"Erotic Stories" My Three Sisters and Mom P7

Erotic Stories My Three Sisters and Mom P7
"Here, let me help you with those," I said reaching my sister. 

Dawn handed me the heaviest sack and smiled at me. "Sleep well?" She asked grinning.

"Had she been the one?"

"Yeah...ok I guess, why?"

"Cause you should have been the one to go to the store and get all this stuff. Nearly killed myself climbing upstairs, but Becky insisted we let you sleep in instead. I knew I shouldn't have listened to her, I should have gone into your bedroom this morning and got your ass up!"

Dawn wasn't really angry with me, just her way of being my older sister and scolding me like she used to do whenever she felt like I'd gotten out of doing something that she herself had gotten stuck with. In other words, same ole', same ole.

But more importantly, I now knew Dawn hadn't come into my bedroom either. Had she done so and seen mother and I together, she'd have let me know by now, one way or the other. And she hadn't. So I decided that more than likely, it had simply been my paranoid imagination and decided to quit worrying about it.

Mom was just stuffing the turkey when Dawn and I entered the kitchen with the groceries. "Morning honey," she said looking at me. "Thought I heard you earlier, but figured you'd be in taking a shower. You really should you know," she said, holding her nose at me, and then laughing. 

"I was going to...still am, but Jackie's in there."

"Maybe you should just go and jump in with her. I bet that would hurry her up," Dawn said laughing.

I shot her a look that said, "Dawn...what the hell are you trying to do here?" But all she did was smile at me and laugh even harder.

"Why not? The two of you used to bathe together all the time."

"Ah...that was a little different, we were just kids back then." I said, still trying to stare her down like she'd suddenly gone insane.

"Well one of you really SHOULD go in and hurry your sister up. I could use a little help in here or we'll never have everything ready on time," Mom said. "Which reminds me, what's Becky doing anyway?"

Becky was just coming out of the bathroom by the time I got there. I got a glimpse of Jackie as she stood with one leg on the toilet-seat drying her self off. Becky didn't bother closing the door, just looked at me. 

"You need a shower."

"I know... I was just coming to tell Jackie to hurry. Oh, and mom needs a little help in the kitchen."

Becky grinned. "She decided to shave it," she said looking back through the doorway. "Didn't you Jackie?" She said a little louder so she could hear her.

Jackie looked up, saw me standing there and turned. She'd shaved it all right. I looked back at Becky with a questioning look on my face.

"Figured you'd have told her eventually, so I thought it might be better coming from me first."

Becky slipped past me then heading towards the kitchen and I turned back around towards Jackie.

"She told me," Jackie stated simply. "But I still want to talk to you about it later." She added. I watched her wrap the towel around herself and she came out of the bathroom. "I left you some hot water by the way." Then she leaned over, kissed me on the cheek and headed off towards the bedroom.

I entered the bathroom, closed the door and started to take off my clothes. I turned around remembering to lock my doors from now on, and did so. Even as I stood in the near scalding shower, I barely felt it. My mind was racing with what all Becky may have told her, and what if anything Jackie had thought about it, or had felt when she did. It was turning out to be a very weird Thanksgiving, and I wasn't sure that it was going to get any better either.

Not too surprisingly, dinner was excellent, but then again, mom really was a great cook. I had stuffed myself on several helpings of deliciously prepared turkey, homemade mashed potatoes and gravy, candied yams, honey-beans and three slices of pumpkin pie for dessert. We'd all helped to clean up afterwards of course while mom relaxed, which traditionally we'd done every year. But the thing that we all noticed, was that things seemed like "old times" this year in particular, which it hadn't been for quite a while now.

"Mom really outdid herself this year didn't she?" Dawn commented, as we finished drying and putting away the last of the clean dishes. "Did you notice how she kept smiling all night through dinner?"

Keeping my head down, and trying to stay under the radar, I bagged up the last of the garbage and prepared to take it downstairs to the dumpster.

"Here, let me help you carry this stuff out," Jackie said. 

I could have easily taken it all in one trip by myself, but it was obvious that Jackie was looking for an excuse to be alone with me, so I decided I might as well find out what it was she had to say.

"Great, that would be nice sis," I said, and together we headed out the door where I knew she would eventually say something to me about whatever was really on her mind.

