"Erotic Stories" My Three Sisters and Mom P6

Erotic Stories My Three Sisters and Mom P6
"Damn...those really are good aren't they?" She said.

"I'd be really careful if I were you mother. Those can be pretty strong and take you by surprise. One minute you're doing shooters, and the next, you're standing around in the middle of the living room without any clothes on and wondering what happened." Jackie said with a wicked gleam in her eye.

All three of us threw daggers at Jackie then, but she stood her ground throwing them right back at us and defying us to say anything. It was her way of reminding us that we'd better come clean with her and explain to her what it was we had been up to. If we didn't, well I for one didn't want to imagine the rest, though I was only halfway glad I wouldn't be in the bedroom with her when my sisters finally did explain to her what had really been going on.

Mother laughed however, which meant we had dodged that bullet, but then took another large spoonful of Jell-O anyway. "This really IS good. I can see why you young kids have taken to doing these!" She stated. "But yes...I can also see why you have to be careful about how many you...what, shoot is it?" She said taking yet another large spoonful. 

She winked at me when she said that. Which sent all kinds of weird signals my way. I wasn't sure if she was still referring to the Jell-O, or if she had secretly said something else to me instead. Either way, I wasn't sure I wanted to know which one it was for sure.

About an hour later mom mentioned that even though it was still fairly early, she was tired after the long drive and wanted to turn in.

"I know you girls have a lot of catching up to do anyway," she said. "So I'll leave you to it, and see you all in the morning."

I indicated that I had had a long day myself, and had decided to turn in as well. Leaving the opportunity for the girls to go ahead and disappear into Dawn's bedroom where they could finally somehow explain things to Jackie. Although how they were going to do that was a mystery to me, and I fully expected some sort of reproach from her in the morning. But at the moment, I really was too tired to care, and too relieved that things hadn't been anywhere's near as bad around my mother as they could have been.

I gave Jackie a friendly goodnight kiss on the cheek, wondering briefly if it was the last one she'd ever let me give her, then watched the three of them disappear inside Dawn's bedroom. I lay in bed tossing and turning for a while trying to get to sleep, and eventually did. But it was only a half sleep at best, filled with all kinds of strange dreams, many of which didn't make much sense. Including when I opened my eyes to the sound of my mother's voice standing in the dark just inside my room.

"Jake? Jake? Are you still awake?" She was asking me.


"I thought this might be a good time for you and I to talk," she said, coming over to sit on the bed next to me.

The first thing I thought was that I really needed to start locking my bedroom door.

"What is it?" I asked. "What's wrong?"

"Oh nothing really. I just thought since the girls are all off sleeping together, that now might be the best time for you and I to talk about what happened."

Now I was wide-awake.

"Mom...about the other night. I'm really, really sorry that it happened!"

"Why? I'm not. In fact...I'm glad it did Jake. I mean, I Know it was wrong...certainly. But you woke something in me that I haven't felt in years, and I'm not about to say that I don't enjoy feeling like a woman again after all this time. I haven't had an orgasm in such a long time that I had almost forgotten what they felt like. And now, well hell, I might be your mother, but I don't mind telling you that I've been masturbating nearly every day since then, and having one every time that I do. And I owe that to you!"


"Yes...you! That day you came in and found me touching myself? I've been trying for months to bring myself to orgasm...couldn't do it. I would start to feel good, but then suddenly the sensation would go away, and I'd leave myself hanging there, feeling lonely, frustrated, and miserable. And then you came and made me feel like a woman again."

Even in the near total darkness I could just make out the outline of my mother sitting there on the bed. She was naked. The next thing I felt was her hand seeking me out beneath the covers.

"Mom...we can't...the girls," I never finished.

"Shhh," she said, once again doing what she used to do to hush and quiet me up.

"I know that we can't keep doing this Jake. I'm not a fool. But...until I can come to grips with it, and finally start to get my life back in some semblance of order here, I'm not about to deny myself either...as long as you won't. If you tell me right now to leave, I will. And I won't bother you again, I promise. But, I'm hoping that this time at least, you won't do that. That you'll let us have at least one more night together."

