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Dad played a lot of porn in our bedroom and that is how I knew dad had a bigger dick than most men. He always slept naked on top of the covers and he would get real hard as he watched the movies. I could look over and see his dick sticking straight up in the air. Then he would stroke it and soon cum would shoot out of it as he moaned. Even though my step dad never touched me he had me sl**p naked as soon as I was out of diapers. In the summer when it was hot I also slept on top of the covers. I was so used to being naked I even stayed nude around the house. When I was f******n I grew a nice set of tits. They next two years they got bigger and bigger. One day my step dad told me "You have a nice set of tits like your mom. Big and firm. Some man is going to really enjoy them." Then he turned me and looked at my ass. "Your ass is sexy. Nice and round and perky. You are going to make a man a great fuck. Do you want to fuck a big hard dick?" I really did. 

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