"Erotic Stories" Extra Credit Club P3

Erotic Stories Extra Credit Club P3
Oh yeah. That'd be sweet. Not likely, but then, if I said no I'd never find out. A part of me thought this whole thing was so wrong in so many ways . . . but then, why should I restrain myself when Tessa clearly didn't?

"Quinn asked me to invite you along," Tessa said, starting to get shy again and sounding as if she were making excuses.

I decided to put an end to that.

"Sure!" I said, probably too eagerly. "Sure, I'd love to."

Tessa said she'd give me a call on my cell when she and Quinn had the when's and where's picked out. I spent the night jacking off, thinking about all the possibilities and permutations. Two chicks at once. Could it possibly get any better?

If only I'd known . . . Damn am I stupid sometimes.

* * *

We ended up going to the Green Lounge again. I couldn't dance any better than before, but it didn't seem to matter. Tessa arrived ten minutes late. As usual. But this time, Quinn was tagging along.

Actually, it looked more like Tessa was tagging along with Quinn. The tall redhead clearly was the dominant decision-maker of the two. The two looked incredibly sexy together, but there was just something about Quinn that bothered me. She had this intensity to her, like the world could be made to cave to her every whim. It was wild and intense and I felt my heart skip as she looked at me, looked through me with those beautiful green eyes of hers.

"Hi Tessa," I said, fumbling my words a bit. "And Quinn. Hi Quinn. Nice to meet you, Quinn." Man, I am such a retard sometimes. How hard is it to get a simple greeting right?

"A pleasure," she said, smooth and regal. She extended her hand and I shook it, though it seemed odd in this setting. I did notice that both Tessa and Quinn had very expensive accessories on, which served to magnify their combined sensuality nicely. Their clothes were tight and revealing, both with short black skirts and single-color shirts that left their midriffs bare and accentuate the size of their breasts. Quinn's in particular.

Quinn went in first, had a short word with the bouncer and passed him a folded bill. It was a frickin' fifty! The bouncer nodded, glancing at Tessa and me, pocketed the tip, and let the three of us in.

You're supposed to tip bouncers? I didn't know that.

The club was the same blaring, mind-wracking experience as before. We started out with drinks, which was a good thing. Being around Quinn made me nervous. And the way Tessa seemed at her beck and call made me a little jealous. But I had to be here. I was pretty much head-over-heels in love with Tessa (or infatuated with, can't really tell the difference yet). Whatever her relationship with Quinn was, I needed to find out how deep it went.

The three of us danced. Well, the two girls danced. I kind of did this sort of wiggle where I looked like I was dancing. The pairings shifted around. Sometimes it'd be just me and Tessa, with Quinn amusing herself with some other club patrons. She seemed quite popular with both the men and the women. Other times, I'd retreat off to the side as Tessa and Quinn danced together.

Which wasn't all that bad. Watching the two of them go at it gave me a serious hard-on. The two pressed and ground up against each other and Quinn would grope Tessa without any concern given to her audience. She would kiss Tessa, forcefully, aggressively, and even once put her hand up Tessa's shirt and clenched and kneaded a breast!

Fortunately, it didn't get any more wild than that. At one point, I thought Quinn was going to toss Tessa to the ground and start devouring her right there. As fun as that would have been to watch, I wanted in on the action. Damn, this was making me really horny.

It was Tessa's job to keep the drinks coming, and she carried out her duties enthusiastically. By the time Quinn was getting ready to head home, I had one serious buzz going. I was also unbelievably horny. I couldn't wait for what was to come.

I was pretty sloshed by the time we left and required a little bit of guidance from the girls to get me back to the apartment. But, well, Tessa had kept those drinks coming and how was I supposed to say no when Quinn was drinking just as much. In fact, considering how much she'd imbibed, Quinn remained very coherent.

She also looked really really sexy, but then, that could have just been my own buzz at work.

We got back to the apartment and as soon as the door closed, the two girls were at it, kissing and fondling and stripping. Before I knew it, the two girls were topless and sensuously kissing each other.

Hell, I wanted some of that too. Come on. Be generous. Fair's fair.

But as soon as I tried to join in, Quinn pushed me back. "Not yet, stud," she said, a wicked grin on her lips. "You only get to play once you've cleaned up."

Huh? What, was my breath bad or something?