We'd managed to get all the way to the back stairs before she headed me off and forced me to stop.

"Becky told me everything," she said bluntly.

Even so, how much was "everything" I wondered. I stood looking at her without saying a word, waiting for her to continue, or at the very least give me some idea as to what it was she really did know, or more importantly, what she was thinking.

"I don't hate you, if you're wondering. And I'm not even mad at you, or at Becky or Dawn for that matter either Jake. I'm just a little hurt that you never confided in me what had happened, or what was going on."

I sat the sack of garbage down on the floor. "It's not exactly something you can easily explain to anybody, especially you," I told her. "I don't know exactly what you mean by "everything" either, but I won't lie to you sis. If there's something you want to know, ask me, and I'll tell you. But basically, if Becky told you how everything happened, and why, then I guess there's no sense in me trying to explain it any further. Because I can't. What happened, happened. And right or wrong, it did. I'll be up front with you about something else too, I'm not sure I'm ready to not do it again either."

Jackie leapt into my arms at that point, kissing me fiercely. I had no choice but to hold her, kissing her back. And then I began to respond to her kiss, and began kissing her just as ardently as she was kissing me. When we finally did break a part, I stood looking at her with a thousand questions left unasked.

"Jake. When Becky told me what had happened, and how, I admittedly was upset. I mean I had my suspicions that night when I walked in and saw you naked, heading back into the bedroom. But when Becky, and then Dawn came out...I knew."

Well so far, she obviously didn't know anything about mom yet, and I swallowed, knowing now that this was something I hope she never did find out about.

"But what you don't know is, I wasn't upset because of WHAT you did...or even why, or how it happened, but because...I was jealous!"

Ok, now I was surprised.

"Jealous? Of me? Why?"

Jackie looked away from me then, and I could tell she was screwing up her courage. "Ever since we were kids, and when we used to play those 'touchy-feely" games, I had always had this attraction to you, even then. But with you being my brother, it obviously wasn't something I could ever hope to tell you about, or try to explain why I felt the way I did, or that I wanted things to go farther than they did. That feeling never went away. So when I 'knew' that you, Dawn and Becky had actually been intimate, it hurt...more than you could ever know."

"Jackie...I'm sorry. I didn't know, and I never meant, or expected anything like that to happen with Becky, or Dawn for that matter either!"

"But it did Jake. It did. With them, but not...with me!"

We kissed once again, but it was a much quicker kiss, and not meant to be quite as passionate.

"Jackie, what Dawn, Becky and I did was wrong. Very wrong. And like I said, I can't say it won't happen again. But the last thing I want is to hurt, or lose you as my sister. We're twins, maybe not identical twins, but twins never the less, and we've always been close, though not exactly THAT close. But Jackie, I've always felt closer to you than either Becky or Dawn, even now. And I can't imagine that ever changing."

"Me either," she said. "So...will you fuck me too?"

I was stunned by her statement, not sure how to respond to it, wanting to do so on the one hand, and knowing that it would merely complicate everything even more on the other.

"Something else you need to know Jake. I'm still a virgin."

I was too stunned to say anything, trying to think up the words that would somehow convey what I was feeling when she told me that, but Jackie continued on before I could even begin.

"I can't think of anyone I'd rather have take my virginity Jake. I don't want some guy that I know I'd never end up marrying to do it. And I damn sure don't want to wait until my wedding night either! I've thought about it a long time, and the only reason I've waited to do it until now, is because I've been trying to find a way to actually approach you about it. And now, after all this, it seems like it's the best time in the world to have brought it up. Even after I told Becky what I was feeling, she told me that I SHOULD tell you, and then let you decide."

"Becky knows?"

"Well duh...once she'd told me the truth, it was kind of silly for me to stand there and not tell her how I felt."

"What did Becky say?" I asked.

"She said, that she AND Dawn would support both of us, whatever we decided to do. And...that they'd make sure we had whatever time we needed together to do it, without interruption."

I couldn't believe I was actually considering this. But I was.


