"Erotic Stories" Nun Sarah

Erotic Stories Nun Sarah
s****r Sarah sat in the confessional, her face covered in cum, which she was wiping off with a handkerchief. Now 49, she has been a nun for 25 years. She specialized in working with sexual deviants. She knew all people, especially non-priest men, were sexual beings. The church had a lot of rules about sex, but denying people's true nature denied their creator, God. This led to people doing bad things. Men would cheat by having canal pleasure with another woman's vagina, boys would partake in masturbation and pre-marital sex, and worst of all, people would abuse young ones or a****ls.

Sarah solved this by providing them a safe outlet. She was a virgin of course, but she offered her hands, mouth, and breasts for men to release their urges without having canal knowledge of prostitutes or another man's wife. On rare occasions, for extreme cases, she has offered her asshole. She loved what she did, but in her own mind it wasn't sexual. That would be a sin. She simply enjoyed doing God's work. The feeling in between her legs when a stranger man busted a nut all over her was holy, because she prevented worse sin. Her previous client had jizzed on her face. He had been very adamant that it was what he needed. She almost always swallowed, feeling facials or cum on her tits was a waste. If a man wasn't using his fluid for godly means such as reproduction, it should at least be put to some use. Sarah disliked the taste, but something in her made her love swallowing. Again, she wouldn't admit it was anything more than a sense of duty.(Porn Stories)

Her most secret thoughts wish she had a client now, in such straights that he needed her anally. Her butt puckered. She immediately pushed the thought away. She instead wished that no one would ever need that. She was her to solve sin, not create it.

A couple days later she was sucking cock. It was a guy who was in her about once a month. He was single and was trying to avoid having sex during dates, so he came here. He loved Sarah's technique as she slide her mouth. She pushed that hard meat log in her throat and touched her pussy once or twice before catching herself. She instead, to keep her own sin in check, started fingering her own ass. His cock throbbed and she crammed it deep in as he shot load after hot load into her mouth. She opened her mouth to show him she had every drop of his cum, and then swallowed it in a single gulp. He loves she was so naive. What could be better than a nun sucking you off an swallowing?

Not 20 minutes after he left she had a new guy, named Mark. He explained he had heard of her and needed her help.

"I have been married for 14 years, i have a date with this 20 year-old. We are supposed to go out as friends, but she has the perfect body and will wear sexy clothes and she already said she doesn't care if i fuck her. I need to do something before my date. I don't want to cheat."

"Ok," Sarah said. "I will let you use my mouth," she said, rubbing his pants. He was getting hard. And he was BIG. 

"Thank you," Mark said. "That will be a nice start." He unzipped his pants. His huge cock flopped out. It started to grow when she touched it, stroking it gently. She put her mouth on it and it grew much larger and harder in her. Sarah's soft holy lips pulled along the shaft of his cock. He loved her wet nun mouth. He grabbed her head, and began fucking her head.

"You are sooo good, s****r. But this babe has the tightest ass and pussy in the tightest clothes. I am going to need more than this"

"Like what?" She asked, knowing well he wanted her butt. She got really excited. Sarah wanted her ass filled to the brim. She was immediately ashamed. But why had Jesus given her such a shapely rear, with a tight hole the perfect shape and size of his cockhead. 

"I need it in something, anything. Can a woman of God do that?" Mark asked. He wanted to deflower her so bad. But when she lifted her habbit and he saw her perfect ass in a black thong, he liked that more.

"You can't have me canallly. However, you may enter my posterior, if you need." She spoke very monotone, unconcerned. She had to hide how much she wanted it.

"Yes, Holy s****r," he said. He pressed his throbbing hard cock against her tight pucker hole. He pushed it in slowly. Oh GOD, he thought, I'm fucking a NUN in the ASS!! He pulled her hips back. His stiff rod held fast, while her tight hole grew as it expanded around his dick. He started thrusting. He pounded that nun-ass hard. He was getting so hot from stuffing her tight butthole. It was a few minutes until he realized she was loving it too.

"OH GOD!!!!" she moaned. The f***e of his cock pumping in and out of her ass. Her toes and fingers curled. She came, for the first time in her life. She lost control and began slamming her ass onto his cock. She loved it going in deeper and deeper. "Fuck me in the ass!! Yes, please, fuck me like a whore!"

"What?" he said. He couldn't believe it. She wanted so bad.

"Please, cum in my ass. Cum in my fucking ass! I need it." He did. He lost it and exploded. His cock pumped buckets of cum into her ass. He shook as he spooged into her sphincter. He pulled out, sperm dripping from his cock and her butthole. She spun around and grabbed his cock with her mouth. She began sucking all the semen off his cock. A little cum dripped out of her ass and onto the bench. She bent over and extended her tongue, lapping up every drop and swallowed it all.

Mark left and went on his date. He didn't cheat on his wife, he was too drained. But he did make another appointment with s****r Sarah