"Erotic Stories" Camping P6

Erotic Stories Camping P6
"Oh, Mom, you think so?" Sue asked, turning to look at her mother.

"Oh, yes," Erin said, "and having it full of Robert's cum just made it better."

"Hey, we'd better get out of here before the whole camp comes over here," Al said with a laugh. "I mean, we're all naked out here."

There was much giggling and laughter as they all ran to the RV, piling inside as quickly as possible.

"We need to drive for at least eight hours to get to the airport to pick up Judy," Al said. "So it's going to be a long day. Maybe you all might put some clothes on too," Al suggested with a laugh.

"Maybe later," Sue said with a smile. "Me, I want some more loving."

"What are you talking about?" Erin asked with a laugh. "You haven't had enough for one morning?"

"I want Robert to fuck you and fill your pussy with cum so I can taste it like you did to me," Sue replied.

"Oh, Sue, you are our daughter, aren't you," Erin laughed. "As long as your father doesn't mind driving by himself for a while, that sounds wonderful to me."

"You go ahead," Al laughed. "But I'm going to fuck you later. In fact, I think I'll fuck your ass for you."

"Oh, Dad, that sounds wicked," Sue said.

"Later on you'll find out," Al said, slipping his pants on and getting into the driver's seat.

As he pulled the RV out of the camping site, he could see in his rear view mirror that Erin had gotten down on her hands and knees, her bald pussy pointing at him. He didn't get to admire the view for long, though, because Robert got on his knees behind her, and judging by the sounds he was hearing, began to fuck her. He could see Sue on her knees next to them, one hand between her legs as she fingered her own slit while she watched Robert's cock sliding in and out of her mother's pussy.

"Oh, Mom, it's so sexy," Sue said, her mouth open as she watched Robert's cock sliding slowly in and out of her mother's bald pussy.

"It feels wonderful," Erin sighed, gently thrusting back at Robert as he fucked her. "Why don't you watch it from underneath me," she suggested, grunting as Robert thrust suddenly into her. "That way I can suck your pussy at the same time."

"Oh, would you," Sue enthused, scrambling onto her back and sliding under her mother until Robert's cock was sliding in and out of her pussy right in front of her eyes. "Oohh, this is better," Sue said, licking her lips.

"Go ahead, lick me," Erin said, lowering her face down between Sue's spread thighs, her tongue sliding between her daughter's pussy lips right up into her hole.

Sue gasped as she felt her mother's tongue slide into her pussy. Lifting her head an inch she was able to suck her mother's distended and engorged clit into her mouth, gently sucking on it as Robert's cock slid across her forehead on its way in and out of her mother's pussy. Releasing her mother's clit, Sue let her tongue slide along the length of Robert's cock as it moved back and forth. She could taste her mother's pussy on it and it excited her. She gasped as she felt her mother's mouth working magic on her pussy, sending bolts of excitement and pleasure shooting through her body. She raised her attention a notch and began to lick and suck on the juncture of her mother's pussy and Robert's cock sliding in and out of it. It was so intoxicating to her. She loved the flavor, the excitement, the pure, unadulterated lust of the moment.

Suddenly Robert began to stroke his cock in and out of Erin's pussy at a faster pace. Sue returned her attention to her mother's clit, sucking and teasing it even as she felt her mother driving her crazy with her tongue in her pussy. Robert began to moan and groan as his orgasm approached. Sue intensified her attention on her mother's clit, feeling her writhe as a result. Robert finally slammed his cock into Erin's pussy, crying out as he did so. Sue could see him clenching his loins as his balls pumped cum deep inside of Erin's pussy. Her mother was gasping, grinding her ass back against Robert as he came inside of her.

Sue concentrated again on the juncture of Robert's cock and her mother's pussy, sucking as she tasted more and newer juices leaking from around Robert's cock. She reached up with a hand and began to gently massage his balls, milking the last of his cum into her mother's pussy. Then Robert slowly withdrew his cock from Erin's pussy. Sue let her tongue drag along its entire length as he pulled back, drunk on the taste of their combined cum as she slurped it off of him.

As Robert's cock slid from Erin's pussy it fell right into Sue's mouth. She engulfed it, sucking hard on it as she slurped their combined juices and cleaned him. She felt something drip on her face and opened her eyes, seeing a dribble of cum from her mother's splayed pussy dripping down. Releasing Robert's cock, Sue moved her mouth and caught the dribble, lifting her face until she had her mouth glued to her mother's pussy, sucking the cum from her and swallowing it, letting it swirl around in her mouth for a moment, tasting Robert and her mother all at once. Then she slid her tongue into her mother's hole, butterflying it as she tried to get at the cum which Robert had filled her with. She almost missed her own orgasm as her mother continued to suck on her, so intoxicated was she by sucking her mother's pussy filled as it was with Robert's cum.

