"Erotic Stories" Extra Credit Club P2

Erotic Stories Extra Credit Club P2
I reached her breasts and squeezed them. She let out a content sigh as she finished unbuttoning my shirt. I pulled it off quickly, eager to get these stupid garments out of the way, eager to feel her full glorious body pressed hotly against mine.

She noticed my impatience and stepped back, unzipping the side of her skirt and letting it slide off. I unbuckled my pants and pushed them hurriedly to the ground. She took off the rest of her clothes as I did mine. In the end, we were completely naked and I embraced her once again, my erection pressed hotly between her stomach and mine. We kissed as I guided her to the bed.

She lied back in the bed, arms above her head, hair tousled about her head, framing her angelic face.

God, I was so fucking horny.

I might have been inexperienced, but I'd watched enough porn to have a good grasp on what to do next. I couldn't just ram my engorged cock in her like an idiot; I needed to get her wet and excited.

My hands embraced her breasts and I leaned forward and licked at her right nipple. She started to make these cute gasps and squeaks as I stimulated her, licking and sucking and kneading her breasts in turn. I moved south, my hands exploring her stomach, her legs, and between them.

She gasped a few times, and I could tell she was getting worked up. I kissed her pale flesh as I moved lower, my left hand caressing the wetness between her legs.

I placed her legs on my shoulders and looked at her womanhood. I didn't really know what I was doing, but I figured I couldn't go wrong with stimulating this part of her. I spread her a bit with my hands, leaned forward, and licked at the lips of her vagina.

She gasped and her body shuddered for a moment, but then she got used to my tongue and relaxed. I lapped at her slowly, stroking it up and down, spending extra attention on her clitoris. She seemed to like that a lot; every time I focus on that part, she'd twitch a little and let out these cute sounds.

"Please . . ." she finally asked softly. She seemed so shy, almost embarrassed by all of this, ashamed of asking me to hurry it up.

"Alright," I said, feeling pretty confident at this point. Even with my lack of experience, enough jack-off fantasies and porn downloads can go a long way. I felt I could handle the rest. After all, in out, in out. How hard could that be to get right?

I pressed her legs apart. She looked so submissive to me at that moment, sprawled out on this blue ocean of satin, as if I could do anything to her and she'd let me. It was strangely eerie, but I had more important things to think about.

Like fucking her good and hard.

I guided my engorged cock to her vagina, and pressed in. She moaned and squirmed a bit as I fed her the length of my cock. I wasn't abnormally large or anything. Just an average six inches, but she seemed to like it. And so did I. It felt so fucking incredible. So tight and hot and wet. What surprised me the most was the heat of her body, way better than jacking off with a clammy hand and some lotion.

I began to stroke her, slowly, building up speed. I grabbed either side of her slim waist and drove my cock into her, faster and faster. Her face was flush with excitement and pleasure and her breasts rocked sensuously with each thrust. 

But, there was a problem. It was good. Too fucking good. And I was very inexperienced. I felt the sensations boil up within my balls and unconsciously accelerated my pace, slamming into her body, stroke her with every inch of my cock.

And then I climaxed, my head filling with lights as I exploded within her. I slowed, stroking and shuddering as I discharged the last of my cum into her. I could feel my cock softened and thought ahh, shit . . . this is just fucking great. Just fucking great.

My first time with a woman and I fire my gun prematurely. Just fucking great.

I slipped out, my cock softening and twitching from the climax. "I'm sorry," I said, meaning it. What else could I say?

Tessa got up and slipped off the bed. I really thought she was going to start yelling at me or maybe even make me leave. Or worse, toss me out of the apartment without my clothes.

But despite my paranoid thoughts, she did no such thing. She knelt down onto her knees and took my only-slightly-erect cock in her hands. Her eyes met mine and I was surprised to find no anger there, no disappointment. Damn, she was something else. I had had my suspicions, but I knew it then and there. This girl was special.

She proved me right. Her hands stroked my cock softly a few times and she licked the bottom of it, from base to tip. Even with my climax so recent, I knew she could get me hard again. All it would take was a little effort, which she was more than willing to expend.

Tessa opened her mouth wide and took my cock into her slowly. She surprised me yet again by taking all of it, every inch of it into her throat. It took her a little while, like she was getting used to having a foreign object lodged in her throat. But in the end, her lips pressed up again the base of my cock. 

