"Erotic Stories" Extra Credit Club P5

Erotic Stories Extra Credit Club P5
Damn! I just sat there, stunned for a second, then my Libido finally took control and said get moving, you idiot! And I did. I bolted up off the floor and hurried towards the bedroom, casting off articles of clothing as I went.

I entered the room, fully naked and fully erect.

Tessa was standing there, naked except for bondage straps on her wrists and ankles. She had a long strip of black cloth in her hand that she clutched at shyly, as if just holding the blindfold was an act of perversion repulsive to me.

I couldn't help myself. I felt this incredible urge to make her happy, to grant her wishes no matter how twisted, and I walked up to her and lifted her chin with my fingers. Our eyes met and I let her know, without words, that it was okay. That I was willing to accept her the way she was.

I took the blindfold from her hand and held it taut. She closed her eyes and lowered her head and I blinded her, making the knot tight enough to avoid slippage but not so tight that it'd be uncomfortable. No matter what Tessa really liked, there were some places I wouldn't follow her. If she liked restrained, fine. I could deal with that. But hurting her? No. There were some lines I wouldn't cross, couldn't cross.

I guided her to the bed, even though she seemed surprisingly sure of exactly where its edge was. Naturally, she'd done this many times before.

She leaned back on the bed, stretching sensuously, her pale perfect flesh so tempting, so erotic. I touched her with just my fingertips, tracing underneath a breast, across her firm stomach, and then massaged the inside of a thigh. I waited, then touched her again at random, her breasts, thighs, face and neck and lips. She shivered, excited by not knowing where my fingers would explore her. I left her womanhood alone, though I could not help but notice it flush in anticipation.

"Please don't tease me . . ." she said, her voice weak, distant, submissive.

"But you like to be teased," I said, my breath hot against one of her nipples. I licked across it with my tongue and she sighed.

"Please . . ."

"Please what? What do you want me to do?"

Her cheeks flushed with shame, but I knew she would ask for it. She was loving this. Every moment of it.

"You have to tell me," I said, leaning forward and teasing a nipple with teeth and tongue. "I'm not as smart as Quinn, you see. I forget things real easily."

Tessa squirmed under my teasing. I thought I knew what she was going to ask for. But, again, I was wrong.

She seemed to steel herself, to gather courage from somewhere, and her words were strangely firm and strong for such a delicate girl. "Please . . . do me the way Quinn does," she began. "Please do my . . . my ass . . ."

Whoa . . . Holy shit.

"It's clean," she said, alleviating a concern that, honestly, hadn't come to mind until she'd voiced it. Damn. She'd planned this from the beginning!

What a girl.

Well, to a request like that, it's damned hard to say no.

Tessa rolled over onto her stomach, legs and hips over the side of the bed. She placed her arms behind her back, and I could tell what she wanted. I found the metal clips on her wrist cuffs and locked them together, further restraining her. Tessa started to become even more excited, her breaths coming shorter, almost gasping.

"You like being restrained, don't you," I said, tracing her exquisite shape with my hands, running them down from the sides of her breasts to the sides of her hips.

"Yes . . ." she muttered into the blue satin sheets.

"I bet you let guys do this to you all the time," I said, wondering what her answer might be. I leaned down behind her and spread her ass cheeks wide with my hands.

Tessa sighed in anticipation as I spread her with my thumbs. "No . . ." she said, softly, almost like a cry. "No . . . no other guys . . . you're the first . . . only Quinn has . . ." and she let the thought trail off, but I'd heard enough. Damn! She'd never let another guy do this to her? Wow.

And then I thought. So, what am I going to use for lube? I asked Tessa about this.

"On the night stand . . ."

I leaned over, still on my knees, and grabbed the jar. It said SuperSlide and had a guy and gal on the label engaged in sex, their privates skillfully covered with letters and disclaimers. I unscrewed the top and scooped up a small dollop with my forefinger. It felt like petroleum jelly.

I placed my forefinger against Tessa sphincter, which made her twitch, and circled it around gently on the surface, but also pressed in, slowly, insistently. Her ass gave and the tip of my finger entered her. She moaned and shuddered as my finger slipped in deeper.

"You really like it in the ass."

"Yes . . ." was all she could manage between her excited panting.

Her ass was incredibly tight and hot and smooth, so different from the sopping, textured warmth of her pussy. I pushed my finger all the way in, squirming it around a bit to loosen her up.

