"Erotic Stories" Camping P3

Erotic Stories Camping P3
They were still coupled but they had stopped moving. She didn't know whether that was because they had heard her or not. Slipping out the door she looked carefully at her parents to make sure that they weren't going to see her. As she did so she saw some white fluid seeping out of her mother's pussy from around her father's cock. She realized that he had cum inside of her and some of it was leaking out. The thought thrilled her and she felt herself get instantly wet between her own legs.

She quickly scooted back to her bunk, remembering at the last second Robert's instructions and got into the bunk in the opposite direction, her head next to his feet. She lay there for several minutes, letting her breathing normalize and listening for any sounds from her parents' bunk. She was just starting to drift off to sleep when she felt Robert's hand on her hip, gently pulling her to lay on her side with her back to her parents.

Turning, she found herself with Robert's cock in her face. She almost laughed out loud at the thought of her parents seeing her like this as she opened her mouth and closed it around his cock. As she felt her pussy flood with juices as she began to silently suck on Robert's cock, she felt him lift her leg at the knee and then felt his mouth on her pussy. She couldn't believe they were sucking on each other not ten feet away from her parents. She hoped they wouldn't be able to see anything if they woke up and looked over at them.

Her body was on fire as Robert sucked her pussy while she sucked his cock. This was so much fun. She loved the feeling of his tongue in her pussy and she loved the taste of his cock in her mouth. She didn't know how long they had been sucking on each other when she felt Robert's cock swell in her mouth and she knew that he would be cumming any second. As his cock started pumping hot sticky cum into her mouth her own orgasm swept over her. She almost cried out from around his cock as she felt his tongue slide up into her hole as he sucked at her cum.

She fell asleep with Robert's cock still in her mouth, not waking up until early the next morning when his cock started swelling in her mouth. She was momentarily disoriented as she instinctively began to suck on his cock, but quickly remembered where she was and also who else was there with them. Releasing Robert's cock, Sue slowly turned over so that she was facing towards her parents. They appeared to be asleep, her mother with her back to her. 

Quietly slipping from the bunk, Sue tiptoed into the head to relieve herself. When she finished, she quietly searched through her clothes for something to wear. Hearing her parents stirring, she grabbed the first thing her hands found, a short skirt, and quickly stepped into it, pulling it up and covering herself just as her mother woke up.

"Hi there, earlybird," Erin said to Sue when she saw her. "Did you sleep okay?"

"Just great, Mom," Sue replied. "How about you?"

"Just dreamy," Erin agreed. "But I need to pee. Is Robert awake?"

"I don't think so," Sue said.

"Good," Erin nodded. "I can go then."

She sat up, turning so that she was facing Sue, her legs spread. Sue could see dried cum on her mother's pussy lips and Erin realized what she was looking at.

"We didn't wake you, did we?" she asked, smiling at Sue.

"No, of course not," she stammered, turning away.

"Good morning!" Robert said, sitting up and staring at Erin sitting with her legs spread. "Breakfast?"

"Only if you like cream danish," Erin laughed, sliding off the bunk and going into the head.

"I could manage," Robert laughed as the door closed behind her.

"I'm going for a walk," Sue said, opening the door to the RV.

"See you in a bit," Robert said. "Thanks for the wake-up."

"My pleasure," Sue said, her face flushing. "I feel fine too," she said, lifting her skirt and flashing her unclad pussy at him.

As she stepped out of the RV Erin exited from the head.

"My turn," Robert said, getting out of the bunk, his cock dangling in front of him.

"Me or the head?" Erin asked, staring at his cock.

"Both, I hope," Robert said, letting his hand stroke from her pussy to her tits before he stepped into the head and shut the door.

"Al, time to wake up," Erin said, leaning into the bunk to shake her husband.

"What time is it?" he asked, rubbing his eyes.

"Time to get up," Erin replied, reaching under the covers and grabbing his cock. "Come here and I'll help you wake up," she said, tugging on his cock.

"Where are Sue and Robert?" he asked.

"Sue went to take a walk and Robert's in the head," she said. "It's okay."

"If you say so," Al said, sliding over to the edge of the bunk and letting his feet hang over the edge.

"I say so," Erin said, bending forward and sucking his cum-encrusted cock into her mouth. "I love the taste of us."

"Mmm, what a great way to start the day," Al said as his cock grew hard in Erin's mouth.

