"Erotic Stories" Camping P5

Erotic Stories Camping P5
When she did feel his tongue in her pussy again she moaned, softly, and then leaned down and sucked her father's cock into her mouth. Just as with Robert she instantly loved it and began to suck him in earnest, finding that she could get almost all of it into her mouth, unlike Robert's huge cock.

She spared a glance over at the bunk where her mother was with Robert and saw that they too were in a 69, sucking each other. She felt herself cum and just lay there for a moment while her father drank her juices. Then he was pushing on her, pushing until she had slid down his body and was sitting astride his cock which was throbbing between her legs. To her amazement he lifted her with one hand and with the other positioned his cock between her pussy lips at the entrance to her hole. Before she could protest he had pulled her back down, instantly impaling her completely on his cock, taking her virginity.

At first the pain was so great that it took all of her effort not to cry out. Then as the initial pain subsided she became aware of her father's cock pulsating deep inside of her pussy. Feeling thrilled at the thought that she was getting fucked, Sue slowly began to slide back and forth, letting her father's cock slide in and out of her pussy. She began to enjoy the sensations in her pussy as his cock slid in and out and she increased her tempo just a bit as she fucked him.

Just as she felt herself getting ready to cum again she felt her father pressing against her asshole with a finger, trying to push it in. She felt his cock swell, then explode deep inside her pussy as he began to cum. That and the sensations of fucking him and his finger probing against her asshole proved to be too much and Sue began to cum again, her pussy spasming around her father's cock in her pussy. As her orgasm swept over her, Sue felt her father's finger slide into her ass and she began to cum even more.

It seemed like forever to Sue as they both came and came, but finally it subsided and Sue felt his cock slipping from her pussy and his finger from her ass. He wrapped his arms around her, cupping her tits and pinching her nipples as he drew her down to snuggle spoon-fashion against him. She saw that her mother's back was still towards her, and she could see Robert's feet sticking up above her mother's head. Then she heard her father's voice whisper softly in her ear.

"You've got an amazing pussy, Sue," he said, pinching her nipples. "I loved fucking you."

"How did you know?" Sue asked, turning to face him, her tits pressed up against his chest and his cock hard again sticking up between their bellies.

"Your mother shaves her pussy," he explained, kissing her. "Otherwise I might have never known if your mother and I hadn't planned this ourselves."

"You mean she knows?" Sue asked him, her eyes wide.

"Of course she does," Al replied. "I'd never keep something like this from your mother. We love each other very much."

"But I'm your daughter," Sue said. "And mom's fucking Robert. You don't mind?"

"It doesn't change one bit how much we love each other. It's sex. If your mother wants to have sex with someone else, she tells me. If I don't mind, then she does what she wants. But if I do mind, she doesn't. We have a lot of respect for each other. And no, I don't mind that you're my daughter," Al laughed softly. "That means I never have to wonder where you are."

"Oh, Dad," Sue said, hugging him. "I liked the feeling of your cock inside of me."

"Why don't you suck on me again and I'll eat your sweet pussy for you," Al suggested.

"Okay!" Sue agreed, quickly spinning around and planting her gooey pussy on her father's face.

Sucking his cock back into her mouth she could taste their combined cum on it. She found it very intoxicating and really began to suck on his cock, delighting in the flavor of it while he ran his tongue up and into her pussy, slurping at all the cum and juices that filled her. Sucking on her father, Sue realized how lucky she was to have the kind of parents that she had. They were so cool. She could feel her father's cock growing in her mouth, getting impossibly hard, and she knew that he would cum very soon if she continued sucking on him. So, redoubling her efforts, Sue began to plunge her mouth up and down on his cock, feeling the head of it slide into her throat, almost making her gag as she fucked him with her mouth. 

Finally she felt his cock swell once more and then gobs of cum were shooting into her mouth. Sue gulped and swallowed as quickly as she could, letting her father's cum swirl around in her mouth as she tasted him. Just as he was finishing cumming Sue felt her own orgasm sweep through her body as her father's tongue continued to sluice in and out of her pussy. When she had finished cumming, Sue reversed herself and snuggled into her father's arms, happily going to sleep.

She woke up in the morning to her mother lightly shaking her arm. Opening her eyes and seeing her mother standing there naked, Sue remembered the night before and smile at her.

"Come with me," Erin whispered to Sue.