I could feel her tongue underneath my cock and could feel the back of her throat with my cockhead. It was so incredibly hot and I began to regain my hardness.

But Tessa wasn't done. She came all the way back and my cock left her lips with a loud smack. She gasped and took several breaths. That had to be tough to do. She looked at me and went down again, taking all of me in much faster, and she began stroking me with her mouth. 

Her head bobbed up and down on my cock, taking me down her throat to the root, then coming up all the way to the tip. When she needed air, she'd lick at my cock's underside for a few moments before plunging the whole thing down her throat yet again.

Damn, was she skilled.

She got me hard again, just as hard as before, maybe even more so. My whole cock hurt, but I wasn't going to let her down this time. She was giving me a second chance, and I was going to prove myself to her.

She held my rigid cock in her tiny hands. "Let's try that again," she said, an eager smile on her face.

Tessa stood up, then leaned onto the bed, stomach down. She reached around and with her fingers, opened herself up for me. Damn, this girl was too much.

"Come on. Please, give it to me," she said, looking back at me, her eyes eager and hungry.

I guided my cockhead to her moistened entranced and slipped in. With Tessa being as wet as she was and my cum providing even more lubrication, I slipped right in and set about getting into a smooth rhythm. Since I'd already cum once, I felt like I had more control over when I climaxed again, and I tried to mentally make sure I didn't get too stimulated.

It apparently worked, because I plowed into her cunt for a good long time, stroking her beautiful tight body with my cock. She became increasingly excited, moaning and shuddering and I could feel she was almost ready to climax herself.

I increased my speed, stroking her harder, faster, wanting to return the pleasure she'd gifted to me so willingly. She gripped the satin sheets, twisting them, burying her face in them, and let out a muffled scream as her whole body tightened and climaxed.

I continued stroking her, my waist slapping against her firm ass with each thrust. I leaned forward, my hands gripping her breasts and raising her up as I pounded at her from behind.

She reached behind her, hand cupping my face and bringing me close. We kissed, our tongues hungrily exploring each other as I fondled her breasts and brought myself to a second climax.

I broke away from her impassioned kiss and grunted as a came in her again, stroking her in time with my erruptions. I slowed, my body slick with sweat from the effort, and suddenly felt very tired as the high of sexual intercourse wore off. I slipped out of her and flopped down onto the bed next to her. 

Damn, that had been good.

I looked over at Tessa and was about to ask one of those dumb post-coital questions. You know, one like "Was that good for you too?" or some mindless tripe like that.

But then I saw the hungry look in Tessa's eyes. She wasn't done. Not yet. Damn, the girl was insatiable and I'd already fired off twice. What did she expect out of me now?

Apparently, she expected and was going to get another erection. She got on top of me in the sixty-nine position, her firm sweaty body pressed erotically against mine. "Please . . . do me," she asked, then went to work on my cock with her skilled hands and mouth.

Well, it's not like I could say no.

I figured I'd already fucked her and licked her. So, what about some finger play? Might as well try.

I opened her with one hand and gently pressed in two fingers. Since she'd already had a cock in her, the two fingers went in easily and I heard her moan with her mouth full of cock. I stroked her a few times like that, but then had a better idea.

I glanced up and saw the tempting crinkled hole of her ass. I'll admit it. I've always had something of an anal fetish. Every time I download some porn, it normally has a title like Anal Teen Tryouts #13 or something similarly unimaginative. I pulled my moistened fingers out of her cunt and put two in from my left hand.

While I worked those fingers into her, I placed my right middle finger on her anal rosebud. She twitched, perhaps surprised, but made no other move or protest. If anything, she began to deep-thoat me even more urgently.

I pressed my finger slowly into her ass, up to the first joint. Her ass was unbelievably tight, but I pushed in further, slowly slipping more and more of my finger into her. Finally, I had my finger in her up to the palm. I began to stroke her, two fingers in her cunt, one in her ass.

And all the while as I slowly began to open up her ass, the thoughts of anal action and Tessa's undeniably skilled mouth had me erect once more.

Tessa came up for air, and my cock popped out of her mouth sloppily.