"How about tonight? Becky said that as tired as mom is, that in all likelihood, she'll turn in early anyway. And...they're going to keep pouring wine down her until either she passes out, or decides she's too tired to stay up any longer. After which, you and I will go back to your room for however long we want to. And they'll stay up, keeping an eye out in the event mom does get up for whatever reason."

Jackie had stated that last part with a curious sound to it. And I wondered then if she had any suspicions about mom and I too.

"Jackie, there's more." I decided that if she was willing to give me her virginity, then she needed to know everything before going through with it. I couldn't do that to my sister, only to have her hating my guts later for it.

Once again Jackie looked at me. "I know. I was coming into your room last night to try and seduce you. I saw you and mom together. And that was the last question I needed to ask you. Do Dawn and Becky know?"

"Not about last night...no. And I wasn't planning on ever telling them. But, it's not the first time we did it Jackie. And that, they do know about, yes."

"I guess there's still a lot we need to sit down and talk about," she told me. I nodded my head in agreement with her, wondering now if this revelation had changed anything.

"We'd better hurry up with the garbage," she said suddenly, "Or everyone's going to wonder what we're doing, including mother."

"What about tonight?" I asked somewhat fearfully.

"Oh yeah, I figured maybe an hour after mom goes to sleep. How does that sound?" She asked.

And then we headed off downstairs together to dump the garbage.

By the time we got back, Mom was already looking like she was ready to turn in. Dawn gave us both a questioning look, wondering if while we were gone, that Jackie had finally told me how she was feeling. Jackie smiled, and nodded her head slightly so that only Becky and Dawn could have seen it. 

"Mom? More wine?" Becky asked her.

"Oh...no thanks dear. I think I've had enough; I'm about done in as it is. Matter of fact, I was just thinking how I ought to turn in for the night."

She stood up giving each of us a hug and a kiss. "And tomorrow, we can just sit around, relax, and enjoy one another," she said, though she'd cast a knowing look in my direction when saying that. "It's nice to feel like a complete family again."

Mom went to bed after that, and the four of us sat around in the front room, hardly speaking. Everyone "knew" what the real plans were, and it was a really odd feeling knowing that Becky and Dawn were very much aware of what would be taking place tonight. Finally, Dawn drew me aside when Becky had gone to the bathroom, and Jackie had gone into the kitchen to get another drink.

"Just remember Jake, she's never been with a man before, and though I don't know exactly how much experience she's had doing anything else, it can't be very much. So, you listen to her, go slow, and remember, she's going to be afraid, nervous...and excited!"

Shortly after that, Dawn and Becky rushed me off to my bedroom to sit and wait until everyone was sure the coast was clear, and as I surmised, to have a few last words with Jackie before she came into my room.

As unbelievable as it might sound, I was probably as nervous if not more than my sister was. Just because I had now been with three women, it certainly didn't make me an expert in knowing exactly what to do. In the first place, Dawn, Becky, and obviously mom, hadn't been virgin's. Secondly, I recently had been one myself, and still had an awful lot to learn. The responsibility of deflowering my own sister weighed heavily on my mind for several reasons, the least of which was I wanted her to enjoy it of course, but I was deathly afraid I would do something wrong and ruin the experience for her, not to mention our overall relationship.

It seemed like an eternity that I lay there in the dark wondering when I would finally hear the door open and Jackie come in. I was flaccid at the moment of course, more out of nervousness than anything else, but there was another problem we'd have to face too. I was big. And even now after having heard everyone else telling me that, I realized that the size of my penis might cause both of us a great deal of difficulty. I argued with myself back and forth, weighing the pros and cons of Jackie and I doing this when the door to my room opened. Jackie was dressed in a white lace nightgown that made her look every bit the virginal bride on her wedding night, and once again I had reservations about going through with this.

"You awake?" Jackie whispered to me in the semi-darkness.

"Yes...of course. You ok?" I asked. Wondering why I had asked that.


I didn't answer her, afraid of what I might have said had I done so truthfully. Because the truth was, I was scared to death. Instead, I just held out my arms to her, and watched as Jackie crossed the room and slipped into bed next to me.

"Everyone asleep?" I asked worriedly.

"Mom is, Becky checked on her about a half hour ago. She was sound asleep. Dawn's sort of snoozing on the couch, but they're both in the living room in case mom does wake up."

