"Erotic Stories" My Three Sisters and Mom P4

Erotic Stories My Three Sisters and Mom P4
The next thing I remember is Becky sliding into my bed next to me and cuddling up, naked.

"Becky?" I said still half asleep. "You really think this is a good idea?"

"Don't worry, Dawn passed out an hour ago. I just checked on her, and she's out cold."

"She alright?"

"At the moment, but she's apt to wake up in the morning with one hell of a hang over!"

I felt Becky reaching around me and begin to caress my very soft cock back to life. 

"You're not too tired are you?" She asked with a hint of a little girls voice as she spoke.

"Tired? No, not really. Just a little nervous is all, what about Dawn?"

"Don't worry, she's fine and besides, I don't think she could make it out of her bed if she tried. And even if she did try, we'd hear her long before she ever discovered where we were, or what we were doing."

"Still Becky, we'd probably better try and be quiet."

Becky laughed, quietly. "It's not me that gets noisy when I'm cumming, more like you we have to worry about."

"Oh yeah? What about that first night, and that ear-piercing scream you made?"

"I only do that when it's really, really good," she said with a bit of a giggle.

"So you mean all the other times weren't as good as that one?" I said teasingly.

"Shut up and eat me," Becky said half seriously. 

Which is what I was doing when the door opened to my bedroom. I was too busy to notice however, but Becky certainly did.

"Dawn? Oh fuck! Jake? Dawn?"

I came up from between Becky's legs like a missile just fired off. Too stunned to speak, about all I could think to do was wipe the excess wetness from around my mouth and stare into the semi-darkness to where my other sister stood in the doorway.

"Having fun are we?" Dawn said sarcastically.

"I thought you, you..."

"Had passed out?" She finished saying for Becky. It was obvious she really was drunk as she had to hold onto the doorknob, and even then she was wobbly as she stood there trying to keep her balance.

"I wondered what was going on when you came into the room to check on me, then I heard you leave, but instead of going back to your room, I heard you open the door to Jakes room instead. I thought maybe you two were sitting up talking, so I thought I'd join you. Obviously, you weren't exactly talking were you?"

"Dawn...it's not what you think," I said lamely, unsure of what else to try and say under the circumstances.

"Oh? You mean I'm so fucking drunk that I'm hallucinating? You really weren't licking my sister's cunt? Is that it?"

"Well, no. That's not what I meant really, only that maybe we should talk, let me try and explain this to you if I can."

"To hell with that!" Dawn said, and then suddenly she had reached down and pulled her nightgown up and over her head so she was standing there in the nude.

"I said I decided to come and join you, and after seeing what's going on, I think I still will. Though admittedly I hadn't expected to join the two of you having sex together."

Becky hadn't said a single word after Dawn had cut her off. But she did so now. 

"Sis, maybe you better think about this first. I'm not even going to try and explain anything to you at the moment, not in the state you're in anyway. But with everything you've been through, I don't want you doing something you'll regret later."

"The only thing I'll regret later is not fucking that enormous cock!" She was staring down at me now, seeing me for the first time. "Who knew?" She said coming closer and sitting down on the bed next to me. "No wonder the two of you are doing it! Gawd Becky, can you believe the size of this thing?" Dawn had reached over and placed her hand around my penis, giving it a few tentative strokes.

Finally Becky laughed, doing her best Laurel and Hardy imitation. "Well now, look at the fine mess you've gotten us into!"

"Me!" I shot back at her, you were the one that started all this!"

"Not hardly, you were the one who fucked mother, or have you forgotten?"


For a second or so, I think time stopped. Nobody said a thing, and I even winced, closing my eyes, waiting for the explosion to happen.

"Ok, now...you gotta tell me this story!" Dawn said, sitting down on the bed cross-legged just like in the old days when sometimes we all got together late at night on Becky's bed and told one another interesting little tales.

"Later Dawn...if you recall, Jake was licking my pussy when you walked in on us. And just for the record, I'm still horny. Very horny. So, if you're serious about sticking around that's up to you, we can talk about all of this later. Right now, I want Jake to finish what he started."

