"Erotic Stories" Camping P4

Erotic Stories Camping P4
Closing her lips around the shaft, Sue sucked on him, using her tongue to explore and taste his entire cock. Then holding his ass with one hand, Sue began to fuck Robert's cock with her mouth, sliding back and forth on it. Robert groaned in delight as Sue's entire mouth worked him. She was getting bolder and bolder, trying to fit more and more of him in her mouth each time she slid back down on him. Her cheeks were billowing as she breathed and her nostrils were flared in excitement.

"Yeah, that's great," Robert said, beginning to fuck her mouth on his own. "Keep that up and I'll cum any minute," he said, feeling his cock bang into the back of her throat as he slammed his hips forward.

Sue just sucked harder, eager to feel him cum in her mouth again. She let her teeth lightly scrape the shaft of his cock as he fucked her face, her lips slurping at him. She could feel the inevitable about to happen as the tension in his cock changed. It got impossibly harder, then swelled even bigger before exploding in her mouth, thick streams of cum shooting into her throat. Her cheeks puffed out completely as she struggled to swallow every bit of it. Even so she could feel some of it slipping out of her mouth around his cock as she gulped and gulped. Finally he stopped cumming and Sue finished sucking and swallowing all of his cum.

"God, that's just so cool," she said, giving the head of his cock one last lick before getting to her feet. "I just love that feeling when you explode in my mouth."

"So do I," Robert agreed, laughing.

"Oh, you," Sue said, hugging him tight. "This is so much fun."

"We'd better get back before they come looking for us," Robert said.

"Oh, you haven't seen mom drinking yet. This could be a very strange night yet. I'm surprised that dad agreed to let her," Sue said.

"Why?" Robert asked.

"You'll see," Sue said, leaning up and kissing him. "I like the taste of me on your mouth," she giggled.

"So do I," Robert agreed, laughing as they made their way back down the trail to the campsite, picking up the dishes on the way.

When they got there Al and Erin were still sitting where they had left them, but the bottle was halfway empty.

"There you are," Erin said cheerfully, waving her cup at them. "We thought you had left us," she said, pushing herself to her feet. "Give me a kiss because you've made it back safely," she said, grabbing Robert by the shirt.

"Sure," Robert said, leaning down and giving Erin a safe kiss on the lips.

"No, a real kiss," she insisted, pulling him down and kissing him for real.

Sue's eyes popped as she watched her father laugh at the look on Robert's face as Erin's tongue swirled briefly around in his mouth before she let him go.

"You too," Erin said to Sue, putting her arm around her. "My beautiful daughter," she said, kissing her.

Sue was stunned when she felt her mother's tongue force its way between her lips to briefly touch hers.

"Isn't that strange," Erin said as she released Sue. "Al, when I kissed Robert he tasted like pussy. When I kissed Sue, she tasted like cum. Why do you think that is?"

"I wonder," Al said, cracking up with laughter as he saw Sue's and Robert's faces. "I guess you win the bet," he said.

"What bet?" Sue asked, still stunned by what had just happened.

"Your mom thought you two might be fooling around, so she bet me," Al explained.

"What was your bet?" Robert asked, smiling at the situation.

"If I was right, and I thought our little girl was still innocent, I'd get a blowjob," he explained, glancing at Sue as he realized what he had just said. 

"And since you didn't win?" Robert inquired.

"Well, she gets a blowjob," Al laughed. "Isn't that funny. I win no matter what."

"That's right," Erin said. "I win so I get the blowjob."

"Can we have some of that Jack Daniels now?" Robert asked.

"Sure, why not?" Al agreed expansively. "Help yourselves."

Erin stood there watching as Robert poured himself and Sue each a drink of Jack Daniels. Then she went over to the table and sat on it facing Al.

"Okay, pay up," she ordered, taking a swallow of her drink.

"What?" Al asked, staring at her.

"You lost the bet, so pay up," she insisted.

"I only have your word for that," Al said. "How do I know if you're even right?"

"Ask them," Erin said, turning and pointing at Robert and Sue.

"Okay," Al began, "did she win the bet?"

Robert and Sue just stared at him, not answering.

"It's okay," Al said. "You're both good intelligent kids. You're going to experiment somewhere with someone. That's not what this is about. You can answer honestly without any problems."

"She won," Robert volunteered, smiling at Sue whose mouth was hanging open in shock.

"I told you," Erin said with a laugh. "I know what cum tastes like. Now pay up."

"Right here?" Al asked.

