"Erotic Stories" My Three Sisters and Mom P5

Erotic Stories My Three Sisters and Mom P5
"Sounds good to me," Dawn stated just as easily. "By the way...you still have any of those toys you used to use all the time?"

That statement did catch my sister Becky off guard a little. I noticed that she finally looked in Dawn's direction with an expression of surprise etched in her face, though there was also a twinkle of very interested naughtiness behind that now famous look.

"How'd you know about those?" She asked honestly, no longer fucking around with my head, if indeed that's what the two of them had been doing.

Dawn was smiling, looking directly back at her. She sat back straight, those incredible breasts pressing against the material, teasing me.

"Oh come on sis. We shared a bedroom after all. And eventually I found that secret little stash of vibrators you kept hidden. At first, I had no idea what the hell they even were, but then one night when you thought I was asleep, I feigned snoring like I usually did, and lay there listening to that soft little humming sound some of them made. I knew then what it was you were doing and was determined to find out for myself just what all the fuss was about. Laying there listening to you fucking that thing in and out of your pussy at night had me climbing the walls. I don't think you ever really knew just how badly I wanted to watch you using it on yourself...or frankly, have you use one of them on me!"

"Did you ever borrow and use one of them then?" Becky asked.

"Nope, never did. I did sneak one out once and turned it on just to see what it felt like in my hand, but mother was home, and I didn't dare try using it with her there."

Once again they were talking back and forth to one another as though I didn't even exist. 

"Um...excuse me, but all this talk about the two of you eating one another, or using toys on one another is starting to get me horny all over again," I said bluntly, surprised at myself for being able to do so, but at the moment, not really caring if my speaking honestly about it surprised either of my sisters.

Becky looked over at Dawn who then looked at her and smiled. They were both grinning with that naughty-lustful look that I was starting to really enjoy seeing now.

"I suppose breakfast could wait," Becky said dumping the finished eggs onto a plate.

"Yes...we do have a microwave after all," Dawn said, pulling up the tiny almost non-existent piece of cloth she'd been wearing over her breasts.

"What about the sausage?" I asked stupidly.

"Yeah...speaking of which, lets see just how aroused your sausage is," Becky added, as she quickly stepped out of her panties and flung them at me.

Needless to say, I was late for class that afternoon. But it had certainly been worth it.


Sadly, the rest of the week wasn't nearly as exciting as it had started out. For myself, my class schedule coupled with working kept me away until late in the evening most nights. Becky too had been putting in long hours working on an important account, so that on a couple of nights, we didn't even see one another at all. And though Dawn had stayed home most of the time still trying to decide if she was eventually going to move back closer to mother, or try and find a job here and live with Becky for a while instead, she wasn't in the best of moods. She'd been on the phone twice with her soon to be ex, trying to work out the details of their impending divorce, which had really dampened any sexual appetite she might have had.

All this "alone" time wasn't helping me out emotionally now either. Once again I began to contemplate the unusual living conditions, not to mention the relationship we'd all been having with one another, albeit as brief as it had been up unto this point. But it was enough that those 'guilt'-pangs were once again starting to gnaw at me, especially when I also remembered that Thanksgiving weekend was nearly here, and with the arrival of that...would also be the arrival of my mother, and twin sister, whom I had not seen or spoken to since my arrival.

The night before Thanksgiving, we had the first free time together since that previous Monday. Mom and Jackie were due to arrive mid-morning as they were leaving extremely early. Dawn had spent the better part of the day cleaning and straightening the apartment as well as the bedrooms. Mom would share Becky's with her, and Jackie with Dawn. In a way I was almost grateful that Jackie would soon be there, if nothing else, maybe her presence would keep things from being too weird or uncomfortable around mom, though I now doubted she would say or do anything else around me even if she hadn't been there. After all, she had no idea what else had been happening between the three of us. And that was about the last thing I needed her to find out about. After what we'd done, I could only imagine her blaming herself for Becky, Dawn and I getting involved, and throwing her back into a really deep depression, or worse.

