"Erotic Stories" My Three Sisters and Mom P2

Erotic Stories My Three Sisters and Mom P2
"Oh shit mother! It's coming, it's coming!"

Regardless of anything she'd said previously, I fully expected her to release my penis before the onslaught of my orgasm overwhelmed her. If anything however, she had attached herself to me like a vacuum and as the first explosion tore through me, I felt her hungrily, greedily sucking down my ball-batter as fast as I was producing it.

Long after I was complete, satiated beyond belief, mother continued to softly suckle and tenderly lick my cock, ensuring there was no trace of my cum juice remaining anywhere. Her touch had gone from a fiery urgency of need to one of soothing, tender comforting that once again reminded me of her affections so long ago whenever I had been hurt or injured. In a way, she was doing this again, though my mind refused to accept the act, and what had happened, and allowed only that nearly forgotten closeness we had once shared.

At some point I fell asleep, and never heard her leave my room. I awoke in the morning, awareness slowly creeping in to remind me of what had happened between us. My thoughts ran a gauntlet of emotions, guilt, embarrassment, shame and even anger, though not at my mother, but at myself. Regardless of how vulnerable she had been, or even needful, I had had no right to take advantage of the situation the way I had. And though it was true that she had instigated the act itself, I knew even as it happened that mom wasn't in the right frame of mind, and had I stopped her, forcibly if necessary, she would have come to her senses and realized we were making a terrible mistake.

I quickly dressed and rushed downstairs to her room. But surprisingly she was already up. And even more startling was the fact that her bed was made and her room was as neat as a pin. I hadn't seen her bedroom looking like this in months if not years. From her room, I pushed through the swinging doors into the kitchen area and found her there. But once again I was not prepared for what I saw there either. 

"Good morning honey. Did you sleep well?"

It was a rhetorical question, as she didn't allow me a word in edge-wise, immediately pointing out to me that breakfast was about ready, and that she had been about to call me down so it wouldn't get cold. Like her bedroom, the kitchen was spotless with the exception of a few dishes that were already soaking in hot soapy water. If I didn't know better, I would almost believe that she had never even gone to sleep, and had spent the remainder of the night simply cleaning house as her way to deal with the horrible act the two of us had experienced together.


"Yes dear."

"Mom, we need to talk, about last night."

She was smiling, and I even heard her chuckle as she sort of responded to my statement.

"Best night I've ever had," she began, which caught me totally unprepared. "Don't remember ever sleeping that soundly before, or waking up as refreshed and alive as I did this morning."

Setting a plate full of steamy hot hash brown potatoes, pancakes with plenty of homemade jam in front of me, I sat staring at the food, not really seeing it, but wondering if in fact mother had somehow managed to blank out the entire episode as her way of dealing with it. Even when I felt the softness of her breast just brush the back of my head as she set the plate down in front of me, which caused me to flinch out of reflex, she appeared to take no notice of the contact and went on with pouring me orange juice as well as a cup of freshly made coffee.

"Now, you'd best eat up. You've got a long drive ahead of you if you want to be there before this evening. And knowing your sister, she'll be worried about you, especially if it gets late."

It was obvious that mom was purposely avoiding any discussion about what had happened, and I decided that perhaps it was best to pretend and do the same thing myself. I had already decided that I would never mention the subject ever again, and that it had been an aberration that would never again be repeated, let alone discussed.

"I've got a few things I want to send along with you that Becky forgot to take. So you finish eating and I'll have them all packed and ready for you before you leave." 

With that, mother left the kitchen leaving me alone with my thoughts. Obviously she didn't appear shaken or horribly upset as I half expected to have found her. Instead, she appeared more like her old self, the "mom" I honestly hadn't seen in years for that matter. Suddenly I was ravenously hungry and quickly began to devour the heaping platefuls of food she had left me.

By the time I was finished and had deposited my dirty dishes in the sink to soak, mom had come downstairs carrying a second packed bag that had a few of my sisters things in it.