"We're going to have to try and be quiet," I reminded her.

"I hope I can," she said, and I could tell there was an edge of nervousness in her voice.

"Jackie, you don't have to go through with this, there's nothing that says we have to have intercourse, maybe you SHOULD wait until the right man comes along."

"He already has," Jackie said, and then I felt her reach beneath the covers of the bed and begin to fondle my rather limp penis.

"Does it always start out soft like this?" She asked.

Embarrassed, I tried laughing it off. "Not always, no. But I think I'm just as nervous as you are, so it might take me a moment to get hard enough..." I left off without finishing.

"Dawn said you were huge!"

Once again it struck me a little weird that my three sisters would sit around and discuss the size of my penis with one another. On the other hand, I wasn't any different, sitting there fantasizing about what their respective tits looked like, including comparing them to my mothers.

"I guess so." 

Jackie continued to fondle my cock, and finally it did begin to grow and lengthen some, but it was still considerably too limp to even try and attempt intercourse. Besides which, I at least had enough sense and experience to know that Jackie was far from being ready for me herself. As she continued to slowly jack me to an even greater hardness, I thought this might be the perfect time for me to get a little more acquainted with her breasts. I reached over and cupped her left tit, gave it a very gentle caress to more or less let her know what I was doing, and then proceeded to massage it and play with it until I felt the hardness of her nipple suddenly pressing against the palm of my hand.

"Hmmmm, that feels nice," she told me.

I then moved to give her right breast equal attention and caressed and played with it until I felt the nipple harden on that one as well.

"Would you like me to take this off now?" She asked.

"Whatever you're comfortable with," I offered, though in fact, I was rather looking forward to actually sucking her tits too.

Jackie shrugged off her nightie and let it drop to the floor, then pulled up the covers and slid underneath them beside me. The feel of her cool soft flesh as she pressed herself almost protectively against me sent unexpected shivers running up and down my spine. "Cold?"

"Not hardly," I said, and then leaned over, bending down slightly so that I could continue to toy with her breast in one hand, and finally lick, suck and tongue the other with my mouth. 

As Jackie burrowed herself next to me, I began lightly caressing and massaging her back, the feel of her soft firm breasts pressed against my chest had the desired affect, and soon my prick was straining with the need and urgency of sliding up inside my sisters virginal cunt. I noticed too that a thousand tiny little bumps appeared as though by magic, and knew that she either was cold, or that she was experiencing the same sort of eerie excitement that I was.

I somehow managed to slide my hand down between us, felt her stiffen momentarily, and then open like a flower in bloom to me as she realized what it was I was attempting to do. When my hand found her, she was wet, which to me was a good sign, and I began to pet the outside of her pussy lips as gently as I could, hoping that this initial contact would both sooth and prepare her for the eventuality of what was to come.

"I'm scared," she breathed softly against my neck. 

"Me too," I admitted. "It's still not too late Jackie, we can..."

"Shhhhh!" She said softly, and then pulled away from me, slithering down along my body, pulling the covers away with her as she did until my upper body was completely exposed to the cool night air. For a second, the image of mom came to mind, comforting, soft, way-laying my fears and concerns, just the way Jackie was doing now.

Where the night was cool on my face, neck and chest, it was like a warm soothing fire between my legs. The touch of her hands on me as she familiarized herself with my length and girth, the sensation of her soft hair as it caressed my lower stomach, even passing along the length of my prick from time to time, as well as my balls was extremely sensual. When her lips finally kissed me there, and as her mouth ovaled and then engulfed me, I felt the heat spread from the tips of my toes and travel all the way to the top of my head, chasing away the chill and alighting the fire of my desire.

Inexperienced perhaps in actually having intercourse, she was far from that, even in my limited experience of having my dick sucked. Maybe she was a natural, but I wasn't about to ask her where, or how she learned to do it like that. She teased me with the edge of her teeth, nipped, kissed, and tickled me with her tongue in all the right places. And just when I thought it couldn't feel any better, she'd engulf me with her mouth, sucking the head of my cock expertly, and pleasuring the glands with such perfect technique that I thought for sure she'd been doing this for years. Who knows, maybe she had been. But at the moment, I could have cared less; it simply felt too fucking good. (next part 8)
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