Quietly sliding out of the bunk, Sue went outside with her mother, surprised to see that the sun was just breaking over the horizon. It was very chilly out and both of their nipples instantly got hard.

"Did you sleep okay?" Erin asked.

"Great," Sue nodded. "I saw you with Robert. I saw you two fucking and sucking."

"It couldn't have been as good as watching you fuck your father, though," Erin said with a smile. "Did you enjoy yourself?"

"You watched?" Sue asked, surprised.

"Of course I did," Erin said. "You think I'd miss your first time with your father. Did he figure out that it was you?"

"He said he would have known if you two hadn't planned it anyway," Sue said.

"How?" Erin asked.

"He said you shave your pussy," Sue explained.

"That's right," Erin said. "Well, should we shave your pussy so he won't know the difference?"

"Really? You'd help me?" Sue asked, excited.

"Of course I will," Erin replied. "In fact, I'll get my shaving stuff and do it right now."

"Here?" Sue asked, looking around.

"Sure, nobody's up yet," Erin said. "Just a minute."

Quickly Erin went into the RV and then returned with a razor and some shaving cream and a towel.

"Okay, lay back on the table and spread your legs for me," she said.

Climbing up on the table, Sue laid back, bringing her feet up to the edge and spreading her knees. For the first time Erin was confronted with a view of her daughter's pussy spread open before her. She didn't have much hair, but what of it there was was as bright a red as her own. She could see Sue's clit peeking out from between her pussy lips. 

Squirting some shaving cream in her hand, Erin gently lathered Sue's pussy, for the first time feeling the heat and moistness of her daughter's sex. Carefully holding the razor, Erin began to shave gently around Sue's pussy lips, scraping the hair away and leaving her pink and shiny and bald. She was quickly finished and she then took the towel and wiped the remaining shaving cream away, now seeing her daughter's pussy spread open before her, unencumbered by the hair that had been growing there.

Reaching out with her hands, Erin began to rub and massage Sue's pussy, holding her pussy lips between her fingers and massaging and pulling on them. Then she gently slid a finger into Sue's hole, feeling her pussy muscles grip her finger as she slowly slid it in and out. Just as she was leaning over to lick Sue's clit, Erin heard a voice.

"And what are we doing here?" she heard, turning and seeing a park ranger standing there.

"Just helping my daughter shave her pussy," Erin replied, looking the ranger up and down.

"This isn't exactly the proper place for such activities," the ranger said.

"Don't you think I've done a good job?" Erin asked, her fingers still inside Sue's pussy.

"I'd say it looks fine," the ranger replied, looking a bit uncomfortable as he stared at Sue's open pussy.

"Do you think it's smooth enough?" Erin asked innocently, batting her eyes at the ranger.

"I suppose so," he replied, a lump beginning to grow in the front of his trousers.

"Why don't you check for me," Erin said. "I'm sure Sue won't mind, will you, Sue?"

"No, Mom, I don't mind if you say it's alright," she replied.

"Go ahead," Erin said, standing up and letting the ranger see her nude body in the early morning light. "Check it."

His cheeks flushed, the ranger stepped up to the table and let his hand gently slide across Sue's pussy, feeling her smooth pussy lips.

"How is it?" Erin asked, a grin on her face.

"Smooth," the ranger replied nervously, his hand still covering Sue's pussy.

"Do you think it's as smooth as mine?" Erin asked, sitting on the edge of the table and spreading her knees wide, opening her shaved snatch to him. "Go ahead and compare," she said, her fingers trailing through her pussy.

Reaching out with his other hand, the ranger cupped Erin's pussy, his finger sliding between her pussy lips into her hole.

"Umm, that feels nice," Erin said. "Do they feel the same?"

"I think so," the ranger said, his hard cock now easily visible sticking out the front of his pants.

"Do we taste the same?" Erin asked, smiling at him.

"Uh, I don't know," the ranger said, his fingers now sliding in and out of both their pussies.

"Don't you think you should find out?" Erin asked.

"I couldn't agree more," the ranger said, finding some courage as he took his fingers out of Erin's pussy and glued his mouth to it.