I was looking back and forth between my sisters in disbelief that ANY of this was taking place. I wasn't sure we should be doing what we were doing, especially now, and Becky wanted me to go back to licking her cunt! As for Dawn, I was still stunned at her reaction, which was so totally out of character for her that I knew she had to be drunk, and with any luck would doubt any of this actually happened in the morning if we somehow managed to convince her she'd simply been having a bad dream or something. But it was soon evident that all of those thoughts and ideas were nothing more than my silly imagination looking for a way out, which wasn't going to happen.

"Cool with me sis. You don't mind then if I play with him a little while he's eating you then right?"

Just like in the old days, they discussed things amongst themselves as though I wasn't even there.

"Fine with me," she said smiling. And then laid back down on the bed, once again spreading her legs. "Jake?"

I was still a little nervous about Dawn's being there, but even as I went back to licking my older sisters clit, the feel of Dawn's mouth surrounding the head of my dick still took me by surprise. I soon pushed the thought of that back into the little space I'd set aside to deal with later and once again began to enjoy the feel and taste of her incredible pussy. Dawn's almost too gentle sucking made that a whole lot easier too as I soon forgot all about the two women being my sisters. Becky had had a small little orgasm and immediately decided we needed to switch places with one another, something that Dawn was more than happy to want to do.

"You know what really pisses me off?" She said as the two of them switched places with one another. "Was that Larry hardly ever went down on me, and yet...when I came into the bedroom and caught him with that red-headed bitch, he was eating her cunt! Can you imagine that?"

"And I really love having my pussy licked," she turned now smiling at me, finally including me in their on-going conversation, though this hadn't been the way I'd expected it.

"Jeez you two. Does that 'look' run in the family or something?" I asked 

"What look?" They both asked simultaneously.

"Never mind," I answered.

The fact I'd never seen or fully appreciated just how big Dawn's boobs were suddenly hit me. Up until now I thought Becky's tits were good sized, which they were. But Dawn really did have incredibly large breasts that I hadn't fully appreciated until actually seeing them for the first time. 

"You mind if I play with these a little first?" I asked her, feeling a little bit like a naughty boy who might still get slapped for asking for something he shouldn't have.

"Hmmmm, be my guest," Dawn answered me. "Never figured you for a breast man." 

"Just never realized how big they were I guess," I told her.

Now it was Dawn's turn to laugh. "Guess that makes two of us!"

"Hey...you know what I'd really like to do?" Once again venturing off into the wild unknown.

They both sat there looking at me, wondering.

"Would the two of you mind lying down, side by side for a few minutes?"

Curious, but without saying anything, they did exactly that. I then moved up and straddled them both, placing their legs together and then sitting on them that way, I was easily able to reach down and finger them both at the same time. I did a little of that, and then began to take turns sucking their breasts, alternating back and forth between them, sucking, licking, or merely caressing and rubbing their hard nipples with my fingers.

"You're gonna make me cum again if you keep doing that," Becky told me after a while.

"And? That would be a bad thing?" I asked.

"No, but poor Dawn here hasn't even cum once yet. And I don't want her to feel like I'm the one getting all the attention."

"Oh...don't worry sis. You can cum however which way you want to. I've never cum while being eaten yet, not ever. Like I said, Larry hardly ever even did it let alone to orgasm. So, if Jake here's as good with his tongue as I think he is, I might just get to finally enjoy that yet!"

Well with a request like that, who was I to deny Dawn her desire? Almost immediately I dove down into her smooth bare pussy. Like Becky, she had a sweetness to her that was every bit as exciting to run my tongue through, looking for every delectable little droplet of moisture I could find. Maybe I was a novice at this, but the fact that I honestly enjoyed it maybe made up for my lack of experience. I couldn't get enough of either of my sister's cunts, and would have in fact licked pussy for hours if they'd let me. That...and take a breather every once in a while just to keep from locking my jaws up. But beyond that, making love to a woman's juicy slick cute looking quim was probably the penultimate pleasure for me, next to actually cumming myself of course, but it was a damn close second!

The best part for me was hearing my sister's deep-throated groan of pure pleasure when she finally came. I think she literally turned inside out when she did. Even has hard as I'd heard and seen Becky cum, I don't think that even she had come as close to the intensity of orgasm that Dawn had when she finally did so herself. For one thing, Dawn showered my face with a wet spray of female cum cream that amazed all of us, especially herself as she had never done that before...ever! And secondly, because my sister had never experienced a multiple orgasm before either, and to be honest, I lost count after the fifth or sixth time she came unglued. Even Becky had to comment on the fact she'd never seen anyone carry on like that before, which had ended with Dawn laughing and giggling hysterically afterwards, almost to the point where I had actually begun to worry about her.