"Right here, right now," Erin said, setting her drink down and leaning back on her hands. "Go for it," she said, pulling her skirt up as she lifted her feet up to the edge of the table.

"Well!" Al exclaimed, staring at her bald pussy spread open in front of him. "What if someone walks by?"

"If they don't like it, tough," Erin said, picking up her drink and taking a swallow. "If they like it, well, they can have some too."

"We'll go for a walk," Robert volunteered.

"You stay right here," Erin insisted. "Witness him paying his bet."

"Well, I sure don't mind," Robert said. "Al?"

"Suit yourselves," Al said.

"You mean it, Dad?" Sue asked. "I can watch?"

"From what I understand you know what it feels like," Al said, "now you can see what it looks like."

"Wow!" Sue said, following Robert as he moved around the table to stand behind Al.

She couldn't believe that her mother was just laying there on a picnic table where anyone could see her with her legs spread and her pussy wide open. Sue decided right then and there that she was going to shave her pussy as she stared at her mother's shaved pussy lips pouting open, thick with lust, her clit peeking out from between her inner pussy lips which were petalled open, revealing her juice filled hole.

Still, Sue gasped when her father leaned forward and covered Erin's pussy entirely with his mouth. She could hear her mother groan as her pussy was sucked. She was able to see that her father's tongue was tracing the pussy lips, circling the clit, then plunging into the hole as he ate her pussy. She couldn't believe how sexy and exciting it was to watch her father eating her mother's little girl pussy. She could feel herself getting wet as she watched.

Robert encouraged her to sit next to her father, straddling the bench, and he sat behind her. She could feel his cock pressing into her ass as he sat close to watch over her shoulder. She watched as her father used his fingers to pry Erin's pussy even further open, sticking his whole face into it as he sucked and slurped. Sue was shocked to feel Robert's hands sliding around her waist, lifting her skirt and moving to her pussy. She had to stifle a groan as she felt his fingers slip between her pussy lips, gently rubbing her clit and pushing into her hole as her father continued to eat her mother's pussy in front of her.

Slowly Erin began to approach orgasm as Al ate her pussy. Her own fingers were furiously rubbing her clit as Al plunged his tongue in and out of her hole. Then she cried out, holding Al's head close to her as she came. Sue could barely hear her father slurping at her mother's pussy, the blood in her head was pounding so hard from excitement. She didn't know what was more exciting, watching her parents or having Robert playing with her pussy. Finally Al sat up, pussy juice smeared across his face and turned and smiled at Sue.

"Oh, Dad," she gushed, "that was so awesome."

"You liked that?" he asked, seeing the glazed look in her eyes.

"Oh, yes," she replied as she felt Robert's hands slip from beneath her skirt. "It was wonderful."

"Did it excite you?" he asked.

"I'll say it did," Robert replied, licking his fingers. "What a juicer. I guess it runs in the family."

"You liked that, Robert?" Al asked, giving his nephew a closer look.

"It looked great to me," Robert agreed, staring at Erin's open pussy.

"Why don't you try it and find out," Erin said, lifting her head to look at him, her fingers busy in her pussy.

"Sure, why not," Al agreed, slowly nodding his head as he watched Robert's face. "She did say if anyone liked what they saw they could have some."

"Really? You mean it?" Robert asked, staring at Erin's pussy, licking his lips.

"Oh, Robert, do it, eat mom's pussy," Sue said, clapping her hands.

"Great!" Robert said, getting to his feet. "You're sure you don't mind?"

"Eat me already," Erin said, her fingers plunging in and out of her hole.

Al moved out of the way as Robert sat down in front of Erin's spread legs. As Sue held her breath he reached out and slowly slid a finger up into Erin's hole, causing her to moan in pleasure. Then he leaned forward and replaced his finger with his mouth, completely covering her bald pussy as he began to drink her up. He couldn't believe how much like Sue Erin tasted as he sucked her pussy. It made him want to taste them both at the same time, but he concentrated his efforts on Erin. He quickly had her bucking on the table as his tongue did its work on her pussy and clit. He thought his own cock would explode from the pressure as he chewed on Erin's bald pussy lips, sucking them into his mouth. Then he did some tongue fucking, ramming his tongue in and out of her hole. 

Sue smiled to herself as she watched, knowing that that was what Robert had been doing to her and seeing what it looked like. She wondered if Robert liked eating her mom as much as her, or if she tasted different to him. He obviously liked it from the way he feasted.