Erin moaned and let her hand hold the back of his head against her as his tongue went wild in her pussy. With his other hand he continued to frig Sue's pussy. Sue was finding all of this as amusing as exciting as she watched her mother getting her pussy eaten by a total stranger while he fingered her own slit. She found herself looking forward to her turn at being eaten as his fingers slid in and out of her now smoothly-shaven pussy. Sue heard her mother begin to moan more loudly and then she was clamping the ranger's head tightly to her pussy and Sue knew that she was cumming in his mouth. His fingers in her pussy slowed down as he drank her mother's cum as it flowed from her pussy.

"Don't forget to compare," Erin said as he finished licking all of the juices from her pussy.

"I wouldn't miss it for the world," he said, pulling his fingers from Sue's pussy and replacing them with his mouth.

Sue sighed as she felt his tongue slide up into her pussy. She was leaning on her elbows and she could see everything he was doing between her pussy lips now that she was shaved smooth. It felt so good as she humped herself against his face while he ate her. She knew that she was going to cum quickly, excited from her mother shaving her and then watching her being eaten on the picnic table by the ranger, and now from the same ranger sucking her pussy on the table, her father and cousin asleep inside the RV in the early morning.

His tongue felt so good as it glided in and out of her pussy. She wondered if he could also taste her father's cum inside of her that he had shot up into her pussy last night when he deflowered her. The memory of that as well as the ranger's tongue in her pussy were getting her very hot. She saw her mother watching her with a smile on her face as the ranger continued to eat her pussy on the picnic table in the early morning light.

Then she began to cum, lifting her pussy up to meet his thrusting tongue as it sluiced in and out of her hole, slurping up the juices that were flowing from her. When the ranger finished sucking all he could from her pussy, he lifted his face, a smile spread across it as well as pussy juice.

"We'd really like to thank you for seeing to our needs so well," Erin said, smiling at him, her legs spread wide. "Now maybe we can help you with your little problem," she said, staring at the bulge in his pants. "Why don't you let him out and sit here," she suggested. "I'm sure we can help."

As fast as he could, the ranger dropped his pants and sat on the edge of the picnic table, his hard cock standing straight up in the air. Sitting in front of him, Erin began to suck on his cock, easily letting it slide deep into her throat. After sucking on him for a couple of minutes, Erin lifted her face from his cock and smiled at him.

"Is this okay?" she asked, pumping his cock with her fist as she licked the head of it.

"Yeah, it's great," he groaned in delight.

"Sue, why don't you show your appreciation to the ranger," Erin suggested, licking the head of his cock again.

"Sure, mom," she said, getting to her knees on the table and bending over the ranger's raging cock, her mouth open as she lowered it around his cock.

Erin released the ranger's cock, sitting there for a minute watching as her daughter sucked on him. Then quickly getting to her feet, her big tits swinging from her chest, she quietly went over to the RV and opened the door.

"Al, you've got to come see this," Erin whispered as she entered the RV.

"What is it?" Al asked, rubbing his eyes and seeing his naked wife standing there. "Why are you naked?" he asked.

"Just come with me," Erin insisted, tugging on his arm. "You'll see."

As Al swung his legs off the bunk to jump down, Erin leaned forward and quickly sucked the head of his cock into her mouth, tasting the dried cum from when Al had fucked their daughter the night before. Smiling at her as he jumped down, Al followed Erin out of the RV. He stopped short when he saw Sue kneeling naked on the picnic table sucking the ranger's cock, her newly shaved pussy pointing at him.

"What's going on?" Al asked, looking down at Erin's smiling face.

"He caught me helping Sue to shave her pussy," Erin explained. "We thought we'd give him a little treat for being so understanding.

"Hey, what's going on?" they heard Robert ask as he staggered out of the RV in his shorts. "Oh, wow," he said when he saw Sue kneeling on the table.

"Why don't you go help them?" Erin suggest to Robert as he stared. "I'm sure they won't mind," she said, reaching out and squeezing his cock through his shorts.

"You don't mind?" Robert asked, surprised by Erin's forwardness in front of Al.

"Go ahead," Al said. "I'm sure she'd like it."

Without hesitating Robert went over to the picnic table where Sue was sucking on the ranger's cock and buried his face in her pussy, jamming his tongue up inside her as far as he could. Sue moaned when she felt Robert's tongue slide into her pussy and she redoubled her efforts on the ranger's cock. The ranger couldn't believe what was happening to him as this beautiful young redhead sucked his cock while her parents watched and some other guy sucked her pussy from behind. Groaning out loud, he felt his balls explode and torrents of cum went shooting into Sue's mouth.