Realizing that I was actually leaving the house for the first time in my life, to go and actually live someplace different, hit me like a ton of bricks. Once again I felt remorse at leaving, and though she wouldn't be alone, as my twin sister would still be living here with her, I still felt like I was abandoning her in a way, or at the very least, leaving when the uncertainty of our emotions had not as yet been honestly discussed.

"I'll miss you," I managed to say.

Mom grabbed me then, hugging me to her and softly cried against my shoulder. But it wasn't the mournful cry of loss and disappointment that I had heard so many nights coming from her bedroom, but a cry of acceptance and joy that her son was finally making his way in life, which meant finally leaving the nest.

"I'll miss you too Jake. But, it's not like we won't be seeing one another very soon anyway. You're forgetting, Thanksgivings in two weeks, and your sister and I will be driving up to spend it with you and Becky this year. So we'll see each other then, and then I expect you both here for Christmas the following month!"

What she said was true of course. But even so, it suddenly felt different. I knew that I would never again walk through the door with the understanding that I actually lived here. I picked up my suitcases and headed towards the door as mom followed. She met me there of course, and then we embraced in a final hug, and a kiss, which I had fully expected to be a typical 'good-bye-see you soon' kind of a kiss. Instead, mother kissed me in a way she had never done before, long lingering, and in such a way that it left no doubt in my mind that she was remembering our past night together. I simply stood there, kissing her back, unsure of what I should do or say for that matter, and waited for the kiss to end, which it finally did. But even then there was a wicked gleam to her eye that told me she had purposely done that to show me she was right in the head, and that if anything, given the chance, it would happen again.


I had much to think about on the long drive up to where Becky lived. And as I argued back and forth with myself over it, I finally came to the conclusion that if I could talk to anyone about what had happened, I could talk to Becky. If anyone could help me sort all this out, and do so without judging me, and look at things in a better light as to how she and I could then deal with mom regarding it, she could.

By the time I arrived, it was late due to the weather suddenly turning bad and forcing me to slow down considerably. Becky had already dressed for bed, which for her consisted of a pair of panties and a tank top, her normal sleeping attire. Perhaps it was my being overly sensitive based on everything that had recently happened, but I had a hard time not looking at my sisters breasts which were clearly defined beneath the tight fitting tank top, including nearly every bump and dimple of her semi-erect nipples.

Becky had shown me my room, and after depositing my bags, and handing her the one mother had packed for her, we settled down on the couch together to catch up on things and discuss our new living arrangement. But all this did of course was make the proximity of sitting so close to her under these conditions that much harder for me to ignore, especially with her dressed the way she was. 

"What's bothering you little brother?" She asked "Come on, I know you. And I know whenever something's eating at you, so come on...fess up. What is it?"

"Oh Becky. I don't even know how to begin to tell you this, or what you'll think of me after I do. But you're about the only person I know who will at least listen to me first. And then help me decide what I, or maybe what we should do!"

"Wow L.B.," she began seriously, using the affectionate little initials she sometimes used whenever we did have one of our more serious conversations instead of saying "little brother".

Becky sat back, curious of course, but allowing me to find the courage to tell her the sordid details without interrupting me. And so I began, telling her from the beginning of how I used to walk by mother's bedroom hearing her crying and how I had thought she was doing the same thing when I first walked in on her while she was playing with herself.

I had just finished describing to her what I had seen our mother doing when she stopped me momentarily from continuing on.

"That's really nothing you should get so upset about," Becky began. "Everyone masturbates, including our mother. And if I remember correctly, I once walked in on you while you were doing it."

This wasn't going exactly the way I had envisioned it would. I was trying to explain to my sister what had precipitated the actions I was about to relate to her, when suddenly we're discussing masturbation and how everyone does it.

"Even I wasn't shocked or disturbed to see you playing with yourself," she continued, "In fact L.B., after I went back to my room I lay down on my bed and began playing with myself. Sure, you're my brother and all, but the thought of seeing you touching your cock and making yourself feel good had gotten me aroused too. And I couldn't help but want to do the same thing, even if it was my own brothers cock I was seeing inside my head."