Dawn had also managed to mix up a couple of batches of Jell-O shooters as a way of relaxing and spending the evening together before the anticipated and hectic holiday weekend. Becky got home from work a lot earlier than usual and immediately slipped into her favorite attire. Topless and wearing a pair of tight-fitting bikini briefs. Dawn was considerably more conservative in her attire, though what she had chosen to wear was just as tantalizing to see. A tight fitting lace blouse with a criss-cross tie in front that barely contained her bare breasts, along with short-shorts that left the bottom's of her tight firm ass poking out.

"Well," Becky said as she slipped a spoon full of Tequila flavored green Jell-O into her mouth, "I think we should make a real night of it, especially as it's been a while, and especially since we'll have company over the next few days."

"Speaking of which," Dawn began as she took the tray from Becky as she passed it to her. "Are you sure the sleeping accommodations are going to work?"

"What do you mean?" Becky asked.

"Well, maybe Jackie should share your bedroom with you instead." 

"You'd prefer to sleep with mother?" Becky asked incredulously.

"Hell no! But, mom might prefer to sleep in Jake's room!" With that, the two of them burst out laughing. And for a moment I was taken aback, until I realized they were only teasing me of course, but having little else to fight back with, I flung a spoonful of Jell-O at them both, which turned into one of those famous wrestling matches we'd all enjoyed having way back when we were kids.

Becky had immediately charged at me and wrestled me down off of the couch onto the floor. About that time Dawn joined the fray, pinning my arms down over my head while Becky sat on me, bouncing up and down as hard as she could in an effort to wind me and cause me to tire. The problem was, watching her do that with those breasts of hers bouncing up and down wildly was giving me renewed strength.

Reaching back, I broke Dawn's hold on me and immediately grabbed her breasts and squeezed them almost has hard as I could.

"Ouch!" Dawn screamed, releasing her hold on me in an effort to break away. "Watch out Becky, he's loose!"

Once I was free from Dawn, I then reached up and immediately grabbed a hold of Becky's tits and squeezed them as well, figuring that she too would immediately try and rise and get up off of me. Instead, she leaned forward grabbing my arms and forcing me onto my back once again.

"Hurry Dawn, come around here and yank his pants off!" She told her.

With her breasts planted in my face, I quickly changed tactics and without intending to actually do my sister bodily harm, did manage to clamp down on one of her nipples with my teeth and threaten to actually bite it.

By this time I could feel Dawn undoing my pants and begin yanking them off. I didn't exactly struggle and deny her the ability to do so, but I remained laying there with Becky's tit still in my mouth and nipped at it as well as sucked it from time to time about as hard as I could.

"Hurry Dawn...Jake's about to bite my nipple off!" She screamed.

I was already sufficiently hard that my cock immediately sprang up when I felt my pants and shorts come off together.

"Now what?" Dawn asked. 

"Grab his nuts and squeeze them!" Becky suggested.

That did it. I let go of my sister's tits and made a real effort now to get away from her before Dawn did what Becky had told her to do.

I was still too slow however; surprised that Becky could still somehow manage to keep me pinned beneath her, though up until now I hadn't made any real serious effort to break away. I felt Dawn's hand grab my cock, fully expecting to next feel her hand crushing my balls when instead, I felt her slip her mouth over the head of my dick and do a lip-lock on it. When she did that...I was the one suddenly turned to Jell-O, content to lie there perfectly still. As though reading my mind, she reached up onto the coffee table where she'd put the tray of Jell-O shooters and took a large spoon-full into her mouth.

"What are you doing back there?" Becky asked, realizing I had quit trying to get away, and was in fact about as complacent as I could possibly be, but it had a lot to do with the incredible sensation of cold jigglely Jell-O bathing my cock. Turning around, she saw that Dawn had my penis in her mouth and was simply holding me there. Dawn looked up at her then, smiled and showed that she firmly had her mouth pressing against the fleshy knob of my head swishing it with that cool tingly Jell-O. 

"Way to go sis!" Becky laughed. "Hey...can you hold him there like that for a second?"

Dawn winked at her, and though I am sure I could have easily gotten away, I wasn't about to force Dawn to stop what she was so wonderfully doing to my prick, easily making the decision to just lay there and find out what my other sister was up to instead. 

A minute or two later, Becky came walking back out into the living room and I saw she was carrying that tube of KY jelly we'd used the other night...along with a slim purple colored vibrator.