"Fuck Jake, that was incredible! No wonder!"

"No wonder...what?" I asked, almost afraid of what she might say.

"Well, no wonder mom was still smiling when she came over to see how I was doing. Did you eat her like that too? Which reminds me, when do I get to here the rest of the story?"

This time Becky came to my rescue. "In all fairness sis, there's plenty of time for all that tomorrow. I think that since each of us has had, and enjoyed several orgasms already, that it's about time that you and I take care of our little brother here first, don't you think?"

"Yes, of course you're right Becky," Dawn said. And since he's the first...and ONLY man who's ever gotten me off like that...and wonderfully I might add. Then I think the two of us should do something equally as special for him don't you think?"

"What would you suggest sis?" Becky questioned agreeably.

"Have you ever fucked a woman in the ass before?" She said looking at me.

Becky burst out laughing. "Dawn? You're probably not going to believe this...but he was a virgin until mother."

"Mom got your cherry?" 

"Ok...can we change the subject here and go back to the other thing?" I asked.

"Oh yeah...right. Well, I guess you haven't then. Well Jake, just for the record, neither have I. Larry always wanted to, but as he was so unwilling to do what it was I wanted him to, I kept telling him no. But I have been curious to see what it might feel like."

"Ah, Dawn. Are you forgetting something?" Becky said, holding up her arm and wrapping her fist around her wrist. "You really sure you want to try that...with Jake?"

"Got any KY?" She asked. "I think we'll need it."

"Well you maybe...but I'm not about to try and take that monster up my ass. Takes me a little getting used to it even inside my cunt, let alone having that behemoth burrowing up inside me there."

"She's right Dawn," I said, "and besides, I don't want to hurt you. Nothings worth hurting someone no matter how curious you might be about it."

"I appreciate your concerns you two, and I promise, if it does hurt too much, then I'll stop. But I really would like to try it. OK?"

With that, Becky got out of bed and headed towards the bathroom where she emerged with a partially used tube of KY. 

"Make sure you use plenty of it on yourself, as well as Jake's dick there. If you're really serious about this, I'd suggest you use the whole fucking thing!" Becky stated half seriously.

Dawn positioned herself on the bed on her hands and knees.

"Just go slow Jake. And if I tell you to stop, then don't move a muscle until I tell you otherwise," she warned me.

Becky proceeded to use a vast quantity of the lubricant on my penis, making sure that I was thoroughly coated, and then began to do the same thing to Dawn's cute puckered little ass-hole. Once this had been accomplished, Becky placed the tip of my prick at the opening of Dawn's ass and held me there.

"Ok...slowly Jake...really, really slow."

It took a while to even get just the head of my prick inside her ass it was so tight. But as Becky continued to guide it, soothing my sister and stroking her to stimulate as well as relax her, we eventually managed to get not only the bulbous head of my cock inside, but another couple of inches too before she told me to stop while she got accustomed to it.

"Oh fuck he's big!" Dawn groaned.

"You ok?" Becky asked her. "Is it too much? Do you want him to take it out?"

"Oh no! I just need to sit here for a second. It's...it's such a full feeling!" She breathed deeply.

For myself, the pressure was exquisite, and it was all I could do to keep from filling her ass full of cum even while just sitting there and not moving.

"OK, keep going, just like you were though, nice and slow."

Becky was no longer holding onto my cock, which was starting to contribute to my lack of control, so I was a little grateful when she finally released me. Becky reached down and lovingly began to pet and stroke Dawn's pussy, which was a delightful surprise for both of us. Knowing she was doing this, and seeing her actually doing it was incredibly hot! Even Dawn was thrilled by Becky's touch as she caressed and lightly tickled her clit, and occasionally reached down to also caress and play with those incredible heavy-hanging breasts as they dangled down and slowly swayed from side to side as Dawn gyrated back against me in her continuing effort to slowly engulf me fully inside her.