"That's better," Erin said, continuing to stroke his cock with her hand. "Now let's put this to some real use," she said.

"What about Robert?" Al asked as Erin climbed up onto the bunk and straddled him, her tits hanging down in his face.

"We'd better hurry then," she said, reaching down between her legs and grasping his cock, guiding it between her pussy lips and to the entrance to her hole.

Pressing steadily downward, Sue began to lower herself onto Al's cock until it had entirely disappeared into her pussy. Holding it right there for a moment while she kissed Al, Sue then began to raise and lower her hips, sliding her pussy up and down Al's hard shaft as she fucked him. At first slowly, then she began to do it as fast as she could, trying to make him cum.

Now, Robert had heard this whole exchange from within the head. He had stayed in there listening and now decided that he had heard enough. Quietly opening the door to the head, he exited, seeing to his left Sue's ass moving up and down, Al's cock appearing and disappearing into her wide open pussy. He quietly closed the door to the head and went back to his bunk, sitting on the edge where he could best watch the show.

Sue's actions were having their desired affect on Al and he began to groan as he felt his balls ready to explode. Suddenly Robert saw her lift her pussy up off of Al's cock, her inner lips gaping open, and spin around and plant her pussy on Al's face. When she saw him she hesitated for a moment, then smiled as she lowered her mouth onto Al's glistening cock, her eyes never breaking contact with him as she took the entire cock into her mouth. Robert was now masturbating in front of Erin as she began to suck on Al's cock. He could hear Al noisily slurping on Erin's pussy as they sucked each other to orgasm.

Then he heard Al groan and knew that he was cumming in Erin's mouth. Furiously stroking himself, Robert's cock began to spurt cum across the RV even as he saw Erin's cheeks billow as Al's cum filled her mouth. Throughout the entire process she never broke eye contact with him. He could see a dribble of cum leak from around the edge of Erin's mouth as her throat convulsed when she swallowed. Robert continued to stroke himself, cum spurting out, until there was no more. He pulled his shorts on, getting to his feet and staring at Erin while she continued to suck Al's cock. Carefully opening the door to the RV, he gave one last look at Erin as she raised her mouth up off of Al's cock for a moment and smiled at him, cum dripping from her lips. He smiled and exited the RV, carefully closing the door behind him.

Boy, was this going to be some camping trip, he thought to himself as he walked down to the showers. He couldn't believe how hot his Aunt Erin was. And Sue! She was fine. He was sorry his parents were having problems, but he was sure glad he had been sent on this trip. His mother had hinted that he might have more fun than he imagined. He wondered if this is what she had meant.

Meanwhile, Erin had finished sucking Al's cock and had rolled off of him, climbing down off the bunk to stand on the floor.

"Come on, let's go get a shower and have some real breakfast and get on the road," she said, feeling satisfied and happy and excited. 

She had never had sex in front of anyone before, but for some reason she felt like showing off in front of Robert. He was so gorgeous! She hadn't believed it when she had seen him stand up, his huge cock swinging in front of him. Then when she felt his hand on her body, she just had to have some and she didn't even care if he heard her. That he came out of the head and sat and watched and masturbated at the same time had excited her more than anything ever had. 

She pulled Al out of the bunk and they got dressed enough to go to the showers. When they got back from the showers, Robert and Sue were setting up breakfast.

"Everyone have a good night?" Al asked.

"Great," Robert replied.

"Fine, Dad," Sue replied. "It was better than I thought."

"We'll head over Trail Ridge Road today and camp tonight at Grand Lake on the other side of the Continental Divide. It should be really beautiful," Al explained.

"Sounds great," Robert said.

They finished breakfast and cleaned up. Then Robert and Sue converted their bunk back into a table with bench seats as Al and Erin made the RV ready for the road. They broke camp and began their drive through the mountains to Grand Lake. They were all quickly caught up in the splendor and beauty of the Rockies as they crossed the divide at an altitude of more than 14,000 feet. Coming back down the west side of the divide they were able to see Grand Lake spread out before them. It was a large lake, not visible from end to end. They found the camping area and were directed to a site right on a babbling brook.

"This is great!" Sue said as she got out of the RV.

"And we have two or three hours until dark," Erin added. "That gives us time to explore."

"I'm going for a hike, that's for sure," Robert said. "I need to stretch my legs."

"I'll come with you," Sue volunteered. "That is if you don't mind."

"Oh, let's go with them," Erin said to Al. "It will be fun."