Finally Robert felt Erin climbing towards her orgasm and he began to concentrate on her clit, gently chewing on it and teasing it with his tongue. This proved too much for Erin and she cried out, holding his head tightly against her pussy as she came for the second time in less than fifteen minutes, her juices gushing into Robert's eager mouth. Robert slurped noisily at the juices flowing from Erin's pussy, not lifting his face until she had finished cumming and he had drunk every last drop.

"Oh, that was wonderful," Erin sighed, her fingers back in her pussy, plunging in and out. "Now fuck me, Al," she said.

"Right here?" Al asked.

"Yes, fuck me," she insisted.

"Inside," Al insisted, grabbing her by the hand and pulling her up.

Erin protested, but not too much as Al dragged her into the RV, shutting the door behind them. When they had disappeared, and Robert and Sue could hear them, Sue leaned over and kissed Robert, tasting her mother's pussy on his face.

"Did you like eating my mother's pussy?" she asked.

"It tasted almost as good as you," Robert said.

"Will you eat me now?" Sue asked, lifting her skirt and flashing her pussy at him.

"You bet," Robert agreed. "Right here?"

"I think it would be fun," Sue said. "The thought of getting caught."

"Who by?" Robert asked. "Your parents or just anybody?"

"Oooh, anybody!" Sue said. "Can you imagine a stranger seeing. That would be too much."

"Get on your hands and knees on the table," Robert said.

"Okay," Sue giggled, climbing up on the table.

"Like this," Robert said, positioning Sue so that her ass was pointed towards the road. "You ready?" he asked.

"Yes," Sue said, wriggling her ass. "Do it."

"Okay," Robert said, reaching up and unzipping her skirt.

"What are you doing?" Sue asked.

"Just making it easier," Robert explained, pulling her skirt down and slipping it under her knees, leaving her totally naked from the waist down on her hands and knees on the picnic table.

"Robert!" Sue said, blushing. "What if someone sees?"

"That's the idea," Robert said, leaning forward and licking her pussy.

"Ohh, Robert, that's nice," Sue said, spreading her knees wide and opening her pussy to him. "Lick me some more."

And that's exactly what Robert did. Using his fingers he pried her pussy lips as wide as possible, opening her pink juicy inner cunt for his tongue to slide into. He loved tongue-fucking her hole, feeling her pussy gripping his tongue as he slid it in and out. Then Robert pushed a finger into her pussy, then another, feeling her grip his fingers tight as he licked and sucked her clit. Sluicing his fingers in and out of her increasingly wet pussy, Robert sucked her clit. Sue was gasping and panting as Robert drove her wild. She could feel her orgasm coursing through her body as it finally hit her pussy.

Robert could feel her pussy spasm as she came but he continued to suck her clit and fuck her with his fingers. Her juices came full and thick, coating his finger and making it easy to slide them in and out. Then he withdrew them and fastened his mouth on her hole, sucking at the juices and tongue-fucking her some more. Robert licked and sucked, not stopping until the well ran dry.

Encouraging Sue to turn towards him, thus presenting her naked ass and pussy towards the RV, Robert stuck his fingers into her mouth. Instinctively she sucked on them, tasting herself for the first time. Pulling his fingers from her mouth, Robert stood up and dropped his shorts, releasing his hard cock.

"Suck this," he said, climbing up onto the table and sitting down, his legs spread wide.

"Oh, yummy," Sue said, leaning forward and sucking his cock into her mouth.

"Oh, yeah," Robert said as she began to suck on him.

Sue was wild with desire, sucking on his cock like a crazy woman. She tried to get more and more of it into her mouth, trying to push it down into her throat. She licked it all over, paying particular attention to the head and the sensitive slit at the end. Her ass was wriggling in the air as she bobbed up and down on Robert's cock. Robert felt his balls churn and Sue felt his cock swell in her mouth, a sign that she now recognized. Increasing her pace, Sue tried to bring Robert to orgasm. 

Just as his balls began to explode, sending cum shooting through his cock into her mouth, the door to the RV opened and Al and Erin came out, their eyes opening wide and their mouths hanging open as they saw their daughter's naked ass and pussy swinging in front of them while she choked on Robert's cock as he filled her mouth with cum.

"Sue! What do you think you're doing?" Erin asked as she walked over to the table.

"Mom," Sue said, lifting her face from Robert's cock, cum dribbling down her chin as he continued to cum, shooting her in the face.

"Well, don't waste it," Erin said as Sue opened her mouth and sucked Robert's cock back in. "But you really shouldn't be doing this. Especially not out here in the open. What if someone saw you?"