I was speechless for one thing. And maybe too tired to argue, at least that was the reasoning I used anyway. And besides, I really did like the way she was stroking my cock, admittedly. Mom really did have the softest touch, and though my personal experience was still fairly limited, she touched me in a way that was so totally different than any of my sisters. Including Jackie, though I really couldn't count that as we had been so young back then, and it had been such a long, long time ago. Even her breasts were different in some ways. Nearly as large as Dawn's were, if not exactly so, they were shaped differently of course, more of a tear-drop shape to them though I imagined they looked a lot like Dawn's when she was her age. But the slight sag in them wasn't detrimental in anyway shape or form, if anything they exuded her sensuality, and the fact that she really was still a very, very beautiful woman, even if she was my mother. 

"Oh Jake...kiss my nipple's honey. Suck them for me."

I know she had breast-fed me when I was a baby, but I doubt the way I was sucking them and licking them now really reminded her of that. At least I hoped not. Though perhaps in a weird way, it did. Still, I enjoyed sucking them immensely. Dawn might have had inherited mom's breasts, but Becky had definitely gotten mother's larger nipples, almost rose colored, and extremely thick and long. I had no idea what Jackie's must look like by now of course, and found it curious that I was sitting here wondering about that as I suckled my mother's breast.

She stroked me for a while longer, almost in a soothing way rather than trying to arouse or excite me, though she was certainly doing that too. 

"Let me suck you now," she told me, lying me back into bed, and I had another weird "Déjà vu" experience when that happened, remembering how when she used to tuck me into bed at night, and how on occasion I would catch a glimpse of those very same tits as they might have accidentally fallen out of her nightgown, or whatever bathrobe she'd been wearing. Only this time, I was looking at them in the soft light coming from the nearly full moon just outside the window, and they looked more gorgeous that I ever remembered them being.

Of course I NEVER recalled my mother ever tucking me into bed, and then sucking me off to sleep. And it wasn't like she was doing that now necessarily, but damn, the feel of her mouth on me was as gentle and soft as her hands had been. Dawn and Becky both could take a lesson or two from mother when it came to giving a blowjob, though I certainly wasn't about to tell either one of them anything like that. Nor for that matter, would I say a single word to either one of them about this experience either. 

"Is that ok? Does that feel nice?" She asked.

"Oh yes...way nice," I moaned. I didn't care any more. It did...it really did. And I was enjoying the hell out of it, and damned with the consequences. Besides...hadn't she said it would end...sometime? Somehow knowing that, knowing that she knew it had to eventually, sort of made the now of it ok. 

Mom must have sucked me for at least half an hour, maybe even longer. Anytime I got anywhere's near close to cumming, she would stop, apply a little pressure at the base of my dick, and suddenly I was good to go again. Amazing. Finally, when she had brought me to the peak of climax half a dozen or so times, she decided she wanted me to cum, needed me to do so in fact. As I felt the orgasm build this time, I knew it was going to be a really powerful one. My balls were about as tight as they could get, and I knew by mom's hand stroking as well as her sucking that she had every intention of making me cum this time. I didn't even bother to try and tell her ahead of time that I was almost there. I figured she already knew that, hell...she'd known that six times already.

"Ahhhh, Ahhhhh, Ohhhhhh arrrrrrgh!" 

I tried. I really did try to come as quietly as it was possible for me to do. But the intensity of the orgasm when it came went well beyond anything I'd ever felt before. I didn't exactly yell or anything, I was still cognoscente of my surroundings, and knew full well that my sisters were sleeping in the very next room. But regardless of that, there was no fucking way that I could have simply laid there and cum like that without letting a little of the intensity of it escape me.

Mom just kept sucking me, draining me of every precious ounce of fluid that my prick discharged, and believe you me; there was a lot of it too! She never increased the tempo of her hand stroking me, or the pressure or the way she sucked me either, all that slow, almost torturous way she'd done from beginning to end, right through the first powerful eruption to the last soul draining one that had me collapse into a heap of total and complete satisfaction.

Even then, she never really did quit playing with me. And eventually, she had me as hard as a rock again. 