She sucked and sucked, until finally Erin spoke up.

"You've got to stop, Sue," she said. "I can't take any more."

"But it tastes so good," Sue said, running her tongue into her mother's pussy again.

"No, stop," Erin said, rolling off of Sue. "It's too much."

"Oh, I never want to stop," Sue said, tears forming in the corners of her eyes. "I just love the way it makes me feel."

"You just have to pace yourself," Erin said, pulling Sue up and hugging her. "You're a beautiful, sensual young woman with your whole life ahead of you. If you're lucky you'll love a hundred men and cum a thousand times. You don't have to have it all right now."

"Oh, I know," Sue acknowledged, kissing her mother. "It's just that it feels so good."

"There's nothing better," Erin agreed. "But this isn't fair to your father. Let's get dressed and enjoy our travels. We have to pick Judy up later this afternoon, so I don't know what later will be like."

"It'll be great," Robert said, putting his arms around both of them. "Mom's going to love this."

"You mean..." Sue began.

"You'll see," Robert replied, interrupting her. "She's taught me most of what I know."

"Wow, she must be really cool," Sue said, her eyes wide.

"The coolest," Robert agreed. "But you two are right there. Totally cool."

"He's such a sweet stud, isn't he?" Erin asked with laugh.

"I think so," Sue agreed, wrapping her arms around Robert.

They all dressed then, moving to the front of the RV to join Al as he drove. The drive to Grand Junction was a long but beautiful one, with the Rockies all around them. The got to the airport only a half an hour before Judy's plane arrived and they were waiting for her at the gate when she disembarked. She obviously hadn't prepared for the cool thin air in Grand Junction, because they could all see that her nipples were hard and sticking out under her shirt. Sue was surprised to see that Judy was blonde and petite, small like her and her mother, but very pretty. It was hard to realize that she was her father's sister. There were many hugs and kisses, and Sue noticed that Robert cupped Judy's ass with his hand when he greeted and kissed his mother.

"It's so nice to be here at last," Judy said. "It wasn't any trouble for you, was it?"

"Not at all," Erin said. "We broke camp this morning and it was a perfect drive."

"Robert's not been any trouble, has he?" she asked. "It was really good of you to take him along. I needed the space."

"Robert is an absolute delight," Erin assured her. "The trip wouldn't be the same without him."

"I'm so glad," Judy replied as they grabbed her bags and walked to the RV. "Will there be enough room for all of us?" she asked when she saw the RV.

"Sure there is," Al answered. "We've managed so far, I'm sure it will work out."

As they drove the short distance up to the top of Grand Mesa Judy brought them up to speed on her talk with her husband, telling them that they were probably going to get a divorce. Robert looked pretty upset at this news and was pretty quiet until Judy informed him and them that his father had agreed to let him live with her because of his hectic and unpredictable travel schedule due to his work. Robert brightened visibly at this bit of news and seemed to be much less upset than he had been. 

They found their camping site and immediately began the now familiar task of setting up camp, as much as there was of it, while Judy just watched, uncertain of what to do or how to help. Erin laughingly told her that she'd soon enough learn the routine, to just relax. To help her with this, Erin brought out the bottle of Jack Daniels and soon they all had a drink in their hands, Sue and Robert included. Darkness came quickly and they began to prepare dinner, everyone helping a little bit. By the time they finished eating it was late already and getting cold because of the altitude and the desert. Erin suggested that they call it an early evening and get up early in the morning to explore the mesa.

As they prepared the two bunks for sleep, Judy looked puzzled.

"Who's sleeping where?" she asked.

"Well, up until now Al and I slept in the main bunk and Robert and Sue shared the other one," Erin explained. "But there's plenty of room in the main bunk for one more. We just have to decide what the arrangements are going to be. We could put Al and Robert in the second bunk and the three of us can sleep in the main one," she suggested.

"Oh, you two shouldn't have to do that," Judy protested.

"Why don't we draw straws for the bunks," Al suggested.

"How would you do that?" Judy asked, smiling at her brother.

"Well, we'll make three long straws and two short ones. That'll make it easy," he replied.