"You play by my rules, or not at all. Understood?" Quinn asked, and then to add emphasis, she grabbed my crotch and squeezed. Her body pressed up against mine and our lips almost met. "You do want to play. Right, stud?"

And then I said something really stupid. "You know, I do have a name."

She ignored me. "Answer the question. Yes or no. Us or the door."

Damn it, this bitch was going to make me beg? Well, I was too horny and drunk to turn around now. "Well of course it's a yes," I said, trying and failing to exert some sort of authority into this situation.

It didn't have any affect on Quinn, who only smiled and stepped back from me. "Tessa, why don't the two of you get cleaned up while I get ready."

"Come on, Dave," Tessa said brightly. "This way."

"This way" apparently meant bathroom. She and I stripped. I was so ready for action right now it hurt, but she kept me from groping her and explained Quinn's rules.

You see, "cleaned up" meant enema. Holy shit.

But after I got over the initial shock, I started to get real turned on by what it all meant. My ass wasn't quite virgin. I'd masturbated anally with my fingers a few times in those lonely high school years, and quite frankly, I rather liked it. Fucking Tessa's cunt was way better that fingering my own ass, but I could see why all those pornstars seemed to like taking it anally.

Plus I was drunk and horny, so Rational Thought was not present to argue with Libido. So Libido won by default and I let Tessa "clean" me out. It didn't take too long. When it was over, she pushed me out of the bathroom to do herself in private.

Well if Tessa was getting cleaned out, I was sure to get an opportunity to fuck her ass too. Man, what I wouldn't give to do that. I'd fantasized about doing her ass since we first had sex, but I never built up the courage to ask her to try it with me. If I'd known about this, I would have asked sooner.

Quinn was the first to the bedroom, completely naked, her radiant hair showering over her shoulders, her heavy breasts high, nipples taut with excitement. She held a long black strip of cloth before her.

"Ready to play?" she asked, her voice so unbelievably erotic. But I was starting to get a little nervous. She was going to blindfold me? This was getting kind of strange and a little more extreme than I was ready for.

But, again, drunk and horny.

I didn't protest as she wrapped the band of cloth around my head. I stumbled a bit, unused to the lack of senses, but she helped right me. Her hands explored me, never touching my cock, but playing over my body, my chest, my ass cheeks. She kissed me, rough and passionately, forcing her tongue into my mouth and guiding me around.

I heard Tessa come up behind me and soon I was pressed between the two of them, helpless and blindfolded as they each explore my body.

Quinn continued to kiss me, continued to play with my body and my senses. I couldn't help but feel powerless with the blindfold on. Tessa explored lower half, her mouth and hands caressing over my back, my buttocks, and my legs. I felt her slip something around my ankles and I had some inkling as to what was about to happen.

But I let it happen. I didn't fight. I let her put those cuffs around my ankles, and around my wrists. I let Quinn clip my wrists together and let her pull them forward. They guided me onto the bed, flat on my stomach, my legs and ass over the side. Quinn pulled my arms forward and bound then to something. Behind me, Tessa widened my legs and tied one and then the other to cords attached to the bed posts.

I was breathing heavily. My cock was so unbelievably hard. My heart raced as my own powerlessness sunk in. I couldn't see, could only feel and hear as these two women manipulated my body into position and finally tightened the restraints. I could hardly move, could hardly even squirm.

I heard movement. The opening of drawers, of rummaging, and of something being taken out. Tessa crawled onto the bed, the heat of her body splayed against my back, straddling me. I could tell it was her by the little grunts of effort she made. I could feel her breasts sag against my back and brush across as she maneuvered something around my head.

It was a ball gag.

"Play nicely," Quinn said from in front of me.

I opened my mouth and Tessa fit the gag in. It was a lot to take in, and as soon as it was set, Tessa tightened the straps behind my neck.

"Should we let him have a look?" Quinn asked, confident and powerful.

"Please let him watch," Tessa said, weak and submissive.

"Yes, I think I'll let him watch."

Tessa pushed my blindfold up and I could see again. I had to raise my neck back to look at anything but the blue satin covers, which strained my neck, but I needed to know what I was in for.

Even though, deep down, I already knew what was going to happen. I knew it and I was just letting it happen. Without protest. Damn, what the fuck have I gotten myself into?

Quinn stood before me, hands on her hips, with a black strap-on dildo protruding up out of her crotch. It didn't look particularly large. Just normal size . . . if you didn't take into account that it had to fit up my ass. Then it looked fucking huge.