I slid my finger out to the tip, then pushed it all the way back in. "Does it hurt?" I asked.

"No . . . it feels good . . ."

I kept that up for a while, just loosening her up with one finger, slowly, agonizingly slowly. I could tell by the way she squirmed about, the way she seemed to come back at my finger, that she wanted more, needed more.

But I was enjoying myself. There was this strange sense of power that I'd never felt with sex before, this sense that I could do anything to her and that she'd let me and that we'd both enjoy it. 

I don't know if it was wrong of me to like that, but I think I understood Quinn a little better at that moment. This sort of power, this total sense of submission in my partner, it was . . . intoxicating . . . I couldn't describe it any other way.

"Please . . ." she begged, sadly, wanting and craving more. "Don't tease me anymore . . . please do me . . ."

"Of course," I said, pausing only for a moment to scoop out a little fresh lube, and then I slid two fingers into her ass. Her sphincter resisted for a moment, but then I was in, fucking her ass in slow, deliberate strokes of my two fingers. Tessa's hands and fingers clenched and flexed and her arms struggled a bit against her restraints as I picked up the pace.

"I need more . . ." she said, and her voice was a strange cross between a sob and a shudder of joy. "Please . . . no more teasing . . ."

I pulled my fingers out all the way. "Alright. I'll give you what you want," I said, positioning myself behind her. To be honest, I really needed to fuck her now. My cock was rock hard and the tip dripped with precum. I pressed my cockhead against her ass and pressed in.

Tessa's ass offered some initial resistance, but then the tip was in and I fed her the rest of my cock up her ass, pushing in, pressing down with my bodyweight. My fingers had done a good job of loosening her up, and the initial penetration went smoothly as she adjusted to the size of my cock. I was about halfway in, and I placed my hands on her hips and pulled her into me, letting my cock sink deeper into her.

Tessa hissed through clenched teeth, but I hardly heard her. Her ass felt so incredible, so hot and smooth and tight, and I had to concentrate to keep from loosing it at that moment. What an embarrassing display that would have been? But I got through the moment and soon my hips were pressed tightly against her ass cheeks, my cock fully within her tight ass.

"How does it feel?" I asked.

"Good . . . so very good . . . please fuck me . . . fuck my ass."

"Slow and nice?" I inquired. "Or hard and fast?" Not that I really needed to ask.

Her face turned back towards me, still blindfolded, turned over her shoulder. Even without her eyes, I could see this wanton lust on her face and her answer was clear. "Hard and fast!" she shouted, not a demand, but an urgent begging request.

I couldn't help but smile. What a girl.

I pulled out, leaving just the tip still in, then forced my way back down into her tight rectum. I stroked her, faster and faster, giving her exactly what she wanted, and soon I was pounding against her ass in fast strokes that left me sweating. Her ass was incredibly tight, but soon it gave way to my drilling, never truly losing its tightness, but letting me fuck her ass, really fuck it like a cunt!

And she loved it! She reveled in it! The domination of her by another, she rejoiced in it, loved every thrust, every jolt of pain and joy, and her ass took everything I could give her.

I pounded her, fucked her hard and good and long, and she squealed and screamed and writhed under my hands. I leaned forward, my body on top of hers, hips thrusting in and out of her, and I played with her breasts as she took my cock up her ass again and again.

Her nipples were hard as diamonds and she grunted and squealed against the bed sheets as I continued my merciless assault on her ass. But for all the pleasure she gained from having her ass fucked, she wouldn't cum. She seemed to linger on the edge, excited, ready for release, but no matter how hard I stroked her, how roughly I played with her breasts, nothing pushed her over that edge into orgasm.

And soon, I couldn't take it any more, and I shot my load deep into her ass, shaking and spasming against her, unloading stream after stream of cum into her bowels. I dropped onto her back heavily, exhausted and sweaty but still excited in a way. Tessa panted and squirmed a bit underneath me. She needed more, deserved more. 

My cock shriveled within her ass and I pulled it loose. Tessa began to move, her mouth opening in an expectant way. She wanted to work her oral magic on me, get me hard for another round and do it all over again, but I remained on top of her and didn't let her get up.

I leaned next to her ear and spoke softly. "I bet you and Quinn have quite the toy collection. Am I right? How about I use those on you while I get hard again?"

It was a question, and yet, it was not a request. 