"That sounds fair," Erin said, opening a drawer and getting some straws out.

She cut them, then handed them to Al who held them in his hand with only one end showing, all even. When they had each picked one, Al and Erin had the short straws.

"Well, that settles that," Erin said as Sue went into the head.

When she emerged a minute later, she was wearing only a t-shirt. Robert went next into the head to change, and while he was in there Sue climbed up into the bunk. As she did so her t-shirt hiked up over her ass and Judy and everyone else were treated to a view of her naked pussy peeking out from between her legs. When Judy turned to see if anyone else had noticed, nobody was looking in that direction. Robert came out of the head wearing only his underwear, his semi-hard cock obvious. Again Judy noticed that nobody was paying any attention. As Robert climbed up into the bunk she turned to get her things and saw that Al and Erin were just undressing at their bunk and got into it naked.

Smiling to herself Judy went into the head, only to emerge a minute later wearing only a longer t-shirt which came down to her mid-thigh. Climbing into the bunk where Robert lay with Sue on the other side of him, Judy made sure that her t-shirt hiked up to the point where her pussy would be visible if Al or Erin were to look. As she lay down next to her son she saw that Erin had a smile on her face as she reached over and turned off the light.

Judy lay there for a few minutes, listening to the sounds of the night out on the Mesa and also listening to the breathing of the other four people in the RV with her. She felt her son's hand slide over onto her thigh, slowly moving up until his fingers were sliding between her pussy lips. She held her breathe, wondering if anyone would realize it as Robert's fingers began to immediately excite her.

Hearing a sound, Judy looked towards where Al and Erin were bunked. Even with the light off she was able to make out their shapes as her eyes adjusted to the dark. She realized that Erin was laying on top of Al sucking his cock while her pussy was plastered onto his face. The sounds she was hearing were the sounds of the two of them eating each other. This excited her even more as Robert's fingers continued their dance in her pussy. Quietly reaching down, Judy let her hand slide over Robert's thigh towards his cock, only to be surprised to find Sue's head already there.

Sitting up, Judy looked down and saw that Sue indeed was sucking Robert's cock as he lay next to her, his fingers in her pussy. As Judy watched Sue moved so that she was straddling Robert's head. Judy was holding her breathe as she watched Sue lower her pussy onto her son's face next to her. Turning onto her left side so that she was laying facing Robert and Sue, Judy propped her right leg up by putting her foot flat on the bunk, opening her pussy to Robert's fingers even more.

Judy lay like this, watching as Robert sucked on Sue's pussy, his fingers busy in hers. Then Robert stopped sucking on Sue, pushing on her until she had moved to the side and was now straddling Judy's head. Judy could smell Sue's fragrant pussy right above her face and she grabbed her by the hips, pulling her bald pussy right down onto her mouth, her tongue shooting up inside of her.

What a delicious pussy, Judy thought as she sucked on Sue. And absolutely no hair either. She felt her legs being pressed open, and as soon as she felt Sue's mouth clamp onto her pussy she began to cum, her pussy spasming as she felt Sue's tongue up inside of her, slurping at the juices that she knew were flowing. She renewed her own efforts on Sue's pussy and was quickly rewarded by Sue's cum drenching her own face. She eagerly lapped up Sue's cum, licking and tongue fucking her pussy as she did so. She felt Sue's mouth leave her pussy, only to be replaced quickly by Robert's cock, sliding easily up into her as she continued to suck on Sue. Robert thrust his cock in and out of his mother's pussy, his urgency as much as hers. Again she felt herself begin to cum and then she felt her son's cock expand inside of her, his cum shooting deep into her pussy as she continued to suck Sue's pussy.

She felt her son's cock slowly shrinking and withdrawing from her pussy. She loved her son and she loved the way he had taken to their own private little intimate relationship. Feeling his cock inside of her again filled her with pride. He was such a good, considerate lover, not at all like his father. As his cock fell from her pussy Judy was surprised when Sue fell forward, again gluing her mouth to her cum-filled hole. She came again as Sue sucked her son's cum from her pussy. Finally Sue stopped sucking on her and they all just lay together, a tangle of arms and legs. She felt warm, so Judy pulled her t-shirt off over her head, leaving her naked in the bunk with Robert on one side of her and Sue pressed up against her other side, their naked bodies entwined with hers.

