"Erotic Stories" Extra Credit Club P4

Erotic Stories Extra Credit Club P4
I felt something press against my ass and knew that Quinn was already prepped for round two. She pressed in, far more insistently this time, and forced her way in. Between Tessa's mouth and the cock fucking in and out of my ass, I didn't last long. 

My head spun and I saw lights against my closed eyelids. I grunted through clenched teeth as I exploded into Tessa's mouth. She stayed there, coming up so that only the tip was in her mouth, but she took all that I gave her, swallowing and savoring every drop.

But the girls weren't done with me. As soon as I stopped cumming and she'd swallowed the last drop, Tessa once again began to deep-thoat my cock. And Quinn continued her assault on my abused and loose ass. With the two of them going at it like that, it didn't take me long to regain my erection. In fact, I'd hardly even lost it. Rather, I just went semi-soft for a few minutes before the dual sense of penetration and being penetrated called my dick to attention once more. 

Tessa let my cock plop out of her mouth. She stroked it with her hand as Quinn fucked my ass. "Please, Quinn," she asked weakly, practically begging, and I realized that she hadn't cum yet. Only Quinn and I had.

"Alright. You've earned it," Quinn said, and promptly pulled out of my ass. "Why don't you let your friend see this?"

"Yes . . . thank you," Tessa said. Turning around on top of me, she reached out, fumbled about slightly, and found my blindfold. Tessa pulled it off my head and I could see her once again, her glorious pale flesh pressed on top of mine, her eyes still blindfolded. She had a strange, guilty smile on her face as she lowered herself onto my cock.

Damn, that felt good. She was so incredibly hot and tight, and she squealed a bit as I fully penetrated her.

Quinn yanked her head back by a fistful of hair and forced her tongue down Tessa's throat. They shared a passionate kiss as Quinn groped one of her breasts, roughly teasing the nipple.

Their kiss broke. "Please . . . give it to me . . ." Tessa asked.

"Alright, darling. I will," Quinn replied, then shoved Tessa down on top of me so that we were face to face.

"Thank you . . ." Tessa muttered.

Unlike with me, Quinn didn't give it to Tessa gently. She didn't tease Tessa's ass open or lick it or finger it. Instead, she only applied a fresh coat of lubricate to her fake cock before guiding its head to Tessa's waiting ass.

Quinn pushed in, forcing the cockhead into Tessa's ass roughly and Tessa screamed in pain and pleasure. Quinn fed her more, and I could feel the fake cock entering Tessa, Quinn's rod and my own separate by only a thin membrane. In little time, Quinn had finished the initial penetration of Tessa's tortured ass.

Tessa squealed and thrashed the whole time, but Quinn held her firmly down. I didn't know what to make of any of this, but for some reason, it only made me that much more excited.

Quinn began stroking Tessa's ass, withdrawing the cock to its tip and then forcing it back in deep and hard. But, despite Tessa's pained reaction to the anal onslaught, she'd evidently done this many times before, and her ass loosened up quickly. 

Quinn drilled her mercilessly, grinding and thrusting in fast brutal strokes. And Tessa just took it, whimpering and grunting as Quinn savaged her ass. The two rocked on top of me and I tried to pick up the rhythm, but Quinn was moving so fast, ripping Tessa so hard that I couldn't keep up.

All of us were fast approaching orgasm in this strange sharing of pain, pleasure, and power. Tessa was the first to go, the dual stimulation of her cunt and ass clearly too much for her, and she bucked and thrashed against the two of us until she dropped down from her orgasm, a limp sweaty body reduced to a mere recipient of our poundings.

And we really gave it to her, thrusting into her slim tight body with perverse abandon. Tessa lay on top of me, head lolled against my chest, mouth open and panting, her body bucking in sync with Quinn's harsh thrusts. But then, Tessa began to grow excited again, and I realized she hadn't come down completely from her orgasm, and her sexy squeaks and squeals of pain and pleasure began to escalate in volume. Finally, she let out another scream, her body convulsing in rapturous joy.

Her whole body seemed to clutch and spasm around my cock, and I couldn't hold back any more. I came within her sweet pulsing cunt, and Quinn followed up with her own orgasm. She'd managed to maintain a truly impressive pace throughout the entire ordeal, but even she seemed to have tired by this point. With a grunt and a shudder, she too climaxed and collapsed on top of Tessa, and I felt the weight of both of them pressing me down into the bed.