"Now, fuck me," she said softly.

Climbing on top of me, I felt the moist wet heat of her as she slid down astride me. Filling her, fully, we lay motionless together, just enjoying the sweetness of the sensation of my prick buried so deeply inside her that I swore I could feel the tip of my cock pressing against the entrance of her womb. 

I thought I heard a sound though, which jarred me briefly from my revelry, and I glanced up towards the door. I wasn't sure. It looked closed, but had it been? For an instant I could have sworn it was partially open, but then...when my eyes and mind focused, it wasn't. I even listened, my heart beating wildly in a mixture of fear and excitement but I wouldn't have trusted even those senses as my mind was already racing with the possibilities of which one of my sisters it might have been...if at all.

And then mother began to move against me, and I quickly forgot all about any of that.

I don't remember when it was that mother left my room. I remember her cumming, and remember holding her as she cried, not tears of remorse or sorrow, or anything like that. But tears of pure honest joy at having once again experienced such pleasure. 

I had slept in. Partially on purpose so I wouldn't have to immediately face anyone, or search for signs that anyone had in deed poked their head into my room last night. Though I guess it was inevitable that I would do that, but also because I was actually exhausted, and truly needed the sleep.

By the time I rolled out of bed it was nearing nine-thirty, and I new that everyone else in all likelihood would be up and about preparing the turkey and everything else that went along with it. I wouldn't have much, if anything to do in helping out, except perhaps to take out the garbage and do whatever odd jobs either mom, or my sisters might have for me to do.

"Morning sleepy-head," Becky said when I first emerged from my bedroom on my way into the bath. "You're gonna have to wait for a few, Jackie's still in there," she told me.

No one else was around at the moment, and had it been Becky, she would have said something to me. So I figured if anyone had stuck their head through the door, it wasn't her.

"Where's Dawn?" I asked. I knew where mother was. I could hear her busily working away in the kitchen.

"She went to the store for mom. Should be back in a few minutes, why?"

"Just wondering," I said. "Ok if I use your bathroom? I really need to pee."


What I really wanted was a shower. But Becky's bathroom consisted of a toilet only. And Jackie had just started to take a shower herself.

"By the way, while you're in there, would you mind getting that other bottle of shampoo down off the shelf and taking it into your sister?"

"Ok," I answered, there was really no big whoop about that either. The shower curtain that ran around the tub was patterned, and you couldn't see anything through it. Becky and Dawn had both come in to take a leak while I was in the shower, and though this was Jackie, I'd lived with her long enough to know that she wouldn't run screaming into the night if I brought a bottle of shampoo into her.

I did knock though. "Jackie? I've got your shampoo."

"Jake? Ok, bring it in please."

The room was all steamy when I entered, but like I said, you couldn't see a thing because of the shower curtain anyway. "Here sis," I said, sticking my hand around the backside of the curtain ensuring that I couldn't see anything, as well as make it obvious to her that I wasn't even trying to look.

I felt her take the bottle from me, and was about to turn and head back out of the bathroom when she suddenly pulled the curtain aside.

"I'm gonna need another razor too. Is there another one in the cabinet?"

Jackie had caught me by surprise. And she wasn't even trying to cover herself. There she stood, totally naked of course, and I got a complete and total view of her as she stood there holding out the used razor to me to take and throw away. I know I looked a second or two longer than I should have under even normal circumstances. But lets face it, lately everything about this family hadn't been normal anyway. Her breasts were nearly identical to Becky's, again...something I had wondered about recently anyway, so now seeing them after all these years simply confirmed for me what I had already begun to suspect. But a second after that, my attention was drawn down between her legs, obviously she'd been shaving herself there when she'd inquired about the razor. But it wasn't me that was looking just because I wanted to, but because Jackie had actually directed my attention there.

"What do you think Jake? You're a guy after all, should I shave it completely? Or just leave a little less than what's showing now?"

She was talking about the thin strip of dark pubic hair she'd left just above her pussy of course, and had called my attention to it in asking my opinion as to what she should do.