Tessa crawled off the bed and I noticed she had those same bondage cuffs around her wrists. As she crawled into view, I saw Tessa wore her own blindfold. Quinn guided her off the bed, turned her around and clipped Tessa's arms together behind her back. She looked so weak next to Quinn, blindfolded, her arms bound.

Quinn pulled Tessa close, the strap-on riding up her ass cheeks and ending up between the two girls. Quinn groped Tessa roughly, kneading her breasts, fingering her clit, and kissing and biting her neck.

And Tessa just let it all happen. She breathed heavily, her chest heavily, clearly getting excited my all of this. And I'd worried that Tessa would think I was weird. Holy fucking shit.

Quinn turned her lesbian plaything around and forced her to kneel. She grabbed a fistful of Tessa's blond locks and guided her mouth to the strap-on. "Make sure you do a good job. You don't want me to hurt your friend."

Tessa opened her mouth and took the strap-on down her throat, slowly at first, taking it one inch at a time until the whole thing was in and her lips were around the rod's base. Then she started to bob on it and Quinn began rocking her hips, pulling it out then forcing it back in, faster and faster. Saliva dribbled out of Tessa's mouth as she tried to keep her throat open for the black invader. 

Tessa came back for air and Quinn gave her only a few moments' reprieve before ramming her head back down onto the strap-on. Quinn's thrusts became faster and more forceful. She was fucking Tessa's mouth now, fucking her full strokes at a time, from tip to base, and Tessa was taking it. But as much as Quinn abused her plaything's mouth, Tessa didn't once gag, and I had a feeling this episode had played out many many times before.

Quinn seemed to get excited when she thrust it all the way into Tessa's mouth and hit the back of her throat. I wondered if the strap-on had an attachment on the other side or perhaps some sort of nub that was stimulating Quinn's clitoris. Whatever it was, Quinn found the ravaging of Tessa's mouth a pleasurable experience.

Finally, she pulled Tessa off the strap-on. The fake cock popped out of Tessa's mouth wetly and she gasped and panted for air.

"Good. You did very well."

"Thank you . . ." Tessa said, still bound and blindfolded, still on her knees, saliva dribbling off her chin.

Quinn looked at me and smiled wickedly. She yanked Tessa to her feet, causing the girl to squeal in momentary pain. "You still have more work to do."

Quinn guided Tessa around behind the bed. Behind me. Quinn leaned over me and put my blindfold back in place. It didn't really matter. I knew what was going to happen.

I heard a metallic click and suspected that Quinn had unbound Tessa's arms. "Well, go to work. Get him ready."

"Yes, Quinn."

I felt Tessa's delicate hands on my buttocks, feeling around clumsily. She still had the blindfold on. But even without her eyes, she found what she was looking for. Fingers brushed against my ass and she bent in and began to lick.

The sensation startled me at first. Her tongue lapped at my ass, sometimes rimming around it, sometimes licking up across it, always exciting me. She lathered the entrance, sometimes probing my crinkled hole with the tip of her tongue before returning to her rimming.

Her hands gripped my ass cheeks and, with her thumbs on either side of my asshole, she spread me even more. I felt her entire face buried in my ass, felt her panting excitedly, her hot breath on my hole. I felt her skilled tongue teasing and loosening me for the onslaught that was still to come.

Finally, she pushed her tongue into my ass, stimulating me in strange and wondrous ways. Tessa was slow, gentle. She pushed it in a little bit at first, then a little more, bit by bit opening me up.

I felt her jaw open wide and press up flush with my ass as she tried to push her tongue deeper into me, thrusting in slow, deliberate motions. She fucked my ass with her tongue and it felt wonderful. My cock grew even harder as she worked me over.

Finally, she pulled away and I felt empty for a moment, but then something else pressed in; she slid one of her slim delicate fingers into my ass. It felt slick and greasy. She must have used some sort of lubricant, which was a good thing. I'd never been fucked in the ass before and didn't think I could take what Quinn was ready to dish out without some lube.

Tessa stroke the finger in and out of me, the tip exploring the inside of my ass. She twisted it around with each thrust, slowly picking up speed. She kept going like that for minutes, just stroking my ass with her finger. Finally, I felt her back off, then insert two fingers into me with hardly any loss in rhythm. My ass stretched to accommodate the new invasion and I could feel myself loosening up. 