"That's half the excitement," Robert replied, groaning as Sue sucked his cock.

"Someone could come up and surprise you," Erin said, glancing at Al in time to see him lean forward and stick his tongue into Sue's pussy from behind. "Like your father."

"Ohhh," Sue moaned from around Robert's cock as she felt her father's tongue slide into her pussy.

Erin just stood there and watched as Al sucked his daughter's pussy while she continued to suck her cousin's huge cock. Erin couldn't believe how hot it was watching Al suck their daughter's pussy. And to see her cum covered face as she sucked her cousin's cock, well, this was just more than she could stand. Climbing up onto the picnic table, Erin squatted over Robert's face, lowering her cum-filled pussy until she felt his tongue slide up into her. So now they had a wonderful daisy chain going, with Robert noisily sucking Erin's pussy, Sue sucking Robert's cock, and Al sucking Sue's pussy.

When Sue finally came in her father's mouth, Robert blew yet another load into hers and she eagerly gulped it down, watching her mother's pussy humping back and forth on Robert's face. Finally they all disengaged themselves, looking at each other in somewhat a state of shock.

"Well, I can see this is going to be quite a camping trip," Erin said. "Let's go wash up, Sue, then we'd better get to bed. It's late and we have an early start and a lot of driving tomorrow."

So Sue went with Erin to wash up, not even bothering to put any clothes on to cover her ass and pussy. While they washed up, Erin confirmed that Sue was still a virgin, smiling to herself as she realized that that probably wouldn't last very long if either Robert or Al had their way. As they walked back to the RV, Erin talked with Sue.

"Sue, I want you to do me a favor tonight," she said. "When we get to the RV, I want you to quietly slip into the bunk with your father. He'll be asleep, so don't wake him."

"But why?" Sue asked. "What about you?"

"I'll sleep in your bunk," Erin explained.

"But why?" Sue persisted.

"If you pay attention, you'll probably see," was all Erin would say. "Do you mind? Just sleep with your back to your father and he'll never know the difference. "We'll switch again in the morning before he wakes up, okay?"

"I guess," Sue said, puzzled.

"Okay, quiet now," Erin said as they got to the RV. "And sleep well," she said, quickly stripping her clothes off before entering.

Sue too took off her shirt, standing stark naked for a moment before taking a deep breath and entering the RV. She could see that her mother had already slipped into her bunk and was facing her, a slight smile on her face as she saw Sue standing there naked. As quietly as possible so as not to wake him, Sue climbed into the bunk where her father was asleep, pulling the sheet over herself and laying with her back to her father. She could just feel his body touching hers and she was a bit nervous as she tried to go to sleep.

Then she noticed her mother in the dim light as she lay on the other bunk where Robert was sleeping. She could see that the sheet was pulled down and that one of Robert's hands was draped over her body squeezing and playing with her tits. Sue watched as Erin turned, rolling over so that she was facing Robert. She saw the sheet completely pulled aside and realized that they were wrapped in an embrace and were kissing. Then as she watched she saw her mother slide her leg over Robert's body, straddling him. She quickly realized that they must be fucking by the motions her mother was making as she rode Robert.

Sue couldn't believe that her mother was fucking her cousin with her father right in the same room asleep. She heard her mother moan once and held her breath, hoping her father hadn't heard. She heard him grunt behind her, then change position, his arm flinging over her body. She lay there as still as possible, hoping that he was still asleep. But he wasn't, she quickly realized, as his hand began to lightly stroke her body, from her shoulder to her tits down to her ass and legs.

When she felt him spread her legs, opening her pussy, her initial reaction was to resist, but then she realized that her mother would never resist him so she tried to relax, hoping that he'd just fall asleep again. But his fingers persisted in her pussy and she felt herself getting wet. She felt him slide his fingers into her hole and she had to bite her lip from moaning out loud. Then she felt him shift position and she realized that he had spooned into her back and she could feel his hard cock pressing between her ass cheeks and barely touching her pussy. Her father's other arm came around her and began to play with her tits and nipples, pinching and pulling on them while his other hand continued to play between her legs.

Realizing that she had to do something before he realized that it wasn't her mother, Sue reached down between their bodies and grasped his cock in her hand, squeezing its hardness as he continued to play with her. Then to her surprise she felt her father literally pick her up and sit her on top of him with her back to his face. As he further manipulated her she found herself facing his cock while he buried his face between her legs. (next part 5)
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