Now things had gone from bad to worse. "How in the world was I ever going to tell my sister what had happened between mom and I now?" I thought to myself as Becky continued on.

"Come on Jake, be honest. With the three of us running around the house half naked all the time, didn't you as a young boy become rather curious?"

"Four," I said simply.


"Four, the three of you, and mother!"

Becky laughed. "Well, she doesn't count exactly. I mean everyone sees their mother naked at one time or another."

"Not the way I did," I said, still trying to reopen that door I'd tried so hard to open in the first place.

"And I still remember the day you walked in on me too!" Becky said.

That stopped me for a moment, and I tried to recall if there was any other time other than the one time I walked in on her, but she had turned so quickly that all I really saw was the back side of her ass.

"I only walked in on you once. And even then, I didn't see much, you turned around so quickly I didn't even get a good look at your tits."

I felt my face turn red when I realized the way that sounded.

"So! You WERE trying to see me naked then weren't you!" Becky tossed at me teasingly.

"Becky, it really was by accident, I wasn't trying to see you naked on purpose, but when I barged in, there you were!"

"And so? What DID you see me doing exactly?"

"Like I said, nothing really...just standing there." And as I remembered that day, that moment, I did seem to recall that when I had first barged into my sisters room, she had been standing next to her dresser, and she hadn't reached up to cover her breast with her hand, it was already on her breast. And then I remembered something else, which I had completely forgotten about until now. She had a large carrot in her other hand which I assumed she had taken from the kitchen in order to snack on in her room.

"You were using the carrot to masturbate with!" It was more of a sudden realization than an accusation, and I was guessing. But obviously I hit the mark right on the head.

Now it was my sisters turn to turn red in the face.

"See? That's my point Jake. We all masturbated at one time or another, and probably all caught one another doing it too. I even caught Dawn and Jackie doing it, though since Dawn and I shared a room, that wasn't really very difficult as she did it nearly every single night anyway."

Now not only did I have the image of Becky with the carrot, but now I also had this image of my other two sisters lying in bed playing with them selves too. And before I knew it, I was becoming aroused as the sudden stirring of my cock as it began to stiffen testified to.

"So tell me Jake, did you go back to your room and jerk off after walking in on me like that?" She asked curiously.

I admitted to her I had by simply shaking my head yes. The fact that I was becoming hard now while we sat here talking about all this was making me uncomfortable anyway, but it hadn't been the intent when we first began this discussion in the first place. And now, I was obviously aroused and admittedly excited by the curious discussion we'd been having.

"What did you think about while you did it?" She continued to prompt me. "Come on L.B., now's not the time to suddenly turn shy on me!" 

Becky was teasing me of course, and I knew she was, trying to lighten up the situation perhaps, and though it was working, I was getting extremely horny too.

"Like I said Becky, I was thinking about your tits, really. And even though I didn't really see them, they were about the closest I ever got to seeing or even touching another girls, and that included high school."

"You mean to say you never saw another woman's boobs? Really?"

Once again I nodded my head yes.

Before I knew what she was doing, Becky reached down and pulled her tank top over her head in one fell swoop. Suddenly I was looking at my older sisters perfectly molded and very mature breasts. Unable to speak, and unable to look away, I heard Becky laugh finally which released me from my self-induced trance.

"Figured you might as well get a good look at them," she stated proudly. "Ever since I moved in here I walk around half naked most of the time anyway, and I'm not ready to give up my new found freedom, even for my brother. So as your liable to see me naked half the time, you might as well start getting used to it now."

I was still staring at my sister's boobs, but at least I found my voice.

"I'm not sure I'll ever get used to seeing you like this," I responded honestly, which again made her laugh.

"It's not seeing me naked I'm really worried about," she continued in a teasing tone. "With us living together, we're bound to walk in and catch one another doing something else sometimes too."

We'd gone full circle here, which reminded me what I had begun trying to tell her about in the first place.

"Becky, I never finished what it was I was trying to tell you about before we got side-tracked here."

"Oh that's right. You were telling me about catching mother playing with herself."

"Not just that, she caught me too!"