Tessa's breath was fast and heavy, her delicate chest rising and falling, and she tried to form the words from within her heightened state of arousal. "The . . . the nightstand . . . bottom drawer . . ."

I left Tessa on the bed and bent down next to the nightstand. I opened the bottom drawer and what the fuck? I'd expect, what, maybe some toys heavily concealed underneath magazines? I don't know. I certainly didn't expect the entire deep drawer to be filled from top to bottom with dildos, vibrators, anal beads, gags, collars, cuffs, and other gadgetry I couldn't identify.

But then, nothing about these two could really surprise me anymore.

I selected two dildos from the top, one deep blue with a mottling of bright orange, the other obnoxiously fluorescent pink. "Well, well, well," I said, stepping over to Tessa. "Quite the collection you two have there."

She just squirmed around, wanting, craving, but not getting.

"Turn over onto your back," I said, and Tessa did just that, passively, obediently. Damn, just looking at her, blindfolded and restrained and so obedient, just that made my cock twitch.

I knelt onto the bed next to Tessa and set the dildos down. Man, she looked like she really needed it, the way she squirmed about, wanting and lusting after more penetration. But then, I felt fresh and relieved, having just cum, and she hadn't.

I reached over and grabbed her legs, spinning her slowly on the bed so that her smooth thighs were to either side of me, then I pushed them back. Tessa folded back easily, as incredibly flexible as always, and soon only her shoulders and the back of her head were on the bed sheets, legs pressed back to either side of her head, cunt and ass high in the air and close to my face.

I provided some support, keeping the somewhat awkward position stable, but it had the intended result. She was so open, so incredibly erotically exposed, and I picked up the dildos with no small measure of anticipation.

Tessa breath quickened, panting excitedly, the blindfold preventing her from knowing what I was planning. I wondered how she'd respond to the sudden and unexpected penetration. Knowing her, she'd love it.

I pushed the mottled blue-and-orange dildo into her ass, pushing it down deep and hard in one quick thrust, and Tessa squealed in delight, almost crying in joy. I left it there and teased her sopping cunt with the tip of the pink dildo.

She sighed and squirmed and then, quickly, I slammed it into to her all the way. Tessa convulsed and gasped, not an orgasm, not yet, but so very close. I gripped the ends of the dildos with my hands and began to thrust them in and out of her tight ass and cunt.

I drew the dildos out to their tips, then slammed them back in, alternating between the two, then switching it up and stroking her ass and cunt in unison. It didn't seem to matter; she loved it either way, and her cries of joy and ecstasy only escalated.

She writhed and screamed and shuddered underneath my onslaught, and I could tell she was fast approaching her orgasm. I sped up, slamming the dildos in and out of her as fast as I could, the muscles in my wrists and arms becoming sore and cramped.

And she came, screaming and shaking and loving it. Her entire body was slick with sweat, and she convulsed and shuddered as she came down from what had to be one intense orgasm. I pulled the dildos loose and let her fall back into a more comfortable position.

She laid there, on the bed, panting and glowing and reveling in post-coital bliss. But even then, she seemed eager for more, and my cock had regained its hardness. Watching her writhe about in pleasure was one hell of a turn on.

I didn't let her recover completely. Instead, I grabbed a pillow and placed it underneath her ass. This elevated it nicely and would let me stroke her ass from my kneeling position on the bed. I maneuvered into position, placing the backs of her knees on my shoulders, and pressed into her. She squealed a bit in pleasure as I penetrated her ass once again.

But that wasn't all I was going to do to her. I grabbed one of the dildos, the obnoxiously pink one, and pushed it into her dripping pussy. It slipped in without barely any resistance.

I started to build up a rhythm, stroking her ass with my cock, stroking her pussy with the dildo, and she loved it. Even now, so close after her climax, she seemed to become excited once again. That was one of the advantages women have over men. They didn't come down from their orgasms instantly. Men just go insta-floppy, but women can have orgasm after orgasm with the right stimulus.

Her ass and cunt had loosened up considerably, but the heat and tightness of her ass was still such an incredible turn on, and I gave her a vigorous drilling. At the same time, I stroked her cunt with the dildo, and she seemed to really like it when I'd deeply thrust both at the same time. Her legs squirmed against my shoulders, wrapping around behind me, trying to pull me into her, and we fucked and fucked and fucked the night away.