"Ahh . . . that was good," Quinn said, glowing in post-coital bliss. She gave Tessa's stretched ass a few last thrusts, then pushed off the bed and pulled out of Tessa. She unclipped the strap-on and eased it loose of her sopping cunt. I was shocked to see how fucking huge the other end was. It was twice as thick and half-again as long as the end she'd fucked me with. And she'd had that monster inside her the whole time? Damn, this woman was hardcore.

Tessa untied my hands, and with my returned freedom I pushed off her blindfold. She looked at me, ashamed, embarrassed, perhaps afraid of what I was going to say or maybe afraid of what I was thinking. But she looked so damned cute I couldn't care less, and I kissed her. Passionately.

I cuddled up with Tessa and went to sleep. Where Quinn went, I don't know. But, to be honest, I didn't care.

But, man, was I going to be sore in the morning.

* * *

And I was sore. Really sore, but it was bearable. 

Just suck it up, right? Yeah, right.

I kind of lurched and shuffled myself onto the bed's edge, trying to find a position where my entire rectum didn't protest with little spasms of pain. Quinn had really put me through my paces the night before, though it was nothing compared to what Tessa had gone through.

And thinking of which . . . Tessa wasn't around. Neither was Quinn, though I thought I could hear a distant conversation taking place.

Man, what the hell had happened last night?!? What the hell had I been thinking?!? The full weight of all that had transpired seemed to slam into my consciousness all at once, and not only what I had done, but what had been done to Tessa! I think out of everything, her behavior freaked me out more than anything.

But, this being morning, I had to keep my priorities straight. I eased myself off the bed, scrounged up some clothes, and made my way to the bathroom. After completing my morning evacuation, my stomach rose to Priority One.

Time to get something to eat.

I stepped out into the hall, still walking a little funny, and made my way to the kitchen. The hugeness of this apartment again struck me. Just what did two college girls need with all this space?

I stepped into the kitchen. The room was expensively tiled and just oozed class in a way that made its occupants seem a bit odd. Tessa and Quinn were both having breakfast, both sitting on stools next to the counter top. They turned and looked at me as I entered.

I groggily rubbed at my eyes in response. I hate mornings.

When I'd finished grinding some of the sleep out of my eyes, I took another half-lidded look at the two young ladies before me. They looked so . . . so completely normal. It was freaky. I mean, really really weird. They just looked so normal, just two college girls having breakfast in their pajamas.

I don't really know what I'd expected, come to think of it. Tessa on a lease eating out of a bowl? I don't know. Maybe some weird shit like that. But this was just too normal. They were just chatting and smiling and eating their Cheerios like normal people, like normal college sexually-non-deviant girls. Hell, Quinn's jammies were pastel blue and had bunny rabbits on them.

Frickin' bunny rabbits!

Upon seeing me, Quinn leaned over to Tessa and whispered something, which I assume was a joke, because Tessa giggled in that cute, shy way she always did.

Uh huh. Right.

I lurched over to a half-open cupboard and found myself staring at several cereal choices. I selected Frosted Flakes (the only brand with enough sugar for my needs), poured it, and joined them at the counter.

I made sure Tessa was between me and that flame-haired siren. The two of them giggled girlishly as I added milk to my cereal.

Right. Whatever. Joke's on me, I guess.

Quinn finished her breakfast first, just after I arrived. The two girls shared a short delicate kiss, and Quinn was off to get dressed. Quinn had a busy day ahead of her. Places to go. People to abuse, you know?

I was glad to see her leave.

After Quinn left, Tessa wanted to talk to me, but I was really in no condition to respond, so I made excuses. "Oh, I'm tired. I'm hung over. I think I'm going to puke. Could you go find a bucket for me?" You know, the usual drill.

Tessa took the hint and let me finish from Frosted Flakes in peace. Actually, it would have probably been better to talk to her. At least then I wouldn't have been alone with my thoughts.

Damn, that woman freaked me out. The way she'd controlled me and Tessa and had manipulated and overpowered us with no threats, no violence, just words and looks and suggestions and a little alcohol to loosen up those inhibitions . . . and I'd played along with it. All the way through.

Just what kind of spineless jellyfish was I?

Self, don't answer that.

I said my goodbyes and tried to be the "Tessa's Boyfriend" that I'd been one night before . . . and I guess I made a good show of it, but not good enough. I don't think I fooled either of us. The night had been too weird and we'd both enjoyed it too much.