Sue eagerly gulped and swallowed as the ranger filled her mouth again and again with his cum. Sue realized that she absolutely loved cum as she finished sucking the last of it from the ranger's cock. She felt her own excitement rising as a result of Robert's tongue in her pussy, so she was surprised when he stopped sucking on her before she came. Just as she was about to turn and see why he stopped, she felt something hard pressing into her pussy. Looking back between her legs she could see Robert's balls dangling below her pussy and she realized that it was his cock that was slowly pressing into her pussy.

Arching her back, she felt his cock slide into her still sore pussy until he pressed up against her ass. Slowly he started sliding his cock in and out of her pussy and quickly the soreness disappeared as her juices started flowing. She couldn't believe how good it felt as his cock slid in and out of her pussy and she found herself meeting his every thrust.

Robert was in heaven as he thrust his cock in and out of Sue's pussy. She was so tight he couldn't believe it. He had seen her with her father's cock jammed up between her legs last night when he was fucking Erin, so he knew she was ready for him. And was she ready. Her pussy seemed to grip and milk his cock as it slid in and out of her honey hole. Very quickly he approached the point of no return, and slamming his cock as far into Sue's pussy as possible he felt his balls blow their load, pouring cum deep inside her pussy.

Sue was panting as Robert's cock sluiced her slit, filling her with cock. She felt his cock suddenly seem to swell, filling her even more, then it was pulsating and she could feel his cum shooting into her pussy. She just lay there with her face pressed into the picnic table as Robert's cock finished dumping its load inside her pussy. Then suddenly she was aware of her parents standing next to the table as Robert's cock slowly slid from her well-fucked pussy.

"Did you enjoy that, Sue?" Erin asked, leaning over and kissing her gently on the cheek.

"Oh, mom, that was wonderful," Sue sighed. "I just love cocks."

"I guess I'll be going now," the ranger said, pulling his pants back on. "Thanks for the hospitality."

"Thank you for sucking my pussy," Erin said with a smile.

"Any time," the ranger said, blushing as he stared at Erin's hard nipples standing up on the ends of her tits. "You both tasted great."

"Thank you," Erin said, leaning forward and kissing him.

"He seemed like a nice guy," Al said as the ranger walked away.

"He had good taste," Erin said with a laugh.

"We'd better get on the road," Al said. "We have to pick up Judy tonight."

"Let me just help Sue clean up first," Erin said, moving over to where Robert still stood behind Sue, his now limp cock dangling between his legs. "But you first, Robert," Erin said, leaning over and sucking his cum covered cock into her mouth.

Erin sucked and licked his cock for a minute or two, then stood back up, licking her lips.

"That's better," she said. "And now, Sue, let's see why that ranger thought your pussy tasted so good," she said. "Let me get all of Robert's cum out of there for you."

And without another word Erin reached over and spread Sue's pussy lips wide open, seeing the cum that was dribbling from her hole. Bending forward, she glued her mouth to her daughter's pussy, sucking and slurping at the cum that filled her. Sue was beside herself with joy as her mother sucked her cum-filled pussy. She couldn't believe how erotic it was with both her father and her cousin watching.

As Erin sucked Sue's pussy, Al stepped forward, sticking his now hard cock in Sue's face. Without hesitation Sue opened her mouth, letting her father slide his cock in. Then while her mother continued to suck her pussy, her father began to fuck her face, sliding his cock in and out of her mouth while she kept her lips closed around it. Sue felt like she was in heaven as her father fucked her face and her mother sucked her cum-filled pussy. The only thing that could possibly be better would be if Robert were fucking her at the same time.

She felt her father's cock begin to swell in her mouth and she knew that he was about to cum. Sue sucked with a vengeance, trying to swallow his entire cock as she suddenly felt his hot cum shooting into her mouth. At the same time her pussy began to spasm from the attention of her mother's tongue and she too began to cum as she continued to swallow her father's cum that just kept shooting into her mouth.

Finally the cum stopped filling her mouth and she also felt her own orgasm subsiding. Lifting her face from her father's cock, Sue looked up at him.

"I just love your cock, Dad," she said. "I love it when you cum in my mouth."

"You suck like you've been doing it all your life," Al said, smiling at his daughter. "You're welcome to it whenever you'd like."

"And you have an absolutely delicious pussy," Erin said, lifting her face from her daughter's muff. (next part 6)
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