"Erotic Stories" A Thanks Giving Pie

Erotic Stories A Thanks Giving Pie
"Fuck me harder" she said as she grabbed my balls and pulled me in deeper inside her creamy pussy...

It all started in school…

There I was, sitting in class, by the door, when I saw her passed by in the hallway; 5'8", tanned, beautiful oval face, long fake blonde hair, slim figure, with a fitted pair of white pants squeezing her beautiful set of tight ass cheeks. As she walked by, I couldn't help but stare at her ass in them jeans! The swing of her hips only put me into a trance deeper and deeper. 
All I could hear was a distant "yo LP...LP!" as my friend tapped my shoulder - "sorry man, what's up?" I asked... he smiled and said "I could introduce you later if you want." 
I met her, found out she had a boyfriend in a different state, was here for college. Loves to work out (which explained her fitted figure and tight ass). 

Fast forward 2 months later... November 24th, yes Thanks Giving day (for those in the USA)!

I shoot her a text to see what she was up to, knowing that she was living alone in her apartment and likely wouldn't have anyone over for dinner. (Adult Stories)

"I have nothing planned" she said, which I took positively and invited her out. She accepted. So we went downtown NYC that day and had a great time. As we were back, outside her apartment and sitting in my car, I asked her how good of a kisser she was. 

She smiled and replied Ŝ/10", so l said, "Let’s find out"... I leaned in and went for it! From this point on, we started making out in my car. It was on!

I grabbed the back of her neck and started to massage it, pulled her hair and gave her little erotic bites on her neck, licking her ears and whispering sweet nothings into them... she couldn't keep still, maybe nervous? Maybe excited? We continued for more...Her lips sweet as candy, as soft as a marshmallow, was getting redder and redder. 

I pulled back and said "you're a 6/10", as I was expecting, this only made her want to prove herself even more. To prevent her from feeling like a slut, I found a way to invite myself into her apartment, as I remembered earlier in the conversation she mentioned that she had purchased a new sound bar system and was struggling to set it up... 

me: "hey, I can only stay for a few, but while I'm here I could set up your system for you" 
her: "Sure, but I need to make room for it first"

We went in, and she showed me the boxes, I took me about 30 mins to set it up, then I connected my phone to it via Bluetooth and put on The Weeknd playlist from Spotify to "test" it. She offered me some wine as a thank you. We sat in her living room, talking and I continued to tease her mentally, turning her on more and more, and touching her arm from time to time, pushing her away gently when she says stupid/silly things, and she always come back closer.

I got up and asked her to show me her bathroom because the wine makes me want to urinate. She got up and asked me to follow her, we walked past her kitchen into a short hallway toward the bathroom, half way there, I grabbed her by the arm, turned her around and slammed her to the wall (in a very sensual way), she grabbed my shirt and pulled me in closer and kissed me voraciously!

my hands are all over her beautiful body, hers touching my beautiful black skin, she reached to my lower back grabbed my ass and said "I've been looking at your ass all night, they are so sexy", I put one hand on her neck and squeezed a little bit, the other hand on under her skirt, creeping up toward her ass. At first I thought she was wearing a thong, but I as I moved toward her pussy, there was NADA!
She looked at me with a devious smirk and squatted in front of me, unbuckled my belt, brought down my zipper and slid her warm, soft and gentle hand on my hard black dick... she pulled it out, without losing a beat, she put it inside her mouth!

With both hands on the wall, I started to fuck her mouth harder and harder. She would smack my ass, grab my balls and deep throat me until she gags, spit on my dick and go deep again. She knew how to take care of my nice BBC; I was in ecstasy! 

I reached down and pulled her up, I took off her top, semi exposing her majestic tits (just like I like them), kissed and caressed them, squeezed them through her black see-through bra, kiss her lips as my hands reached down and pulled up her skirt... all this time she is jerking off my cock, squeezing it to a point I could feel my harden rod pulsating in her delicate, well-manicured hand.

My hands continue to explore her well sculpted body, inner thighs and then her shaved pussy. With two fingers, I spread her pussy lips open, my middle finger teasing her clit and fingering her... OH MY, WORD... she was dripping wet! As soon AS I put my finger inside her she started to moan, biting my earlobe, telling me to fuck her.

"Fuck me please" she said, I replied "not until you beg for my dick"

She lifted her right leg, wrapped it around my waist and locked me in. "please daddy pound my slutty pussy please, I'm beggin' you daddy"

So what I did? I put her other legs around my hip, supported her by her tight ass, and told her to slide my dick inside her cunt. She happily obliged... I started to pound her tight cunt... bang, bang, bang against the wall… She creams more and more. The more I fucked her the louder and the creamier she became as I stretched her white pussy.

“Fuck this” she said, as she motioned down from my hands and took off her skirt and bras, I followed by taking off my clothes and socks. She grabbed me by the cock and walked me toward her kitchen counter, "I've always wanted to get fucked on this" she exclaimed.

The pounding continues, First on her back, her legs up to my shoulders, the contrast of her white pussy against my black cock is s HAWT! 

Then I turned her around and took her from behind while leaning on the counter. I smacked her beautifully round and tight ass, pulled her hair and fingered her very tight asshole. She is screaming "YES, YES, YEEES, DON'T YOU FUCKING STOP, DON"T YOU FUCKING STOP!" as we fucked like a****ls.

Tired of the kitchen, we moved to the floor of her living room... I'm on my back, she is squatting on my cock, riddin' reverse cowgirl! 
She has this thing she does with her hips while my dick's deep inside her wet cunt, it drives me nuts. She's being ridding me for about 6 minutes now and she is about to come... this one is BIG... as she gets closer and closer to her orgasmic apex... she starts quivering in pleasure, grabbed my balls and pulled me in deeper inside her creamy pussy..."Fuck me harder", "fuck me harder daddy"… she’s screaming... "I'm gonna cum on your big black dick, I'm cummin', I'm cumming..." she starts moaning louder and louder as she cums, a tight grip on my dick, I feel the need to flood her tight, creamy cunt with my seeds. So I grabbed her by the hips, put her on all fours, like the slut that she likes to be, pounded her hard ‘till I exploded a warm, thick load inside of her. It was her creampie for Thanks Giving. 

Once we were all done, we laid there on the floor, exhausted, The Weeknd's "Often" is playing in the background, as she confided in me, growing up, her f****y always had this invisible restraints on her about dating black men. But her friends and she would often wonder what it would be like being taken by a Black Dick.