"Please stay like that," she asked, so very subserviently. It made me wonder, what if I grabbed her and pushed her down and fucked her ass . . . would she even fight back? I forced those thoughts away. Tessa was something special and I wasn't about to do anything to ruin this night.

She turned over me, facing me now, straddling me. "Let me do it this time," she said, holding my cock at its base and guiding it into her cunt. She sat down on it, letting my rigid cock fill her once again. She sighed, clearly still aroused, and leaned forward.

She took my head in her hands and kissed me once again. I didn't care where her mouth had been and I kissed her back passionately. She started rocking, back and forth, her hot sweaty body gliding back and forth across mine, her breasts pressed against my chest.

I hugged her close and we built up a rhythm, pistoning back and forth, deeper and harder and faster. I didn't last that long this time, but neither did she. She squealed and let out an erotic scream, clutching onto me desperately, thrusting and grinding against me. And I filled her, grunting and thrusting and pouring my cum into her.

She collapsed on top of me as I shriveled. I was done for the night, utterly spent. Thankfully, that sensation appeared mutual.

"Wow, you're incredible," I said, heavily buzzed from my first sexual experience.

She moved forward a bit, letting my cock slide out of her, and gave me a peck on the cheek. "Right back at you," she said, quite charitably I thought. But I wasn't about to complain.

Of course, I hadn't met Quinn yet.

* * *

I didn't see Tessa nearly as much as I would have liked in the following months. She was very strict about how the week should be divided. Monday through Friday was school-only. No clubs. No drinking. No sex. Weekends were free game, however.

Though it sucked that I couldn't have sex with her more often, I do have to admit her scholastic regimen rubbed off on me and my grades improved. I was a bit smarter than her, I think, but she made up for it with pure effort. Seeing who would get the highest grades became something of a competition, and my test scores improved accordingly.

Unfortunately, even when we met on the weekends, it didn't always end in sex. Her roommate, Quinn, had this annoying habit of actually staying in her own apartment. Tessa wouldn't even entertain the notion of going to the apartment with Quinn present, so it was club-hopping or dinner or something else. Tessa also didn't like the idea of staying overnight at the male-only dorms, and really, given the company, I couldn't blame her.

Well, my dick could, but intellectually I couldn't blame her.

We became closer as time went on, became something of an item. It was fun, having this beautiful and intelligent girl to spend time with, even if she did have absolutely no interest in any of my hobbies. Still, we got along great and spent more and more time together.

Even with the regrettably sparse sex . . . oh well. No one ever said life would be fair.

One day, I was heading to the Food Court to meet up with Tessa as usual. She hadn't been in class, but that wasn't too unusual given that the professor was reviewing our midterms. Both of us had aced the test, so we really didn't have to be there.

I was almost to the Food Court when I spotted Tessa. At least I thought it was Tessa. She and some other girl were off to the side, in one of the fancy archways leading into Food Court.

The other woman was tall and voluptuous, a real looker, with long red hair worn loose. She wore tight clothes, showing off a body that Tessa would be envious of. I thought she was probably a little older than me, maybe twenty-two or three. But, despite how she looked, it was what she was doing that caught my attention.

The other woman stood quite a bit taller than Tessa and leaned over her in the archway's corner. A hand lifted Tessa's chin and she bent down and kissed my girlfriend! With her other hand, the woman cupped one of Tessa's breasts and groped her roughly.

Holy shit!

Worse, Tessa put her arms around the woman, drawing her closer. The two stayed like that and I watched, totally blown out of my mind. What the hell was going on?!?

Finally, the two broke apart, with Tessa staying against the archway in a strangely passive way and the woman turning and walking towards me. And when she did, she looked straight at me with the most intense green eyes I had ever seen. It was like she could bore straight through me, flesh, heart, and soul.

There was a strong will and a powerful intellect behind those eyes, and she never took them off me, not for a moment as she leisurely walked up and then past me. She wore a supremely confident grin on her lips and didn't say a word, just walked right by as if nothing had happened. As if I were beneath her notice.

Maybe I was.

I turned, watching her walk away. She had this sexy swaying walk, but it wasn't submissive or sleazy at all, like she was trying to draw people to her. Rather, it seemed to say that you could only have this if you were worthy.