"I don't feel like it right now," Al said. "I want to check some things and look at the maps and stuff. Maybe later."

"But it'll be fun," Erin protested. "You can do all of that later."

"You go with them," Al suggested. "I'm just not into it right now."

"You two mind if I come with you?" Erin asked Robert and Sue.

"Of course not, Mom," Sue laughed. "Let's get started."

Using the map given them when they entered the area, they quickly found a trail that wound around the lake. It was a beautiful clear day and the air was fresh with the smells of summer. At one point they had to climb over some rocks and Robert was treated to a view of both Erin's and Sue's pussies as they climbed in front of him. As Sue was climbing over he reached out and rubbed his finger in her pussy. When she cried out in surprise, Erin turned to see if she was okay.

"Did you hurt yourself?" she asked.

"No, I just slipped a little," Sue said, blushing. 

She had seen her mother's pussy in front of her and she knew that Robert had also. Then they came to some trees that had been felled across the trail and they had to climb over them. Sue went first this time, and Erin was shocked to see that she wasn't wearing any panties. Just as she realized that if she could see Sue like that, that Robert behind her must be able to also, as well as herself. Just as she was getting ready to turn and look at Robert and see, she felt his hand on her pussy, a finger rubbing between her pussy lips. Turning to look at him, she saw he had a grin on his face and was licking his finger. Erin blushed then scrambled up over the logs, making sure at the top that she spread her legs wide to give him the best possible view. 

After they had been walking for about an hour they stopped and rested where there were several very large boulders on the shore of the lake. They each scrambled up onto a boulder, laying back and enjoying the last of the day's sun on their faces and the cool gentle breeze coming across the lake. When Erin lifted her head, she realized that she was laying facing towards Robert, that if he looked he would be able to see up her skirt. Glancing over at Sue she realized that the same was true. In fact, Sue had one foot propped up, definitely exposing herself.

Watching Robert, Erin brought both of her feet up to rest on the boulder, keeping them spread apart and knowing that if Robert looked over he would be able to see directly into her pussy. Coughing, she saw Robert open his eyes and look at her. She saw his eyes widen as he saw her pussy spread open between her legs. Then she saw him glance over at Sue, a smile crossing his face when he obviously saw her pussy too. Robert then propped himself up on his elbows and unabashedly stared at first hers, then Sue's pussy. Erin smiled when she saw the bulge in his shorts growing as he looked at their pussies. Shocking even herself, Erin reached down between her legs and gently rubbed her clit with a finger while Robert watched her. She then dipped her finger into her pussy, sliding it in and out a few times before bringing it up to her mouth and sucking on it. Robert smiled at her as he began to rub his crotch.

"Isn't this great," Sue said suddenly, sitting up and hugging her knees to her chest. "It's so big and beautiful and peaceful."

"It sure is beautiful," Robert agreed, staring at her pussy.

"Maybe we'd better start back," Erin said, sitting up. "Al will be worrying."

"Sure," Robert said, grinning at her. "We should get back before it gets dark."

"I'd like to sleep right here," Sue said dreamily, getting to her feet.

"Well, come on then," Erin said, getting to her feet and jumping from the boulder to the shore.

It took them a little over an hour to get back to the RV and they were all feeling it when they got there. Al had already set up dinner and was grilling some chicken when they arrived. It was with great relief that they sat down when they arrived.

"So, how was it?" Al asked.

"You wouldn't have believed the view," Robert said, smiling at Erin. "It was.....delicious is how I'd describe it. If it was food, I'd eat it."

"That's sure an interesting way of looking at it," Erin said. "It was nice though."

"I loved it," Sue said. "It's so peaceful."

"We should have a great drive tomorrow," Al said as they ate dinner. "If everything goes okay we should camp at Colorado National Monument in Mesa Grande tomorrow night. It's a big bluff overlooking Grand Junction. I think it's more than a thousand feet above it."

"That sounds great," Robert said. "I'm really enjoying the scenery. Do you think that we'll stay anywhere more than overnight? It might be fun to really have a long hike and camp with sleeping bags once."

"Oh, that would be fun!" Sue said. "Can we do that, Dad?"

"I don't see why not," Al agreed. "When we get to a place that you want to spend an extra day or two, we'll decide then, okay?"

"Great!" Robert said. "Thanks."

"I think I'd like a drink tonight," Erin said. "How about it?"