"Hell, I don't know Jackie. I'd say you should do whatever YOU feel like doing. Why should it matter what I, or some other guy thinks?"

"Well, what do you think is more sexy? Bald, or just a little?"

Obviously she wasn't going to let this go until I said something, and by the looks of it, she was content to simply stand there in the shower and let me look at her until I did.

"Depends on the mood I'm in I guess."

"Mood? You mean like if you're in the mood to eat pussy you like it bare, but if you want to just fuck it, you like something to look at? Is that it?"

Jackie was teasing me now. And I knew it. I don't know what kind of game she was playing, but I wasn't about to let her get the best of me, not after her secret little innuendo's last night that threatened to get us all in trouble.

"Why don't you ask your sisters what they think?"

"I did, they told me to ask you."

"Just what the hell DID you guys talk about last night?" I asked her then. I'd decided this might be a good time to find out exactly what it was she did know about now, and possibly if she had been the one to open my bedroom door, though I still wasn't sure anyone even did.

"Not much really," she said honestly by the tone of her voice. "I know that a lot more was going on than either one of them was willing to tell me. Becky said the three of you had been drinking Jell-O shooters, and one thing led to another, and you began playing strip-poker or something."

Jackie looked at me waiting for me to confirm whatever Becky and Dawn had told her one way or the other. Point was, Jackie and I had been close all of our lives, and I'd never once lied to her in all that time.

"Part of that is true," I said, hoping it would be enough and that I wouldn't have to go into any details.

"You mean about the Jell-O. Hell Jake, that much was obvious. Come on, tell me what else REALLY happened."

"I don't know if I can, or even if I should Jackie. Number one, I don't think you'd understand, and two, the last thing I want to do is say or do anything that would put any distance between us."

"You're already doing that by not saying anything," she told me.

I stood there looking at her, and even though she was naked, I wasn't looking at HER now, but at the look of sadness in her eyes.

"Ok, but not here, not now. I promise, I'll tell you whatever you want to know, but there isn't time for me to do it now, and besides, I've already been in here long enough as it is, and either Becky or Mom's going to start wondering."

"Wondering? Wondering what?"

"Later," I said turning to leave.


I stopped with my hand on the doorknob and turned back around to face her.

"You never told me what you prefer. Bare? Or just a little hair?"

"Surprise me."

I don't know why I said that. Or even what she might have thought after I did, but I didn't give her any time to say anything else either and opened the door and left before she could. Not fast enough that I didn't hear her laugh though.

Becky met me a few steps from the bathroom door coming down the hall. "I was just starting to wonder what had happened to you," she told me. "You were in there a while. What did Jackie ask you anyway?"

I looked my sister directly in the face. "If she should shave her pussy completely, or leave just a little hair."

Becky grinned," she's fishing."

"I could tell. Obviously you two didn't tell her very much last night did you?"

"Would you rather we told her about you and mother?" She whispered. "She might be suspicious about what the three of us really were doing, but knowing, and being suspicious about it are two different things. You didn't tell her anything did you Jake? I mean, I know the two of you were always close, but I'm not sure how Jackie would take to knowing that her brother and sisters have been enjoying incestuous little adventures together, do you?"

"No...I didn't tell her anything," I answered truthfully. Neglecting to mention that I had every intention of telling her everything else. We had been close after all, and even if in my telling her, that changed our relationship forever, I felt I owed her that much anyway. I wasn't sure I would tell her about mom though. If she didn't ask, I wouldn't mention it. No sense opening that can of worms if I didn't have to. I'd already decided not to mention what had happened last night to Dawn or Becky either. It was highly unlikely that an opportunity would present itself again like it had last night, so I doubted it very much that mom would be so bold as to try anything like that again.

Dawn fumbled coming in the door with several sacks of groceries just then. "Dawn's back, and it looks like she needs some help," I said brushing past my sister and heading off in Dawn's direction to give her a hand. Even as I did however, I still caught a look from Becky that said she wasn't finished discussing this yet. 

Things were getting more and more complicated, and I was starting to become less and less confident that any good could come out of anything that had been happening between us recently. (next part 7)
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