "No, that's alright" he said shyly. "I'm fine."

I smiled. "Well, you missed a few spots and it felt so good that I want to make sure I have this nice gel all over my body."

I let my hand off my bikini top and it fell to the bench revealing my tits. He clearly didn't know what to do. I took the gel and squirted some into my hands. "Why don't you watch a bit?" I said with a wicked grin. I sat up with my back against the wall.

I placed my gel-covered hands over and around my sweating neck. I moved them down and squirted more onto my chest and rubbed it into each tit. He moaned as I did it. I looked right at him as I fondled my own tits, squeezing them and tugging them and finally pulling hard on my nipple. My large areolas were magnificent in the dim light of the stars. Looking down, I could see them glistening. I squirted more gel into my hands and carefully hefted my tits stroking them over and over. It felt great and I no longer cared who was in the room. My nipples were now super sensitive and the direct connection between nipple and pussy was fully engaged. 

I could hear his breathing intensify and I really didn't care as my heart was racing. I needed release from all the pent up attempts at release. Nothing was going to stop me this time.

I worked the gel all over my stomach carefully lifting my bikini bottom and moving the waistband down lower and lower. His mouth hung open and he had begun to stroke himself through his briefs. Now I was getting curious about what he might have down there for me.

I smiled at him "I bet this stuff will stain my clothes ..."

He said nothing and watched as I stood up on the floor next to him and dropped my bikini bottoms. I turned around and worked the gel onto my ass carefully spreading my cheeks and giving him a full view of all that I have. He was groaning and grunting regularly now.

I turned around and tossed my hair back as I hopped onto the top bench. Leaning my back against the wall I reached down and spread my legs giving him a wonderful view of my pussy, which had my juices dripping down my legs. I smiled broadly and enjoyed stroking my inner thighs right up to my pussy lips. I pulled them apart and stroked my clit for him and could feel my first climax welling up inside me.

"We uh, can't do this" he stammered.

"Why not?" I asked innocently.

"Because ... because you're married to my son!"

"I noticed that you came into that towel last night while watching me ..." I smiled and worked my fingers into my pussy and all around my pussy lips. They loved the attention and thickened nicely.

"Yes" he said quietly; taking his eyes off my pussy only to look at my wiggling tits.

"We're not doing anything different now, are we? Except may be we're doing it a little more honestly, this time?" Now, I had two fingers plunging deep inside me and my other hand was fondling my tits.

"I guess not" and he moaned as I sucked my own nipple. His hand slowly guided across his hidden cock.

"Let me see it" I said in a hushed whisper, my fingers making a slurping noise against my soaked cunt. "I want to see what you stroked last night for me"

"I don't think this is a good idea" he said, but didn't stop stroking it.

I reached up both my hands and held up my tits pointing them toward his face. "I bet you'd like to suck these, wouldn't you ... mmmm, they are so suckable. Watch me" I smiled and then sucked each one in turn. He licked his lips.

I smiled again squeezing my nipples "Show me ... now." I said it f***efully and returned my fingers to my clit and pussy lips.

He stepped forward. My fingers continued their rapid pace only stopping to switch positions onto my hard clit. I gazed down his chest, across his stomach and down to his dark shorts as he slowly dropped them. "I'm embarrassed" he said as he continued to lower them. 

His cock was bent down within his shorts and the first thing I saw as the massive thickness of the base of his cock. As his shorts moved another 6 or 7 inches down, I still couldn't see the head. Finally, another 3 inches and the head hung there. I guess "hung" is the right word. It was hard but so heavy, it kind of hung there. I looked at his face - where the hell had he been hiding this monster?? But his face told another story. It was a story of pain.

"I know," he said. "It's too big. Karla was the only woman I've ever had sex with. She couldn't take it in so we had a pretty disappointing sex life. He hung his head thinking about it. "Now you've seen it and I hope you're satisfied."

Satisfied? Not a chance, I wanted to try that cock! My poor father-in-law! He had a beautiful tool and he didn't even know it! His wife didn't know how to use it and they probably had that 50's mentality and never even talked about it. 

"It is bigger than I thought it would be" I smiled. It was long and thick and fat and just plain big. I pumped my clit hard flicking it side to side. Tom's cock bounced up in the air and watching me stroked his cock with both hands. He was an expert at this, I could tell. We watched each other and got closer together focused on each other. I cried out as my first orgasm swept over me His cum shot across the small space between us and soaked my tits and stomach. His fist slammed up and down his shaft milking his cock while my hand slowed in my pussy.