"I know what will help," Becky stated excitedly. She suddenly slid beneath her sister who was only then realizing what she was about to do to her.

"Oh...fuck yes Becky!" Dawn cried out with excitement as her sister positioned herself beneath her and began to playfully lick her pussy. Unexpectedly, Dawn was perfectly positioned to do the same thing to her of course, which was a total surprise, especially as Dawn had never done anything like this before, and not only was she now kissing and licking another woman's cunt, but it happened to be her sister's on top of everything else.

Seeing all this, I was really struggling with just standing there at the end of the bed, my prick not quite half buried in my sister's ass, and doing everything I could think of to not spurt my full balls into her right there and then. It was at that exact moment that I felt Dawn sort of lunge back against me, and in the next instant I was hilted into her totally and completely.

The moan-groan that escaped Dawn's lips even as she continued to keep her face in Becky's wet slit was telling. It was obvious that the pleasure she was feeling was well beyond her expectations, and she now rhythmically began to move against me in a much smoother motion.

"OK, now...slowly fuck me Jake, fuck me!"

I was surprised at the ease of my prick as I finally withdrew until only the head of my dick remained inside my sister's ass. And though I didn't exactly ram it back into her as I slid fully back inside that fuck tunnel, I certainly didn't go back in as slowly as I had been either. Dawn gasped at the pleasured intrusion of her ass, and once again moaned softly into her sister's cunt.

"Oh yes...yes! Do me Jake...fuck my ass!"

I knew there was no way I was going to be able to hold out much longer. Try as I might, the feel of her tight ass slithering up and down my shaft as I slid in and out of her was too much for my inexperienced prick to withstand. That...and the slurpy, slushy sounds my sisters were making as they licked and sucked each other's cunts was a stimulus that was simply overloading my senses.

"I don't...think...I can last...much, much longer," I stuttered through gritted teeth.

Later, I learned that hearing this; Becky had clamped down on Dawn's clit and drew it inside her mouth sucking it fiercely. The sensation of that, coupled with my dick buried deeply inside her ass triggered her orgasm. When Dawn exploded, feeling the way Becky was sucking her little nubbin, she did the exact same thing to Becky's, sucking her clit for all she was worth, which caused my other sister to climax as well. Though I was vaguely aware that something was taking place, and assumed they were each cumming, I was already pumping out wad after wad of hot fresh sperm inside my sister's ass. No longer able to withstand the caress my cock had been receiving from her, and hearing their pleasures, I simply emptied my nuts inside her in one gigantic climatic thrust, which nearly sent me flying over her backside.

We lay in a crumpled heap for a considerable amount of time, simply trying to catch our breaths and recover from the mind-blowing experience we'd just shared together. I was almost to the point of falling asleep, so relaxed and so incredibly satisfied that a moment more, I would have been. But then Dawn finally spoke before I could.

"Ok...now, what's this about mother?"

Later that morning we sat around Becky's small kitchen table drinking our first cup of morning coffee while she prepared breakfast for all of us. I didn't have any classes until late in the afternoon, and since Becky had taken the day off work to sit and visit with her sister, it gave us all a chance to catch up, and at Dawn's persistence, finally allow me to fully explain the whole story to her.

True to form, Becky wore nothing but a pair of frilly laced panties while she busied herself about the kitchen scrambling a large batch of eggs and frying up heaps of delicious smelling sausage. I was ravenous anyway after having worked up quite a healthy appetite.

Even Dawn sat across from me in little more than what our sister wore, which consisted of one of Becky's cut-off tank tops that barely concealed the lower half of her enormous breasts. Her semi-erect nipples still strained invitingly against the thin material of the baby-blue top, and as exhausted as I had been from our lengthy session together, I still felt the faint stirrings of arousal in my satiated cock as it shifted in the pajama bottom's I'd worn.

"So what are your plans for the day?" I asked innocently.

"Oh...I dunno," Becky said flatly as she stood before the stove scrambling the eggs. "I suppose after you leave, Dawn and I will curl up in bed together and lick one another's cunts for a while I guess."

I glanced up towards Becky, but she made no indication to me one way or the other if she was being serious or not as she continued to stand there fixing our breakfast. Even when I turned to face Dawn, she gave no more of an indication to me than her sister did that what she'd said had either shocked or surprised her. (next part 5)
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