"Well, sure," Al said. "I'll get the bottle of Jack."

"How about us?" Sue asked, smiling at her mother.

"You do the dishes first, then we'll see about that," Erin replied.

"I'll help you," Robert said. "It's the least I can do."

"Here we are," Al said as he returned with the bottle of Jack Daniels.

"See you in a bit," Robert said as he began to gather up the dishes.

"I think that maybe those two are fooling around a little," Erin said when Robert and Sue had gone.

"You're kidding!" Al said, taking a big swallow from his drink. "What makes you say that?"

"Have you looked at him objectively?" she asked. "He's what you call a hunk, gorgeous. And he's a nice kid, too."

"So what?" Al said. "Sue's not like that."

"She's growing up," Erin said. "She's starting to have certain feelings that are new to her and she's bound to experiment. We did."

"I just never thought about it," Al said. "I guess she has grown up, hasn't she?"

"You'd have trouble telling us apart if you were blindfolded," Erin laughed.

"Except for that shaved pussy of yours," Al said, sliding his hand up under her skirt to rub her pussy.

Sue and Robert quickly washed up the dishes. Not wanting to return to the RV so quickly, and knowing that Al and Erin probably wanted some time alone, they decided to go for a walk along the lake in the moonlight, leaving the dishes at the washstand.

"Your mom's not wearing any panties," Robert said as they walked along.

"I know," Sue laughed. "I think it's neat."

"You're not either," Robert said. "And I think that's neat."

"It feels so........naughty," Sue said. "And it's exciting. I saw your cock get hard when you were looking at my pussy at the lake."

"It looked so tasty," Robert said.

"Why didn't you taste it then?" Sue laughed.

"What do you think your mom would say to that?" Robert laughed. "She'd probably make me taste hers too."

"Would you?" Sue asked. "Suck my mom's pussy?"

"Sure, if you don't mind, of course. She's beautiful. And she shaves her pussy. I'd like to taste a shaved pussy."

"I'll shave my pussy," Sue said, lifting her skirt and looking down at herself. "Would you like that?"

"You bet!" Robert said. "But I'd taste it the way it is right now anyway."

"What, here?" Sue exclaimed, looking around. "Where?"

"Over on that log there," Robert said, pointing.

"Really?" Sue said. "Now?"

"Sure," Robert replied. "Why not?"

"Can I suck yours too?" Sue asked.

"I hope so," Robert laughed. "But I'll go first. I'm thirsty actually."

Laughing Sue ran over to the log Robert had pointed out, sitting down on it and spreading her legs wide. Holding her skirt up, her pussy was presented to Robert. Smiling, Robert got down on his knees and dragged his tongue directly through her pussy lips, stopping when he got to her clit and running a couple of little circles around it, causing Sue to gasp in delight. Then he began to flick his tongue in and out of her hole, drinking up her juices.

Sue sighed, holding Robert's head against her pussy as he continued to eat her. He sucked and lightly chewed on her pussy lips, sucked on her hole, and finally captured her clit lightly between his teeth and teased it with his tongue, driving her wild. Out of control, she felt her entire body spasm as she came, her pussy convulsing on his tongue as he sucked at her nectar. She couldn't believe how good it felt as he drank her juices.

"Robert, how can anything feel so good?" Sue asked as he continued to lick her pussy.

"Because it tastes so good," Robert explained, sliding his finger up into Sue's tight pussy.

"Ooh, that feels nice," Sue said, squirming on the log.

"Just wait until you feel my cock up there," Robert said, sliding his finger in and out of Sue's pussy.

"Are you going to fuck me?" Sue asked, staring at him.

"Only if you want to," Robert replied. "But you can suck my cock for now, if you want to."

"Oh, yes, I'd like that," Sue said, her eyes bright.

"Which one?" Robert laughed.

"Well, both," Sue laughed with him. "But I'll suck you now."

"Here you are," he said, dropping his shorts and pulling his cock out.

Now Sue just grabbed his cock, feeling it in her hand as she squeezed it. With her other hand she cupped his balls, lifting his cock so that she could examine him in the waning light. Seeing a drop of pre-cum forming in the slit of his cock, Sue stuck out her tongue and licked it, tasting him and then running her tongue around the head of his cock, feeling it jerk in her hand in response.

"This is so nice," Sue said, opening her mouth and letting Robert slide his cock in, not stopping until it banged up against the back of her throat. (next part 4)
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