I needed to think. And then maybe drink. And perhaps think some more after that.

What remained of the weekend passed quickly. Tests to study for. Homework to do. You know how it is. I kept myself immersed in normality: the regular stuff that any college student had to go through.

Monday came and I saw Tessa again. She looked just like I remembered her: that sweet angelic face, those brainy glasses, and that cute athletic body. She got a few words in before the professor called the class to attention and then started his lecture on multi-axis integration. Ehhh . . .

I met Tessa up at the Food Court like usual. She had a McDonald's salad. I'd grabbed a pizza and a cup of way-too-pricy coffee. We talked a bit about nothing, about pointless subjects like oh, how was your weekend? and what do you think will be on this test? and other such dribble.

I guess I got fed up with it, and the words just kind of came out.

"So . . ." I began, my tone changing, almost becoming accusatory. "You like it rough, huh?"

Tessa blushed something fierce. Her pale cheeks turned hotly crimson and she looked like she wanted to just shrivel up and vanish there on the spot. She didn't make eye contact, and instead just stared at a point into the wall across the table.

"I have to say, that was quite the surprise," I said, mockingly cheerful. 

Tessa just blushed some more and I became worried she was going to start crying, but something inside just egged me on. I wanted answers. I wanted someone to tell me just what was going on.

"Is there anything you'd like to tell me?" I asked.

Tessa shook her head. Well, at least that was better than nothing, I guess.

"Come on, Tessa. Don't get all shy all of a sudden. You certainly weren't shy back then," I said. "Come on. Tell me what's going on. Does that happen often? Does she abuse you like that on a regular basis?"

"It's not what you think," she said, quiet, weak, shameful.

"Then explain it to me. Come on. I can take it. Really, I promise. Trust me, it's pretty hard to shock me at this point."

"I . . . I love her."

Oh fuck!

"Uhh . . . you . . . I mean . . . but then what the hell am I?!?" The words just sputtered out of me without thought and I had to think fast to turn that around. "I mean . . . wait, that's not the point. Tessa, she hurt you, right? And she does that often, right?"

"She does it often . . ." Tessa admitted quietly. She looked over her shoulders, making sure that our conversation hadn't attracted undue attention.

"And you just let it happen? You just let her treat you like that? Like some piece of meat?"

"But I love her!" Tessa exclaimed, suddenly looking at me, looking me straight in the eyes, her eyes suddenly tearful and ashamed and frightened.

But frightened of what? Of my rejection? If she loved Quinn, why the hell would that matter?

"Quinn has a real strange way of returning that love."

Tessa shook her head. Her hand reached out and gripped my arm, as if for emphasis. "No, she loves me too. She really does!"

I looked Tessa in the eye, looked at her with a blank expression, and then I saw it. A tear rolled down her soft pale cheek, a sad tear of genuine emotion and honestly. Whatever the truth might have been, Tessa believed in this as reality.

I closed my eyes and nodded. "Okay. I'll accept that for now." Fuck. My girlfriend was in love with her dominatrix roommate. How much more fucked up could the World get?

Don't answer that, World.

"She's been through a lot," Tessa said, and began to pour out her heart. She talked about how they met, how they'd become friends, and how they eventually became lovers . . . and then something else.

It was a sad story that, I am ashamed to admit, started to give me an erection at some points. For someone as rich and privileged as Quinn, she'd had one hell of a childhood. Tessa didn't give me much to go on, but I could figure out that something truly traumatic had happened to Quinn just before the two of them met.

Something had warped Quinn from your average spoiled rich girl into . . . this. I tried to get some details out of her, but Tessa kept making excuses. That part was for Quinn to share, and no one else. Yeah, like I'd ask her about her past. Uh huh. Sure. You can continue your story, Tessa.

The two had made quite a pair: Tessa from humble beginnings and Quinn from a life full of social gluttony. But there was synergy between them, and Tessa knew Quinn needed help, that this glamorous girl from high society carried deep psychological scars within her and that someone had to help in their healing.

And Tessa had volunteer, had been there for Quinn, had been the first human being to hear the painful story and had wept at her side with her as each horrific detail was revealed. And the two had grown even closer, now joined by this intimate sharing of Quinn's scarred soul.

And they had become lovers, at first soft and intimate, two timid girls exploring each other, their feelings and their bodies.