We both came, almost at the same time as the clenching joy of her own orgasm brought about mine. I unloaded everything into her ass, and then collapsed on top of her, both of us drenched in sweat and sex and buzzed from our orgasms.

I tossed the pillow away and pulled the dildo out of her dripping cunt. She let out a happy gasp as it came free. I reached around behind her and unclasped her bondage straps, freeing her arms. She eagerly hugged me and pulled me close and we shared a wet, passionate kiss, our first of the night. Her mouth hungrily attacked mine and I met her with equal intensity.

I pushed the blindfold out of her eyes and looked at them, at those perfect blue eyes that I had once thought were so innocent and shy. They were still shy, as if what we had done was such a bad and naughty thing, but I could also see gratitude in them. She'd enjoyed what I'd done to her, had really gotten into it.

"Wow," she said.

"Yeah. Wow," I replied. It was a pretty dumb response, but it seemed to make her happy.

We kissed some more, curling up next to each other and eventually falling asleep.

* * *

I woke up alone with the sun peaking through the bedroom blinds.

I got up, found some of my clothes, and went to find Tessa. I figured she'd be in the kitchen having breakfast, so I headed there first. Sure enough, I heard a few breakfast-y sounds coming from the kitchen and assumed Tessa was in the middle of her morning cereal.

Oh, and I was hard as a rock. You know, that whole morning wood thing. Add Tessa's nubile body to that and, well, rock hardness is an understandable result.

"Oh, Tesssaaaahh . . ." I uttered in my best mischief-causing tone, slipping into the kitchen on my tiptoes. "Tess—"

Quinn stared at me blankly, spoon in mouth. She had those ridiculous bunny rabbit pajamas on again.

Holy fucking shit! What the fuck was she doing here!?!

My expression must have matched my thoughts, because she said: "Now what did I do to deserve that look?"

"Uh . . ."

"Yeah, I thought as much," she said dismissively and resumed eating her Total and grapefruit.

"Umm . . . where's Tessa?" I asked, suddenly very bashful about my hard-on. I hid it as best as I could by putting a counter stool between myself and Quinn.


"Uhh . . . what do you mean, out?"

"Just what I said, stud," she said, her eyes glancing down in an unmistakable way. I must have blushed because she gave me this really naughty grin. "Get some breakfast. I'm sure you need to recover your strength after last night."

Oh, crap. I didn't like the sound of that. But then, I was hungry, so I found the Frosted Flakes exactly where I'd left them. The cereal must not have been all that popular with the girls, because it was still almost full.

I sat on the opposite end of the counter and ate in silence.

Quinn finished first, washed her dishes out in the sink, then stepped past me as I ate. I had to really concentrate on not looking in her direction and felt shivers go down my spine as she walked by. But Quinn left me without incident and I ate the rest of my breakfast in peace.

I heard Quinn return a few minutes later, but I didn't turn around. She really freaked me out and I just wanted to finish my breakfast and leave.

So, it came as quite a shock when Quinn stopped directly behind me, grabbed my face with both hands, and twisted me around. Her mouth found mine and she hungrily shoved her tongue down my throat. I fought back . . . a little. I reached out to push her away, instinctively, but my hand found only her proud naked breast, nipple taut with excitement.

Quinn was completely naked, and she reached down into my shorts, her hand gripping my restrained cock. We stayed like that, her mouth exploring mine, her hand stroking me into greater and greater hardness.

But then I thought of Tessa and I pushed her away. But she didn't look disappointed at all. Instead, she just wore this supremely confident grin, as if it were preordained that she was going to get her way. She looked at me with those intense penetrating eyes and I, against all rational thought, found my pulse quickening.

Quinn put her hands on her hips, and I saw for the first time what she held. It was a blindfold, crumpled up in her right palm. Holy fucking shit.

"Tessa got you last night. Now it's my turn," she said, no asking, no demanding. Quinn was simply stating a fact. It was her turn. Get ready, stud.

"I'm not some toy to be passed around," I blurted out angrily, but the effect was ruined when my voice squeaked.

Quinn let the blindfold tumble out of her hand. She held it in front of her voluptuous naked body. "You'll enjoy it. You know you will."

I didn't like being pushed around by this woman . . . but . . . but then again, she was right. Deep down, I wanted it again and my cock became painfully hard at the thought of her fucking my ass once more. (next part 6)
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