"Dawn said she wanted to see for herself how these work," she said to us both. And I smiled when I thought that she was going to use it on Dawn's pussy from behind as she continued to kneel there with my captured cock in her mouth. Even Dawn readjusted herself so that Becky could do just that, expecting her once she'd lubricated it, to maybe slip it inside of her and let her experience what it felt like. Imagine my surprise when I saw Becky lean over and felt her apply the hard firm tip of it against my ass.

"Hold him Dawn," Becky said seriously. And then she turned on the toy and slowly began to insert it into my ass.

At this point it was obvious that Becky was serious about doing this, and as I was a little unsure as to what if anything I could do about it without seriously injuring myself. Even Dawn released me suddenly, though I wasn't about to try anything, or go anywhere and sat up expectantly watching Becky as she continued to slowly slide the vibrating toy into me.

To be honest, I was more than a little afraid at this point, but to my immediate surprise, it really started to feel good. Dawn began to softly stroke my cock at the same time that Becky was slowly fucking my ass with the toy. Becky then leaned over and took the tip of it inside her mouth and began tonguing it as she continued to tease my ass, and as Dawn continued to slowly slide her hand up and down my dick, feeding it to my sister.

"Don't make him cum yet!" Dawn warned her sister. Obviously by the tightness of my balls, she had realized I was uncontrollably moving in that direction. Becky removed the toy from my ass tossing it aside.

"Got any more of those?" Dawn asked.

Becky reached down and pulled Dawn up leading her off towards the bedroom. I continued to lie there for a moment longer, watching my sisters as they walked towards the bedroom hand in hand. Finally, Becky looked over her shoulder in my direction.

"Well? You cumming?" She purposely emphasized, and then winked at me when she did. I immediately stood up and followed my hard-on after them.

Becky opened her nightstand drawer and removed yet another of her battery operated dicks. This one was flesh colored and actually looked more like a cock with a slight curvature to it, much the same way my own cock had in appearance.

Becky positioned Dawn down on her bed and had me sit on the side of it next to her. Turning on the toy, she began to gently run it around the outside of Dawn's pussy letting her get used to the vibration of it, and stimulating her expectantly at the same time. With my sister's incredible breasts so easily accessible, I couldn't help but reach over and begin to toy with each of them, rolling those very erect thick nipples between my fingers, and kneading the soft pliant fleshiness of each wonderfully fat tit in my hands.

One thing Dawn didn't need was any lubrication. Becky had slipped a couple of fingers inside our sister's cunt and made sure she was all wet and ready. Watching her lick off Dawn's juices made my cock twitch with lusty anticipation. Before long she began to probe Dawn's pussy with the softly humming toy and gradually began to insert it inside her, twisting slowly about and letting Dawn's reactions dictate to her what to do with it next. 

"Oh shit that feels good!" Dawn exclaimed, rotating her ass against the bed in conjunction with the in and out fucking she was getting from the toy. Dawn had reached over and found my stiff penis waiting for her, and began playing with it almost subconsciously. I'm not even sure she was truly aware of what she was doing, which was fine as she was obviously enjoying the feel of Becky's vibrator for the first time, but her hand still felt great as she held it, stroked it, and occasionally squeezed it.

Becky had slipped her hand down to her pussy and was busily fingering herself at the same time she continued to fuck Dawn with the dildo. I watched as she almost furiously labored her clit, and knew my sister was capable of experiencing multiple quick little orgasms when she did this. And this time was no exception. 

Becky threw her head back, and for a moment forgot all about the toy in Dawn's cunt, and simply got her self off. Dropping it, she reached up and began to twist one of her nipples, still finger fucking her self, and crying out with pleasure simultaneously. Seeing this, Dawn reached down, picking up the neglected toy and began to ram it in and out of herself as hard and as fast as she could until she too was yelling and screaming out with pleasure. Not to be left out, I took over the job of masturbating my dick, and quickly joined the two of them in their pleasures, watching the initial eruption of my prick spewing geysers of cum cream which began to land all over Dawn's tits covering them in white sticky streamers that pooled in erotic looking little puddles of pleasure all over her breasts.