It hurt a few times, but mostly it felt really good. My cock felt like it was going to explode.

Tessa sensed my ass loosening and began to twist her two fingers as she pushed in, stretching my ass in different directions and stimulating me in strange ways with each new thrust. I really felt like I needed to cum, but Tessa made no move to touch my cock and I had that damned ball gag in my mouth.

"Alright. I think that will be enough," Quinn said, her voice oozing power and control.

"Yes, Quinn."

"Remove his gag."

Tessa fumbled across my body, obviously still blindfolded, found the back of my head and loosened the ball gag's strap. She popped it out and I closed my mouth and flexed my jaw around. The muscles in the sides of my mouth hurt a bit from the unnatural and prolonged position they'd been forced into.

"I'm giving you one last opportunity to run away like a coward," Quinn said. "Normally I wouldn't, but Tessa actually seems to care about you, so I'm giving you this one last chance to leave. Speak up now."

Tessa leaned in, her body draped on top and to the side of mine. "Please don't," she whispered into my ear. "Please stay."

I was speechless and horny and I felt so powerless at that moment. I didn't say anything.

Quinn pried open my ass with her hands, thumbs on either side of my asshole. The strap-on's head pressed against my ass and I concentrated on staying loose, just accepting the invader.

But I couldn't. I was too nervous. Even with all the wonderfully erotic stimulation Tessa had done to me, I still wasn't ready for this. I tensed and tightened up and the two girls noticed it.

"Please relax," Tessa whispered into my ear, hear hands sensuously caressing my body. "Just relax and accept it. Don't worry. She'll go slow."

Hearing those reassuring words from Tessa finally made me calm down. I loosened up and Quinn took that as her signal to begin. She pried me open and the tip of her fake cock pushed into me. With the lubrication and the work Tessa had done loosening me, it popped in quite easily.

It felt so incredibly big, way larger than Tessa's delicate fingers had. And this was just the tip. I grunted as Quinn fed me more of her strap-on. She rocked in and out a little at a time, just a new fraction of an inch with each slow, deliberate thrust.

Slowly, I opened up as Quinn filled me. It felt good, even though a few times it hurt. But Quinn seemed to sense immediately when I was in pain, and she would back off. But only for a moment, giving me a little extra time before she renewed her invasion. Inch by inch, she sunk the fake cock into my ass.

Somehow, I knew Quinn had done this before, perhaps many times before. Taking an anal virgin. Male. Female. Who knew if it even mattered to her? But she knew how to do this, knew how to pace herself and restrain her own urges so that her victim didn't feel undue pain.

She was so in control. Of herself. And of the person she was fucking.

Finally, I felt her waist pressed up against my ass. She was all the way in. Her hands gripped the sides of my waist and she began stroking me, slowly at first, taking it all the way out until just the tip was left in, then pushing it slowly back into me until it filled me. Her motions were patient, calculated, and she increase her speed only a little at the time.

It was beginning to feel really good now. Tessa continued to sensuously massage me with her hands as Quinn fucked my ass, now picking up speed. I could hear Quinn grunting as she reamed my ass and knew that she was getting off on this too.

Tessa leaned in and we shared a kiss as Quinn started to fuck my ass hard and fast, drilling into me all the way with each thrust, slapping against my ass with her waist, then pull all the way out again for another punishing thrust. She kept that up, drilling me, owning me, breeding me. Fucking me as if my ass was a cunt and she was some stud.

It felt incredible, so erotic. The tension. The sense of powerlessness, of submission combined with the fullness in my ass and Quinn's confident technique. But it was not enough to get me off. As much as she fucked my ass, I couldn't get off on just this. I needed someone to touch my cock.

Quinn started thrusting into me even faster and harder than before, and I knew she was ready to cum. She gasped and grunted and shook as she lodged the whole thing in me to the hilt. Then she just left it there, left me there with the fake cock impaling my ass, just waiting as she took deep breaths as she came down from her climax.

Quinn pulled out entirely and Tessa got off of me. The restraints on my legs were unclipped from the bed posts and I found myself rolled onto my back. I still couldn't do anything with my arms, but at least I could move around a little now.

"Tessa, I think he needs to cum. Why don't you do something about that?"

Tessa straddle me, sixty-nine style, and pressed herself against me. Her mouth and hands found my cock and I almost exploded just from that. She opened her throat to me and swallowed me in one go, then began bobbing up and down on my cock. (next part 4)
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