"When?" I asked, my first question in some time.

"Three years ago."

God damn. Three years. That made Tessa, what? Sixteen when she and Quinn started going at it? God damn it! How the hell was I supposed to compete with that?!?

Tessa kept reiterating that she was in love with Quinn and that Quinn shared the feeling . . . she just showed it differently than most people. Uhh . . . yeah. You could say that again.

At first, they were intimate loving partners, unsure in themselves, careful with each other. But Quinn started to change. They weren't equals, not in the least. Quinn had the money and the power and she was smart, borderline brilliant. Quinn made Tessa and me look like idiots. She was getting a degree in medicine at one hell of an accelerated rate . . . probably because she wanted something semi-challenging.

And oh, how I could see that one playing out. "Oh, not to worry, stud. A colonoscopy is quite normal procedure now for the common cold. Just lie down and you won't feel a thing. What? You mean this? Oh, well, I have to strap it on to keep my hands free. Yes, it is going up your ass. Oh, don't be such a baby about it."

I shuddered as Tessa continued.

The differences between the two girls became more apparent as time went on, and Quinn became more aggressive, her powerful will easily dominating her young, unsure partner. And that domineering, over time, had evolved into what I had witnessed that night with them.

"And you just let it happen," I said, perhaps a little too contemptuously.

Tessa shook her head. "No . . . I don't think so. I . . . I like it when . . ."

But she couldn't say it. She couldn't put her feelings into words.

But I could. "You like it when Quinn treats you like a sex toy," I said.

"No!" she protested. "No, it's not like that at all!"

All I could do was shake my head. I just couldn't understand why Tessa put up with treatment like that. It was time to head to my next class, so I said a few words to try to smooth things over, though I didn't do a real good job of it. Tessa agreed noncommittally and we parted.

And that was pretty much that for the rest of the week. We avoided the subject of Quinn. Well, I avoided it, and I ignored Tessa's attempts to start talking about it. Fortunately, as the weekend approached, things started to look up. Quinn was heading out for the weekend and it'd just be Tessa in the apartment the whole weekend.

Mmmm, that I could deal with. No strap-ons. No blindfolds. No weird bondage play. Just good clean male-on-female sex the way nature intended . . . err, except with contraception. So, I guess, close to the way nature intended. Well, at least we'd get the right rods stuffed in the right holes. And if Tessa was in the mood for a little anal play, well, I'd be more than happy to oblige her.

Tessa used a study session as her excuse to ask me over. Even as intimate as we'd become, she was still shy about asking me over for sex. Well, I didn't mind. I could play along just fine . . . as long as I got some in the end.

I showed up at the apartment early (I'm compulsive like that) and waited out the last ten minutes in my car (a.k.a the Hand-Me-Down-Junker). At exactly the appointed minute, I rang the doorbell.

For some reason, I was really nervous. I don't know why. Maybe I expected Quinn to open the door and then drag me in and . . . well, whatever. I was nervous. At least I'd remembered to bring my books and notes. I'd be pretty stupid of me not to at least play along a little.

Tessa answered the door, looking all innocent and giving me a tender smile that made me melt inside and I found myself smiling back at her. Hell, it wasn't exactly a fight, but I suppose this could be considered make-up sex.

Tessa wore this tight cream turtleneck and a pair of blue jeans. It was a bit warm for long-sleeves, but she still looked incredibly sexy. Her silken blonde hair was clipped in a cute ponytail.

We made a show of studying, flopping down on the great room's floor and spreading out our notes and books and quizzing each other on this and that. Well, I guess I made a show of studying. Tessa probably got something out of it, but it was still for show. I know that as a fact because of what happened next.

Without any sort of preamble or warning, Tessa took off her glasses. At first, I thought she was experiencing eyestrain. But she just set the glasses on the coffee table, crossed her arms, and lifted her turtleneck completely off.

She hugged her arms underneath her naked breasts. Around her wrists were those bondage cuffs Quinn had used on the both of us. Her nipples were rock hard with anticipation.

Oh boy. I didn't know what to think. She somehow managed to look shy and sleazy at the same time. She didn't look at me, just took her breasts into her hands and massaged them and sighed.

Her eyes found mine and I saw sultry desire and shame and skittishness and fear all rolled into one incredibly sexy look. Wordlessly, she turned away from me and walked down the hall towards the bedroom. (next part 5)
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