After we had all gathered ourselves back together a little bit, we decided to finish off the rest of the tray of Jell-O shooters. I was nominated of course to go back out to the living room to retrieve it. I had done so, picking it up and began to head back into the bedroom when the sound of the door opening caught my attention. I spun around, hoping that someone had engaged the safety chain, but saw only the startled look on my twin sister's face as she walked in. At least I wasn't sporting an erection, but my standing there naked carrying a tray of Jell-O into Becky's bedroom wasn't exactly something that would be easy to explain either.

"Uh...mom's downstairs parking the car," she stated looking back over her shoulder, and then quickly stepping in the rest of the way, closing the door. "You have company?" She finally said smiling as though she had just figured things out. "If you do...you'd better go in and warn her."

Just then Becky came wandering out...still nude herself. "What's taking you so...long." she actually finished saying, staring at my bewildered twin sister. Whose mouth suddenly dropped open about three feet.

"Holy fucking shit!" Jackie exclaimed then. "And...so where's Dawn?" She asked.

"Right here," Dawn answered, coming out of the bedroom, also nude. "Where's mother?" 

"Downstairs parking the car. Anyone want to explain to me what the fuck is going on here?"

Once again, I'd never heard Jackie utter a single cuss-word, let alone saying the word "fuck"!

"Well obviously we're going to have to," Becky said stepping forward towards the door, opening it slightly in order to listen for the sounds of footsteps coming down the hall. "But it's going to have to wait until later, after we've all gone to bed. When I am SURE mom's asleep, I'll join the two of you in Dawn's bedroom, and then the three of us will have a nice long chat."

"Count on it," Jackie said a little coolly...looking towards me with what I perceived to be as both shock as well as disappointment coming from her eyes. She opened her mouth as though to speak to me, but then Becky heard our mother coming and quickly told us to run and put something on. She threw Jackie a knowing look that said not to say a word about what she'd seen, and Jackie acknowledged it by turning to me and reminding me I better get my bare ass back into my own bedroom and find something to wear.

I somehow managed to reach down and retrieve my discarded pants off of the living room floor which caused my twin sister to give me another questioning look, and made it into my bedroom, closing the door just as she opened it to allow my mother to come in. By the time I had finished getting redressed, I could hear Becky and Dawn talking to her and greeting her in the other room.

"I'm surprised to see you here already," Becky was telling her.

"Yeah...we decided to get an early start. I really didn't want to be driving on Thanksgiving, and there's so much to do. I figured you'd all still be up anyway, and knew you wouldn't mind if we came up early," I heard mother saying.

"Mom said you'd given her a key to your apartment, just in case we ever came and you weren't here. Aren't you glad she gave it to me?" Jackie said stating the obvious.

I came out of my room then, and looked at my mother for the first time since I'd left. I wasn't sure what her reaction would be and hoped she wouldn't look away or something when she did see me. To my surprise, her face lit up and she immediately crossed over to where I was standing and embraced me with an enormous hug. 

"You're looking well. Is your sister feeding you enough?" She asked, pushing me away to have a look at me.

"Oh yeah...no problem," I answered awkwardly.

"Uh Jake?" Jackie asked me. "So...what was it you ate tonight? Besides Jell-O I mean?" 

There wasn't any doubt as to what she was referring to of course, and worse, she was deriving a great deal of self-satisfaction in having me caught by the short-hairs. I gave my sister a cautioning look, and then looked over towards Becky and Dawn for support. But both of them were grinning.

"What's so funny?" Mom asked, catching on that something had been said that had some sort of hidden meaning.

"Oh nothing...really," I said trying to regroup. "Just that we were having a few Jell-O shooters when Jackie walked in. I guess she found that sort of funny, like maybe that's all we'd had for dinner or something."

"Jell-O shooters? What on earth are those?" Mom asked.

"Oh...just Jell-O filled with one kind of an alcohol or another." Jackie offered by way of explanation.

"Oh really? What do they taste like?"

"Here," Dawn said, picking up the tray of Jell-O that I had all but thrown back down onto the coffee table in my haste to make it back to my room before mother walked in and saw me standing there buck-naked.

Grabbing a large spoon full of peach flavored Jell-O and peach schnapps, mom savored it momentarily and then had another. (next part 6)
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