Becky sat up, a curiously interested expression on her face. "Caught you? Doing it too? Where? When?"

"A few minutes later, when I went back to MY bedroom!"

I had her full attention now. And even though she remained sitting there topless with those gorgeous tits of hers hanging out, I knew that if I didn't hurry up and finish the story, I might lose my courage in doing so.

Whenever my sister got serious in any discussion we had, she had a tendency to draw her legs up to her chest, wrapping her arms around them hugging them to her while she listened. She was doing the same thing now, with the only difference being, she was almost nude while we sat there talking. Even though she was wearing panties at least, drawing her legs up onto the couch had exposed her crotch to me entirely. I glanced at it...briefly, just able to make out the faint outline of her pussy lips as they pressed against the white cotton fabric. It was hard enough trying to carry on a conversation with her while she was topless, but the added distraction of actually looking at where I knew her pussy to be was a bit more than I could handle. Thankfully I began to focus on her face as she had at least partially covered up her exposed breasts in this position.

I finally told her the entire story, and this time she let me tell her without even once interrupting me. Try as I might, I still couldn't detect what kind of reaction to expect from her. Not that she was stone faced or anything, and the look of surprise I saw in her eyes as I told her everything that had happened certainly was to be expected. But I kept waiting for her to throw her hands up or something and say "enough, enough!" But she never did. Becky continued to sit there allowing me to tell her not only what happened, but what I felt and was having difficulty dealing with as well.

I had nearly finished telling her everything when I once again glanced down towards her crotch. I know I forgot what I was about to say when I realized that a very dark wet spot had appeared in the crotch of her panties. Becky was aroused!

"I can't believe...you fucked mother!" She exclaimed.

Something I expected from her yes. But not exactly the way she had said it.

Becky was actually smiling. "No wonder she sounded so different over the phone!"


"Mom called shortly after you left to tell me you were on the way. I could tell she was smiling by the tone of voice she was using. I even asked her what had happened to cause this drastic and obvious change in her, but all she would say was that she had had a fabulous evening the night before. I didn't press it...but at least now I know why."

I was still staring at my sister, partially her crotch, which she only now seemed to discover was wet and promptly put her leg back down on the floor. And though this had the affect of concealing from me the wetness of her panties, it once again revealed her breasts to me more clearly, each of which was sporting two very hard firm nipples.

"I'm willing to bet she was smiling a mile wide at breakfast too!" Becky stated with as big a smile on her face as mother's had been!

"That's all you have to say?" I finally responded back at her in disbelief. "Aren't you going to yell at me or something for how horrible, how wrong it was?"

"Jake, that's not up to me to decide. And besides, there was really no harm done. Mom's obviously dealing with it just fine, and chances are it won't happen again anyway. And even if it did...would it be all that bad?"

I couldn't believe I was hearing my sister say this to me.

"But it was our mother I fucked!" I once again threw at her.

"Yeah, and by the sounds of it, she liked it too!"

"There's more," I now added in a softer, worried tone of voice.

"You're kidding! What else happened?"

"Not so much the 'what-else', but I was...a virgin too."

Becky really did laugh then and actually stood up. "You mean to tell me mom got your cherry?"

I was shocked over my sister's reaction, totally unprepared for the way she was handling this.

"Oh Jake, I'm sorry, I really don't mean to laugh or make light of it and all, but to think that your own mother who gave birth to you in one respect, gave birth to you in another one as well. Obviously you must have known a little bit about what you were doing though, as mom certainly seemed happy."

"Becky, I can't believe you're reacting to what I just told you the way that you are!"

"What do you want me to do Jake? Jump up and down, scream and yell, call you names and tell you what a horrible brother you are?"

"Well, yes! I guess," I replied pausing.

"Sorry Jake, that's not how I feel about it. Fuck! If anything, I'm jealous!"

I'd never heard my sister use the word "fuck" before either, and hearing her say it as casually as she did, not even in anger when she said it, took the wind out of me for some reason. Confused, bewildered to say the least, I just sat there looking at her as she walked around the room for a moment digesting everything we'd been talking about. (next part 3)
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