I scooped up the cum from my tits and looking him straight in the eye, licked my fingers clean. It tasted yummy so I licked up the cum from my stomach too. I looked at Tom and his deflating cock. He seemed kind of lost so I knelt before him and took his magnificent tool into my mouth. I guess I should actually say, I took the head into my mouth. I smiled up at him while I licked the cum from his cock. I worked on his cock hard and felt his hands resting on the back of my head. The moans were coming more frequently now as I sucked his cockhead back to life. Harder and bigger it got in my mouth until my mouth was sore from being open so wide. I lapped at the helmet head and licked on the sensitive underside.

Satisfied that he was big enough to fuck, I stopped sucking and pushed him onto the top bench. The heat of the sauna was really beginning to kick in and sweat was pouring off our bodies. With him lying in front of me under the stars, I got a good look at what I desired to impale myself upon. I wouldn't ever normally compare men's sizes and have refused to rate Rich's size with other men I've fucked, but, this was his father. Unfortunately for my regular love life, Rich got his size from his mother's side! I wrapped my hand around his cock and it didn't reach around. There was so much skin and I just worked it up and down over the head.

I just needed his massive cock in me. I needed to cum again and certainly Tom's cock would make that happen. I straddled him and pushed the head between my pussy lips. I worked the head along my soaked lips for a long time, teasing him and me. I hung my big tits into his face and made him suck my nipples. They were hard and reminded me of Sarah's lactating tits. I wanted my tits to lactate and give mile. I wanted my tits to give me orgasm after orgasm just from a baby sucking. I wanted a baby to suck on my big tits with the big nipples.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm I was flying. I couldn't resist any longer and pushed down onto his shaft. Who really knows how much cock I took in. I only know that I was being stretched and at first, it hurt. I pushed his cock harder and I stretched more feeling a tingling running up and down my spine. The sucking of my nipples was having its effect and I jammed down hard on him. He grunted loudly and I pulled up just to slam down again. 

I got into my rhythm and fucked his cock hard all while feeding my big tits into his greedy mouth. His hands were no longer at his side as he put them on my hips and helped me slam down onto his cock. We humped and bumped and groaned and ground our fuck organs together. Deeper and deeper, harder and harder I hammered down on him. My climax neared a peak I had never climbed before. I realized I was holding my breath and concentrating on the earthquake of spasms that centered at my pussy. He stretched me so far and pulled on my pussy lips so hard that my clit was rubbed by his massive cock.

Our voices became mute, but our eyes communicated everything. He was ready. I was ready. Even with all the heat around us from the sauna, I still felt his hot cum shoot from his cock and soak my insides. I saw a look of peace in his eyes and that sent me over the edge. My cunt muscles spasm out of control and juices shot from my cunt and it felt like I had peed. Wave after wave of cum squirted from me all over his balls and I collapsed onto his chest kissing his face and his nipples. He held me tight against him.

"Oh Tom ... " I whispered.

"We can't ever do this again" He said quietly. "I'm your father-in-law ... " His voice faded off.

I sat up slowly. "Really?" I asked. I started to move my hips to work his cock some more. "Are you sure about that?" I asked again as I pushed my tits into his face. He took my nipple into his mouth and I felt another climax roll through my hot cunt. "You don't ever want to suck my tits again?" as I swung both tits into his face hitting him with them playfully.

I pulled up and almost off his cock. "I guess if you don't want my hot cunt wrapped around you big cock .. then fine" and I jammed down on his cock filling myself again and feeling another orgasm wave sweep through my body. More juices poured out of my burning cunt. I rode up again "Say you don't want me and I'll stop" as I fucked him hard again and again ... "SAY IT ... SAY THAT YOU DON'T WANT MY CUNT AROUND YOUR COCK AND I'LL STOP!" My sloppy cunt slipped up and down his cock joyfully as I pleasured myself with his stick.

"I can't say it!" he grunted, his face contorted as his cum shot up deep into my womb. 

"Tell me you love my pussy ... tell me ... now" I smiled.

"Yes, YES ... I love your pussy" He smiled as he finished cumming and it slowly dripped out of my stretched pussy.

I pulled off him and we both giggled at the sucking sound it made as we separated. I hugged him and he hugged me back. 

"You are a wonderful lover" he said wistfully, "Rich is a lucky man"

I stroked the hair on his chest. "Rich doesn't have what you have, Tom." I paused. "Tom, sometimes, I'm going to need to do this again, maybe even on a weekly basis ... can we do that?"

I stroked his cock with my free hand and as it hardened. He smiled enjoying the attention "I think I need to make up for lost time. Maybe we can arrange something" he said with a chuckle. 

Maybe he'll have to visit his "grandc***d" ...