When Judy awoke in the morning she found herself alone in the bunk. She stretched, feeling wonderful. Then she wondered where Robert and Sue could have gotten to without waking her. Sitting up, she swung her legs off the bunk just as the door to the head opened and her brother Al exited. Because of the position of the bunk above the driving area, her knees were on a level with Al's head as he stood there staring at her open pussy.

"Well, good morning," he said, smiling at her. "You had a good night?"

"Yes," she replied, flustered, aware of the fact that she was totally naked, feeling her nipples get hard as he stared at her.

"Sue and Robert didn't bother you?" he asked.

"No, everything was fine," Judy said, not sure of what to do.

"Sue said she liked the taste of your pussy," Al said, a grin on his face. "What did you think of hers?"

"I, I -- what do you mean?" she asked, shocked by his question.

"Oh, come on, Judy. You think we don't know what went on last night. For god's sake, we were only ten feet away. It sounded great."

"Yes, well -- yes," was all she could say. "Where are they now?"

"Outside with Erin," Al answered. "Want some help down?" he asked, stepping between her knees, her pussy just a foot from his face.

"Sure," Judy replied, completely flustered now.

Putting his hands on her waist, Al slid his sister forward until she was sitting on the edge of the bunk, her pussy spread open in front of him.

"You look great," he said, leaning forward and running his tongue into her pussy. "Sweet, just like Sue said."

"Oh, god," Judy said, arching her back as Al continued to suck her pussy. "What are you doing?"

"Robert said you like to have your pussy eaten, so I'm eating," Al replied. "I like to eat pussy."

"But you're my brother," Judy tried to complain.

"And Robert's your son," Al retorted. "I don't see where that argument is going to carry much weight," he said, sticking his tongue into her pussy again. "You are delicious. I always wanted to suck your pussy when we were growing up," he said, again sticking his tongue into her pussy.

"Oh, god, yes, suck me," Judy said, holding his head as his tongue continued to slide in and out of her pussy. "Oh, yes."

As Al sucked his sister's pussy, he was intoxicated by how sweet she tasted. A natural blonde, Judy had very little hair on her pussy and Al just delighted in sucking on her clit and her thick pussy lips. Judy was humping herself against his face now, her excitement level rising as she felt herself approaching orgasm. When she felt Al grip her clit between his teeth and lightly nibble on it while his tongue flicked back and forth, she cried out, feeling herself explode as she came in his mouth. She could hear him slurping at her pussy juices as she continued to cum, licking and sucking as he drank her up. When she finished cumming Al lifted his face from between her legs, her pussy juice smeared across it.

"Wow!" he said. "You are just delicious," he said. "I love the taste of your pussy."

"Oh, Al, I can't believe we did this," Judy said, feeling a bit of remorse as she looked down at him.

"Didn't you like it?" Al asked, licking her pussy again.

"God, yes," Judy said with a laugh. "You eat pussy like a pro."

"Why, thank you," Al said, laughing with her. "Here, come on down," he said, lifting her from the waist and letting her down onto the floor in front of him.

Now Judy became aware of the fact that Al was naked, his hard cock standing out in front of him and now pressing against her belly as she stood in front of him, her nipples hard on the ends of her full, upturned breasts.

"Sue said she loved the way you sucked her pussy," Al said, not moving. "Do you do as well with a cock?"

"So I've been told," Judy replied, blushing, "but maybe you should be the judge of that," she said, letting her hand wrap around his cock. "This is quite an instrument," she said as she fondled him, cupping his balls and gently squeezing. "I can't believe that you're my brother."

"If that bothers you, just think of me as a cock right now," Al said, leaning forward and kissing her, his tongue gently sliding in past her lips to swirl in a short soft dance with hers. "Let me sit up there now," he said as he broke the kiss.

As Judy stepped aside, Al hopped up on the bunk, sitting with his knees wide apart and his cock standing up in front of him. Judy reached out and grasped his cock again, squeezing it, a small droplet of precum forming at the slit. Leaning forward she stuck her tongue into the slit of his cock, tasting him and eliciting a groan of delight from Al. Opening her mouth she sucked the head of his cock in, swirling her tongue around it. Then she opened her mouth and began to slide down his cock, inch by inch of it disappearing into her mouth and then throat until her face was buried in his pubic hair. Al could feel Judy contracting and squeezing his cock with her throat muscles, her tongue never stopping its lathing of his shaft as it lay buried in her mouth. Then slowly she slid her head back up, letting an inch at a time slide out of her mouth until she was holding his cock with just the tip of her tongue stuck in the slit at the end of his cock. (next part 7)
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