What kind of person was she?

But I'd forgotten myself. I turned back to the archway and walked hurriedly over to Tessa.

She looked up when she saw me and spoke in a distant tone. "Oh . . . hi, Dave."

"Yeah. Hi, yourself," I said, trying to keep all the emotions boiling up within me under control. Some fucking girl had just kissed my girlfriend! My girlfriend, damn it! That's like . . . like really against the rules! "What just happened?"

"Oh . . ." Tessa glanced in the direction the young woman had left. "That was Quinn."

"Quinn?!? You mean that is your roommate?!?" I was getting really worked up about this and my voice squeaked embarrassingly.

"Umm . . . yeah. That's Quinn."

"Does she do that often?!?" I demanded, still not sure where my emotions were taking me. Anger? Confusion? Jealousy? Who knew? I certainly didn't. Not yet.

"Sometimes," Tessa said, looking all shy and demure. She blushed fiercely.

Sometimes?!? What the hell did that mean?!? I was really confused now. Unpleasant scenarios started playing in my head. Was Tessa, the girl of my dreams, the girl I'd lost my virginity with, was she . . . was she bi-sexual? And actively so?

I looked back in the direction Quinn had departed. Was the reason I couldn't stop by when Quinn was around . . . was it because these two were having sex? On a regular basis?

I felt angry and saddened and depressed all at the same time. I didn't know what to do.

"Come on. Let's get a bite to eat," Tessa suggested.

I picked up a Big Mac and a Sprite, but found out I wasn't hungry at all. Tessa picked at her chicken salad nervously. It went on like that for several minutes when I decided I'd had enough of the silence.

"So," I began, trying not to sound too confrontational. I don't think it worked. "That was Quinn, huh? You two seem to be great friends."

Tessa poked at her chicken salad some more, refusing to make eye contact.

"It must be just wonderful, rooming with someone you get along with that well."

Tessa seemed to lose the last of her appetite.

"Come on, Tessa, don't you think I deserve some sort of explanation?" I asked. "I mean, you two looked pretty damned intimate out there. I mean, she was grabbing you and everything. You say that happens sometimes? What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

Tessa seemed to gather her courage. She still didn't make eye contact, but at least she seemed willing to converse with me again. "We're . . . close friends. We've been friends for a long time."

"How close?"

"Well . . ."

"Come on. Don't do this to me. I deserve to know."

Tessa looked almost ready to cry. Shit. Maybe being aggressive wasn't such a great idea.

I decided to try a different approach. Most of the shock had worn off and, to be honest, I wasn't all that angry any more. It's not like some other guy had fucked her or something. "Tessa, come on. I care about you. Really, I do. It's just . . . well, that was a shock. I didn't know you . . . you took an interest . . . I mean . . . look it's . . . I mean . . ."

Damn. Fucking great time for words to fail me.

But Tessa seemed to calm down. She gave me a tentative smile. "You mean that?"

"What? I mean, yeah, of course I mean it! Why wouldn't I? I think you're a great girl to hang with," I said, pouring it on as best I could. "I just . . . didn't know this about you. And it took me by surprise and, I am ashamed to admit, I responded poorly to it."

Yeah. Show maturity. Be open-minded. That's the ticket.

"Thanks . . . look, I'm sorry I didn't tell you about her and me," Tessa said, finally looking at me again. "I just didn't want you to think I was weird or something."

That last comment made me chuckle a bit, but in a reassuring way. "Look, I've been worried you'd think the same thing about me. It's no big deal. Really," I said, reaching out and giving her a comforting pat on the shoulder. It was true too. I'd definitely been more worried about her thinking I was strange than the reverse.

Though, I most certainly did not kiss other guys. That just crossed so many freaky gross-out lines. I didn't have anything against homosexuality . . . I just thought the male-on-male variety was really gross. But two chicks going at it, now that was hot!

"So . . . would you like to meet her?"

Huh? What was that again? I'm sure I heard wrong.

"Social, of course," Tessa continued. "We're going out tomorrow. She was wondering if you'd like to come along."

I had a quick mental picture form in my head. Two beautiful chicks going at it, one a petite blonde with glasses, the other a fiery voluptuous redhead. And then, in the middle of it all, me. (next part 3)
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